Time Saver

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Time Saver

(*****, Ffff/fff, Severe, non- and semi-consensual spanking, paddling, strapping, switching)

Three sisters spank each other to save their busy mom time. (Approximately 5,192 words. Originally published 2017-12.)

People liked to call us triplets, but only Shayla and I were born on the same day. Dana was born a year earlier. Raising three girls so close in age was a challenge for Mom, as you can imagine, but she made it work. Her secret was strict discipline.

She never let us get away with anything. She was a firm believer in old-fashioned spanking. (Even back then it was called old-fashioned; I suppose today it would be considered barbaric.)

When we were younger her hand was sufficient, particularly when applied to a bare rump a multitude of times. Then we graduated to Mom's wooden hairbrush, and in our teens, a heavy razor strop, long pine paddle, or wickedly thin switch.

I might be biased, but my twin and I got the raw end of the deal. Though we were younger than Dana, it was too much trouble for Mom to use different implements for different girls, so once Dana switched to a new punishment tool, we all did. That meant Shayla and I got everything a year earlier than Dana had. Unfair!

I don't remember much about my younger spankings, but I could write a whole book about all the times we got whooped in junior high and high school. Did I mention that Mom never let us get away with anything?

We certainly deserved punishment. The three of us were quite the team of schemers. If there was trouble, we were at the heart of it. Sure, we knew Mom would paddle us if we were caught, but we were used to her spankings and so arrogant we always thought we'd get away with stuff.

It seemed like every week at least one of us got it, and often it was two or three of us as a group. This started to be a problem when Shayla and I were in the ninth grade. Mom was working double shifts at the hospital (she's a nurse) frequently to make ends meet, as Dad had lost his job and wasn't paying child support. (They'd split when I was seven.)

Mom just didn't have time to spank us the way she wanted. Traditionally, she always started us out with a long bottom-warming with her hand. She did this even though we were quite grown up (so we thought). I think she valued the humiliation aspect of being draped across her lap with our bare bottoms on show while she spanked us like little girls.

After the warmup came the "real" spanking, which was much shorter and simpler, consisting of a dozen or so lashes with a strop or switch or big paddle.

When there was just one of us to spank it wasn't too bad: the whole thing might take fifteen minutes. But we were close sisters and conspired together so often that it was frequently Shayla and I being spanked together, and it wasn't uncommon for Dana to join us. That upped the punishment time to as much as an hour, and Mom didn't have an hour to spare.

I remember one spanking where Mom was frustrated because she was going to be late to work. She was working on Shayla after having hand-spanked Dana, and I kept hoping she'd run out of time for my turn. Fat chance of that!

She was just late, I guess. She certainly didn't seem to cut my warmup short by even one spank, slapping my bare ass for a solid fifteen minutes. Then we all got strapped and while Mom rushed, she didn't let up on any of us. We all got the same excellent dozen strokes.

It was a couple of spankings later when everything changed. Shayla and I were in trouble for saying we were at the library studying when we were at boy's house while his folks weren't home. Mom had called the library and figured out our scam and we both knew we were in for a royal roasting. We were both naked in our room, the hairbrush ready and waiting on the bed, along with the big paddle. Shayla had just gone over Mom's lap and the first spank was about to rain down.

That's when the phone rang and we thought we'd gotten a reprieve, because Mom had an emergency call-up at the hospital. She had to run right then. Shayla and I were so relieved!

But just before Mom left, she startled both of us. Even Dana, who was nearby, was stunned.

"Why don't you just spank each other," she said. "Handle the warmup. Make it a good one. I'll examine you both when I get back and if your bottoms aren't smoking hot and bright red, I'll do it myself and it'll be a double dose! I'll double the paddling, too!"

Then Mom was gone and we were looking at each other in bafflement. We weren't sure we'd heard right, or if she was serious. But the longer we delayed action, the more worried we became. What if she had been serious? Did we really want a double spanking and paddling? We were in enough trouble as it was.

Shayla and I looked at each other and finally shrugged. "Let's get it over with," I said, and I went to my sister's side. We were both still naked, so there was no need for a complicated disrobing. I just laid across Shayla's lap and she began to slap my ass.

It wasn't anything like a spanking from Mom. Mom's spanks were vigorous. She had a heavy hand. Shayla and I were close and I knew she didn't want to hurt me, so her petite hand was light. Even after several minutes I wasn't wiggling like I did from Mom.

"You can spank harder," I told Shayla.

"Really? You don't mind?"

"I'd rather get a harder spanking from you than a double one from Mom."

That was a good point, so Shayla stepped up her game. Her spanks started to sting. But it was strange: when Mom spanked me, it was devastating. I was angry, hurt, and ashamed. With my sister it was completely different. It didn't hurt that much less, but it was... friendlier. Maybe it was the lack of guilt I felt.

Whatever the cause, I didn't mind the spanking. In fact, it was sort of fun! I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I wasn't embarrassed -- it was my twin, my other half -- spanking me, and it was an intimate experience. There was pain, but without the condemnation it didn't hurt nearly as much as usual. The sting was even pleasant at times, making me grin even through my winces. My bottom grew warm and toasty and it was a good feeling.

