Super-Short Stories: Volume 2    Book: Super-Short Stories: Volume 2
This collection of the Flogmaster's 500-word stories includes in part: "A Generic Letter", "A Tough Girl", "Allowance Part 1", "Allowance Part 4", "Asking For It", "Big Mouth", "Both", "More Bottoms Like That", "Carly's Typical Day", "Center of Attention", "College Is Expensive", "Curse That Oliva Wand", "Do It For Me", "Fluffer", "Gym", "Helpless", "Impulse Control", "Love and Hate", "No to the Cane", "Pajama Party", "Porn Star", "Profile", "Rude", "Seeking", "Spank Me", "Taxi Ride", "The Apology", "The Bargain", "The Express Elevator", "The T-Shirt", "Trying It Out", "Understanding the Rules", "Who's the Lucky One?", and many others.

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