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I am pleased to announce a new collection of Flogmaster short stories, Twelve of the Best: Volume 9.

This new book is nearly 150 pages of terrific schoolgirl floggings. These are all brand new, never-before-published stories, available exclusively in print or PDF book format.

We're all familiar with tradition parental discipline, and punishment from an authority figure, such as a teacher or headmaster is not unprecedented. However, one of my favorite themes is punishment by a stranger. Just how does that feel? Three stories in this collection feature such parental substitutes. Ali is flogged by an intern at her father's company. In The Substitute it's a father's friend, and Strange Guest has a visitor doing the caning.

Do you enjoy the dreadful wait for a punishment? Then you'll love A Trip to the Attic, where a girl endures hours of awful anticipation as she waits nude for her father's return.

There are a ton of wickedly fun stories in this book. Boys spank their pretty teacher in Rewards. In The Show, spying boys deviously get a neighbor girl in trouble so they can watch her be spanked. A teenage couple discover a spanking machine in The Dare. One guess as to whether they can resist playing with it!

For those who like the dark side, the Flogmaster has created several deviant authority figures who take advantage of their power in The Trick, Waiting for the Paddle, Riding Lessons, and the hilariously cruel The Slut, where a warped school administrator is so convinced an innocent girl is naughty that everything she says convicts her.

Lastly we mustn't forget the tender side -- in the touching Premonition, a good girl learns a priceless life lesson from a severe paddling.

Twelve of the Best: Volume 9

The new book, Twelve of the Best: Volume 9, is available now in print and PDF. Order it in digital form and be reading it in minutes!

Your purchases encourage me to write more stories and work on this website.

The Flogmaster