My Philosophy on the Spanking of Minors and Kaitlyn's First Spanking

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My Philosophy on the Spanking of Minors and Kaitlyn's First Spanking

(*****, M/f, Mild, Semi-con spanking)

An essay and a story. (Approximately 7,643 words. Originally published 2017-12.)

There is much controversy over the real-world spanking of minors, especially in the spankophile community. While I'm not attempting to sway anyone one direction or another, I find the topic interesting and thought I'd make a few comments. Hopefully I'm promoting rational discussion and not stirring up a hornet's nest!

I was spanked as a child and not always in a good way, so my feelings on the subject are strong. While I am in favor of the spanking of minors as a discipline method, it is only within the strict guidelines that I have devised. It is also important to understand that my beliefs are very low on the priority scale: if there's ever the slightest question about whether such a discipline is appropriate, it is better to err on the side of not doing it and using an alternative form of punishment.

Note that my opinion on this topic varies greatly from my spanko tendencies and what I write in most of my stories. My stories are purely fantasy and do not represent how I would want any child in the real-world to be disciplined, ever. (In fact, many of my stories are purposefully extreme, and I wouldn't want adults to be treated that way!)

Just for fun, though, I have written a sweet story which appears after this essay in which the spanking that takes place follows the guidelines I have suggested. Note that it's not particularly erotic, however!

I will add that I don't have children and have wondered how I would react if I did. This document is, perhaps, a bit of a guideline in that direction.

Finally, one "rule" I don't explicitly state here, is that I believe spankings should be reserved for older children.

Spankings of minors are always:


There should be a ritual and it should be observed consistency. Spankings should never be done in anger or haste. The specifics of the ritual are up to the parents, but they must be carried out every time. This minimizes the child's fear of the unknown and helps ensure proper behavior because the consequences are well-known.

The ritual does not need to be complicated, but that's up to the parents. At minimum I would suggest a five or ten minute wait for the child, alone, in the room designated for punishment (which ideally should always be the same room) and perhaps the same afterward. (It does not have to be corner time. Think of it as preparation and recovery time.)

The child should definitely not be pushed back out into the public eye (even just family) until cleaned up and composed after the spanking. The child will already be embarrassed enough without adding to it unnecessarily by allowing others to see them still weeping or red-eyed from crying.


Only the parent(s) and child should be present. If two or more childen get in trouble together, they should still be spanked separately. Never spank a child in front of visitors, guests, or other relatives. You can truly mess up a child's social development by doing such a thing.

It can be okay to have another relative or familiar authority figure spank your child in the right circumstance -- such as when your child is a guest in another's home for an extended stay -- but these spanking rules should be followed and you need to explain to your child in advance which adults have permission and authority to spank him or her and to behave accordingly. (This message should be given in private to your child. There's no need to embarrass them by announcing this to the entire world.)

Under no circumstances should strangers be allowed to spank your children. (That includes schools and other institutions. Though school spanking stories are a key fantasy for me in my writings, I don't condone such treatment in real life.)


The child should be hugged before and after and it should be extremely clear that they are dearly loved and the discipline is just punishment for their behavior and nothing personal. The child should feel safe and protected in the spanking room and not feel like they are going to be in any danger. The entire experience should feel like an uncomfortable but mandatory ordeal, like a visit to the dentist or having to swallow foul tasting medicine.


Prior to a spanking, a child should be made to admit his or her fault and explain the punishment they are about to receive. If the child cannot do this, the adult should guide the child until the child understands. It should be clear that the consequences stem directly from the behavior and the specific behavior should be evident.

Keep in mind that children, especially young ones, do not think like adults and are often confused as to exactly what they did that was so wrong. Also, many misbehaviors include multiple offenses: a child caught taking a toy from another might throw a tantrum when confronted, so is the spanking for the tantrum or the stealing?

It is also vital that the punishment be commiserate with the crime. Children instinctively understand fairness and are surprisingly accepting of punishment when deserved and appropriate, but punishing a child excessively for a minor breach of the rules will damage the child. Be consistent and fair. Be careful about feeling like you need to escalate the punishment: most of the time any sort of spanking is enough and there's no critical need to make this particular spanking worse than previous ones (unlike in most spanking stories where escalation is a key part of the plot). Increase the severity only when justice merits it: a child is growing older and seems immune to spanking, or there is repetitive bad behavior. (For instance, on being caught with cigarettes for the third time, you might give the child a harder spanking than the first time.)


