Chapter 47

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 47
Heidi Gets a Boyfriend

(****, M/FF, Severe, Caning)

Erin meets Heidi's new boyfriend. (Approximately 1,320 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

Not long after the appalling incident with M. Porteau, Heidi introduced me to her new boyfriend, Steve. He was an older man, perhaps 30, who ran his own real estate company. He seemed charming and he was disgustingly handsome, though a touch anal for my tastes. He despised our "filthy" apartment and he constantly complained that Heidi was always late. I doubt he'd ever been late for anything in his life. In fact, I said as much to him once and in a completely serious tone, he commented that he'd even been born exactly on schedule, conveniently arriving during his father's lunch break.

About a month after our first meeting, I overheard Steve scolding Heidi for failing to stop completely at a stop sign while she was driving his car. I expected Heidi to respond with resentment and anger, but instead she was contrite and subdued, apologizing profusely for her "mistake in judgment." Steve responded by saying that they'd "deal with it tonight" and shortly afterward the couple left for his house, Heidi looking quiet and nervous.

Heidi's behavior puzzled me, for normally she is extremely assertive and lets no one -- especially a man -- tell her what to do.

A couple days later Heidi and I had a little emergency. We'd spent the morning window shopping and trying on dresses, but we hadn't yet bought anything. As my finances were rather tight I wasn't legitimately interested in purchasing anything, but Heidi had received a gift of some money from an uncle in America. It was fun shopping with her money.

At noon we ate lunch at a rather posh little restaurant. It was expensive, but Heidi insisted it be her treat. Imagine her horror and embarrassment when, upon preparing to leave, she discovered she had forgotten her pocketbook at home!

Under most circumstances I would have simply taken care of the matter myself, but in this case I'd purposely left all my money at home lest I be tempted to spend it. There was nothing for us to do but to call Steve and hope he'd come to get us.

Unfortunately, Steve was out, showing a business client an office complex, but we managed to have him paged and within fifteen minutes he returned Heidi's call. I didn't hear his voice, but I watched Heidi's face growing pale and her voice go soft as she pleaded and apologized.

"What did he say?" I asked when she hung up the phone. "Is he coming?"

"He'll be here in an hour," she nodded somberly. "But he's extremely upset." She seemed strangely nervous, glancing around at the other diners as though she suddenly discovered she had walked in naked. She dragged me back to our table, quickly ordering us fresh drinks. I didn't really want another one, but she insisted.

"You'll need it," she hissed. "Steve's furious."


Heidi's eyes went wide as she stared at me. "You, of all people, should appreciate it when a lover is angry with you."

"You mean..."

"Yes," she murmured, looking away.

"I had no idea!" I exclaimed. "What does he use?"

She shrugged. "Normally a slipper or leather strap, but for this I have no doubt it will be the cane."

I nearly choked on my drink, imagining Heidi's sweet bottom criss-crossed with scarlet tramlines. The thought of the tall, handsome Steve wielding the long rattan sent shivers of excitement through me. Perhaps....

It was approximately fifty minutes and two drinks later that Steve appeared. His face was dark and his lips pursed into a thin line of barely contained fury. He didn't say a word to either of us but simply took the bill to the clerk and paid it, while the two of us fidgeted behind him.

No one spoke the entire drive home. Steve parked and followed us into our apartment. I could see Heidi was frightened and contrite and a portion of her nervousness had leaked into me. Steve slammed the door solidly behind him and whirled on us.

"Thanks for helping us," I said quickly, hoping to stem his anger with flattery, but my voice dropped off as I received the full impact of his glare. He was an intense man and something in his eyes made me shiver and stare at my toes.

"The two of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves," he began. "What kind of a fool goes shopping without any money!"

"I'm sorry," wailed Heidi. I nearly expected her to drop to her knees and beg. I was much sterner, eying Steve coldly with my arms folded in front of me.

Steve ignored me. "Strip, both of you. I think some discipline is in order."

I stared at Heidi in horror. She was already slipping off her dress. What had I done? Surely I couldn't be blamed for her silliness. But apparently I was guilty by association. Steve turned to me with raised eyebrows, his question obvious. I felt a sharp tingle in my belly, and then a warmness deep below that. I kicked off my shoes and began to pull off my shirt.

In all too short of a time we were both completely naked, standing nervously before Steve. For a long moment he said nothing, admiring our bodies with his eyes and glaring at us. Heidi and I stood with our heads down, afraid to meet his glance.

"Heidi," he said finally, "fetch me the cane."

With fascinated horror I watched a naked Heidi hurry to the hall closet and remove my cane. She hurried back, presenting it to Steve with a bow. Steve took it, glancing at his watch as he took it.

"I've got a meeting in twenty minutes, so this will be quick," he said. "Heidi, you first."

My roommate quickly turned and bent at the waist, grasping her ankles with her hands. Her plump rear pointed prominently at Steve. He waisted no time but delivered six sharp cuts within about sixty seconds. Heidi cringed and wiggled and moaned, but remained in position.

Then it was my turn.

Grabbing my ankles was a familiar position, but seeing the looming shadow of Steve behind me, the thin line of the cane raised above his head, was not. I gasped sharply as the first cut stung me. Again and again it came down, sting after sting. All were placed right in the center of my bottom.

After the sixth I stood awkwardly, my bottom tingling and burning in a couple dozen distinct places.

"Get back down!" Steve snapped at me. "That's two extra for rising."

I hastily returned to my ankle-grabbing position. I saw that Heidi had not risen, but waited patiently for her second set of six.

These delivered, Heidi was allowed to stand and go to the corner, her back to me. She stood with her hands behind her head and I could see her bottom was very red with a bright collection of crimson lines gathered near the center. He had not spread the blows. I was expert enough in caning to know what that meant -- he was not finished.

My second set quickly followed, each stroke drawing forth a groan from my straining body. Steve caned very hard and efficiently. Tears burned in my eyes. After the six I waited to be allow to stand when there was another cut. I'd forgotten about my two extra, but Steve had not. The last one was a particularly vicious one to my upper thighs and I squealed loudly.

A moment later Steve was gone. Two somber, tear-stained faces stared at corners woefully, the final words of our chastiser ringing in our ears: "Do not move until I tell you. I shall be back at six to finish your punishment."

Heidi and I glanced at each other, our hearts pounding with excitement and fear. He was coming back!

More to come next week!

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