Chapter 09

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 09
The Choice

(*****, m/ffff, Intense, Teen caning)

Caught spying on the boys, Erin's given a grim choice. (Approximately 1,533 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

"That's just what I was thinking," said a strong voice from behind us. We all turned, our faces drained of blood, for the voice was distinctly male. The bushes parted and out came a tall senior boy. I recognized him as one of the boys from the field that hadn't had the privilege of tasting the cane.

In terror we turned to run the other way when more boys came forward from all directions. We were surrounded. There was no escape.

"Let's see, Ken," said the tall boy who'd spoken first, "what's the punishment for a St. Esther girl caught off grounds? A dozen of the best?" He winked broadly at his companion, a shorter, bulkier boy with a frightening smile.

"It might be two dozen," said the boy named Ken, his eyes fixing on a frightened Heather who was standing next to me. "Especially if it wasn't their first time."

There was laughter from all the boys. One glance at Heather's face told me the story was true--she'd been caught before. This time she could expect no mercy from the Thorn. It'd be two dozen minimum--perhaps even the birch!

"Go to hell, Jack!" spat Heather with royal defiance I knew she didn't feel.

"Awe, come on Heather," said the tall boy coming forward and fingering the blonde's hair. She slapped his hand away half-heartedly. I could see she was frightened.

"Just call Mr. Masters and get it over with," she said.

"I'm not going to call Mr. Masters."Jack looked at her thoughtfully, and then glanced at the rest of us. Finally he shook his head. My heart foolishly leapt with hope and immediately plumeted--I knew this kind of boy well enough to know we wouldn't get off that easy. He had a price for his silence.

Heather licked her lips and studied the boy. He was tough and handsome in a brutal way. I wondered if he and she had ever done it. They certainly talked like they knew each other. "What do you want?" Heather finally asked with a deep sigh.

Jack grinned. "Six of the best for each of you.. That's not too bad, is it? Much less than you'd get from old Thorny."

My jaw dropped when I heard him say those words. "You want to cane us?" I exclaimed.

He faced me. "You've got something against the cane?"

I shook my head. "No. It's just--" I paused. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to say that the cane was cruel or it was weird him wanting to cane us girls, but I couldn't say it--I couldn't say it because even as I thought it I knew it wasn't true. It's funny. I didn't realize until that moment the beauty of the cane. It was like a light went on and suddenly I understood something I'd only known subconsciously. I'd always been fascinated by the cane--despite my fear and deep respect. Now I knew it was not the enemy but a companion, a cherished friend. I suddenly understood that relationship. And immediately I knew I'd accept a caning from this strange unknown boy--not because I feared a worse caning from the headmistress--but because I respected the cane and the rules it held. The cane was not a toy, not a silly game. It was real and serious and adult. It demanded maturity and I would comply as was proper and just.

My eyes went to Heather and then Mary and Jessica. I saw the same truth there. We would accept these terms. As one we nodded to Jack. He snapped his fingers and a boy ran up with a long rattan cane. It was heavier and longer than the ones I was used to and I knew it would hurt. But instead of growing depressed, I felt myself becoming excited. This was going to be a memorable caning!

There was not much room amongst the trees, so Jack led our little group to a clearing about fifty yards further down the road near the outskirts of the school grounds. This took us farther from the school and away from the ears of the teachers, which somehow comforted me.

"Line up," he told us. Looking at each other soberly we stood in a row in front of the small group of half-a dozen boys. At Jack's command we bent over and reached for our ankles. Jack came up behind us. I saw he was near Heather, who was to my immediate left. I watched him flip up her skirt and expose her white panities. There were cries of excitement from the boys.

"Jack you can't!" cried Heather as she felt his fingers grabbing the edge of her underwear.

"This must be a proper caning," he said with a smirk, and woosh! down came Heather's panties. I thought she would fight it--I certainly would have protested--but Heather chewed her lip in silence.

I was next, of course, and though I wanted to argue I couldn't be less brave than Heather. I didn't say a word as my bottom was bared before the gawking audience though my face steamed with embarrassment and anger. I knew the boys could see everything, including things I'd never shown a boy before. But there was nothing I could do about it.

Jack went down the line and bared Jessica's and Mary's bottoms. Then I heard him swishing that cane around for practice. The sound made goose pimples rise all over my flesh. As I waited for the punishment to begin I thought it couldn't get any worse. I was wrong.

"What's the meaning of this outrage!" shouted a bold voice and cold fear chilled my bones. We were caught!

But the bushes parted and it was only Eric Wyler, the cheeky boy that took the caning so lightly. He was grinning like he'd a cat by the tail and he laughed at all the glares headed his direction.

"I almost thought you were going to start without me," he said with a wounded look at Jack.

Jack grinned back and it was obvious the two were good friends. "Eric! I thought you were still teasing old Masters."

Eric shook his head. "The old man's wore out. Didn't want to give him a heart attack. Poor guy couldn't wack the dust out of carpet let alone the mischief out of a boy. Besides, I wouldn't miss these lovelies for anything."

If I thought I was embarrassed before I was wrong. _Now_ I began to blush a furious red that threatened to catch the grass on fire. Just the thought of that boy two feet behind me and staring so admiringly at my naked ass sent me into quivers of delight and shame. I couldn't bear it and yet there was nothing else I could do. I wanted to run and hide but that would have been even more shameful. I wished that Jack would just hurry up and cane us.

"Lovely arses," murmured Eric over and over again as he walked up and down behind us. He stopped behind me. "Give this one a lovely stripe right heeeere," he said. "Wouldn't that be peachy?" Everyone agreed that it would, of course, and Jack said he would do it. I wondered exactly where Eric had pointed, but I didn't have long to wait.

Heather got her six first. It was routine but it wasn't dull at all. The cracks were crisp and sharp and after the second one Heather couldn't keep silent but cried out little "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs" at each stroke. I couldn't see her bottom but the audience assured me the lines were properly drawn and quite vicious. I became anxious for my own bottom.

Jack lined up behind me and drew back the cane. It whistled down and struck and for a second I felt nothing. Then the fire broke out and I yelped in surprise. I hadn't wanted to but it caught me by surprise. That rattan really bites!

I was quiter for the second, third, and for rest of the caning, even though I knew it made Jack try harder to make me cry out. He finally succeeded in making me gasp on the fifth one but I was utterly silent on the sixth. It took all my will to do it--he had no idea how difficult it was for me to remain so calm. I could tell that Eric was impressed, though, and after it was over I managed to hiss, "At least you're a little bit stronger than old Masters!" which got a laugh from the crowd and a curse from Jack. I saw Eric grinning and I thought Jack might give me an extra for cheek but Eric--my hero--stopped him.

"The girl's got spunk, Jack," he said pushing the taller boy away. "Let her go." Later, after Mary's six, I caught him winking at me during Jessica's caning and I managed a bashful smile. I felt incredibly elated. This was certainly an unusual way to make a boyfriend, but it seemed darned effective!

More to come next week!

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