Young children don't think much of nudity, so baring the bottom isn't a big deal to a toddler. But when your child matures and becomes sensitive to this, be very careful to handle it properly. I don't think it proper to force a child to be naked. That can be quite traumatic and embarrasing and cause serious psychological damage.

While spanking over full clothing is not ideal for safety reasons (the spanker cannot see the damage he or she is causing), there are ways to spank with minimal clothing that serve to protect the modesty of the child and still allow the parent to monitor the child's health.

Spanking over underwear can work, especially thongs or a jock strap. Full underwear can work if it is thin (you can also wet it to make it stick and become transparent to show the skin color underneath). You could also devise a special punishment outfit used for all spankings, such as a thin pajama bottoms, tight shorts, or a bathing suit. Peeking beneath an edge of the covering to check the status of the bottom is also permissible as long as it is brief and you're only examining the cheeks and not the genitals.


Spankings don't need to be agony to teach a lesson. They should hurt just enough to be unpleasant, but not so much that it truly terrifies a child. The actual severity depends on the child and the offense. Sensitive children should be handled with extreme delicacy -- the spanking doesn't have to be hard at all for them to still learn their lesson. Some stubborn or tough children may need sterner correction, especially for defiance or repeated offenses. But most of the time the bulk of the punishment isn't the actual pain, but the entire situation. The child should be ashamed of their behavior because it has brought them this uncomfortable and embarrassing punishment.

I don't have a problem with implements used for spanking -- wooden rulers or spoons, hairbrushes, paddles, belts, switches, etc. are all fine, if used within the parameters of these rules. Be careful with implements as it is very easy to use them too severely. Marks should be mild and fade within a day. (There should definitely be no blistering or tearing of the skin; minor bruising is acceptable.)

Tears are not a good judge of severity as everyone cries for different reasons and at different levels of pain. Instead, monitor the child's other reactions -- breathing, repentent attitude -- and any redness or temporary damage to the child's posterior. Stop when you are too severe or you believe the child is contrite. A good rule is that it is better to stop too soon rather than too late.


By this I mean two things: the spanking should be timely -- as close in time to the offense as possible -- and the spanking itself should be brief. A few swats with a paddle is preferable to five minutes of bottom-slapping with a hand. This rule is helpful for both the parents and the child. Don't draw this out. Get it over with as quickly as possible. Make sure it's the appropriate amount of punishment, but try to do it as efficiently as possible.

By the same token, don't make a child wait too long for a punishment. Spankings should always be the same day as the offense, if at all possible. This isn't just because it's unhealthy to subject a child to dread for days on end, but also because a punishment isn't as effective if the behavior is long lost in memory. The behavior needs to be fresh in the mind when the punishment arrives.

On the Buttocks

Never spank a child anywhere but on the buttocks. They are fleshy and protected by layers of fat and muscle. Spanking any other place can result in injury. Never slap or strike a child. Always make sure it's a formal spanking with a consistent position and the buttocks are the only part of the body that is struck.

(The back of the thighs are probably okay with an instrument like a thin switch and that can be a good way to avoid needing to bare the bottom for an older child, but there are few exceptions to this rule. Also, doing this can expose the child to additional shame, and not in a good way, if others notice the marks on the legs.)


I firmly believe that spankings ought to be the child's choice. There are exceptions -- severe misbehavior, defiance, or violent conduct -- may be mandatory spanking consequences. But for routine and minor misbehavior, the child should be given the choice of punishment.

"Do you want a timeout or a spanking? A spanking or no TV for a week?" Make it clear that if the child does not comply with the alternative punishment, a spanking is the result.

For younger kids this is not such a key rule, but definitely as children grow older, allow them to choose spanking if they prefer it. This solves so many of the conflicts regarding spanking. How can a spanking be considered abusive if the child chose it? If you're uncertain if you're too severe in your spankings, your child's choice in this matter can give you peace of mind.

This also handles the situation where some children are just psychologically not fit to be spanked. For some children, spanking is just too traumatic and is inappropriate. But since it's hard to adults to identify these children, having the child choose spanking over grounding or another punishment is a perfect way to weed these hypersensitive children out. It also helps solve the problem of when is a child too old for spankings by letting the child decide for him- or herself. Another benefit is that the child will be more cooperative about the spanking instead of resisting it.

