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The 25 most recent stories.

2017-12Time Saver529,100Three sisters spank each other to save their busy mom time.SevereFfff/fffChildren
2017-12Spunky37,971Headmaster punishes schoolgirl.IntenseM/fChildren
2017-12My Philosophy on the Spanking of Minors and Kaitlyn's First Spanking545,555An essay and a story.MildM/fChildren
2017-12Love at First Sight48,806At his new school, a boy discovers students are spanked right in front of the class.IntenseF/f, M/mChildren
2017-12Corporal Discipline Protective Services339,692A mysterious organization teaches families how to spank.SevereNinja/MMFFF/mmfffffffChildren
2017-12Spanking Story45,397A girl is spanked.IntenseM/fChildren
2017-12A Hundred Years Ago36,843A woman feels she was born too late.SevereM/FGeneral
2016-05Couple Spanking311,581A couple with marital problems meets their solution.SevereF/MFGeneral
2016-05A Routine Spanking33,689Description of a typical spanking.Severe?/?General
2016-05A Caneable Bottom49,239The Head canes a thin girl.SevereM/fChildren
2012-02Peter Pan: The Missing Scene516,502A supposed 'missing scene' from the Peter Pan movie, where Wendy gets caned for drawing pictures of the flying boy.SevereF/fChildren
2012-01Terra Nova 2523,541Based on the Dec. 12, 2011 episode _Within_ of the new Tera Nova TV series, in this story sweet Maddy Shannon is so desperate to get her tablet computer working that she steals a new core... and must be corporally punished.SevereM/fChildren
2011-10Terra Nova: The Missing Scene513,483Loosely based on the new Tera Nova TV series, this postulates that strict corporal discipline is practiced by the new regime.SevereM/fChildren
2011-10Pan Am419,538Loosely based on the new Pan Am TV series, this is a discipline spanking story for a stewardess' failings.SevereM/FGeneral
2010-10Perspective48,117A student reflects on how punishments feel.SevereMF/?Children
2010-10Hope426,300A man paddles a soccer star.IntenseM/FGeneral
2010-04The Princess411,452A woman learns the duty of being married to the prince.SevereM/FGeneral
2010-03RSI53,668A man develops RSI from spanking too much.IntenseM/FSSC
2010-03Telephone43,551Wives play a spanking game.IntenseFx9/Fx9SSC
2010-03The Correction53,833A caned schoolgirl watches her Headmistress caned.SevereF/f, M/FSSC
2010-03The Worst Part53,689A student essay describing the worst part of a spanking.IntenseX/xSSC
2010-03Captain Lesley43,713A husband canes his wife.IntenseM/FSSC
2010-03School Rules43,657A girl is caned.IntenseM/fSSC
2010-03Agonizing Decision412,463A female FBI agent chooses punishment over termination.EdgyM/FGeneral
2010-02Oxygen43,377A girl describes how her father paddles her.IntenseM/fSSC
2010-02Frat Party43,620Frat boys punish a girl.SevereMMM/FSSC