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21 stories totalling 172,195 bytes (about 29,558 words).

Fantasy 001: William33,6581996-03A man imagines being dominated by a roomful of women.SevereF/M
Fantasy 002: Karen37,4791996-04A woman imagines being bound naked and spanked before an audience which pays for the privilege of watching her.IntenseM/F
Fantasy 003: Thomas411,1661996-04A man lusts after a gorgeous woman who teases and torments him.IntenseF/M
Fantasy 004: Samantha26,6741996-03A woman dreams of her husband dominating her in public, out in their backyard.SeriousM/F
Fantasy 005: Eric37,9341996-03A teacher imagines the principal of his school allowing him to paddle a naughty nymph who refuses his advances.IntenseM/f
Fantasy 006: Julie36,7311996-03A woman dances for and is whipped by her husband.IntenseM/F
Fantasy 007: Alan47,2471996-03A father imagines spanking his daughter and all her girlfriends during a slumber party.IntenseM/f12
Fantasy 008: Jane35,0921996-03A woman dreams of being a wealthy television star with dozens of lovers but none can match her true love.IntenseM/F
Fantasy 009: Joe37,1571996-03A man tells of a game of chasing naked young girls around a park at night.IntenseM6/f12
Fantasy 010: Ellen56,9211996-03A woman is blindfolded and led to a most romantic encounter with her future husband.IntenseF12/F
Fantasy 011: Robert23,8751996-06A marriage counselor has an unusual solution for a couple that won't stop bickering.IntenseM/MF
Fantasy 012: Susan410,3711996-03A woman accepts a public paddling from her lover.SevereM/F
Fantasy 013: John43,9061996-06A man spies on his wife and daughter while they spank each other.SevereF/f, f/F
Fantasy 014: Gloria417,5231996-06A husband takes his wife to a 'discipline house' for a refresher course in wifely obedience.IntenseMMM/F
Fantasy 015: Matthew37,9341998-03A man visits a spanking clinic.IntenseF/M
Fantasy 016: Rebecca411,0261998-03A movie star visits an unusual spa.SevereMF/F
Fantasy017: Noel36,8191998-03After a long absence, a man returns to his favorite dominatri.SevereFFFFFF/M
Fantasy018: Cindy516,1951998-04A wild tease, ready to settle down and get married, gets her comeupance instead.SevereMx18/F
Fantasy019: Harold49,2081998-06Have ever thought what you could do if you could stop time?SevereM/F
Fantasy020: Denise48,2651998-08A woman doesn't know if the spanker and lover is her husband or not.SevereM/F
Fantasy021: Dennis37,0141998-08The same story as Fantasy 020, but from the man's perspective.SevereM/F