For Older Children

For some reason some pro-spanking people seem to think it makes sense to limit spanking to younger children (i.e. ages 2-6 or under age 10 or 12); that seems utterly backward to me. Very young children don't understand behavior. They aren't completely rational. Having a loving parent cause them physical harm, even in a limited, controlled fashion, doesn't seem healthy. There's a grave conflict of interest there. If Mommy loves me, then why is she hitting me?

Spanking, for very small children, can be physical dangerous. It's incredibly easy for a full grown adult to over-spank and injure a child. Older children -- at least six or seven but possibly the minimum should be age ten -- are physically large enough to endure a mild spanking without injury and are psychologically mature enough to handle the conflict of interest. If a child is mature enough to understand that the spanking is for the behavior and not them, then perhaps a spanking can be appropriate.

Besides, small children don't need to be spanked. Just a verbal reprimand can be quite devastating to a toddler, and other punishments and restrictions can be even more effective for younger children (look at how the threat of Santa Claus not coming changes the behavior of little kids).

There are exceptions, of course. A spanking might be appropriate in extreme situations, such as in a life-threatening situation or violent behavior. If a child runs out in front of car, for instance, a spanking could be fully justified in imparting just how dangerous that was. The same if your child attacks another person; a sharp, immediate spanking says that behavior will not be tolerated.

But in general, I prefer spankings for older children, who choose it.

Only Spankings

There are some who advocate other kinds of corporal punishments for children, such as enemas, corner time, kneeling on rice, holding dictionaries on outstretched arms, physical exercise (push-ups or running laps), embarrassing outfits, difficult chores, and so on. If these are chosen by the child as an alternative to spanking, that can be okay, but in general I don't think these punishments are appropriate. They can lead to physical injury, psychological harm, and bad habits, such as associating physical exercise with punishment and therefore leading an inactive lifestyle. (For instance, sports coaches often assign running laps as a punishment, which is just insane as it turns an activity you want to promote into a negative, hated thing.)

In general, punishments should be divided into two types: corporal punishment consisting of a formal spanking as described in these rules, or the suspension of privileges (no TV, phone, going out, etc.).


As with any discipline method, both parents need to be on the same page. There must be complete agreement between spouses or it will eventually lead to trouble. The child will sense such conflict and the whole process will become fraught with such tension and drama that soon punishment will be avoided and the child will grow up without consistent discipline.


Those are my thoughts. I'm not saying I would actually implement these rules (again, I have no children and it's quite possible if I did I'd change my mind on this subject), but in theory this is a guideline for an approach to the corporal punishment of minors that makes sense and would be effective in the real world.

And now, a story based on these principles.

Kaitlyn's First Spanking

Bob was angry. Furious was an understatement. He took deep breaths and tried to calm himself. At least she's not hurt, he thought. Focus on the positive.

But it was difficult to be very happy when his youngest daughter -- the sweet one -- had defied him so utterly. Sneaking out to a high school party he'd forbidden her from attending was one thing, but discovering that there'd been alcohol there and she'd drank was just too much.

"Honey, you can't take this personally," whispered Hanna from the bed. "She didn't do this to hurt you. She's just a girl trying to figure out how to become a woman. She's in high school now. It's a very confusing time."

Bob stared at his wife. "Are you saying you're okay with this?" he roared.

"Of course not. She disobeyed and she'll have to be punished. There's no question about that. But I can see you're angry and that's not good. You need to be rational when you confront her."

"I know, I know. You're right, as always." Bob sighed and kissed his Hanna on the forehead. Even after twenty-three years, she was still stunning, and as wise as ever. "I'm trying, but it's damn hard in this situation. I just want to blister her bottom until she can't sit for a month!"

Hanna's eyebrows rose. Concerned, she asked, "Are you thinking she's old enough for spanking?"

"I not only think that, I'm half tempted to make this a Mandatory."


"Underage drinking is a life-threatening situation in my book. Children can't handle alcohol. They make poor enough decisions as it is without adding alcohol impairment into the picture. They also think they're immortal and are much more prone to drink and drive. It's incredibly dangerous for her to drink at all and to be around kids that do. That fits our criteria for a Mandatory spanking."

"She's only thirteen."

"She'll be fourteen in December. That's plenty old enough for spanking. We first spanked Jason when he was eleven, remember?"

"But he was big for his age. Kaitlyn's so petite. We waited until Caryn was fifteen."

"That was her choice. We offered her the option at fourteen, if I remember right. Most families spank kids that are much younger. Besides, are you trying to tell me she's old enough to drink but not old enough to suffer a hot bottom?"

