Chapter 44

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 44
A Hard Thing

(****, F/F, Severe, Caning)

The tables are turned between Erin and Heidi. (Approximately 1,299 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

In the spring of that year Rob and I broke up. I write that so easily now, but he was my first true love, and I thought I'd die. I'd been considering marriage, entertaining the delightful idea without mentioning it to Rob. He seemed to pick up the vibes, however, and began to grow distant on me. His business trips took him away for longer and longer periods. One day, while waiting for him at his office, I overheard one of his colleagues kid to another that Rob's "Paris girl" was keeping him in France more than usual. Presumably this was just office gossip, and probably not that accurate, but it hurt me nonetheless. Confronting Rob showed me the truth in his eyes. He couldn't deny it completely, and though I suspected the girl didn't have the relationship we had, it didn't matter. Rob and I were through.

For weeks afterword I couldn't eat. I hardly slept, took to wearing slovenly clothes, and snapped at Heidi to the point where she'd barely speak to me. My schoolwork took a dismal turn for the worse, and considering it wasn't that great to begin with, my education was in serious jeopardy. I endured several bitter sessions with Professor Boron and his cane, but my attitude didn't change. Miss Swain never failed to notice my poor performance at work, and my after-closing visits to her office grew longer and longer as she found more and more faults in my work.

I didn't care, however. I didn't care about anything. Heidi's beatings only made me angry, not frightened, and I refused to play any of her games. I knew this hurt her deeply, but again, I didn't care. Like a mortally wounded animal, I retreated into my cave and licked my wounds in self-pity, growling at anyone who attempted to help.

One evening I heard Heidi weeping. I hadn't even been aware she was home. I thought she'd had a date or something. Something in her voice touched me, and I slowly came out of my room. Heidi was lying facedown on the couch. She wore her bathrobe.

I sat down beside her and stroked her long hair. She didn't look at me, but sobbed harder into the pillow. I didn't know what to say.

After a long while, Heidi stood suddenly, and rushed to the closet. I knew what was inside and hot anger flooded my cheeks as she emerged carrying her cane.

"Listen here, you hussy!" I screamed. "Rob's the one who needs the cane, not me!"

Heidi ignored my outburst and simply stepped out of her robe. She was naked underneath, her slender and seductive body drawing my admiration despite my anger. She handed me the cane and laid down on the sofa. It was obvious what she intended. I stood there stunned, the long cane stiff in my hand.

"Heidi, I can't whip you," I began, but her hand went up, silencing me. She motioned to the cane and then patted her bum.

"Give it to me good. I deserve it, and I need a friend like you to give it to me."

"What have you done?" I cried, tears stinging my eyes. "Why do you deserve it?"

"Just do it!"

The raw fury in Heidi's voice astonished me. I stepped back in puzzlement. Lifting the cane and flexing it with both hands, I stared at Heidi's plump buttocks. They were sleek and round and looked like they'd take a caning well. I'd ached to punish them since I'd first met, Heidi, but I loved her too much to hurt her.

I put down the cane. "You must cane me," I said firmly. "I'm the one who deserves it."

Heidi didn't answer for a moment, and I felt a miserable coldness in my belly. Her silence spoke loudly of her disagreement with my suggestion.

When she finally spoke, her voice was icy and eerily calm. "I will only tell you this once, Erin. Pick up the fucking cane and beat me with it. If you do not, then turn and leave my apartment and never come back."

I could only stare at Heidi in disbelief. If she had stabbed me with a knife I couldn't have been more surprised. Nothing made any sense. Wild emotions tore through me, tugging me in different directions.

"Heidi -- " I pleaded, but there was no answer.

Dismally, I picked up the cane. It looked different to me now. It was strange and foreign. I lifted it high above my head and brought it down with a vicious swish right across the plumpest portion of Heidi's bottom. The crack was like the report of a rifle. Heidi tensed wildly, every limb stiffening as she struggled with the terrible pain.

Heidi's cane was a light one. Her inexperience when she'd bought it was showing through. I had gotten to where I could take two dozen of her best strokes with a smile. But Heidi had never been caned before. It had been years since she'd even been spanked, long ago in Missouri. To her this pain was agony unbounded, and I wept as I beat her, knowing how much more this hurt her than me.

After a stiff dozen I stopped, but Heidi snapped a furious "More! Don't stop!" and I was forced to continue. As I thrashed her, watching her beautiful pale bottom cheeks become striped and welted, I felt my anger at Rob growing. I whipped her harder, wishing it was Rob who lay there. Soon I was in a furious state, whipping the cane down mindless, no longer caring what agony I inflicted on poor, innocent Heidi.

Suddenly rationality returned and I threw the cane down in bitter disgust. Heidi's ass was thrashed beyond recognition. It was crisscrossed with such a mass of black bruises and purple welts that the individual strokes were undetectable. I sobbed and knelt on the floor next to the sofa, pressing my face against Heidi's tortured skin. My tears dribbled down and splashed across her buttocks and I felt Heidi's body shuddering.

We embraced, a violent, passionate embrace that took my breath away. Suddenly I was kissing Heidi, and then she was tearing off my nightgown to lick and bite my stiff nipples. I climbed onto the couch next to her, my hands caressing her body. I felt her fingers between my legs, scratching at my sex. I became alive there, so quickly and fully I couldn't believe it. I was bursting with moisture. I slipped my hand down and discovered Heidi was drenched with wetness. The couch was stained with the results of her orgasms, most likely achieved while I beat her.

I grasped Heidi's blistered arse in my hands and pulled her tightly against me, enjoying the frantic seizures her body experienced at this fresh onslaught of pain.

"Oohhhhhh," she moaned, biting my ear and licking my face and neck. Her hand was under my knickers now, fingering and fondling me. Suddenly I was the one crying out and shuddering, and then we both were.

What followed was a sweaty, passionate lovefest that lasted for hours. We feel asleep on the living room floor and didn't wake up until morning. When I awoke I saw dear Heidi lying next to me, her naked body sprawled in a decadent, careless fashion. Her buttocks were swollen and purple, but she wore a delectable smile on her face.

And to my surprise, i realized that for the first time in weeks, not only had I slept the entire night, but I was famished. I carefully extracted myself from Heidi's sleepy embrace and headed for the kitchen for breakfast. Perhaps life still contained hope after all.

More to come next week!

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