Links to Off-site Spanking Resources

(Not in any particular order.)

Sadly, most of the spanking sites I used to frequent have disappeared. Please let me know of any that are worth visiting.
One of my favorite spanking movie sites. The action isn't all that severe, but the models are drop dead gorgeous. They also offer a few high-resolution pictures in their previews, which is nice.
The new standard in extra-severe spanking films. If you don't like bloody bottoms, avoid it. How these models do it, I have no idea, but I find it incredible erotic to think there are women out there willing to suffer like this for my pleasure.
The original severe spanking film company and still one of the best. They focus more on the stories (which sometimes are a little strange) and their canings aren't consistently severe. and
The BDSM Pleasure Palace and BDSM Cafe are both run by B and Belle. They repost some of my stories, and though it's a pay site, there are some pictures and stories for free.
A Taste of the Birch is a cool spanking blog where Alex posts excerpts from spanking novels and magazines. It's updated frequently and many of the posts are nice and long.
This is an interesting site I've only recently discovered. It looks great, though, and is free. The author posts spanking stories and pictures he's created.
Another spanking blog. It's not updated very often lately, but used to have some unique stuff.

A cool spanking blog with news and pictures. (The same author does the Daisy Dukes Report which features spankable females in tight shorts.)