"She's not old enough to drink and I'm not arguing with you, dear. I just want to make sure you're making this decision with your head and not your heart."

"Am I too emotional?"

"I'm not sure. I know you're upset, but you're holding it in. I'm worried you're going to explode when you see her."

"Maybe you're right." Bob sighed again. "I certainly won't spank her tonight. In fact, maybe it's best if we just discuss this with her tomorrow so neither of us says something we regret."

"You'll be more clear-headed in the morning."

Outside, there came a crunch of gravel as a car rolled in. "That's Jason," said Bob, his emotions a mixture of relief and anger.

Hanna took her arm in his and together they went downstairs. Unified, they were waiting patiently when the front door swung open. The tall high school senior stepped in first, his face somber as he glanced at his parents. Behind him slunk in the small, dejected figure of thirteen-year-old Kaitlyn.

She was a pretty girl, with long brown hair and an unremarkable but pleasant face. Still in transition, she'd undoubtedly become a beauty like her mom, but for now she had yet to reach her potential. She was very skinny, especially in the hips, but her breasts were growing and she was clearly a girl. Long a tomboy, she had recently discovered dresses and makeup, and now she looked older, though in an awkward, "trying too hard" sort of way. Now she looked even worse, for her makeup was smeared and she'd clearly been crying, and she seemed frail enough to burst into fresh tears at any moment.

Kaitlyn looked up warily at her parents, already wincing as though expecting a tongue lashing. Instead, Bob looked at his youngest and said softly, "Are you okay?"

She nodded. He held out his arms and she ran and fell into him. Her tears flowed. His bear hug took her breath away.

"I was so worried," he said, his voice cracking with emotion.

"I'm sorry, Daddy!" Kaitlyn started to sob.

Hanna joined the other two, and Kaitlyn left her father and clung to her mother. "Are you furious with me?" she finally asked.

"We love you honey and just don't want to see you get hurt," said her mother.

"We're disappointed," added Bob. "But we're just glad you're safe."

"I guess I'm grounded until Christmas, eh?"

Bob exchanged a look with his wife. "We'll talk about that tomorrow after breakfast. For now, you get to bed."

Kaitlyn nodded, breathing with relief. "I really am sorry," she whispered.

"I know. Go to bed. It's late." The teen hurried upstairs to her room, Hanna following.

"Is that all?" Jason said. "Man, if I'd done what she did you'd have me in the den getting a belting that wouldn't stop until Sunday!"

"Don't worry about your sister, Jason. She's going to get what she's got coming. Just not tonight."

The young man's eyebrows rose. "Are you going to spank her?"

"We'll discuss that with her in the morning."

"That's not fair. You never put off any of my spankings!"

"She's never been spanked, Jason. This has to be handled the right way. Now you'd better get to bed yourself. Don't you have to work in the morning?"

"Yeah, I have to be there at seven. But after all this excitement it's going to be hard to go to sleep."

Breakfast was a somber affair at the Kelly household. Bob was lost in thought, Hanna worried about everyone, and Kaitlyn was as nervous as a puppy on its first trip to the vet. Her mother had made pancakes, but the teen didn't have much of an appetite and only picked at her food.

"Did Jason get off okay?" Hanna asked.

"Yeah, I heard him leave at twenty to seven. Hopefully he won't be late."

Silence returned, and after a few more agonized minutes, Kaitlyn burst out, "Dad, can we just get it over with?"

He eyed her steadily. Her features were a mix of bravado and worry. "I'm not sure you want that, dear. You need to finish your breakfast."

"I'm not hungry. Dad, I know you're mad at me. I'd just like to get the lecture over with and know my punishment."

"Fine. If you're finished eating, let's go into the living room."

Kaitlyn glumly followed her father, Hanna stepping behind her daughter. Each person took a different piece of furniture making a triangle between them. Bob was on the sofa, his wife and daughter each in a chair.

"Kaitlyn," Bob began, "you know what you did was very wrong."

"I know, Dad. I--"

"Let me speak."

Kaitlyn closed her mouth. She looked subdued.

"This is difficult for me, honey. You're growing up. I hadn't realized how much. You're my little angel. I've rarely had cause to punish you. But this... you've gone too far this time. You asked me if you could go to that party and I specifically said no. You went anyway. There was alcohol there. You should have left the instant you saw that, but you didn't. You stayed and you even drank. I don't know how much, but that doesn't matter. If it was just a sip it was still dreadfully wrong and you know it."

