Fresh real-life spanking stories


A New RLS Collection

Some of my favorite stories over the years are part of my "real-life spanking" series. These stories cover a wide variety of spanking types, from parental to spousal, M/F and F/M and MF/fm and everything in between. Some of the stories are sweet and to the point, others are more elaborate in setting the mood.

My previous RLS stories were published on my website and I put them into a print collection, but I'm delighted to announce that in the years since I've been collecting and polishing a bunch more RLS that I'm going to be publishing in several new volumes.

The first volume is RLS 2 and it includes 20 brand-new, never-before-published stories. Because some people don't like spanking stories involving minors, I've split those into a separate volume (not available yet). Volume 2 focuses on the spankings of adults.

The stories include:

A Former Model
M/F -- cons spanking, paddling, strapping
A former model repents of her old naughty life and settles down with a religious man who punishes her. (1,820 words.)

A Good Wife
M/F -- cons paddling
A wife tells of her paddling relationship with her husband. (856 words.)

M/F -- cons caning
A man's Indian wife longs the canings of her childhood. (2,282 words.)

Fit to Be Tied
M/F -- cons bondage, whipping
A cowboy tells of the exciting bondage games he plays with his wife on their ranch. (1,817 words.)

Spanked by My Governess
M/Ff -- semi-cons hairbrush spanking
A troubled Indian woman remembers the punishments of her youth from her governess. (2,162 words.)

Jules Meets Her Match
MF/FF -- semi-cons paddling, caning, enema
A woman adores her roommate and allows her to punish her severely. (4,371 words.)

Justice Applied
F/M -- cons paddling
A husband sacrifices for his wife. (1,748 words.)

F/F -- cons paddling
A woman remembers her severe sorority pledging. (4,315 words.)

M/F -- cons caning
A man canes his girlfriend to get over his father's death. (2,867 words.)

Sorority Paddling
Fx6/Fx6 -- cons paddling
Sorority pledges are paddled while sharp knives threaten to cut their breasts. (1,312 words.)

Spank Whore
MF/F -- cons spanking
A woman takes spankings for money and reflects how she developed her taste and talent for the business as a child. (1,354 words.)

Spanked a Prostitute
M/F -- cons spanking, sex
A man spanks his first woman, a prostitute. (1,695 words.)

Spanked by Girlfriend in College
F/M -- semi-cons hairbrush spanking, sex
A man reflects on the college girlfriend who used to spank him. (2,424 words.)

Spanked by Landlady
F/F -- nc spanking, caning
A woman tells about her college years, when her landlady would spank her. (1,772 words.)

Spanking Games
F/F -- cons paddling, lesbian sex
A woman tells about paddling game she and her friend conceived in college. (2,286 words.)

Spanking My Wife
M/F -- cons spanking, caning
A man's wife is submissive. (641 words.)

Terrified of Paddling
MF/F -- semi-cons paddling
A sorority pledge competes in a game with a paddling for the loser. (2,715 words.)

The Book Club
Fx6/Fx6 -- cons paddling
A female book club decides paddling is an appropriate penalty for those who fail to read. (8,976 words.)

Too Many Clubs
FM/F -- semi-cons spanking
A girl has a memorable 21st birthday spanking. (2,360 words.)

Weight Loss
M/F -- semi-cons paddling
A wife discovers punishment spankings help motivate her. (937 words.)


New Cheaper Books!

One change I'm debuting with this new book is lower print book prices. To take advantage of Lulu's cheaper printing options, I'm switching to slightly smaller book size (8.5x5.5 instead of 6x9). This allows me to use less expensive paper and reduce the cost of printing.

To celebrate this change, I'm putting RLS 2 on sale for the next two weeks: get 10% off the retail price (print or digital download) if you buy early!

RLS 2, is available now in print and PDF. Order it in digital form and be reading it in minutes!

Digital Stories

Don't forget, I'm still selling stories individually via my new Digital Store. The novellas from this collection are available for individual purchase, if you prefer.

Because I'm selling these stories direct, I'm able to keep the price incredible low, so take advantage of my generosity! Once you make your purchase you'll be immediately sent a personal URL where you can download the story in both PDF and EPUB formats (DRM-free), for convenient reading on any electronic device.

Give the Digital Store a try and let me know what you think!

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