Lower Book Prices


Lower Book Prices!

It's amazing how fast things change. When I first started self-publishing some of my stories four years ago, getting my work in print was the main attraction. But now we have iPads and Kindles and ebooks have taken off. Though my books are all offered in print format, most people prefer the digital.

In line with that, I am making some steps to move more toward digital. Some of that I will announce in the future, but for now, I have started by revising all my pricing.

My first goal was to make everything more consistent. Lulu has changed some of their standards over the years and that effects my pricing. For instance, Lulu now offers a cheaper paper option which lowers the cost of print books. But to use that option, my books must be 5.5 x 8.5, not 6 x 9, so my more recent books have been published at the new size. That means my older books cost more; I have not decided if it's worth the trouble of resizing them (especially since I don't sell many print books). Because my previous pricing was based on my print costs, the pricing varies quite a bit based on the page size and the number of pages in the book. (Also, Lulu did some automatic adjustments to my prices, a couple of years ago, and I never corrected them.)

I decide to bit the bullet and make all prices the same, even though that means I make less money on some books. I think it's just a lot easier for buyers if books are consistently priced. So I have gone through my entire library and lowered the prices on everything. All ebooks are now just $4.99 and most print books are around $10. There are a handful of exceptions. The larger print books have to sell for more because they cost me more to print, but I also lowered books that primarily contain my previously published material to just $2.99.

I sure hope everyone likes the new pricing!

A New Story Collection

I'm pleased to announce that I've just published a new collection of stories! Twelve of the Best: Volume 14 is a new book of a dozen schoolgirl stories.

This collection includes the following stories:

Domestic Discipline: (M/Fff -- nc paddling, caning, anal impaling, pussy whipping) A hard man thoroughly punishes his wife and two daughters. Warning: brutal.

Friday: (M/fx40 -- nc strapping, paddling, caning) A girl experiences her school's unusual punishment system for each week's demerits.

Marguerite: (M/f -- nc caning, strapping) A man severely punishes his ward.

Only Three: (F/f -- nc caning, strapping, paddling) A girl is sent for a "mere" three strokes of the cane, but it's an experience she'll never forget.

Sisters: (M/ff -- nc spanking, strapping, paddling, switching) A wickedly over-the-top parental discipline story where the dad punishes his two daughters. Severely fun.

Taylor Made: (M/f -- nc paddling) A father makes a birthday paddle for his daughter's birthday spanking.

Teacher's Pet: (M/f -- semi-cons spanking, strapping, caning, a hint of implied sex) A schoolgirl plots to get herself spanked by a sexy teacher.

The Cane: (M/f -- nc caning) As her father flogs her, a girl finds her feelings about the cane confusing.

The Fear: (M/f, M/F -- nc caning, spanking) A woman remembers her childhood terror of the rod and learns to bear it as an adult.

The Substitute: (F/f -- nc caning) A schoolgirl figures out a way to take other girls' canings for cash.

Three Miserable Girls: (M/fff -- nc caning, paddling, strapping) Three schoolgirls are sent to the punishment shed.

Trifecta: (M/f -- nc spanking, strapping, caning, thigh and foot whipping) A headmaster writes about his discovery of the "trifecta," a schoolgirl who is beautiful, submissive, and has a high tolerance for pain.

Twelve of the Best: Volume 14 is available right now in print or PDF.

You can read much of Domestic Discipline in the free preview:

Twelve of the Best 14

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