Chapter 20

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 20
Private Lessons

(***, F/f, Severe, Teen cropping, spanking, and caning)

Erin meets Miss Arler in private. (Approximately 1,312 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

My curiosity regarding Ariana's private session with Miss Arler in her office was never directly satisfied by Ariana herself. She refused to speak about it, and threatened me with a caning if I persisted. A few Saturday's later, however, I became an intimate acquaintance with Miss Arler's office techniques, though I cannot say if they were the same she used with Ariana.

We'd gone riding as usual, and other than a few minor mistakes and mishaps requiring Julie and Monica to bend over for the crop, nothing unusual had happened. I, for once, had escaped the crop. But after we'd stabled the horses and were preparing to return to St. Esther, Miss Arler asked me to remain behind.

"Please go to my office and wait for me," she said. I was greatly puzzled for as near as I could tell I'd done nothing wrong, but I decided not to worry about it. Ariana and the others left without me, and I went to Miss Arler's office.

It was a small room off the main lobby of the ranch. It was sparsely decorated, though there were a number of riding trophies on the mantle. A single bookshelf crammed with well-worn volumes adored one wall, and a small writing desk and a sofa were the only pieces of furniture in the room. As I shut the door behind me I noticed with a shiver that hanging on pegs on the back of the door were a number of leather crops and whips, and a long white cane.

Miss Arler didn't enter right away. I was forced to wait almost twenty minutes before she arrived, and it seemed like hours. I stood politely when she entered, but she barely glanced at me, going straight to her desk and seating herself in the large swivel chair on the other side.

"How do you like riding?" she asked in a pleasant, conversational tone.

"Very much, Ma'am. I am learning a great deal."

"Good. You would like to continue your lessons, then?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Have I done something wrong?"

Miss Arler smiled. "Not exactly. But I do sense a bit of a cheeky attitude in you. I seem to have to punish you regularly."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I'll try to do better."

"I'm sure you will. But in the meantime I thought we'd experiment with a little discipline here in private, just the two of us."

So I was in trouble. My bottom began to tingle as I thought of that crop connecting with it at high velocity yet again. "Yes, Ma'am."

"Which do you prefer to start: the cane or the crop?"

Hmmm. This was a puzzle. The crop stung more but the marks faded quicker, meaning I'd suffer less in the long run. "The crop, Ma'am."

"Very well. You know the position."

I obediently grasped my ankles and waited as she stepped up behind me. The first few strokes were hard and fast but I bore them well. As the punishment continued, however, I began to fidget. After ten strokes the woman showed no sign of slowing or stopping. I was growing nervous and tears were stinging my eyes. My bottom throbbed in countless places and each new blow brought out a slight cry from me.

"Settle down, now, Erin. We have a long ways to go."

"But Ma'am!" I gasped. "That's twelve. How many more do I have to take?"

Miss Arler laughed, a light tinkle like you hear from a distance at a party. "Oh, but Erin, a punishment is not much of a punishment if you know how much to expect. The mystery is in not knowing. Perhaps this is the last stroke. Perhaps we are only half-way done, or even just beginning. You do not know and that enhances the punishment."

I groaned loudly as the crop caught me again and again. I began to weep, writhing and begging for mercy, promising anything if she'd only have mercy. But it was as though I had never spoken. A full two dozen were my merit, and Miss Arler did not hold back on any of them.

When she finished she pressed her spread palm across my right buttock and gripped it tightly, causing me to gasp in pain and surprise. "Nice and warm," she said in a pleased voice, and switching her hand to my other cheek she confirmed that it too was well-punished.

I thought that was it and started to turn and rise when Miss Arler stopped me. "Just where do you think you're going?"

"A-aren't we finished, Ma'am?"

"We most certainly are not! We still have the cane to come and no punishment session is complete without a long bare bottom spanking across my lap."

"Miss Arler!" I cried out in terror, my expression incredulous.

"Come to the sofa and lie across my lap."

Well, anything had to be better than that crop. I obeyed, though my bottom felt well-scorched and I resented further punishment for what seemed to me like no reason whatsoever.

Miss Arler spanked me with her hand, and though one would think it wouldn't hurt very much to a fifteen-year-old girl used to sound canings, it did indeed hurt. I was still wearing my skin-tight ridding pants up to this point, but after two dozen firm slaps to my bum the lady instructed me to stand and strip completely and get back over her lap.

Tears wetting my eyes, I stripped off all my clothes: boots, pants, panties, blouse, bra, everything. Completely nude I settled back across her lap, wondering how my bottom must look. Miss Arler fondled my bottom a bit before beginning to spank me, and this time I suddenly realized either she had been going easy on me before or the riding pants helped numb the sting more than I had known. This spanking was agonizing. Long, hard, and very loud, it struck terror into my soul. I howled and cried like a wild woman. I could not control myself. Miss Arler had to use her left hand to hold my right arm behind my back so it wouldn't get in her way.

Then I lay sobbing, Miss Arler's palm resting quietly on my steaming bottom. "Have you had enough?"

"YES!" I howled.

"Yes, what!" Two slaps accompanied her words and I yelped.

"Yes, Ma'am I've had enough!"

"Good. You ought to be spanked like this every day, you naughty girl! But you've had enough spanking for now. I think we can finish this up with the cane."

By this point I was too exhausted to argue. I stood, naked, and watched the elegant woman go to the back of the door and take down the white cane. Her hips swayed gracefully as she walked, her round firm bottom gloriously displayed in every intricate detail through the tight riding pants she wore. I suddenly longed to take the crop to _her_ bottom, to see how she'd like it.

Trembling, I obeyed the woman and got on my knees on the sofa, my sore buttocks exposed behind me. Before I could prepare myself there was a swish followed by a dreadful CRACK and a thick line of pain burned itself across my arse.

Tears burst from my eyes and I gripped the sofa back with all my strength. Shudders went through my body. Again the cane cracked across my hind end and I screamed. Welts and stings flooded through me. My bottom throbbed. I could not stop weeping.

I got six of the best from Miss Arler, and the marks were still there the following Saturday, though they'd faded considerably.

"That will be all, Erin," she said when she finished.

"T-thank you, Ma'am," I blurted out. "I'm sorry I'm such a problem."

Her smile was like the sun. "No trouble at all."

More to come next week!

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