Kaitlyn had been about to say something, but at those words she closed her mouth again and nodded.

"You and I are going to have some long talks about alcohol. But I'm not going to do that now. I don't think you'll remember and we have more pressing concerns. The first and most important thing is to decide how you're going to be punished. Now normally we'd just tell you what your grounding would be and for how long, but what you've done this time is much too serious. Drinking is something many adults can't handle. Do you know how many people are killed in drunk driving accidents every year?"

"I wasn't driving, Dad," Kaitlyn protested. "I don't even have a license!"

"That's not the point, dear. You may not have been driving, but others at that party might. You can be killed just as easily as a passenger. Just being around alcohol at a teenage party is incredibly dangerous. But enough about such things. As I said, you and I will have several talks about alcohol. You're going to pay very close attention to those talks because you aren't going to get your driver's license until you prove to me that you have a solid understanding of the matter. I don't care if you're the only senior at school without a driver's license -- it won't happen unless I see that you take alcohol seriously. Do you understand?"

Kaitlyn nodded. "Yes. I'll never drink again. I don't even want to, it tasted horrible and I--"

"That's good, dear. But I want more than just promises."

"What do you want?"

"Well, the first thing is what's going to happen today. It's the first step in you proving to me that you understand just how badly you screwed up last night."

"What's going to happen?" A nervous Kaitlyn looked at her mom, hoping for comfort, but saw only grave seriousness there.

"In short, you're going to ask me to spank you."

Kaitlyn gasped.

"Don't look so shocked. You should have known this was a possibility. You're getting older and you know we spank your brother and sister."

"But it's a choice. He chooses it," whispered Kaitlyn.

"Yes. And in most circumstances that's the way it works. But what you've done was so irresponsible it could have endangered lives. That means it's a Mandatory spanking. I'm not really giving you a choice. But I don't want to have to force you. I'd rather you understand what you did and simply agree with me that a spanking is what's required. As I said, show me that you're becoming an adult by choosing this punishment."

Kaitlyn really looked unhappy now. "So I don't have a choice?"

"Please don't make this more difficult, Kaitlyn. Do you really think you deserve a choice?"

The girl studied her toes. "I guess not," she whispered. "Oh God, I've never been spanked. It is awful?"

"It will hurt, honey. It will hurt a lot. You'll cry. Your bottom will be red and sore, probably for a couple of days. But it's temporary pain. It'll be unpleasant and it will help you remember not to behave this way again. Your brother hates spankings, but he still chooses them over extended groundings. He's learned that spankings are painful but quick, and he'd rather have his car and cell phone and other privileges."

Kaitlyn nodded. "He's told me that. I asked him once. A spanking sure seems awful, though. I don't know if I can do it."

"Are you really sorry for what you did, honey?"

"Yes, I am."

"If you're really sorry, I mean truly sorry, then you'll be able to do it. It won't be easy, but if you know in your heart that you deserve it, you'll get through it."

"I guess."

"You know that your mother and I love you very much, don't you?"


"You understand that this isn't to hurt you. We're giving you this pain to help you. We don't want to see you seriously hurt, so a spanking is a smaller pain to prevent much worse pain in the future."

"I get that, but I'm really frightened, Daddy. How... how hard are you going to spank me? Jason gets whipped with a belt. Am I getting that?"

"No, not for your first spanking. That's too severe and you're too young. I think for this one I'll just paddle you."

Kaitlyn's eyes were huge and they pooled with a few nervous tears. She wiped her face with her sleeve angrily, and bit her lower lip.

"Kaitlyn, because of what you did, this spanking isn't all of your punishment. You're still going to be grounded. Since this is a Mandatory, it can't be in place of a grounding. But depending on how grown-up you are during this spanking, we'll see about adjusting your grounding accordingly."

"So if I take it well I get less grounding?"

"Something like that."

"I'll try, Daddy." Kaitlyn licked her lips. "Daddy? How... how will you do it?"

"You mean, like will you go over my knee?"

She looked embarrassed and nodded. "Yeah."

"Would you feel more comfortable doing it that way?"

"You mean I get to choose?"

"Of course. Your brother doesn't like it that way. It feels too childish. He takes his licks standing up, bending over the back of the sofa in the den."

"Does he take his pants down?"

"No, he has special shorts he wears. No underwear underneath."

"Will I--" Kaitlyn broke off, unable to finish the question.

"We'll figure out something for you. Your mother will help. Has to be thin and close to the skin. Like pajama bottoms."

