Introducing the Flogmaster's Bookstore


Introducing the Flogmaster's Bookstore

I am very pleased to announce that many of my stories are now available in printed book form! I am using a third party print-on-demand service (Lulu) and the results are extremely high quality (better than many spanking books I've bought) and are a zillion times easier to read than on the computer screen. I've worked really hard to have these professionally designed and they look fantastic (click the thumbnails to download high-quality PDF previews of each book).

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These first books are collections my best Five-Star stories. Volume One is mainly schoolgirl stories, Volume Two is adults, and Volume Three is edgier material. While most of these stories are the same ones available for free on this website, I have included two brand new stories within each volume. Those stories are exclusive to the printed books -- they will not be available on this website.

novellas1 novellas2 novellas3 novel-erin

These are collections of my longer works. Novellas Volume 1 contains Justice: A Novella and The Pirate's Wife. Volume 2 has four novellas including a brand new never-before-published novella that's one of my best stories ever, "The Babysitting Job." Volume 3 is a must-buy -- it contains only new material. That's right, it's four brand new novellas I've never published anywhere!

Finally, I've also published my novel Erin's Adventures in book form: there's nothing too new here, but it's a helluva lot easier to read a novel in a paperback instead of on a website.

Would you like me to update this site more often and provide more free stories? Then encourage me by buying my printed books!

Here's my idea: for every 100 copies of my books I sell, I will post a brand new story to the website. So the more books I sell, the more stories I make available for free!

As most of you know, I've been writing spanking erotica for many years and I've never made a dime off of it. While I don't mind sharing my work, it does take a lot of time, and I'd love to be able to generate some income from this pastime. So buying these books is a great way for you to get something wonderful, and encourage me to continue writing and posting. I'll also make sure that the printed books include unique content so if you pay for it you're getting something special.

I am really excited about this and I hope everyone that enjoys my writing will be as pleased as me. So check out the books and tell your friends!

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