Chapter 32

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 32
Mutiny II

(***, f/fffff, Severe, Teen caning)

Erin fights back. (Approximately 967 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

"What is it?" asked Sari.

I fetched the cane from the floor where it had been left. "I am still a prefect, and you all did a terrible thing. I agree that I gave you undue motivation and I've been well-punished, but you five cannot escape this unscathed. Skirts off. It's six of the best for each of you!"

There were gasps and groans from the girls. Sari gave a deep sigh. "This is for the whiskey, isn't it?"

"Yes," I said. "You can take it from me or visit the Head. Which is it to be?"

There were no hesitations: the girls quickly began to remove their skirts and underwear. They knew six was merciful on my part--it was merely a reminder of their place.

"Let's do a round-robin," I said, wanting to draw this out as long as possible. "Everyone line up in a row."

Obediently the girls gathered together side-by-side and bent over, clutching at their ankles. I looked at the row of bare bums before me with real pleasure. This was going to be fun!

"Anyone who gets up before I give the word is getting a dozen with the slipper!"

I approached Margot, who was the leftmost girl. Whipping the cane through the air I gave her a deep strike at the lowest portion of her haunches, drawing a loud yelp of pain from her lips. She held her position, however. A dull crimson line appeared across her lower buttocks.

Alice was next in line, and I placed hers diagonally, letting the tip sink deep into her right cheek. Monique I did horizontally but high, where there isn't much padding. She began to cry but didn't get up. Sari's stroke was right in the middle of her plump arse and as hard as I could make it, with plenty of wrist action to really whip the rattan into her. Erica gasped when I struck her, for I'd stepped back so the tip of the cane buried itself into the crack of her ass. It meant the blow didn't cross both cheeks, but the flesh hidden in the crack is by far the most sensitive, and Erica's crack was deep and presented a compelling target.

After the first round, I paused to admire my work. Five trembling girls were bent over in front of me, arses wiggling, each set of pale cheeks marked with a pencil-thick weal that pulsed and throbbed with what I knew was unbearable agony. Worse was the waiting, holding the awkward position and listening to the others receive their strokes, knowing that soon it would be your turn again.

I went through the girls slowly and carefully, caning each in turn. I varied my strokes as the first time, using every trick I'd learned from my extensive experience with both sides of the stick. For each girl I gave them a couple diagonals, struck them in the same weal twice, and of course the lower strokes, just above the thighs. I also made sure each girl got a taste of the tip in their crack, and two of the girls, Monique and Alice, screamed and stood up when I did that. I didn't say a word and they immediately got back in position, sobbing like babies, knowing what that had just cost them.

When the six rounds were done, I didn't let the girls up immediately, but studied them from behind, watching them struggle to hold the arched position. Their bums were well-thrashed, but we all knew they deserved it and more. In fact, I could see Sari smiling with relief that their punishment had been so minor.

"All right. Everyone up but the two I'm not finished with yet."

Monique and Alice groaned as everyone else stood stiffly and began to dress. I put the cane away and got the old slipper we keep in the corner. It's so well worn it's nearly a leather strap the sole is so supple. I walked up behind Alice and quickly and brutally gave her six scorchers on her left cheek. She squealed the whole time but didn't get up. Monique took hers with slightly more dignity, but I knew the leather really stung. I went right on and gave her six on her right cheek, drawing forth low gutteral sounds and whimpers. Then it was back to poor Alice, who was having trouble staying in position. Sure enough, her wiggling got the best of her and during the four whack her hands slipped and she half-stood, sobbing as she bent back over. I gave her the fourth blow again, then five and six.

"Stand up!" I ordered, pulling the girl to her feet. She stood shaking. I pushed her feet together with my foot, and brought her hands to the back of her neck. I patted her rear with the slipper. "Relax."

When the cheeks were soft I brought the slipper down as hard as I could, a vertical blow right into her crack. Alice howled and wiggled. Again and again I walloped her in the same spot, watching as the edges of the pale flesh in her crack turned pink and then brilliant red. After the sixth blow I stopped.

"Put this away," I said, handing Alice the slipper. Sniffling, she nodded and ran off, eager to escape. Turning to Sari, I pointed at the bottle of whiskey I'd left near the door.

"Don't you think we have some evidence to get rid of?"

Sari's pretty face slowly beamed as she caught my meaning. She quickly darted to get the bottle. There was just enough for each of us to get a good swig. With all the sore bums in that room, we sure needed it!

More to come next week!

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