"Can... can I see the paddle?"

"Sure. Lets go to the den."

Kaitlyn had seen the square ottoman many times but had never realized it had a storage compartment. She was shocked as her father opened it to reveal several punishment implements. There was a heavy strip of leather her father said was the "belt" he used on her older brother. There was a huge wooden paddle that looked as big as a board. Bob said he wouldn't use that on her. Instead he showed her two smaller paddles. One was like an oversized ping-pong paddle. It was thicker than the game piece and didn't have the rubber padding on it. The other paddle looked like a giant hairbrush without any bristles. It was rectangular and smooth on both sides with a short handle.

"If I take you over my lap, I'd use this smaller paddle. If you'd rather bend over and take your licks standing, I'd use the round one."

They both looked awful to the girl. "I don't know how to choose," she said.

"If you want, I can give you one lick with each so you know how they feel."

Kaitlyn was astonished and momentarily horrified, but when she thought about it, it really was a good idea. "I guess that makes sense," she said, her voice full of doubt.

"Come on, honey. It's just a couple of spanks. It'll sting, but it won't kill you."

Bob hauled over a knee-high stool. "Bend over and put your hands flat on this. I'll use one paddle on your left cheek and the other on your right. You can then decide which you'd prefer."

It felt surreal to Kaitlyn as she found herself bending forward with her hands on the stool. She was skinny, but her narrow butt was rather chubby. She didn't know if that helped protect her or not, but her face was hot with embarrassment at her parents staring at her ass. Her brown jeans didn't feel like they offered much protection, though they had to be better than thin pajamas.

There was a soft push of air and a loud PAP! sound as the large round paddle bounced off her left cheek. For a split second Kaitlyn thought it hadn't hurt at all and she nearly smiled with relief. But then a faint tingling became a hot burn very rapidly and suddenly she was gasping. It wasn't unbearable, but it definitely stung. She wouldn't want very many smacks like that.

There was movement behind and just as Kaitlyn remembered what was supposed to happen next, something small and heavy and very hard struck her right buttock. It caught her lower half, where the flesh was the plumpest, and it burned straight through. For a moment she nearly bolted, but then the worst of the sting faded, and she was able to endure it. The pain didn't swell over her entire cheek the way the bigger paddle had; this pain was more focused, burning a narrow spot of flesh a few inches in diameter. Even through the jeans it stung so badly Kaitlyn's eyes had watered.

"Ow!" She rose up and put her hands back to rub her burning cheeks.

"See? Not so bad, is it?"

"They both hurt," Kaitlyn murmured. "I don't know which is worse. The big paddle puts pain everywhere but it's not quite as intense as the small one."

"Yes. It will take more smacks with the small one to spank your entire bottom. With the bigger one you get fewer, but they each burn more area."

"How many will I get?"

"I don't know," Bob said honestly. "I don't count or dish out a specific number. I spank until you've been properly punished. But I can tell you from experience that it's fewer with the big paddle. Really, they'll be about the same. The major difference is whether or not you'd prefer to stand or lie across my lap."

Kaitlyn thought about this for a moment. Standing hadn't been uncomfortable, but she had had that impulse to run away. If the pain got a lot worse, she'd have terrible trouble just standing there and taking it. Lying across her father's lap sounded embarrassing and childish, but she'd be held and couldn't get away even if she wanted. That helplessness was appealing. She really did feel bad and wanted to be punished. She just didn't know if she had the willpower to do it herself.

"I think I'll go across your lap, Daddy," she whispered.

"Okay, dear. No go with your mother and get changed. I'll be waiting here when you're ready." Bob gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek and added, "Don't worry, honey. This will be over before you know it and this nasty business will be just a memory."

Kaitlyn hoped that was true, but time was dragging terribly for her. She hurried with her mother up to her room where she changed into an old set of ocean blue pajamas covered with tiny dolphins. They were a little tight on her, especially in the seat, but Hanna said that was the way they should be. Kaitlyn had to strip completely naked, taking off her panties, because her mother insisted that there could be nothing but the thin pajamas next to her skin. It was embarrassing, but at least it was just her mom and she wasn't going to be spanked bare. She'd heard of that happening to some kids and that sounded a hundred times worse.

Then it was time. She looked at her mother, half hoping for some sort of reprieve, but she could see that her mother approved of this discipline. Deep down, Kaitlyn did, too. You deserve this, she told herself. You were a stupid, immature child and you're getting exactly what you need.

