New Novel: The Power of the Clipboard


A New Novel

Exciting news: I have finished and published a new novel!

While I've been writing stories and novellas for many years, only recently have I started writing longer pieces. I am very excited to have finished a couple novels and this is the first one (I am working on new ones as well).

The Power of the Clipboard contains tons of extremely strict schoolgirl spanking, so it may not be for all tastes. The story is simple: a mysterious monk arrives at a convent school and examines the staff to see if their disciplinary methods are up to snuff. As you can imagine, there are thrashings galore!

As always, a high quality PDF preview is linked below, and you can purchase the book in print or PDF on Lulu.


New Free Stories

I have just uploaded a bunch of new free "super-short stories" (ones that were originally only available in the book collection). Enjoy!

Add Your Reviews

If you've purchased some of my books, I'd appreciate it if you'd post your reviews and comments on Amazon and Lulu. Not all books are to everyone's taste, so comments by individuals are important and helpful to others in guiding their choice. Thanks!

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