What's this site about?

This site is about erotic spanking literature. Yes, literature, not pornography. This is art -- classy stuff. At least I define it that way. Feel free to disagree. -)

This is a text-only site. That's primarily because I am a writer. I deal in words and imagination. There are plenty of other sites that offer naked pictures. Occasionally I might post a unique graphic or two for a short period, but in general I want this to be a story site. (If there's someone out there who has a picture site and would like to host any unique pictures I come up with, please let me know.)

This site is offered free, as a service to my many fans who missed some of my stories when they were first posted. I make no money off this site. If there are publishers out there who'd like to pay me money for some of my stories -- please write me! (I can also write original stories exclusively for your publication or website.)

The Flogmaster
March 1998

P.S. If you are really bored you can read my Who is the Flogmaster? delurk.