Still, it was frightening. Kaitlyn wasn't afraid of her father. There was no question that he loved her and didn't want to hurt her. But she did fear the pain. It was odd knowing that pain was coming and yet couldn't be avoided. Most pain in life came suddenly and without warning. You didn't have time to prepare for it and by the time you knew it was coming, it was already there.

She'd had a terrible crash on her bike once, on a steep hill, when she'd got going too fast and lost control. She'd known a half second before that she was going to crash, but she couldn't do a thing about it, and then she was on her side, hard asphalt ripping her jeans and leg terribly as she slid to a stop. She'd been so shocked she'd hardly felt it, and the worst had been seeing the bloody mess of her leg later.

But this was different. This was pain she was inviting. She was walking toward it, accepting it, asking for it. She wasn't sure exactly how it was going to feel any more than she'd known how injured she'd be in that crash, but she expected it to be horrible. Knowing it was coming made it ten times worse.

Bob was waiting for her on the sofa. The paddle was on the cushion next to him. Kaitlyn's stomach was twirling. She silently prayed that this would be over soon.

"Kaitlyn, do you have something to ask me?"

For a moment the teenager didn't know what he meant. Then she remembered. She tried to talk without her voice trembling and nearly succeeded. "Dad, will you spank me?"

"What for, dear?"

"For... for going out to the party after you said no and for drinking."

"You understand this is going to be a very hard spanking, princess. What you did was very wrong."

"I know." Kaitlyn's throat closed up and she couldn't get words out. But she tried, gurgling a little, and then finally blurted, "Please spank me hard!"

"Very well," Bob said. He patted his trousers and Kaitlyn spread her narrow frame across his legs. There was plenty of room on the sofa so her knees were on the cushions on one side and her elbows on the other. It was very comfortable, though unusual. The worst part, of course, was knowing the purpose of her lying there. Because of that she was extremely conscious of her bottom in those super-tight pajama bottoms. The cheeks seemed to swell and plump up like a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Her face grew warm, but there was a prickling down the center of her back as she cringed in preparation of the first spank.

Her father's left arm went across her back, pinning her in position. "You know I love you, sweet pea," he whispered. "I'm truly sorry I have to do this."

"I know, Daddy. It's okay," Kaitlyn said bravely.

Then the heavy paddle was resting on the crest of one cheek. The pajamas were so threadbare it felt like the wood was touching her bare skin. She tensed. Then the rectangle lifted and for a brief moment everything was still. Suddenly a loud bang exploded and Kaitlyn's ass lit up like a fireworks factory.

"Ohhh!" she cried out. The small paddle walloped her left cheek, then back to her right. Kaitlyn's cries were loud and full of disbelief. She couldn't believe how badly the small paddle hurt. She wondered if she'd made the right choice, but a moment later, as the board slammed down again and she struggled to no avail to escape, she knew that being held was better. It would have been awful to sob like a baby and run away so shamefully. And then have to come back and get in position again! At least this way she could preserve some of her dignity.

After the first dozen or so delivered slowly, the blows spread all over her butt, Kaitlyn's father began to spank her steadily with the small paddle. He brought the wood down hard, not using all of his strength, but enough so that she got a smart pop that left her buttocks sizzling. The spanks rained down urgently, the wood bouncing from cheek to cheek. Kaitlyn's cries for mercy were ignored, and his iron grip held her squirming body still enough that that the paddle never missed her bottom.

Later, Kaitlyn had absolutely no idea how long the spanking took. It seemed like hours. She had nothing to judge by, having never suffered such a fate before, but it seemed to her it lasted far too long. It came in waves. The smacks were steady, but they changed pace and force. Most of the time her father paddled her with solid blows. Occasionally he gave her extra-hard smacks, as though to remind her it could be much, much worse. Usually he was steady, like a metronome, but sometimes he went faster, the paddle a blur as it rose and fell.

Kaitlyn kicked her legs and squirmed. She shrieked and wept. The sizzling of her buttocks astonished her, yet there wasn't a thing she could do to mitigate the pain. She couldn't really get her hands back as they were wedged in front of her. When she finally threw back her right arm, her father held it in the small of her back with his left hand, controlling her utterly. That was good, because she let go and went wild, kicking and screaming. She was ashamed of herself and horrified she did it, but she couldn't help herself. The pain was just too great. Her tears soaked the couch cushions and Kaitlyn thought that she was surely going to die.

