Chapter 28

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 28
Prefect Duties

(****, f/f, Severe, Teen discipline)

Erin acquires a taste for prefecting. (Approximately 1,234 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

My first experience delivering the cane as a prefect was like a tame lion tasting blood for the first time--once I got the taste I couldn't get enough of it. I became a maniac, caning and slippering every chance I could get. I watched my girls like a vampire, pouncing every time I saw the slightest infraction that enabled me to deliver my own brand of swift and stern punishment.

As the months progressed my reputation grew to monstrous proportions, and I was feared by everyone, even the other prefects. (Not that they expected me to cane them--they just had a healthy respect for my strict standards.) I hadn't tasted the cane myself in months--which suited me just fine, as my discovery of the pleasures of giving pain surpassed the limited pleasures I'd had in receiving it.

Most these episodes of discipline were routine--a slippering for running down a corridor, a dose of the cane for two girls fighting, etc. But there were a few sessions that I remember fondly because they were _different_.

There was one incident, for instance, where Prefect Nancy and I slippered fifteen girls at once. My arm was actually sore when we'd finished!

What happened was this. Our football team was scheduled to play the hated Williams team several times during the season. The first game we had lost, and we were determined to not lose again. Everyone wanted the girls motivated, so Nancy and I were put in charge of "motivation." We warned the girls--"lose the second match and it's the slipper."

We lost 3-1.

After the game it was a glum group that gathered for showers. One by one, as each girl walked naked into the shower, she paused first before me, and then before Nancy, and each of us walloped the girl's rump ten strokes. The girls took long, noisy showers that day, and when they finally finished (Nancy shut off the hot water), emerging hesitantly and dripping wet, each was subjected to the same routine upon exit: ten swats from each of us prefects. The second set really stung, both because the girls were already sore but mainly because their skin was wet.

It was during this slippering that I noticed a young girl named Jessie. She was very small and seemed almost frail, but I'd seen her play soccer and knew she was tough. She didn't even flinch at my hardest strokes. She had an elegant grace about her, a soft, understated beauty. Her bottom was small and firm but very round and pronounced--I enjoyed thrashing her. Afterwards, I asked her to stay behind.

She waited, mournfully watching the others go and get dressed, wondering what I had in mind for her. I ignored her, busying myself with meaningless tasks until everyone had left. Jessie stood naked and forlorn near the showers.

"Turn around and bend over!" I ordered. She paled but obeyed instantly, showing me her pert bottom that already was resuming its natural creamy color. With the palm of my hand I rapidly spanked Jessie's cheeks ten times each. She didn't say a word.

I made her stand and turned her around so I could glare at her. "Perhaps I should fetch a cane?"

"Oh, please, Prefect Erin! I'm terribly sorry. I don't know what I did but I'm sorry!"

"You don't know what you did?"

"No, ma'am."

"How old are you?"


"And how come the slipper doesn't bother you?"

The girl's cheeks paled and she shook her head frantically. "Oh, but it does! I hurts terribly."

"Show me," I said, and I took up the slipper and gave the girl ten sharp wallops. She yelped and moaned and gazed at me nervously from under her half-closed eyelids.

"Oh! It hurts! That's enough, please!" she cried. But her eyes betrayed her--there was no passion in those eyes, no real terror. She was only pretending to be afraid. I gave her ten more, and then another ten. By this time she was starting to whimper, and tears were in her eyes. Her bottom was gloriously red and even swelling a bit.

"Show me you feel it," I growled, and she moaned loudly as I began another set of ten. It took two more sets and then she began to cry openly, weeping as though she'd been saving it up for years. She fell into my arms and I accepted her without a thought, comforting her as though she were an injured child.

"I'm sorry," she kept saying, over and over. "I'm sorry. I thought I was being brave, but you're right--I wasn't brave at all. I was really terrified but I couldn't let anyone know. I was afraid to be afraid, to show how much it hurt. Thank you for setting me free." And she sobbed as though it would change the world.

From that day forth Jessie became my gofer. She did my errands, helped me with my prefect duties, washed my clothes, and assisted with my homework, just to name a few items. She also accepted my discipline, and I gave it to her generously, from hand-spankings and slippers to serious canings down in the boiler room. Jessie never once complained.

It was from Jessie I learned the subtlety of discipline. Ariana had taught it to me from the receiving side; Jessie taught it to me from the giving side. I would watch her face, especially her eyes, and I grew to recognize the conflicting signs of painful acceptance. Soon I could tell at a glance exactly what she was feeling as I punished her, and, like Ariana had done with me, I knew when Jessie hadn't had enough even when she cried and begged me to stop. In her soul, I could tell, she wanted me to beat her thoroughly; she needed me to take her places she couldn't take herself. So I did.

I also learned the subtlety of each of many implements at my disposal: the cane, the slipper, the leather tawse, the wooden paddle, the ruler, and the hand. After a short time I could recognize instantly from Jessie's behavior whether she needed a dose of my hand while across my lap or a session with the cane or paddle in the boiler room. Each implement had advantages and disadvantages--the cane, for instance, is too severe to be used regularly or for many strokes. The result is that the punishment is harsh but nearly instantaneous. The hand or ruler, however, can be used almost indefinitely. And nothing is quite as disheartening to a naughty girl than the thought of spending a full half-hour bent across a prefect's lap while her bottom is gradually blistered.

I saw a great deal of myself in little Jessie. It made me slightly sad for some reason, and it frightened me a bit, too. I thought she was far prettier than I was, and she was always at her prettiest after a thorough whipping when she stood naked and humbled, her beautiful china-doll eyes dripping silent tears.

I loved Jessie. It was a very different love than I had for Ariana--I think I would have begged for the honor of sacrificing my life for Jessie, while for Ariana, if required,I would have simply done it out of routine obedience.

More to come next week!

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