Awesome New Novel


Awesome New Novel

Several years ago I began an ambitious novel that was inspired by the works of P.N. Dedeaux (I consider it an homage). The idea was to create a "closed society" book where all my dirtiest fantasies could come true. I am pleased to announce that the novel, The Island, is now available, and I am delighted with how it came out. I truly think it's one of the best things I've ever written.

It's definitely a "strict discipline" book. If you're not a fan of extremely harsh punishments (occasionally to blood), you might want to avoid this book. However, don't think this is a story about brutality and nothing else: it's really one of the most profound love stories I've ever written.

Our main character is named Katherine. She's recently divorced after years of troubled marriage, and she's visiting her old college roommate, Pamela. Pamela and her family live on a remote and very private island. Katherine is shocked to learn that corporal punishment is not just a part of the lifestyle on the Island, it is the lifestyle. She's horrified, but she's also secretly fascinated and has trouble admitting her desires. Slowly, as she learns more about the Island, she learns more about herself, and the revelations are life-changing. Thus this full-length (72,000-word) novel is really about a broken woman's journey into understanding her darkest dreams and learning to live life again.

The book include tons of strict punishments: all female, and mostly adult (a few older teens are punished), with the cane, paddle, whip, and other implements, all lovingly described in intricate detail over many pages. There's a large amount of variety, including some unusual forms of discipline. If you love spanking novels, this is my masterwork!

The Island

If you'd like to check it out, click on the picture above to download a sample of the novel (much of the first chapter).

To purchase the book in print or digital formats, visit the Flogmaster Bookstore on Lulu: (the book should be on the iBookstore soon as well -- just search for "flogmaster").

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