Chapter 27

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 27

(***, f/f, Intense, Teen discipine)

Erin gets a shocking promotion. (Approximately 671 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

Summer came and went, and the next year rolled around. Discipline was the same at St. Esther's, but I rarely felt it (at least not more than any of the other girls). I had found that being a rebel did me little good--besides, I enjoyed my studies and found I had an aptitude I had not known. I began to concentrate on school for a while, and forgot about being naughty.

After I turned seventeen it was perhaps even more of shock to me than to anyone else that I was promoted to prefect. My good behavior and marks had elicited the favour of my superiors, and I was put in charge of a group of girls.

My first day on the job I got to slipper a girl--I gave her six on each cheek. I don't even remember what it was for, only that I was so very nervous. I feared I'd hit her too hard and she'd resent me, or that I'd be too soft and she'd think she could walk over me. I wondered if Ariana had ever been nervous like that. I decided probably not--she had a sixth sense about what a girl was feeling and just how much she needed.

After my first few slipperings, however, my confidence increased and soon I'd developed a tough, no nonsense reputation. I still hadn't caned anyone yet, but later that month I had my first go at it.

There were two girls in my group, Samantha Jennis and Tori Barber, who were always in trouble. I'd slippered both of them on two separate occasions and it had done little good. I knew they were heading for the cane. One evening I discovered them playing cards after lights out. I told Tori to fetch me the slipper but she begged me not to saying that they'd never do it again. I didn't want to seem overly harsh, and after all, I'd done my own share of late night games, so I let them off. I studied in my room for an hour and then peeked back in their quarters before going to sleep.

To my shock and outrage the two girls were awake and playing cards again, giggling over the way they'd pulled the wool over my eyes. A moment later both girls were crying and begging for mercy as I dragged them downstairs to the boiler room.

In the room I made them both strip completely--not normal procedure but I wanted them to remember this punishment for a long time. Once naked, the two frightened girls bent over the back of the sofa. I had them positioned right next to each other so I could cane them both at the same time.

"Six each," I said sternly. "And if either of you get out of position you _both_ get two extra!"

Then I began the thrashing. My experience under the cane had taught me worlds about how to use it, and I made sure these arrogant girls learned their lesson well. Tori was positioned closer to me, so the end of the cane, where most of the force was contained, caught Sam's arse. Tori's bottom felt little, though there were some faint marks on her bum when we'd finished. After the first six I had the girls switch positions so that Tori was further from me and received the brunt of the punishment, but Sam felt each stroke too.

Both girls were pretty and had cute girlish bodies, and neither took their caning in silence--both cried and wiggled bare bums in delightfully creative manners, begged for mercy, and made a great deal of useless fuss. When it was over they stood crying, their bottoms well-striped and no doubt throbbing, but I made them go stand facing the wall for fifteen minutes before I let them get dressed and rub their aching behinds.

It was an excellent beginning to my tenure as a prefect.

More to come next week!

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