Chapter 05

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 05
A Meeting With the Prefects

(****, f8/f, Intense, Teen caning)

Erin learns her place. (Approximately 1,447 words. Originally published 1998-03.)

My second day was the beginning of my initiation to the ways of St. Esther's. It was Saturday, so I missed seeing the typical routine of the school. Most of the girls were engaged in various activities such as outdoor games or studying in the library

My day wasn't boring, as everything on campus was new and different to me, but it wasn't unusual. I ate breakfast in the dining commons, met with Madame Thornley, the headmistress, to establish my class schedule and go over a rulebook which outlined what one can and cannot do at St. Esther's, ate lunch (ham and cheese sandwiches), met teachers in the afternoon, and then had a light supper (a tasty vegetable-beef soup).

The headmistress was large woman, tall and broad, and her mood went from cheery housewife to angry prison matron in a fraction of a second. After seeing her suddenly turn and furiously scold a girl whose uniform was slightly soiled, I decided I would be wise to stay away from Thornley's cane.

But my real adventures didn't begin until Saturday evening just before lights out.

During lunch of the girls in my room told me that I would be introduced to the prefects tonight. She said with an ominous air and much glancing about her as though she feared being overheard and naturally I was somewhat uneasy. But it wasn't until almost bedtime that this was mentioned again.

I was in my night clothes and ready for bed when my new friend Mary came to me. She was also dressed for bed. "They sent me to fetch you," she said.

"What is it?"

"You're to meet the prefects."

She acted nervous, and I wasn't too confident myself. The whole affair was so mysterious and secretive that I was becoming curious as to what this was all about. I soon discovered the reasons behind the hush-hush.

St. Esther has a long tradition of prefects. Prefects are usually older girls, and each prefect is in charge of about twenty girls. There are eight prefects in all. One is required to obey a prefect regardless of whether or not she's your own. Prefects are not allowed to cane but they can slipper you, and they can send you to the head for more severe punishment. They have a great deal of authority, but if you have a conflict you may go to the headmistress for mediation. If the head decides the prefect was correct, you are punished double--once by the prefect and once by the headmistress. It is my understanding that few girls challenge a prefect's rule.

All this I had learned from the rulebook Madame Thornley had given me that morning. I was soon to learn that certain critical parts of the book were inaccurate.

Mary led me downstairs to the boiler room. This was an unused room often used by the prefects for private meetings and gathering. We were met at the door by a young blonde girl who carefully opened the door and led us in. She kept watch through the glass porthole in the door.

The boiler room was dark, rather noisy, and far from the rest of the building. It was certainly private and secluded. A tall girl with very dark hair and pale skin stood at the front of the room. She was holding a long thin white cane.

"Welcome, Erin O'Grady," she said with a smile. "I am prefect Jennifer. Before you are Prefects Denise, Katherine, Lydia, Janice, Karen, Ariana, and last but not least, Prefect Anna. Don't worry--there will be time for personal introductions shortly.

"As a new student at St. Esther's it is important you understand the traditions that prefects represent here. Many modern schools are abandoning the prefect system, but here at St. Esther's we work hard to keep it going. It is the prefect's job to make sure that the school is run well from the inside--your prefect is your friend, your mentor, and occasionally, should the need arise, your disciplinarian. You must at all times show great respect for the authority of the prefect.

"To help you show this respect the prefect is authorized to punish you. Now strictly speaking, a prefect is not allowed to cane you. We are only allowed to use the slipper. But most girls prefer a caning from a sister rather than facing the head. We do it privately, down here, and I'm sure the head knows about it, but she lets it go. So we shall slipper you and occasionally bring you down here for the cane. Do you understand?"

I nodded. "Yes, Prefect Jennifer."

The girl beamed at me. "Good, very good. Now, to show you our authority, and to let you show us that you respect our authority, each prefect is going to 'introduce' herself to you with a stroke of the cane. Please come step forward."

Ever since I had walked through the door my eyes had never completely left the cane in Jennifer's hand. I had watched it tapping against her palm as she spoke to me, and before she said it I knew what to expect. I would not leave this room without a sore behind.

I resolved to take it well. When she ordered me to step forward I meekly obeyed. When she ordered me to bend and grab my ankles I did so, deeply aware of how tight this made my buttocks. But then it grew worse. She carefully lifted my nightgown and exposed my knickers. A moment later these were pulled down and my bare bottom was waiting for the cane.

Now I'd been caned bare before--my father often did it that way--but I'd never been caned by anyone except my father. This made me very nervous. Jennifer walked behind me and looked at me. My face flushed as she studied me. Then she lifted the cane.

"I am Prefect Jennifer!" she said sternly, and with a swish-CRACK the cane struck me full across both cheeks and I was gasping and trying not to cry. It was a severe stroke, surely as hard as any from my father. I had not been expecting it to be so bad. Suddenly a caning from the prefects seemed like a major event!

"I am Prefect Denise!" cried a new voice, followed by another swish-CRACK and a lightening bolt of pain. On and on it went, slowly, as each Prefect took her time getting into position and "introducing" themselves to me. Katherine was next, then Lydia, Janice, and Karen. All the strokes were solid and well-aimed. It was obvious these girls knew how to cane.

I was crying slightly by the time Ariana came forward. I noticed her immediately because she walked in a circle around me, watching me, and she even bent down and stared into my face. I'd never seen such a beautiful girl in all my life. I was instantly jealous of her petite figure and wonderous dark eyes. They were like bottomless pools in the moonlight. I felt I could be lost inside them.

"I am Ariana," she whispered in my ear, so close I could feel her breath. "I am _your_ prefect!" I gasped slightly at this and she stepped back and delivered a vicious stroke that caught me right in the crease between my buttocks and thighs. I let out a howl of pain and nearly stood but I somehow managed to stay in position. I whimpered slightly as Ariana came forward and examined the mark from her handiwork, her finger gently drawing a horizontal line across my bottom. It brought tears to my eyes.

Prefect Anna was the last. She was a much older girl. She was very tall and heavily built and I feared she would swing that cane very hard, and indeed she did. She struck me harder than any of the other girls, but strangely, it didn't hurt nearly as much as Ariana's lighter blow. It left me puzzled.

After the caning the prefects all shook my hand and gave me a quick hug. They told me I was a good girl and took the caning well. I felt proud as if I'd completed some great achievement. It was strange. Mary and I headed back to our room, then, and she quickly went to sleep. I lay quietly for a long time, my bottom tingling and burning slightly.

"Indeed, this is a strange place," I thought. But my mind kept picturing those wonderous dark eyes and I finally drifted off dreaming of swimming, lost in an ocean of blackness.

More to come next week!

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