Fresh Novellas!


A New Novella Collection

I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new collection of my novellas, The Flogmaster's Novellas: Volume 4. These are some of my very best stories and I'm delighted to make these longer works available. These stories include:

Esther -- An elaborate tale of revenge and justice at an exclusive girl's school as one student frames another for an awful crime.

The Deciding Factor -- A strict headmistress has an unusual method of selecting a new prefect. Just how badly do these candidates want the position?

The Stepmother -- In this epic period piece, a boy fears his father's new wife who loves to punish. Gradually he learns to appreciate her discipline, and as he grows up, he turns the tables. (For those who like F/m, this is some of the best I've ever done.)

Prepared -- A schoolgirl, worried about her new school's strict discipline policy, concocts a harsh summer training program so that she'll arrive able to endure the cane.

The Flogmaster

The new book, The Flogmaster's Novellas: Volume 4, is available now in print and PDF. Order it in digital form and be reading it in minutes!

Digital Stories

Don't forget, I'm still selling stories individually via my new Digital Store. Some of the novellas from this collection are available for individual purchase, if you prefer.

This is currently a test, to see if the idea works, so I only have a few stories available. If it succeeds, I will add more.

Because I'm selling these stories direct, I'm able to keep the price incredible low, so take advantage of my generosity! Once you make your purchase you'll be immediately sent a personal URL where you can download the story in both PDF and EPUB formats (DRM-free), for convenient reading on any electronic device.

Give the Digital Store a try and let me know what you think!

Your purchases encourage me to write more stories and maintain this website.

The Flogmaster