New Stories


A New Story Collection

I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new collection of my short stories, Twelve of the Best: Volume 11. These are some of my very best adult female stories.

Curves -- Husband canes his big-bottomed wife. Good Ass Day -- Boyfriend films his girlfriend's spanking. The Perfectionist -- A sexy newswoman's has secret to her success. Wendy -- A hot girl loves punishment games. The Cane -- A job interviewee remembers her childhood thrashings. Mirror -- A woman is punished at her son's school Confusion -- A school disciplinarian is tempted by a gorgeous girl. The Pizza Board -- A young lady is in love with her boss The Apartment -- A frustrated couple discover a novel solution to their marital woes Punished -- A newly promoted woman watches her boss cane his wife. Retribution -- A wife pays severely for her fault. The Pest -- A pesky girl who just can't be dissuaded.

Twelve of the Best: Volume 11

The new book, Twelve of the Best: Volume 11, is available now in print and PDF. (It will be available on Apple's iBookstore within a few days.) Order it in digital form and be reading it in minutes!

Halloween Savings!

If you act now, you can save 20% on any Lulu order (Lulu sells the book) with coupon code TRICK305 -- but this code expires November 1, 2010, so you need to hurry. It can only be used once but covers your entire order, so you can buy multiple Flogmaster titles and save up to $100!

New Free Stories

I've just uploaded some new free stories. Perspective is narrated by a child musing on the experience of punishment. Hope is about a famous soccer star who gets her bottom paddled.

Digital Stories

Don't forget, I'm still selling stories individually via my new Digital Store. This is currently a test, to see if the idea works, so I only have a few stories available. If it succeeds, I will add more.

Because I'm selling these stories direct, I'm able to keep the price incredible low, so take advantage of my generosity! Once you make your purchase you'll be immediately sent a personal URL where you can download the story in both PDF and EPUB formats (DRM-free), for convenient reading on any electronic device.

Your purchases encourage me to write more stories and maintain this website.

The Flogmaster