Chapter 40

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 40

(****, M/F, Intense, Strapping)

Erin meets a man. (Approximately 1,688 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

A few nervous weeks passed, but no other customers at the shop treated me like Mrs. Kabel. I began to relax. At home, my life with Heidi was wonderful. We were great friends, always willing to talk and console, and Heidi was never shy about putting me across her lap on a regular basis, whether I needed it or not. In short, life was good.

One day, feeling good because Mrs. Dunst was letting me do more and more haircuts and styling, I was given the task of cutting the hair of a man. This was a complete novelty for me, as I'd only worked with women's hair, but the man was in a hurry, a friend of a prominent customer of Mrs. Dunst, and he just wanted a simple trim before he left town on important business.

I had prepared myself the best I could but when I saw Mr. Allen all my skills went out the window. He was one of the most handsome men I'd ever seen, and just the kind of man I like: tall, strong, square-jawed, sharp-eyed, and obviously successful and wealthy. He looked fabulous in his white Armani suit. As I offered him the chair I was all nerves, fumbling and forgetting where things were located.

"Your name is Erin?" he asked as I retrieved a hairbrush from the floor where I'd knocked it.

"Er, yes," I said, straightening. I nervously touched the man's beautiful hair, brushing it lightly. He seemed very nice and his smile made me warm all the way to my toes.

I confirmed how he liked his hair trimmed and picked up a pair of scissors. I was so shaky, however, I promptly let them slip from my fingers. I couldn't believe it when they flew right into his lap. The drop cloth I'd put around him caught them nicely.

"Oh!" he cried and nearly stood.

I stared in horror for the scissors had nearly impaled his privates!

"My God!" I gasped. "I'm terribly sorry. Are you all right?"

"Uh, of course. No harm done. I'd be careful with those, though. Very sharp."

"Uh huh." I began snipping at the back of his head mostly so he couldn't see how badly I was trembling. I forgot about the mirror, however.

"You done this long? You seem nervous."

"Oh, I'm fine. Sure, I've been doing it a while. Mrs. Dunst has been training me."

"Oh, good."

I decided it would be best for both of us to change the subject. "So, Mr. Allen. What do you do?"

"Call me Rob. I'm in advertising. Well, I work for an advertising company, that is. Really I'm just an executive. I'm heading for Paris in the morning."

"Really? I've always wanted to see Paris."

"Don't go there as a tourist. You don't see the real Paris that way."

Thinking of Paris distracted me a bit and I accidently poked Rob in the ear.


He leaped to his feet, clutching his ear. I flushed with embarrassment as everyone in the shop turned to look at us.

"Are you okay?" I hissed.

"You damn near cut my ear off!" he roared. I saw Mrs. Dunst heading our way.

"Oh, please, sir. I'm terribly sorry. It was an accident."

Mrs. Dunst reached the man and pulled him aside. I could not hear what she whispered to him but whatever it was seemed to do the trick. He smiled at me and nodded, returning to my chair.

"Erin, anyone can make a mistake," he said gallantly. "Now do your worst."

I wasn't flattered by how he put that, but I was grateful he was letting me finish. It would have been awful for Mrs. Dunst or someone else to have had to take over for me.

I slowed down and concentrated dilligently after that, and soon the trim was done without any more incidents. It wasn't anything fancy -- I pretty much followed the existing cut and simply trimmed off the excess. Mr. Allen liked his hair short.

Anyway, after the haircut the man went and spoke briefly with Mrs. Dunst who immediately motioned to me. "Mr. Allen would like a word with you in the back," said the woman firmly. "You will accompany him."

I froze in terror, for the only place I knew in the back was the little room where Mrs. Kabel had taken me. But I could not disobey -- I followed the man, my heart thumping and my brain trying to convince me something else was going to happen.

The room was as before, with the little desk and everything, and inside was the same long leather strap. I trembled as Rob took it out, unrolling it and testing it with cruel swishes through the air. I was shaking violently.

