Chapter 23

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 23
The Summons

(***, F/f, Intense, Teen slippering)

Erin visits the Head. (Approximately 790 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

While I tasted more than my share of Miss Arler's riding crop and still received the occasional caning from Madame Thornley or a slippering from one of the other instructors, these were nothing but routine. In general my behavior had improved extensively since arriving at St. Esther's School for Girls. My studies were progressing well, my marks satisfactory, even high in a few cases, and I was learning to stay out of trouble. I even grew nervous when I saw a teacher with a cane.

Thus it was on the day I received the summons to the head's office. I was in process of receiving a sound slippering from Mrs. Tobias for something or other--I swear I honestly don't even remember, though I think it was for something suitably minor, like running in the corridors or being tardy. Mrs. Tobias was a large, round woman with a strong hand. She didn't slipper often but when she did you remembered it the next day. She gave me a full dozen on each cheek and she kept asking after each smack if I'd felt it.

"Of course I bloody felt it, you witch!" was what I thought, but I never said that out loud. Instead I "ouched" and wiggled and made a fuss the way she seemed to want me to do. I didn't cry, though. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of that.

Mrs. Tobias was just finishing up when a girl named Marla poked her head in the doorway--the door was wide open, of course--and said that the head wanted to see me.

"Looks like she's on to you, you naughty girl!" scolded Mrs. Tobias delivering another sizzling whack to my backside. "No doubt she has the stick in mind for your bum!"

The thought chilled me. It had been at least a month since I'd given the head any reason to cane me. Had some dreadful behavior I'd forgotten caught up with me? I could think of nothing, but I knew very well that that didn't mean anything at St. Esther's.

So I walked the corridor's to the Madame Thornley's office with my stomach twisted in knots of trepidation and worry. My bum was very sore from my slippering, and the cane was the last thing I needed to cool it off. I felt rather glum and full of self-pity. I couldn't imagine what I'd done, which meant it had to be really horrible which in turn meant the caning would be especially severe.

Finally the door to Madame Thornley's office opened and she stood in entrance glaring at me. "Please come in, Erin," she said softly. I followed and shut the door behind me. If I was to be caned I didn't want any witnesses.

"How have you been fairing?"

"Fine, Ma'am."

"Your schoolwork has improved dramatically over the last few months."

"Thank you."

"I haven't even seen you in my office for a long while. I trust your teachers and prefect aren't neglecting your discipline?"

I shook my head most emphatically. "Oh, no, Ma'am."

"Good." She smiled. "Do you enjoy your Saturday riding lessons?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Very much."

"I've been speaking with Miss Arler. She is very concerned about you. She says you've got remarkable talent but lack some motivation. She has requested additional time to tutor you in private."


"I was thinking that Wednesday afternoons would be appropriate. After all, there's only a month of school left and you can live for a few weeks without your town privileges. I hope you understand that this is very generous of Miss Arler. She is not charging extra for tutoring you. The least you could do would be to sacrifice something yourself in the interest of education."

"Yes, Ma'am."

My heart was fluttering and I could scarcely breathe. My emotions were going up and down like a small boat on the high seas. On the one hand I felt tremendous relief that I apparently wasn't going to be caned after all, but there was a certain disappointment mixed with that revelation. I felt excited that Miss Arler was going to tutor me in private, but I strongly suspected what these lessons would entail--very little riding and a great deal of me crying over her desk, no doubt.

"Well good then," said the headmistress firmly. "It is settled. I will contact Miss Arler and your first lesson shall be tomorrow. That is all."

Slowly I left Madame Thornley's office. I was both more happier and more depressed than when I went inside, though I couldn't begin to understand why. It seemed I still had a great deal to learn about the world.

More to come next week!

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