Love at First Sight

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Love at First Sight

(****, F/f, M/m, Intense, non-consensual spanking, paddling)

At his new school, a boy discovers students are spanked right in front of the class. (Approximately 1,434 words. Originally published 2017-12.)

Jonny was a boy's name, but she definitely had a girl's body. She was petite and slim, but already had curvy hips and plump, girlish bottom. Her straight golden hair hung down almost to that butt.

Grady hadn't even gotten to see her face yet, but he was already in love. All he saw was the girl in the corner and that was enough.

You see, her pants were down around her knees. Her panties were down, too, to mid-thigh. And the rounded butt above was bright red.

Jonny had just gone over Mrs. Tyler's lap for a sound smacking with a wooden ruler. It hadn't been the token half a dozen smacks Grady had been expecting, either, but a full spanking that was several minutes of intense suffering. Jonny had done her best not to cry, but he'd heard her wailing and sobbing long before it was over.

At first he'd thought it was horrifying. Grady wasn't the type to wish ill on anyone. And though Jonny had been giggling with her friends at the back of the room and disrupting the class, it wouldn't have occurred to him to paddle her ass red for that.

He hadn't gotten a good look at the spanking. Mrs. Tyler had scooted her chair back and spanked the girl on the other side of her desk, so the class had only seen flailing arms and the occasional glimpse of jutting pink butt as the upturned girl wiggled.

When it was over and Jonny was put back on her feet, her hair formed a golden curtain covering her face, and she was sent to the corner before Grady knew what she looked like. All he saw now was that glowing red bottom. That was enough. It didn't matter if she had the face of hyena. That bottom was pretty enough to make up for anything.

He'd never really thought about girls bottoms before. After all, he was only in seventh grade. Until now he'd only been mildly curious about girls. He'd seen a few pictures of boobs and those were really intriguing, so different from boys. But he didn't even know if Jonny had any, since he'd only seen her from the back.

That butt, though -- it certainly didn't look like a boy's. It bulged out on the sides in gorgeous curves, making it broad and full. The bottom popped out and curved under to her legs in a manner that made him stare with mouth hanging open.

Then there was that crack. He'd never thought about how interesting that crack was, but now he couldn't take his eyes off it. The round cheeks on each side her like two balls set next to each other. In the middle formed a crevice that looked deep enough slide a finger in up to the second knuckle. The crack got deeper toward the base, where the butt separated into a diamond-shaped opening. It was too dark to see what was there, but itched with curiosity.

If all that wasn't enough, Jonny had just gotten her ass royally spanked. The fair skin, so smooth and white, was pink all over and a hot fuchsia across the plumpest spots where the flat ruler had done its best work. Grady had never seen anything like that before and thought it was breathtakingly beautiful. It looked sore and painful, of course, but Jonny wasn't mortally wounded. She'd be fine. She had deserved it, hadn't she? Mrs. Tyler had warned her.

Just as he thought this, he got his own warning.

"Grady Marshall, keep your eyes on your textbook unless you wish to join Miss Jonny Monroe in the corner?"

The boy actually did want to join the girl. Just not with his pants down and his spanked bottom on show like her, however. He torn his eyes from the lovely bottom and forced them onto the boring geography lesson he was supposed to be reading.

In his mind, all he saw was the pretty girl's pretty bottom. He began to doodle with his pencil, almost subconsciously sketching out a faint likeness to the cute cheeks before him. Naturally he had to look up at his model from time to time, and soon the real form distracted him from his drawing.

He was staring again, and Mrs. Tyler wasn't happy.

"I know it's your first day, Mr. Marshall, so I'll cut you a little slack. But I won't warn you again. Eyes down."

There was no mistaking the meaning of the woman and Grady gulped and stared at his book. Just the idea of being spanked bare in front of his new classmates was making him sweat. What an introduction to a new school! He'd never live it down.

Except... from the calm way Jonny had made her way up to the teacher's desk, the lack of surprise on the faces of the other students, and the strange ordinariness of the spanking, such things were apparently common. If Grady was the only boy spanked like that it would be one thing, but if everyone was, then maybe it was no bigger deal than being sent to the principal's office for a scolding.

The problem with his textbook, besides the fact that it was written in Chinese and full of nothing but the most useless of statistics, was his crude sketch of Jonny's butt. It really wasn't that bad. The more he looked at it, the better he thought it was. Soon he just had to take a quick peek to compare.

He felt her eyes upon him before she even said anything. It was like he was caught in a tractor beam -- his head rotated toward her desk and his chin rose. He was staring right into the grim eyes of Mrs. Tyler.

She scowled at him and crooked a finger. It was spanking time.

Trembling, Grady made his way up to the desk. He couldn't believe this was happening. He wanted to die. But a glance toward Jonny brought him a closeup view of that round butt, pink and bright, the cheeks shuddering slightly as she turned to give him a glance.

Her face was stunning. Large sky blue eyes, a cute upturned nose, sexy red lips, and even white teeth. She had breasts, too. Cute little tennis balls, as perky as her ass. He focused on his memory of that as he blushingly lowered her his jeans and underwear, going fast so he wouldn't think about the view of his bare butt he was giving the class.

"Grady! What on earth are you doing!" gasped the teacher. Her eyes stared uncomfortably at the swelling erection the boy sported, his penis level with her face. "I don't want to see that!"

"Uh, I thought you were--" began Grady, then he fell silent.

The woman held out a slip of paper. "You're to go to the principal for your spanking," she said. "I'm not permitted to spank the opposite sex."


Grady hastily yanked up his lower clothes. His face was hot as he headed for the door, the class tittering behind him.

He'd shamed himself for nothing. What a fool!

In the principal's office he was paddled. It was on the bare, but so perfunctory it was hardly embarrassing. The man just growled, "Drop 'em," and gave Grady five hard licks. They came so fast they were over before Grady realized how much they hurt. Then he was stumbling out of there blinking back tears, pulling his pants over raw-red flesh still sizzling, and heading back to Mrs. Tyler's.

At least he hadn't been spanked bare before the class, he thought. But what happened was almost as bad. The teacher took the note from the principal the boy gave her and ordered him to the corner, next to Jonny. There he had to take down his pants and underwear and stand naked on display until the bell rang for the end of class.

His first thought was that everyone could see his paddled ass. Then he was relieved that was all they could see. Because in front his penis was rising, sticking out like a finger about to press a button. Beside him he felt Jonny stirring. His face flushed. Out of the corner of his eye he looked and confirmed she was staring down at his front. Staring at it. His blush went red-hot.

Then she smiled at him, a soft, half-hidden smile, a secret grin, a private conversation just for him. He grinned back like a fool.

A fool in love.

So worth it.

The End

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