Here for the Cane

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Here for the Cane

(****, M/F, Intense, semi-consensual caning)

A woman is there to be caned. (Approximately 1,468 words. Originally published 2020-05.)

The butt was compact and tight, befitting her tiny figure. The cheeks were sweetly rounded, pert mounds of smooth unblemished flesh. Though her waist was microscopic, her hips had a nice flare to them, curving down to her surprisingly broad and sturdy thighs.

She was short, almost stocky from the butt down. Above she was pixie-like, with a delicate face, alert blue eyes, and brown hair in a long braid down her back. She was naked as though she'd just gotten out of the shower. Her tits were perky and looked just as surprised as me, the nipples little darts of scarlet.

"Oh!" she said, her hands flashing to cover the nest between her legs. It was so neat it reminded me of fur.

"That's one way to put it," I said. "I could ask what you're doing here, but I really don't care. I'm just glad you are."

The girl had the decency to blush, the hints of pink on her face making her even cuter. She dropped her eyes demurely for a second, and then said, "I'm Chloe. Jana's friend."

"I assumed it was something like that."

There was a pause as she realized she needed to explain more -- like why she was naked in my living room. "I'm--" she began, and halted.

"You're here to be caned," I said matter-of-factly. I don't beat around the bush. My name is Frank for a reason, I suppose.

Her eyes widened like those of a terrified animal in the dark. Then she nodded solemnly. "I suppose it makes sense you know that," she said. "You're her boyfriend, right?"

"No, she's my girlfriend," I said.

Chloe looked puzzled for a second.

"There's a difference," I said. "We're both doms. But I'm always a dom. She's my sub."

"Oh." The delicate thing still looked slight bewildered. "I'm not really into all that," she said. "I mean, I vaguely understand it, but that's not my thing. I just like--"

"--to be caned."

"Yes, exactly."

"Nothing wrong with that. How'd you acquire the taste?"

"At school. Private school." She blushed again. "Very posh and ritzy. In Indonesia. Very strict."

"I gather they caned you there?"

"Frequently. My favorite was Ms. Sharpe. British lady. Taught English and history and ruled with a rattan rod. I rarely left her class without three or four strokes across my... bottom."

"Intriguing. Done right in class? In front of the others?"

"Oh yes. Right up front, knickers down. Boys and girls alike. No discrimination there, except the school had far more girls than boys."


"Intensely, but... bearable."

"Just three or four, though."

"Usually. It could be six if necessary, if you were kept after for an extra beating. But that's what I liked about Ms. Sharpe -- fewer strokes, but lots more canings."


"She was my piano teacher, too. A lesson every Thursday after school." Chloe grinned up at me. "Thursdays were my favorite."

"She flogged you for musical mistakes?"

"Of course. I never left her lesson without a stinging bottom. But if she'd caned me during school that day, I'd get a beating first thing, before any music. Usually six, just... because."

"A beaten at school, beaten at home sort of thing?"

"Yes, exactly! And then she'd be extra-strict during my lesson. Three or four strokes here, three more for that, four for not practicing enough, and usually a sixer to finish."

"Sounds like a decent total."

"It was terrifying, sometimes. The count would go well over 20 and that didn't include my school caning."

I grinned at her, showing I understood. "So what are you here for? Twenty?"

"I... don't know. Jana just told me to strip and wait in here. She's supposed to be... strict. I'm hoping she'll be like Ms. Sharpe."

"I'm sure you'll be satisfied. If not, I can encourage her to be more severe with a caning of my own."


"Or I could cut out the middle woman and cane you myself."

Chloe's wide eyes were frozen like she'd forgotten how to think. "I... I don't-- I mean, I... a man... is not--"

"You want a woman to flog you."

"Yes, exactly," she sighed in relief. "It's, uh, nothing personal. I just... I couldn't relax with a man. I mean, it wouldn't be the same."

"Don't knock it until you've tried it. You're pretty relaxed in front of me right now considering you're as naked as the wind."

Chloe blushed and tried to cover her breasts. She looked around. "Is, uh, Jana coming back?"

"She's making you wait. It builds the anticipation. You are feeling it, aren't you? The exciting dread?"

"Oh yes! Exactly! It's terrible."

"That's what makes it good. By the time she gets down here for your thrashing, you'll be half out of your mind from the suspense. She could be here in two minutes or two hours. Who knows?"

"Oh God," Chloe exclaimed, crossing her legs like she needed to pee.

I motioned to a bin of rods in the corner. "If you like, I can give you a few. Just three, to tide you over."

"But... I hired Jana. Won't she be--"

"Upset? Why? She won't reduce her fee or the strokes she'll give you. She might even give you extra. But you'd like that."

Since Chloe was squirming with indecision, I went over the canes and selected an especially thin one. It was extra-whippy and would still like hell. Then I was back before the terrified girl, flexing the rod.

"How did your Ms. Sharpe do it? Touching your toes? Bent over a chair?"

"It... va-va-varied. I don't--"

"Turn around. Hand against that wall."


"It's now four strokes."

"Oh! But Mr.--"

"Five strokes." I didn't raise my voice. I just stated a fact. Chloe went pale and obeyed.

The wall was behind the sofa, so she couldn't get close to it. She had to lean far forward, her knees against the cushions. This brought her back almost level, her little tits dangling. Her butt rounded out behind her, the pert cheeks begging for a sound flogging.

I kicked her ankles lightly to get her to spread her feet more. I could see everything between her legs. She looked like the perfect naked schoolgirl.

"Let's make it a traditional six," I said sternly. "Since you were so reluctant to obey."

She said nothing. She stared straight at the wall, her breathing heaving, her breasts heaving. I lined up the cane and tapped that cute butt. Then I lashed it hard.

I mostly used wrist so it'd be stingier, but I purposely made it a sharp, biting stroke. Chloe gasped, her cry rising to a screech. She wiggled deliciously, those rounded hips dancing. A white streak appeared across her neat little buttocks.

I quickly added a second, not quite as hard, but fast, before she was prepared for it, and tears glittered in her eyes. She writhed, panted, and then sighed as the intense pain brought forth reluctant pleasure. I let her enjoy it for a moment before a gave her the third.

"Oooh." She groaned. The marks on her bum were turning red. The thin cane really stung. She shook her ass, the cheeks jiggling. It was a great ass, really lovely, with a nice undercurve I wanted to cup with my hand and squeeze.

Instead I kept beating her, four, five, and then the sixth, low and into the crease between ass and thigh. That one fetched her deeply, her braid dancing as she tossed her head in sweet agony.

"Just what is going on here!" roared a voice. We both turned. In the entry stood a leather-clad Jana, her golden hair piled high, her long black bullwhip looking deadly.

"Oh hello, Jana," I said. "This cheeky minx asked me to cane her."

"What! She's my client, not your plaything!"

"Sorry. She was naked and looked cute. I'm a man. What did you expect?"

"Get out of here, Frank! You're my landlord, not a dom."

"Fine, fine, I'm leaving."

Chloe turned toward me. "You're not Jana's boyfriend? You're not a dom?"

"Sorry, honey. I'm just a pervert like all the other men out there. But it was really fun caning you. I hope Jana punishes you severely for letting me play with you."

"Oh don't you worry, I will," growled Jana. She grabbed Chloe's head from behind in a headlock and hissed in her ear. "I'm gonna have you begging me to beat you as lightly as he just did."

"Yerlp!" gulped Chloe, struggling to get free and find herself a prisoner.

I laughed and left, letting the two sort it out. From my adjacent apartment I'd be able to hear every cane crack and squeal. So sweet.

The End