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Erin's Adventures: A Serial Novel

This is the Flogmaster's first complete novel! Over 90,000 words, this novel tells the story of a girl's sexual and CP experiences as she becomes an adult. There are 60 chapters of about 1,000 words each. Each chapter is written so it can be read on its own, as though it were a short story. The basic idea of this novel is a blatant ripoff (er, hommage) of a series of stories written by Jenny X. I was truly inspired by her writing. Thanks, Jenny!

(To read the entire story published so far, see Erin Complete. Note that it's a single large page -- over 450K!)

Chapter 0134,1321998-02A girl discovers caning.IntenseM/mChildren
Chapter 0239,8491998-03A girl experiences her first caning.IntenseM/fChildren
Chapter 0334,0091998-03A fate worse than death: boarding school.IntenseM/fChildren
Chapter 0434,6121998-03Punishment by proxy.IntenseF/fChildren
Chapter 0549,1991998-03Erin learns her place.Intensef8/fChildren
Chapter 0638,9241998-03Erin fails at games.IntenseM/fChildren
Chapter 0747,7561998-04Erin visits the Head.IntenseF/ffChildren
Chapter 0837,6361998-02Erin witnesses boys being caned.IntenseM/m12Children
Chapter 0959,4261998-02Caught spying on the boys, Erin's given a grim choice.Intensem/ffffChildren
Chapter 1036,5161998-02Erin and the girls miss supper.IntenseF/ffffChildren
Chapter 1149,9641998-02Erin gets a mistress.Intensef/fChildren
Chapter 1249,5371998-02Erin gets a birthday caning.Intensef/fChildren
Chapter 1336,1011998-02Hard to believe, but Erin's caned again.IntenseM/fChildren
Chapter 1436,8701998-02Ariana welcomes Erin back from the holiday break.Intensef/fChildren
Chapter 1535,3161998-02Erin learns she's back at school.IntenseF/fChildren
Chapter 16312,3271998-02Erin meets Miss Arler.IntenseF/fChildren
Chapter 1739,8931998-02More adventures with Miss Arler.IntenseF/fChildren
Chapter 1837,6671998-02Ariana gets the crop.SevereF/fChildren
Chapter 1933,7231998-02Erin gets a severe caning.SevereF/fChildren
Chapter 2038,4451998-02Erin meets Miss Arler in private.SevereF/fChildren
Chapter 21521,0411998-02Erin learns more about her riding instructor.SevereF/f, f/FChildren
Chapter 2245,2831998-02More lessons from Miss Arler.SevereF/fChildren
Chapter 2335,6751998-02Erin visits the Head.IntenseF/fChildren
Chapter 24312,0631998-02Erin sees more of her riding instructor.SevereF/f, f/FChildren
Chapter 2545,5981998-02Erin gets it from the prefects.SevereF/fChildren
Chapter 2645,7371998-02Erin says good-bye to a dear friend.Severef/fChildren
Chapter 2734,8311998-02Erin gets a shocking promotion.Intensef/fChildren
Chapter 2848,1331998-02Erin acquires a taste for prefecting.Severef/fChildren
Chapter 29416,9871998-02Erin is caught with switch in hand.Severef/f, F/fChildren
Chapter 30517,8571998-02Two naughty girls are severely punished.EdgyF/ff, f/f, ff/FChildren
Chapter 31410,6331998-02The tables are turned on Erin.Severefffff/fChildren
Chapter 3236,4701998-02Erin fights back.Severef/fffffChildren
Chapter 33417,4891998-02Erin finds a new boyfriend and earns them both a public caning.Severef/m, F/f, M/mChildren
Chapter 3449,6201998-02Erin has a bittersweet homecoming and grows up quick.IntenseM/fChildren
Chapter 35510,5871998-02Erin has her first university Experience.SevereF/FChildren
Chapter 3658,5651998-02Erin puts her foot in her mouth again... and pays the price.SevereM/fChildren
Chapter 37517,0091998-02Erin makes a new friend.IntenseF/FChildren
Chapter 38410,6531998-02Erin and Heidi join forces.SevereF/FChildren
Chapter 39310,8481998-02Erin gets a job.IntenseF/FGeneral
Chapter 40410,4121998-02Erin meets a man.IntenseM/FGeneral
Chapter 4134,5641998-02Erin has a first date with Rob.IntenseF/FGeneral
Chapter 42415,9871998-02Erin gets her first taste of discipline from Rob.SevereM/FFGeneral
Chapter 4339,5511998-02Erin is forced to find new employement.IntenseF/FGeneral
Chapter 4448,4471998-02The tables are turned between Erin and Heidi.SevereF/FGeneral
Chapter 4548,2371998-02She's back.SevereF/FGeneral
Chapter 46415,7741998-02Erin pays for a mistake.EdgyM/FGeneral
Chapter 4748,6611998-02Erin meets Heidi's new boyfriend.SevereM/FFGeneral
Chapter 48414,7941998-02Erin plays naughty games.SeriousF/FGeneral
Chapter 49311,6381998-02Erin sees a spanking and takes action.IntenseF/m, m/fChildren
Chapter 5046,3411998-02Erin continues the game.SevereF/mGeneral
Chapter 51422,5521998-02Erin meets a painter.SevereM/FGeneral
Chapter 5245,4171998-02Erin gets painted again.IntenseM/FGeneral
Chapter 53415,6221998-02Heidi meets Domingo.EdgyF/FGeneral
Chapter 5434,7401998-02Heidi and Erin pose for paintings.EdgyM/FFGeneral
Chapter 5538,4421998-02Heidi and Erin pose for a last painting.EdgyM/FFGeneral
Chapter 5635,7761998-02Erin goes back to school and makes up for lost time.SevereM/FGeneral
Chapter 5747,0531998-02Heidi says good-bye.SevereF/FGeneral
Chapter 58411,8641998-02Erin meets a headmaster.SevereM/FGeneral
Chapter 5935,7741998-02Erin learns how to cane.SevereM/F, F/mGeneral
Chapter 6056,3661998-02Erin finds her destiny and her wild adventures come to an end.IntenseM/FGeneral