Chapter 35

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 35

(*****, F/F, Severe, College girl caning)

Erin has her first university Experience. (Approximately 1,705 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

My crime on my first day of University was that I was in too good a mood. I'd gone through registration and received my class schedule, met two girls who were to dorm with me, and I felt giddy with excitement. My new friends, Donna and Janice, were both rather shy, and I felt obliged to set an example of boldness and daring appropriate for a fresh adult.

We found House 17 easily and I quickly led the girls inside, grinning saucily at the dowdy maid in the front hall.

"Our bags are out front," I ordered her. "Fetch them and give us the best rooms in the house!"

The woman, who I now realized to be older than I had first thought, stood upright and gazed at me without taking a step to obey me. "And who might you be, Miss?" she asked quietly.

"My name is Erin," I said. "Erin O'Grady. And this is Donna Delgato and Janice Martin."

The woman nodded. "The rooms are upstairs. There are four girls to a room. Rooms 5 and 6 are currently empty."

I started forward, eager to inspect my new living quarters. "And our bags?"

"Oh, I'll fetch them for you, Miss," said the woman in a revolting snide voice. I wanted to slap her. I'd have to speak to someone regarding her attitude. It didn't befit a servant at all!

Rooms 5 and 6 proved to be disappointingly identical. Each had four beds, two closets and two large dressers, and a long desk along the far wall beneath a small window. Obviously we would have to share. I picked room 5 as it was one door closer to the shower, and quickly selected a bed. Donna and Janice came in slowly after me and made their selections cautiously, as though worried they might be making a mistake.

"This isn't too bad," I mused out loud. "Not much different than boarding school, really. But we shall have much more freedom here."

The others nodded. "I've never been to a school with _boys_ in it," Donna whispered, her voice rough with excitement, her eyes shining. Janice was silent but smiled and blushed.

I grinned. "This is going to be a smashing year, I can feel it!"

"Is this all this shit yours?" growled a voice. I turned and saw two girls about my age standing in the doorway carrying our bags. Both looked rather put out by the journey up the stairs.

"Yes." I slipped off the bed and grabbed my bags from the first girl, who glared at me. "Why didn't the maid bring them up?"

The two girls looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" I demanded, but neither would say. I felt rather annoyed as the girls disappeared down the hallway, still giggling, leaving our bags in the doorway.

At six we were called down to dinner. We raced down eagerly, for we were starving. The dining room was at the back of the house, with two long tables that each sat about a dozen. Most of the seats were full. A few of the girls I recognized, likes the one who had brought our bags up and several others who had popped into our room as we put our belongings away. The woman who'd been dressed as a maid earlier, now was not, wearing a long black dress. She stood at the head of one of the tables, rapping a glass with her knife for attention.

"Take your seats, everyone," she said when the room was quiet. "I want to welcome everyone. My name is Miss Catchit, but everyone calls me Miss C. If we haven't already met. I'm the head of household."

The woman's eyes rotated around the room and stopped at me. A chill went down my spine. Oh, Gawd, I thought, my face turning pink. I had thought she was the maid! She must hate me!

"Before we begin this repast," continued the woman, her eyes drifting away, "there are a few matters to attend to. First, I want you all to know I run a _strict_ household. There are rules to this house. After the meal you will each be given a list of regulations and you shall each read and memorize them before going to sleep tonight. Is that understood?"

There were mild murmurs of agreement from around the room.

"Good. Now everyone in this house will be assigned various chores, like cleaning and serving meals. We employ a cook, but it is up to us to keep this house livable. If you do not complete your chores, you might be assigned extra cleaning duties as punishment.

"I also occasionally find the need to make use of this -- " The woman suddenly brandished a long white cane. I had no idea where she'd retrieved it from, but there it was, pale and deadly and sending shivers all the way down to my bottom. She bent it to nearly a U shape as we watched, every girl holding her breath.

