Chapter 45

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 45
A Visitor From the Past

(****, F/F, Severe, Whipping, caning)

She's back. (Approximately 1,246 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

Shortly after I caned Heidi, she left for the United States for a few weeks to visit family. It was a long-planned trip, but the timing couldn't have been worse. Heidi and I had just reestablished our relationship, and late at night, as I lay in my lonely bed, I ached to feel her loving discipline. Heidi, too, seemed to feel our bond, for she telephoned me twice, telling me how much she missed me. I was miserably alone. No boyfriend and no roommate.

After the second week of this torment, and a complaint to Heidi during one of her calls, she hinted that she had a solution.

"What is it?" I asked. "Are you returning early?"

"No. I've got a surprise for you."

"A surprise? What is it!" I cried without thinking.

"You should receive it on Saturday. Plan to stay at home as I'm not sure what time it will arrive."

My curiosity piqued, I spent the next few days in dread anticipation. Whatever the surprise was, it had to be special. I couldn't quite picture how it would solve my loneliness, but I doubted it could hurt.

On Saturday, time passed even slower, and by noon I was nearly frantic. I tried reading, but couldn't concentrate. The telly just bored me, and I was constantly turning down the sound, imagining I'd missed hearing a knock.

When the knock actually came, right at two o'clock on the dot, I was startled I didn't answer it immediately. I stared at the door, positive I'd been imagining things. But there came -- a sharp, confident rapping. Someone was there.

Nothing prepared me for the sight when I opened the door. Standing in the opening was none other than Miss Arler. My jaw bounced off the floor and I screamed in excitement and welcomed her in. She was as beautiful as ever, though age lines showed when she smiled. Her body seemed fit and healthy, and I wept with delight.

"Oh, Miss Arler, it is so good to see you! You must tell me everything. It has been so long! How's the school? Do you still teach riding?"

I babbled on so that the woman could barely answer my questions, but she assured me that all was well with her and with the school. I asked about my old friend Jessie, and Miss Arler told me she had grown into a wonderful young woman, and had moved to Paris to study art.

Time flashed by and it was soon time for tea. Miss Arler watched me assemble an assortment of goodies, apologizing for not being more prepared.

"If I'd known you were coming I'd have baked," I said. "How on earth did you find me?"

Miss Arler sipped her tea and smiled. "I believe you have an American friend who loves you very much," she said.

I felt like a fool. "You're the package!" I cried, and then blushed furiously. "I mean -- "

My old teacher laughed gaily, "I've never been described in that manner before, but I understand. Heidi and I agreed to keep my visit a surprise."

"But how -- "

"Oh, it wasn't hard. You've told Heidi a great deal about me. I haven't moved. She simply rang up directory assistance and tracked me down. I must say I was curious to see how you'd turned out myself. You are looking quite lovely, and healthly, though your clothes look a little shoddy."

This last was uttered with a critical eye, and I stared at the floor in shame and my heart quivered frantically. I couldn't begin to count the number of times I'd tasted Miss Arler's stern crop for my disheveled appearance. Fortunately, she didn't look dressed for riding today. She wore a long maroon and white dress, tastefully cut to her slender figure. She didn't even look like a teacher -- more like a countess out shopping.

"Hold your head up, Erin dear," murmured the woman gently. "I will not having you shirking your responsibilities. What have I always taught you? If you make a mistake you own up to and accept the consequences, no matter how dreadful. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I sighed. A warmth had begun in belly as thought of what Miss Arler's presence meant. It had been a long time since our last meeting, and with Heidi gone, weeks since anyone had taken care of my discipline. I was nervous, for I knew too well Miss Arler's sternness, but a large part of me craved that loving attention.

Without a word I stood and went to the hall closet. Inside hung our collection of discipline implements. Miss Arler watched me, then put down her teacup. She walked to the closet and eyed the white cane and the various leather straps and paddles thoughtfully.

"I see you are well prepared," she said in a pleased voice. She selected a leather paddle and stepped to the sofa. Slowly and carefully, but with remarkable efficiency, she stripped off her clothes. I watched her with open admiration, noting that her body was nearly as flawless as I'd always remembered. When she was naked, she motioned for me to join her.

I obeyed instantly, walking to the sofa and stripped quietly. Neither of us spoke. Words would have only confused what we already knew. As I stretched my naked body across the bare thighs of my former teacher, quivers of fear and delight passed through me. I could scarcely believe this was happening again. Heidi deserved someone far better than me in her life -- she was an angel, sending me this gift.

With a deep sigh I settled into the punishment, the strong hands of Miss Arler alternated between massaging the cheeks of my behind and vigorously paddling the plump flesh. It was glorious and devastating. I moaned and wiggled and offered everything to Miss Arler. She held nothing back but gave me everything she had.

How long that evening lasted I shall never know. It was dawn when she left, both our bottoms scorched and burned with dozens of well-used implements. My memories were a hazy fog of joyous submission and acceptance, and unbelievable pleasures. By midnight I'd lost count of the number of orgasms I'd had, though I knew it was well into double digits. Miss Arler, too, seemed moved beyond what I'd ever seen of her. She was relaxed and grateful and told me how much she'd always loved me. I told her I'd never doubted it for an instant, and she wept large tears onto my breasts and belly, and then softly laid her head in my lap and slept for a while.

In the early morning hours we said our mutual good-byes with thirty strokes of a leather strap to the insides of our thighs, being excruciatingly careful to _not_ whip our dripping sexes, despite the overwhelming temptation. Miss Arler claimed this would only enhance our punishment, and she was absolutely correct. The following two dozen with the cane were devastating. I surely came three or four times during my session, and probably twice during hers.

Miss Arler left with a gentle kiss and a smile, and a promise to return. My spirits soared, and when Heidi telephoned later that evening, I told her every detail, and thanked her profusely. Then I went for a long soak in the bath. My body and mind needed it.

More to come next week!

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