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32 stories totalling 472,080 bytes (about 80,452 words).

RLS 01: Neighbor Watching312,5421995-10A man watches his neighbor's daughter being punished.IntenseM/f
RLS 02: The Recital36,4371995-10A woman remembers her first--and final--piano recital.IntenseM/f
RLS 03: The Apple Orchard39,3011995-10A tomboy gets caught with her pants down.IntenseM/f
RLS 04: African Customs316,6441995-10A transplanted African tells about the discipline customs in his own country, particularly those involving his sister.Intensem/f
RLS 05: Horse410,9621995-10A girl loves horseback riding so much she disobeys her father, and must pay the price.IntenseM/f
RLS 06: Model425,5691995-10A teenage model tells about a memorable caning and her unusual experiences afterward.IntenseM/f
RLS 07: Girlfriend415,7601995-10A young man tells about the caning one of his girlfriend's received when he was in school.IntenseF/f
RLS 08: Birthday Spankings48,0841995-10A college-age girl, away from home for the first time, recollects birthday spankings from her father.IntenseM/f
RLS 09: Police312,3841995-11A successful businessman discovers himself on the wrong side of the law.IntenseF/M
RLS 10: Music Lessons37,7401995-11A woman recollects her childhood music lessons... and the severe consequences of mistakes.IntenseM/ff
RLS 11: The Paddle Club525,4391995-11A simple, beautiful tale of a woman craving more excitement than her marriage allows--and the club that makes her dreams come true.SevereF/Fff
RLS 12: Uncle511,9821995-12Two naughty younguns beg their naive uncle for their well-deserved spankings.SeriousM/fm
RLS 13: The Tractor418,0651995-12An impulsive young lady makes a big mistake trying to show off to her boyfriend--and ends up showing him how well she can take a strapping!IntenseM/f
RLS 14: Exchange213,4791995-12A variation of the old 'I'll show you mine if...' story, with a CP twist.Intensem/f, f/m
RLS 15: Warm-Up414,0901995-12A young lady remembers her father's unusual punishment ritual.IntenseM/f
RLS 16: Sisters35,8921995-12A girl discovers that spanking her sister can earn her some of the same medicine...IntenseMf/ff
RLS 17: Love421,0781996-01A man remembers the price of True Love--what his girlfriend paid--and the important lesson he learned.IntenseM/f
RLS 18: Best Friend518,6611996-01A woman tells about seeing her best friend receive the strapping of her life--and the strange way watching it affected her.SevereM/f
RLS 191: Gramps513,5691996-01A woman remembers the worst strapping she ever received--at age sixteen, from her loving Grandfather.SevereM/f
RLS 20: Mommy39,3431995-10A stern father remembers a time when his law applied to the _whole_ family, not just the children...IntenseM/F
RLS 21: Camping315,5511995-10A woman tells about her strange obsession with camping--and her arousal at being flogged outdoors.SevereM/F
RLS 22: Grace46,1551995-10A woman recalls the sacrifice her sister made years ago.IntenseM/f
RLS 23: My Little Brother415,1321997-10A woman remembers the torture from her brat of a brother.Edgym/f
RLS 24: Assistant414,6111998-06A young man babysits some teenage brats and gets asked a favor.SevereM/ffm
RLS 25: My Education525,1761998-06A boy remembers attending a strict school.SevereM/ffmm
RLS 26: The Den56,7551998-07A woman has flashbacks to her father's unique use of the den.IntenseM/f
RLS 27: Gym Teacher412,3201998-07A woman remembers a series of vicious punishments from her gym teacher.EdgyF/f
RLS 28: The Paddle415,9571998-09Two girls test out a paddle.Intensef/f
RLS 29: Twins524,4391998-10A brother and sister make a big mistake -- and pay the price.SevereFM/fm
RLS 30: Cousin Rachel529,4871999-01Cousins share an unforgetable experience.SevereF/mf
RLS 31: The Treehouse514,3961999-09A father must discipline his lonely daughter.SeriousF/f
RLS #32: The Riding Crop415,0802007-11A girl recollects a severe whipping with a crop.SevereM/f