New Book: 12 of the Best, Volume Five


A New Book

I am pleased to announce that I've just published a new book! It's Twelve of the Best: Volume Five, another collection of my best stories. This one is rather special as it consists entirely of brand new stories!

That's right: all twelve stories have never been published before anywhere, and they are exclusive to this book, so the only way to read them is to buy the book. I believe you'll find it well worth the inexpensive price (just $14 for the print edition, about half that for the PDF) as these are some of the best schoolgirl discipline stories I've written. If you're a the schoolgirl stories on this website, this book is a must-read!

Some of my favorite stories in this book include A Session With Mr. Burke, where cute little Daisy plots to get her teacher to cane her, and the twisty The Late Sitter where everyone is plotting. There's some philosophical depth to Desire, where young Kaley wonders why being punished turns her on, and I'm also found on the period pieces Proof and its sequel, Proof 2.

There are some edgy stories in this collection, with ultra- strict discipline dished out in The Popular Choice, about a girl who will endure anything to be popular, and I love the diabolical choice an evil headmaster gives Veronica in Temptation. Sometimes, though, you're just in the mood for brutal and cruel punishment, and in this book that's got to be the classic Fresh Meat, where a despicable teacher abuses the sweet new girl for no other reason than she's new. Definitely not for the faint of heart!


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