Fun New Novel: The Absent-Minded Professor


A New Novel

I've just published a new novel. This is a fun one!

"The Absent-Minded Professor" is about crazy Professor Beatabum who has an uncanny knack for corporal correction. He punishes the girls of the School of the Sacred Heart ruthlessly but has trouble remembering how many strokes of the cane he's given, who he was spanking and why, or even that he's already punished a girl. Whatever you do, don't distract him during a paddling!

The novel has a unique blend of humor and ultra-strict discipline that you'll love. While it's primarily focused on the discipline of schoolgirls, several adults get the rod as well: fellow teachers, a parent or two, and a college-age girl who's just at school to pick up her sick sister's homework. Even the Headmistress can't talk her way out of a dose!

Of course, even a spanking novel needs a plot, so we've got a conniving strumpet attempting to get Professor Beatabum fired (you can guess why), but I'm sure you've already figured out that she'll get her just desserts in the end.

This is one of my favorite stories of all time and I'm so glad to bring it to you. As always, a high quality PDF preview is linked below, and you can purchase the book in print or PDF on Lulu.

Absent-Minded Professor

New Free Stories Coming Soon

We're about to pass another milestone in book sales, so as soon as I sell 10 more books I'm going to post not one, but two free stories!

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