Chapter 41

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 41

(***, F/F, Intense, Caning)

Erin has a first date with Rob. (Approximately 600 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

My date with Rob was set for Saturday evening a week and half later, upon his return from Paris. This gave my bottom time to heal and far too much time for me to anticipate our night together. I could scarcely imagine what our first date would be, considering the events of our first meeting.

Heidi grew bored with my constant chatter about Rob, and after two ignored reprimands, took me over her lap and spanked me soundly. This only served to excited me more, however, though I tried to contain my enthusiasm.

Rob arrived on time, presenting me with a bouquet of fresh tulips from Holland, and led me to his silver Jaguar. The evening passed like a dream. Rob was handsome and wonderfully courteous, and I felt like a queen in my elegant new gown. Throughout the excellent meal and sat with my legs crossed, my sex humming violently, as I watched Rob order wine and expensive food like a master chef. He was so bold and in control it made me weak inside. I swear if he'd ordered me to bend across the table right there in that fancy restaurant I wouldn't have hesitated an instant, baring my arse to all the elegant diners.

Fortunately Rob did not ask me to do anything so extreme. He was nothing but a gentleman, in fact. He catered my every need and seemed fascinated by my simple history and stories of my home life. His own background was frightfully exotic to my ears -- his father had been in the military and he'd grown up in India, Germany, and South Africa. Rob spoke several languages and was incredibly bright, yet he never once demeaned me and made me feel like I wasn't his equal.

On our way home I expected him to make his move -- surely a man as passionate as Rob couldn't send me to bed unsatisfied -- but that's exactly what he did. At my door he kissed me softly but firmly on the lips, smiled, and wished me sweet dreams. He'd call on me again the following Friday evening, if I desired, and I bloody well did!

Once gone, I burst into tears of confusion and happiness. Rob was a dream, but he'd left me wanting. My whole body ached to feel him next to me, to feel him inside me. God, he hadn't even spanked me!

"Bad date?" came the whisper from behind me. I didn't even turn.

"Great date," I said softly. "The best ever. Rob is a wonderful man."

"But you're home early," Heidi said.

I nodded.

"Ah! I think I understand."

If ever I'd needed an embrace it was that moment, and Heidi was there for me. I clung to her and wept boldly, sobbing more than I'd ever cried from her discipline.

"H-he... he didn't even _spank_ me!" I moaned.

"Shhhh," whispered Heidi. "Everything's okay, everything's okay."

The spanking that followed was one of the sweetest I'd ever known. Heidi was gentle but firm, rolling me across her lap and warming me with her hand before starting in with the slipper. I wept and wept and it was wonderful, blissful release. I knew what had to come and I feared it -- yet I knew I would accept it without question. It didn't even surprise me when Heidi ordered me to fetch the cane. As I carried that slender rod back to her, I realized how much I loved her. I kissed her cheek, then her mouth, and then bent obediently for her discipline.

More to come next week!

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