Chapter 54

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Erin's Adventures
Chapter 54
Artist and Lovers

(***, M/FF, Edgy, Bondage, whipping, caning)

Heidi and Erin pose for paintings. (Approximately 604 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

Over the next two months, Domingo painted four more paintings of Heidi and I. In one, Heidi was bound to a large wooden X and I was the one with the whip. In another, both of us were in stocks, naked, our bodies marked with pain. Every half hour or so Domingo would pause in his painting to flog or torment us. Often the whipping was preferable to his teasing, which consisted of feathers tickling our bare pussies until we were screaming.

Domingo's best painting was one of Heidi and I making love. For the first time I was hesitant to have myself painted. It was strange. I had no problems being portrayed naked, bound and whipped, but a permanent image of me making love to another of the same sex bothered me. I considered myself a hetrosexual -- Heidi and I made love simply because it was natural and convenient. Neither of us assumed more into the role than was actually there. We were both actively searching for a male counterpart, in fact. But the painting seemed to put more emphasis on our relationship than was real.

Still, I finally agreed. Heidi and I showed up at Domingo late one Friday night. We were smashed and could hardly stop laughing. Domingo promptly caned us both, eight strokes each, which quickly brought us back to reality. Then it was time.

Domingo had laid out a pile of thick furs on the stage. Heidi and I promptly threw ourselves into these, delighting in the silky smoothness. Running the furs across our naked bodies was ecstasy. I especially enjoyed rubbing a fur across the weals of my tender backside, and, eventually, sliding it lower, between my legs across my pussy.

The games Heidi and I played that night -- oh, it was terrible. We took turns spanking each other, we pinched breasts, bottoms, and pussy lips. We licked and fondled. We pissed on each other, a horrible, shameful experience that somehow seemed appropriate at the time. I suppose it was the forbiddenness of it that excited me.

Everything climaxed, both literally and figuratively, with Heidi and I in classic 69 position, licking frantically, our faces damp with each other's moisture. That was how Domingo captured us -- me on top, my striped arse toward the viewer, looking back over my shoulder at Heidi beneath me, my chin dripping with juices. Both of our expressions were fantastic mysteries -- incredible blends of lust, guilt, delight, and wonder.

Once he had us in the that position Domingo ordered us to stay, which we did, and every few minutes he allowed us to satisfy each other for a few scant seconds. Then it was more waiting, holding our breath until we could feel each other again. Strangely, this torture, while I'm sure it lasted for hours, seemed to pass in mere seconds. Suddenly Domingo was with us, spraying us with white semen, and groaning with relief. As after every painting, he was exhausted, and it took considerable work on our part to revive him, but we did it.

Later, when we all three of us were sated, Domingo showed us the painting. Heidi and I couldn't believe it. We'd never seen anything so poignant, so beautiful, so astonishingly raw and open. We each wanted to take Domingo again immediately, but Heidi won the coin toss and I had to wait. I amused myself by spanking and scolding Heidi while she made love to Domingo, knowing full well that she'd pay me back during my turn.

It was a grand night.

More to come next week!

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