New Novel


A Brand New Novel

I'm pleased to announce that I've just published a new original novel, Propensity for Paddling!

It's available right now in print or PDF.

The story is modern day. Zoe's a spoiled rich girl -- think Paris Hilton as a terrible teen -- and she's just been expelled from yet another private school. Her wealthy father is stuck with her and the timing couldn't be worse as his financial empire is in meltdown mode.

Desperate for capital, he returns to his hometown in Idaho for tricky negotiations with an old friend... only to have Zoe threaten the deal by shoplifting from the man's department store.

Desperate to prevent a scandal and keep his empire from collapsing, Patrick agrees to an alternative punishment for Zoe. The spoiled rich girl is in for a life-changing experience!

You can read much of the first chapter in the free preview:

Propensity for Paddling

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