"I believe you know the correct position," he said. I gulped and nodded miserably, moving to desk as though I was nothing but a marionette, and he controlled my strings. I bent forward, the tips of my breasts pressing against the hard wooden surface of the desk. My arms braced against the small chair, I waited without breathing, a daring part of me wondering how Mr. Allen's whipping would compare to Mrs. Kabel's. I didn't have long to get my answer.

I felt my skirt being lifted and I shuddered, horrified that this nice man was about to see my most intimate areas. He didn't hesitate, but carefully and calmly slid my knickers to my ankles. Thus exposed, my whipping could begin.

But nothing happened, not immediately. Trembling with fear and anticipation, I craned my neck back to see what Mr. Allen was doing. He was standing behind me, a little to my left, and admiring the charms of my rear view. The soft, lustful smile on his said everything, and for a moment my heart surged with hope that he would spare me, but then I saw the terrible glint in his eye and I knew this was not a man who believed in sparing anything. Once he had determined to do something, he carried through to the bitter end.

He lifted the strap high, licked his lips, and nodded to me.

"This will be painful," he whispered. "I shall not restrain myself."

I whimped and looked forward, closing my eyes and waiting. The first strike took my breath away, and they came fast and furious after that. I'd known Mr. Allen was a man of passion the moment I saw him -- his restrained, conservative dress and manner were nothing but an act to appease society -- but now I felt the full brunt of his uncensored passion. He was wild and undignified and his whipping loud and frantic. He lashed my buttocks, my thighs, and my legs. He even brought several upward strokes between my legs, the tails of the strap licking at the puffy lips of my wet sex.

I'd never felt anything so stimulating in my entire life. It was as though I'd never been whipped before, never felt passion or desire. I was utterly consumed by a terrible ache I could not name. The man thrashed me until both of us were dripping with perspiration, and it was only after a long time I saw with dazed surprise that the man was entirely naked. His fine clothes were scattered across the floor and he danced in the nude as he beat me. I couldn't help but notice his fine physique, admiring out of the corner of my eye the incredible manhood that saluted me.

I arched myself to him and before either of us could think he was inside me. It was as natural a fit as diving into a warm pool of water. His passion exploded within me nearly immediately, but he did not pull away but continued to rut inside me, pumping faster and faster until I screamed and collapsed onto the desk, my body shuddering uncontrollably with fantastic tremors of terrible pleasure.

I lay for a long time, panting and attempting to recover myself, both physically and emotionally. I was distantly aware of a throbbing in my nether regions, and my entire body seemed to tingle with relief as though a tremendous tension had finally been released.

I sighed deeply, and with groan rolled off the small desk. I looked up at Mr. Allen, a soft sheepish smile on my face, but he was gone. His clothes were gone and he was gone. I was alone in the tiny, sour-smelling room.

I pulled my panties up quickly and headed for the ladies room to wash my face and brush my disheveled hair. I knew without looking that Mr. Allen would not be waiting for me in the main office, but I could not help but hope that perhaps, by some incalcable miracle, he would be seated by my station, a secret twinkle in his eye.

But there was no one there. Mrs. Dunst quickly informed me that my duties for the day were complete, and I could return home if I desired. I saw nothing but gentle kindness in her face, no hint that she knew what had happened in that back room.

I nodded politely and thanked her, grateful to be allowed home early. There Heidi would run me a warm bath and put salve on my blistered flesh, all the while scolding me for being so naughty as to need discipline from a strange man. No doubt she'd eventually give me her own dose of discipline, but that was an acceptable price for her love and care.

"Oh, Erin," said Mrs. Dunst as I reached the door.


"I almost forgot. Mr. Allen left this for you."

She handed me a small envelope. Inside was a white card with a simple message neatly written in the center: the word "Dinner?" followed by a phone number.

My heart soared with so much excitement I could scarcely contain it. I nodded to Mrs. Dunst and dashed out the door. My injuries forgotten, I ran the entire way home, every step one of joyful exuberance.

More to come next week!

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