Super-Short Stories: Volume 3    Book: Super-Short Stories: Volume 3
This collection of the Flogmaster's 500-word stories includes in part: "Mommy Spanks Hard", "Round 3", "A Half Spanking", "Accosted at the Mall", "Administrator of Justice 03", "Best of Both Worlds", "Curve", "DisASSter", "Form-fitting Skirt", "Fully Deserved 3", "Fully Deserved 6", "Fully Deserved 9", "Innocuous", "It's Better After 1", "Killer", "Let-Off With Detention", "Let-Off In Canada", "Long and Hard", "New Car", "Not Too Bad", "Presents", "Retroday", "Ritalin", "Routine", "Schoolgirls", "So Wrong", "Stubborn", "The Bench", "The Feather Test", "The Opposite Twins", "Three In One Day", "Two Different Spankings", "Westgate Prison", "Wrong Information", and many others.

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