Chapter 37

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 37

(*****, F/F, Intense, College girl consensual hand spanking)

Erin makes a new friend. (Approximately 2,853 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

"You aren't supposed to be here," said an authoritative voice, and I looked up with the guilty expression of a cat caught with the broken milk bottle.

It was a Saturday and I was in the library in one of the private study rooms. These were ostensibly for seniors only, though with the librarian's permission others could use them. I hadn't asked for permission, however, simply helping myself. Being caught simply meant I'd be ejected and have to do my research out in public, not something that appealed to me considering my subject matter.

My concerns vanished when I looked up, however.

In the doorway stood one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. She was tall, slender, and proud, with sharp facial features and gorgeous blue eyes that were larger and rounder than normal eyes. Her lips were thin but very red. She wore a white T-shirt and blue jacket which was zipped up half-way in front, but I could still see the substantial bulge of her chest, the twin mounds making me wish again that I was more endowed on top. This woman was overflowing with blessing -- not only was her upper body stupendous, but she had incredible hips, too. It wasn't fair at all. Her tight jeans encased the sleekest thighs I'd ever seen. I couldn't see her ass, but I was dying to see if it was as round as the view from the front promised.

Even as I thought this the woman suddenly moved. With the grace of a cat she slipped inside the room and briefly turned her backside to me while she quietly but firmly shut the door. Her buttocks were even more spectacular than I could have imagined. I'd never seen anyone with such a prominent bottom. Even with jeans the cleft was deep and pronounced, the cheeks enormous and round. You'd have thought she'd be too self-conscious of it too walk around in public like that.

"Did you hear what I said?"

I stared at the woman -- no, girl, for now that I saw her more closely I realized she was student, like me. I couldn't speak. She was so beautiful I didn't know what to say. I hadn't been so overwhelmed by a person since Ariana.

"You must a mute," said the girl. She plopped herself onto a chair, pushing it back from the table and rudely stretching her legs onto the desk where my research books lay. Her mouth was filled with chewing gum, forbidden in the library, which she munched loudly in response to my silence.

I saw she was even younger than my second thought. She really wasn't much older than me. No doubt she had no more right to be in here than I. Now that she had spoken more, I realized she was an American. Her foreign brashness intrigued me. I could see the hint of a grin at the corners of her mouth and I wasn't the least bit afraid of her. This was some sort of game. I had better play along.

"Who are you?" I asked, finally finding my voice.

The girl blinked at me a few times, her long lashes far too elegant for someone dressed as informally as she was. She seemed to be contemplating whether she could entrust me with priceless information like her name.

"My name is Heidi."

I smiled and held out my hand. "I'm Erin."

We shook and smiled. "You're American," I blurted, wondering even as I said it why I stated the obvious.

"No shit."

For a moment I just stared at her, then I giggled. She joined in after a few seconds.

"I'm sorry," I finally said. "Obviously you're American. What I really meant was, 'What are you doing here?' In England, I mean. Not in the library."

Heidi shook her head sadly at my stupidity. "Going to school, you moron. What the hell do you think I'm doing here?"

This conversation was not going the way I wanted it to go. "Well, sorrrrrry for asking," I snapped.

Heidi grinned. "You're quite the smartass for a Brit."

"What, you think the British can't be as smartass as Americans?"

"Of course not. Everyone knows Americans are the biggest asses on the planet. It's part of our culture."

"You have no culture. At least not for more than ten minutes or so, when the next fad comes along."

The girl laughed loudly, and it was a joyous, free sound. I swear I could have listened to her laugh for hours. It was so light and playful, so lacking in British stiffness and formality, and I found it delightfully refreshing. In school I used to joke that someday we'd have to fill out a form for permission to laugh.

"What are you studying?"

It took me a moment to realize the girl was browsing my books with sapid curiosity, and I hastily made to retrieve my things.

"Uh, nothing. I'll be out of here in a minute."

The girl laughed again, and I paused, unable to not watch her. She was so relaxed and carefree. I envied her.

"Sit down," she said. "I'm no threat to you. I'm only in my second year. I did a year in Texas."

"You're from Texas?"

"Not really. Originally I'm from Missouri, though I also spent time in New York and Washington, D.C."

Images flashed through my mind. "That's a lot of places."

The girl shrugged, a pretty lift of her shoulders. "My father's job took him all over. We even lived in London for a while when I was very young. My mother was British, you know."

I couldn't help but hear the painful emphasis on the word. "Was?" I asked cautiously.

"She's dead. She died when I was two. I don't really remember her so there's not much to miss."

