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The Flogmaster's Book Reviews

Welcome to the Flogmaster's book reviews. This is a new section of the website where I review spanking literature. I've found that while there are tons of erotic books out there, the ones that appeal to the spankophile in me are fewer in number and harder to find. Some sound like they include lots of spanking but turn out to contain only a mild hand spanking or two, others do nothing but tease and deliver vanilla sex. Many spanking books on online booksellers like Amazon don't have any reviews or the reviews don't tell you whether you'd like the book because they give no context. For instance, I read one where the reviewer criticized a book because it contained too much spanking and not enough sex!

Critiquing erotic literature is a challenge because everyone is different and what is erotic to one is not to another. Even within the narrower field of the spankophile there's a huge range: some love child spankings, some are repulsed by that; some are aroused husband-wife discipline, some are bored by that; some want lots of sex mixed with spanking, while others don't care for it; some adore master-slave scenarios, while some find those a turn-off; and so on. Even the severity of spanking can be a huge issue. Some aren't turned-on unless the spanking is severe and leaves purple welts, while others are squicked by harsh implements like whips and judicial canes. A little blood can be erotic to one and the opposite to another. There are love spankings, punishment spankings, fantasy spankings (unrealistic discipline, i.e. girl takes 1000 cane strokes and asks for more), torture spankings, consensual/non-consensual spanking, and more. There are zillions of spanking implements, from wooden spoons and slippers to canes and birches and bullwhips; and everyone has their preference.

Then there's sex. Some people love spanking mixed with unusual sex: anal is popular, since it deals with the bottom. But often spanking stories will mix in oral, traditional intercourse, masturbation, gay sex, bowel movements, foot fetishes, breast and sex punishment, etc. If one of those turns you off, it can nullify any arousal from the spanking scene.

My hope is that because these reviews are written by the Flogmaster, you'll already know my likes from reading my stories. Thus if I recommend a book, you'll have a good idea what's inside. I'll also try to reveal potentially squicky contents so that you know in advance if a book's for you or not. That is, after, the purpose of book review.

Here's a quick summary of what I like/don't like in a spanking book:

The Flogmaster's Preferences

The Flogmaster's Rating System

Unique to erotic literature, I've found that an otherwise crappy spanking book can be saved by even a single fantastic scene. Thus I've decided to rate books in two ways: the spanking/erotic quality and the writing/story quality. Each of these will be rated between 0 (worst) and 5 (best) and the total of the two numbers will be the overall rating:

Flogmaster Ratings: 7.8|4.5|3.3 (Overall / Spanking / Writing)

For instance, a book might be given a Spank Rating of 4.5 (excellent) and a Writing Rating of 3.3 (okay) for a total of 7.8 (decent). I'll always include both ratings and the total, so you may decide that book's not for you because it doesn't have much story, or you may choose a book that's got lots of good spanking but isn't particularly well-crafted.

The Reviews

Beauty's Punishment
Author: Anne Rice
Publisher: Plume
ISBN: 0452266629
Number of pages: 233
Number of Spankings: Dozens of punishments of dozens of individuals
A classic, and one of my favorites. This book is my favorite of the trilogy.9.7|4.8|4.9
Beauty's Release
Author: Anne Rice
Publisher: Plume
ISBN: 0452266637
Number of pages: 238
Number of Spankings: Dozens of punishments of dozens of individuals
The weakest of the three books, but has one or two good scenes.7.8|3.5|4.3
The Prussian Girls
Author: P.N. Dedeaux
Publisher: Blue Moon
ISBN: 978-1562013400
Number of pages: 223
Number of Spankings: Around 60 punishments of 20 individuals
My favorite spanking book of all time. It is non-stop punishments at a strict Prussian girls' school. Extremely severe and not for all tastes.9.7|5.0|4.7
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
Author: Anne Rice (as A.N. Roquelaure)
Publisher: Plume
ISBN: 0452266564
Number of pages: 253
Number of Spankings: Dozens of punishments of dozens individuals
A classic, and one of my favorites. This book was the first spanking book I ever read and it taught me that spanking erotica can be literary.9.3|4.6|4.7