Chapter 10

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 10

(***, F/ffff, Intense, Teen slippering)

Erin and the girls miss supper. (Approximately 984 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

After the four of us were caned we had to stay bent over while the boys "inspected" Jack's handiwork. This was perhaps worse than the caning. Until that moment no boy had even seen my bare bottom and now a small crowd was huddled around my rump pointing out the cane marks and admiring the "excellent" welts.

"This one's turning purple," said one boy, and I shuddered.

"Yeah, look here at these in the crease. That's got to hurt."

"But these two cross each other--that's the worst!" There were murmurs of agreement to that.

Then the boys moved on to Heather and Mary and Jessica, and I was left alone in my misery. A shadow fell across the ground near me. I lifted my head up and craned to see who it was. My heart jumped when I saw it was Eric, his grin very friendly.

"I'm Eric," he said.

"I'm Erin."

"Erin and Eric. That's a good combination." I blushed. I had never thought of that. "You're new, aren't you?"


"I thought so. Rather foolish of you to come with Heather like that."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He laughed and knelt close to me. "How do you think we found you?" I stared at him in bewilderment. "Do you think it was an accident?" he asked.

Suddenly I understood though I didn't comprehend it at all. "You mean Heather?"

Eric nodded. "She and Jack go way back. It's a little game they play."

"A game?"

"Sure. He likes to cane her. But she doesn't like to get it alone."

I was angry then. How dare she play me the fool! I stood up. I didn't care if the boys didn't like it. They obviously had no intention of going to the head at all. I wanted to say something to Heather but then I saw Eric watching me. I liked his look. He was looking at me the way guys do to older girls.

My anger softened and I grinned impertinently at him. "Aw, who cares," I said with a broad shrug. "It's just a whacking."

He laughed at this, and his laughter warmed my heart. I felt myself drawing closer to him. I wanted to kiss him. His mouth looked so fresh and warm and inviting. I stepped forward.

A bell started ringing somewhere far off and suddenly all the boys began to scramble away. "See ya later!" shouted Eric at me, and then in a bizarre rush everyone was gone but us girls, still half-naked from our caning. We quickly pulled up our knickers and flipped down our skirts.

"Where are they off to so quick?"

Mary gasped in fear. "Supper!"

I looked at my watch. It was half past six. The boys ate at half past six; St. Esther was at six. We'd missed supper! We were sure to get it now. We all began to run back toward school as fast as we could, and still trying to be careful not be seen. Most everyone would be eating, of course, but you never knew.

I cursed the diabolical Heather for getting us into all this trouble. Just the thought of another caning across my sore bottom brought tears to my eyes. It just wasn't fair, it wasn't fair at all!

We ran to our rooms first, to clean up for supper. We didn't want to appear like we'd just run in from outside. Then we made our way to the dining commons. Mrs. Tobias, one of the English teachers, caught us as we tried to enter.

"Woah, there, girls. Where have you been? Supper's over and done with."

"We were studying, Ma'am," said Heather in an astonishingly sweet and innocent voice. The woman studied her for a minute. "We didn't hear the bell, honest. But I suppose we deserve not to eat," went on Heather sadly.

"Come with me," said Mrs. Tobias. She led us to the kitchen and had us sit on some stools there. Then she had the cook warm the potatoes and ham for us, and we ate it silently and as quickly as possible.

"Now straight to bed, all four of you! No free time tonight." Sullenly, we all went off to our rooms and changed into our nightclothes. It wasn't late but Mary and I climbed into bed anyway, though we were sure Mrs. Tobias wouldn't bother checking up on us.

Mary and talked for a bit, and even giggled about Eric and the other boys. I thought about telling her about Heather, but then I didn't. I decided it really didn't make much difference. It was better she didn't know the truth.

About eight o'clock there was a knock at our door. To our surprise in came Mrs. Tobias. She was carrying a large leather slipper. "All right, girls. You know the drill. Turn around. Twelve each."

Mary and I both groaned. What little this woman knew! She probably thought twelve with the slipper was being kind, but in our condition twelve was nearly as bad as the cane!

Since Mary was closer she got it first. She whimpered and howled something terrible and I'm certain Mrs. Tobias was rather surprised--girls Mary's age rarely made such a fuss over a little slippering. When my turn came I was cooperative, and didn't yell quite as much as Mary, but I couldn't help gasp a few times as that slipper struck a particularly tender welt. Mrs. Tobias gave me six on the right cheek and then six on the left. Tears dripped down my face when she'd finished, and I quickly climbed into bed so she wouldn't see.

"Why I declare!" said the woman as she left. "Such a fuss of over a few strokes with the slipper. You two were almost as bad as the two other girls!"

More to come next week!

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