"Of course there is!" I said quickly, speaking, as usual, without thinking. "A mother's very important to a young girl. I can't imagine growing up without my Mum."

Heidi looked at me, astonished at my rudeness, and then she smiled, a soft, sad smile. "You're right, of course. I do miss having a mother. I try to tell myself I don't, but I do. My father and I are very close, but it's not the same."

We didn't speak for a little while, just enjoying the quiet and our mutual understanding. I liked this girl. She had spirit and yet a tenderness to her I found incredibly appealing.

"_The Bawdy Adventures of Sir Frederick Wilmington_," read Heidi out loud, and I saw she'd picked up one of the books from my stack.

"Hey!" I shouted, reaching to snatch it back. She pulled away from me, her grin mocking me.

As I dove across the desk she leapt to her feet and ran away. I chased her, round and round table, as she giggled and shoved chairs in my path and began to read aloud from the book.

"... 'pressed against the heaving bosoms of the magnificent woman. We crouched together there, hidden beneath the davenport, as the King, a scant ten feet away, gave orders for the removal of my head should I be found. The scent of the woman was strong in my nostrils and I felt my maleness grow. "Might as well," I thought, and I pressed my lips against the Queen's in a long embrace' ..."

The girl had to pause in her reading here, for I had nearly captured her, my arms embracing her slim body and drawing her to the floor with a dull bump. My head settled against the soft pillow of her rump and the sheer voluptuousness of her rear made me loosen my grip. She wriggled away, giggling and waggling her pretty backside in the air.

"Oh, wait!" she cried when I made to resume chase. "This part is hilarious! Listen... 'I entered her palace with abandon, for I was a doomed man. My stiff soldier found her well and plunged in greedily, thirstily, drinking to my utmost, nearly bursting her well at the seams I was so engorged with pleasure.' Ha ha! This is great!"

"Put that down!" I cried, collapsing in my chair in frustration. There was little use chasing her now. She'd already read enough to doom me.

"But this is hilarious. Where'd you find this? Are all these -- "

Heidi began to poke through the rest of my pile of books and saw that indeed, they all ran in similar lines. I sat red-faced and panting, muttering that it was "serious research for a term paper," which only made her laugh harder.

"You are a naughty, naughty, girl," scolded Heidi. "You shouldn't be reading material like this. Why if my father caught me with a book like this he'd tan my hide with Texas leather."

I froze at her reference, wondering if she meant what I thought she meant. "You mean -- "

The girl grinned, her blue eyes gleaming with humor and excitement. "Yup, the ole trip to the woodshed."

This was another reference I didn't completely understand, and my puzzlement must have been evident on my face. Heidi rolled her eyes and snorted with disgust.

"He'd _spank_ me, silly! You do know what spanking is, don't you?"

"Of course!" I said too fast. My hand involuntarily went to my backside, my most recent session with Professor Boron still fresh and tender.

Heidi's eyes widened. "Obviously you know what I'm talking about. Does your father -- "

I shook my head. "Not any more, now that I'm in college."

"Ah, but he used to."

I blushed. "Yes. And in school, too."

"In school!" The girl appeared shocked.

"I went to a boarding school where they still use the cane. Quite frequently, I might add."

This appeared to fascinate the American girl. "In Texas they use the paddle. It doesn't hurt much, not the way they do it. Just a few swats maximum. But it's awfully embarrassing."

"The cane isn't anything like the paddle," I said ferverently. "It's pure agony."

"Sounds interesting." Heidi grinned impudently at me, her smirk encouraging me.

"Perhaps I should give you a taste!"

"Oh, but you're the naughty one. You're the one with these books."

"That's research."

"Yeah, right. I'm sure the school forced you to write a paper on erotic literature."

"Well, we got to pick our own topics..."

"Just as I thought," snapped Heidi. "_You_ are the one who deserves to be spanked!" She patted her lap. "Come on, over my knee you naughty girl."

I stared at the American with disbelief. I knew she was joking -- she _had_ to be joking -- and yet, I couldn't stop myself. I was already moving forward, grinning playfully as though the whole thing was a silly jest, but I laid myself across her lap with utter seriousness, breath bated, wondering if she'd really spank me. The thought of this beautiful creature, so brash and mysterious, spanking my bottom, aroused me like nothing before in my life.

There was a long moment of silence. I waited, not moving. My hands rested on the floor, holding me up, my legs dangling on the other side of Heidi's lap. My hips ground into her warm thighs and it felt good. It felt very good. I couldn't breath lest it break the spell.