Then, just like that, it was over. For a moment she lay sobbing and didn't realize it was done. Then she wept in relief. The awful pain receded, leaving behind frantic heat and a dull soreness.

Slowly Kaitlyn clambered off her father's lap. His arms were there, the paddle discarded. Kaitlyn gratefully sank into his embrace. She heard his "I love you" in her ear and that made her cry again.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy," she sobbed. "I swear I'll never drink again, not ever!"

"Hush, baby, it's all over. You've been punished and you did very well."

"I tried to take it. It hurt so bad I couldn't help but try and get away. That's why I chose your lap. I wanted you to hold me. I couldn't just stand there and take that."

"You were very good. I'm proud of you. You did a bad thing, but you've been punished. It's all over now."

When Kaitlyn pulled away from her father, her mother was waiting and she got a big hug and more whispered apologies.

Finally Bob stood up. He said, "Kaitlyn, you should go to your room for a little while. You can clean up and change clothes and think about why you were punished. Then come back down and we'll talk about the rest of your day and your grounding."

Kaitlyn nodded, her face a mixture of relief and gratitude and worry about the future. She hurried off. It was half an hour before she returned, blushing a little, and with her hair in a pony tail and her face scrubbed bright and shiny. She seemed the picture of health and hardly the worse for wear after her ordeal.

"Mom, Dad," she said. "I just want you to know that I'm glad you spanked me. It hurt, but I deserved it. I feel much better now and I hope you'll forgive me."

"Of course we forgive you!" cried Hanna. "You're our daughter and we love you more than life itself."

Bob smiled at his daughter. "Come here and sit next to me," he said. "Your mother and I have discussed your grounding and here's what we've decided. Two weeks -- zero privileges. That means no TV, no phone, no computer except for school, no friends over, and no going out except for school and church. And you'll have plenty of extra chores around the house to keep you out of trouble."

Kaitlyn winced but nodded. "Okay."

"For two months after that, you'll be on probation. It's a limited grounding. No going anywhere on the weekends. You can do things during the week, but you have to be home by eight o'clock. If you're good, we may revise the terms slightly, but if you do anything bad during the two months, your curfew will be five o'clock.

"Finally, you're going to write an essay. You'll have the two weeks of your main grounding to write it. The topic will be, 'Why Underage Drinking Is a Bad Idea.' You'll research statistics about the dangers of drinking and teenage partying and include them in your paper. And you'll include plenty of personal testimony. The paper better be A-quality work, too, or you'll rewrite it until it is, and your grounding will continue until it's perfect. Understand?"

"Yes sir," Kaitlyn said. She was trying to remember everything, but it hadn't sounded as terrible as she feared. The two weeks was bad, but she'd thought it might be a month, and the probation didn't sound like it would be too awful unless she got in trouble and she vowed that she wouldn't.

"Daddy? If... if I get in trouble during my probation, can I take a spanking instead of more grounding?"

"Would you prefer that, dear?"

"I don't know. Maybe. I'd like to have the option."

"Within reason, I think we can work with that," Bob said, glancing at Hanna who shrugged and nodded. "Are you planning on getting in trouble?"

"Oh no! Definitely not. But... I don't know. Things happen. I mess up sometimes."

"As long as you don't make a habit of it, honey."

"I won't. That... that spanking really hurt. I cried my eyes out. But I feel so much better now I can't believe it. I don't want another one, not ever, but if I had to choose... spanking might be better than grounding. At least it's over quickly, and I feel so thoroughly punished, it's a relief. I can see now why Jason chooses it."

Bob nodded. "Just remember, honey, spankings can get worse as you get older. I won't always go so easy on you."

Kaitlyn's eyes widened. "That was easy?"

"Not too easy, but easier than I am on your big brother and sister. But then they're older than you."

The teenage girl nodded. "Well, even if it was worse, I still think I might choose the spanking. But like I said, I don't plan on ever getting another one!"

"Good plan," said Bob. He looked at Hanna who grinned like she was laughing.

"I hope your plan works," she said to her daughter. "Now come help me in the kitchen. You're going to start by polishing all of the silver, and after lunch, you'll do laundry."

"Oh great," muttered Kaitlyn bitterly. Under her breath she added, "Maybe I should take another spanking instead of all those chores!"

"Hmmm. I guess I didn't spank you hard enough, if you're so eager to barter for another one," Bob said.

"Oh no! I was just kidding," said Kaitlyn urgently, her hands shooting to cover her little rear end. "Chores are just fine!"

The End

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