"I cane every evening before supper," Miss Catchit. "That way we can all profit from the experience. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the cane, but just in case some of you are not, I'd like to perform a little demonstration. I need a volunteer, someone no doubt experienced with the cane. Is there a cheeky girl who will come forward?"

There was no question in my mind to whom the woman was referring. She did not look at me; in fact, she looked everywhere but at me, which confirmed it. Slowly I stood, my cheeks burning, not daring to look at anyone but Miss C.

"Ah!" She smiled boldly, her obvious pleasure at my compliance informing me I had made the right decision. "Miss Erin. Do come forward."

Slowly I made my way between the tables until I was next to Miss C. Her round face beamed at me as though she was about to bestow upon me some fantastic reward. The way she gripped the cane both terrified and excited me.

I waited patiently, my back to the other girls, while the lady pulled her chair away from the table. She instructed me to kneel upon it and lean over the back, which I did, feeling extremely embarrassed at the highness of my bum. It was somehow worse than my public caning at school -- here I was before strangers, and here I was supposed to be an adult.

Miss C. quickly lifted up my skirt to show off my white cotton underwear. I could feel a breeze across my thighs from somewhere. I shivered. My bottom felt huge, my knickers far too small and too tight, but I was grateful they were there. I prayed they would remain there.

"This is a very light cane," said Miss C. to the audience. "I believe it is the frequency and consistency of punishment that makes it successful, not the severity. Therefore I cane a minimum of six strokes. Every demerit counts as six strokes, and when you see your regulation charts you will note that several violations count as two or even three demerits. So it is entirely possible any one you could end up here like Erin, bent over for two dozen of the best before supper!"

I gasped. Surely she didn't mean for me -- Thwick!


Thwick! "Quiet, Erin!" Thwick! Thwick! Thwick!


Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick!

Indeed, the cane was light but the woman was obviously an expert. She made every blow count. The strokes really bit. I gritted my teeth and tried to hold on to the chair with my sweaty hands.

Thwick! Thwick! Thwick!

"Arrrgggh," I moaned, for she was catching me right at the base of my bum, just above my thighs, and it was all I could do not to wriggle off the chair. Somehow I bore it, tears stinging my eyes.

"Keep your voice down or I shall add extra!"

Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick!

"Oh, please!" I gasped, unable to stay still. My position was humiliating and awkward. My bottom and thighs burned. But the woman was inexhaustible. Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick!

"Ahhhhh!" I cried out at last, the agony too much. I wriggled my bum frantically, desperately, ignoring the laughter of my housemates as they watched.

"Stay still!" snapped Miss C. "You certainly are a noisy one! We'll keep going -- " Thwick!

"Nooo!" I moaned. Thwick!

" -- until you can take six in row silently!"

Thwick! I bit my tongue, writhing. Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! Thwick!

Just one more. I held my breath.


I gulped, hunkering down on the chair, my knuckles white, and slowly let the breath out of my chest.

"All right, Erin. That was better. You may get up."

Slowly I rose and got down off the chair, my skirt falling over my burning backside. Though I craved nothing more than reaching back to rub, I knew better.

Miss C. smiled at me. Our eyes met and I nodded, just slightly. Her smile widened. We understood each other well. She turned to the others. "Everyone, please thank Miss Erin for volunteering so nicely."

"Thanks, Erin!" everyone shouted, and I blushed and rushed to my seat.

Donna and Janice were on either side of me and I swear I'd never seen anyone as pale.

"My God!" hissed Janice. "I thought she was going to kill you!"

"Shut up," I growled crossly, easing myself gingerly onto my chair and trying to pretend it didn't hurt.

Later, in our bedroom, I showed Donna and Janice the marks. They weren't impressive to me, being mostly vague redness and only a few weals, but the girls thought I was a hero for bearing the beating so well. Anne, the other girl who got put with us, was also impressed, commenting that she'd only been caned once, and that was on the hand.

I slept uneasily that night, my mind filled with images of Miss C. and her cane, and me, naked, kneeling before her and begging not be beaten too hard. University was indeed going to be an interesting experience!

More to come next week!

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