Finally I heard a long, slow, expiration of breath, followed by a gentle, exploratory hand on my bum. I tensed slightly, but didn't move. The palm rotated, rubbing my arse. Electricity raced through me. I'd never felt so much excitement and anticipation. The hand patted me, then gave me a light swat. I didn't move.

The swat came again, a touch harder, and then a real one, no longer playful, but still not very hard.

"I guess you deserve this spanking very much," said the girl. Her voice was strange -- deep and rough, rather edgy, filled with repressed emotion.

I nodded, my mouth too dry to speak. I was afraid to move.

The hand came again, rubbing, rubbing, the hairs on my skin rising. She wasn't spanking me now, she was exploring my bottom, toying with my skirt. Then it came -- she was lifting my skirt!

I noticed the temperature difference immediately, cool air rushing across my haunches. I wiggled slightly, arching my bottom up more, my panties tight. When her hand pressed against my bottom I gasped very softly, the weals from my caning pulsing dully.

"Spankings, real spankings, are given on the bare bottom, aren't they," whispered the girl.

"Oh, yes!" I hissed. Inside I was seething with impatience, aching with desire for her to hurry. My crotch was dripping. Bent over the way I was my modest breasts dangled heavily, and I could feel the nipples pushing stiffly into my bra. Oh, I wanted this! I had wanted this from the moment I saw her standing in those impossibly tight jeans.

She tugged my panties down. It was the most erotic feeling I'd ever experienced. The sensation of the cloth slowly inching down my bottom, the elastic growing tighter as it was drawn across my wide hips, the air cool across my hot hot flesh... oh, it was fantastic. I was in agony of desire.

It took an eternity to get my panties down. When they were only halfway I heard her gasp loudly and pause. I didn't want her to stop. I wiggled impatiently, eagerly, and finally she began again. Soon I realized she had seen the marks from my caning and my heart trembled. What would she think of me, a grown girl, still caned like a child?

"They're beautiful," she whispered. My mouth was too dry to speak. I felt her hand touch my bottom ever so gently, her fingertips grazing the super-sensitive raised flesh of the weals.

"Ahhh!" I breathed suddenly, arching my back in pain. My nerves were raw. I couldn't take much more of this.

"Does it hurt?"

I nodded.

"How... how long ago?"

"Two days."


I smiled at the awe in her voice. I thought I also sensed a quality of compassion. It made me nervous, for I didn't want to read more into than there really was. Already I felt closer to Heidi than to anyone I'd met at school. I wanted to relax and let her take me where she would, but I was afraid.

"Heidi?" I asked.


"My purse is on the table there. Inside is a bottle of skin cream. Would you mind -- "

I left the question unfinished, waiting to see if she understood. She did, for her body shifted and I heard something drag across the table followed by a rustling. There was a short silence and then Heidi shifted back, her focus on me again. I caught my breath sharply as the cold lotion dribbled onto my naked bum. Softly, very softly Heidi began to rub the cream into my skin. It was heavenly. I stretched myself out, thrusting my bum as high as I could. I wanted to purr like a kitten I felt so good.

"Don't stop!" I whispered, sighing deeply as Heidi continued.

Delicate frissons of feeling swept through me again and again as Heidi fingered the tender weals. I felt myself rising, the throbbing between my legs swelling higher and higher until it reached a massive peak and I was overwhelmed with a rich, glorious explosion of satisfaction. I cried out loudly, moaning, my entire body shivering.

Then it was gone, the memory so delicate that it was already fading.

I lay panting heavily, my face flushing as I realized I was naked and lying across the lap of a stranger, a girl I'd met less than an hour before. Hastily I pulled myself off her lap, jerking up my underpants and smoothing down my skirt. Then I looked at Heidi, my eyes shy and embarrassed.

The girl took my breath away. Her breathing was shallow, hesitant, as if she was afraid to live. Her cheeks were bright red, her glorious blue eyes shining like full moons at midnight. Her thin lower lip was trembling and as I watched a single tear slipped from her left I and trickled down her cheek. She made no move to stop it -- she scarcely seemed aware of it. Once again I was struck my how young she looked, how innocent and vulnerable, despite her American attitude and worldly manner.

Without bothering to think I bent forward and kissed her gently on the lips.

It was magical. Electricity snapped between us and we jerked apart, our eyes sparkling with alarm. Then, as one, we smiled.

Whatever was happening between us was incredibly powerful. We could not deny it. Neither of us wanted to deny it, though we could not hide our confusion and fear.

Gently I squeezed Heidi's hand. "Let's go easy," I said, and she nodded, grateful for my understanding. She pulled me onto her lap, my smaller body fitting so nicely into hers. She held me for a long time. Neither of us said another word.

More to come next week!

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