I stretched out across my sister's legs and relaxed. These spankings take quite a while and Shayla and I both wanted to make sure my butt was good and red so Mom wouldn't think she'd gone easy on me. Shayla must have spanked me for twenty minutes! She probably overdid it, but that was the safer option.

When it was over, it was my turn, so I sat on the bed, my bottom hot and tender under me, which felt oddly comforting, and drew Shayla across my lap.

"Kayla, you spank me just as hard as I spanked you," she told me firmly. "Don't let me off."

"I won't," I said, admiring my sister's broad smooth cheeks and thinking I must have looked just like that twenty minutes earlier. My hand was small against her big bottom, so I understood then why the spanking had taken longer than Mom's. It took more slaps to cover the same area.

I started in, slapping hard from the start. I'll admit I started getting warm between my legs right away, because it was such naughty fun! Though Mom had condoned this, in fact ordered this, it still felt exotic and forbidden.

I loved watching my sister's butt-cheeks bounce and wobble and turn pink under my ruthless slaps. They were so round, beautifully chubby, and yet firm and shapely. It was thrilling. I liked the warm silky feel of her skin, the way she grunted and rocked against me, the way her legs spread to show me her pink slit. Was it damp? It sure glistened like it was wet!

I even spotted the naughtier exit hole above, winking casually at me. It fascinated me, since it wasn't a part of my anatomy I had any way of seeing. I marveled at how it looked. I couldn't believe Mom had been seeing that when she spanked me!

The spanking took a long time -- twenty minutes, by no coincidence -- and by the end my hand was aching. I could see why Mom was using the hairbrush more and more with us.

"Maybe... maybe we should use the brush a bit," I told Shayla.

"Sure, good idea."

The wooden brush made a much louder sound when it connected with naked flesh, and I felt Shayla come alive under me. Clearly it stung sharply, making her wild. Her feet kicked and she writhed. Her butt had a bright red spot where the brush had landed.

"Ooh, ouch!" she cried.

"Sorry, sis, but I've got to do this."

"Oh, I know. It's okay. I don't mind. It sure does sting, though. Do the other cheek, please. It feels weird with just one side burning!"

I obliged, and watched her wiggle. It was great fun, though I reflected that soon enough it would be my turn to feel the burn of the hairbrush, which gave me caution. But after a gradual first minute where I spanked her slowly, I was soon paddling away as hard and fast as Mom ever did. Shayla's butt was just so cute I couldn't resist. I also felt a strange obsession to get the whole thing a deep, dark red without any unsightly crimson blotches, so I worked the brush all over as though painting a wall, until every inch was the same uniform color.

Shayla dug her claws into the bedspread and wiggled her feet frantically, her bottom quivering as she started to sob and wail. She couldn't help it. I knew just how she felt. But there was a different timbre to the cries than when Mom spanked us, and my sister wasn't exactly crawling off my lap and running for the hills. She was enduring it, and I felt -- no, I knew she was doing it for me. It was a sacrifice she was making so that we wouldn't get it worse from Mom when she got back. Shayla didn't say this, but I understood it her instinctive reasoning through some sort of twin-sense, I suppose. I would have been thinking the same thing myself.

After about five minutes I stopped the hairbrushing and it was my turn. My bottom had cooled a little, but that brush sure reignited the fires there! Wow, did that thing sting! In comparison the hand-spanking was pure joy. I suppose, since that had been relatively easy to bear, I'd been thinking that the hairbrush wouldn't be too bad coming from my sister, but a heavy brush like that doesn't care who is wielding it -- it just burns hot no matter who is slamming it down on your ass.

I got it every bit as good (or bad) as I'd given it to Shayla. Again, I think we went overboard compared to what Mom usually did, but it was better to be safe than sorry. I wept and wailed just like my sister, but also like her, I endured it for both our sakes.

When it was finally over we stood in front of the double mirror and compared our identical butts. I was pleased and relieved that they were still identical, both burnished to a remarkably similar shade of toasty burgundy.

"Mom will be proud," Shayla said, and I nodded. Dana, who'd stood nearby and watched everything, came and inspected our bottoms and agreed. She teased us a little by trying to come up with tiny spots that "needed more spanking," but we didn't believe her.

Mom's emergency at the hospital was just to finish the shift of a colleague who'd been called away, so Mom was back within the hour. My sister and I were still naked and waiting. Mom was shocked when she saw us. I think either she'd forgotten what she'd said or maybe she hadn't been serious. But she covered it up well, quickly agreeing that we were both appropriately warmed up.

We bent over side by side and she went from one to the other with the big paddle, really busting our butts with that board. We each got fifteen, a tough dose, especially after the spankings we'd given each other, but we didn't dare argue.

The strange thing was that even the paddling from Mom didn't bother me as much as it usually did. I suppose normally it came right after her vigorous spanking which had reduced me to a puddle of tears and fury, and the "big swats" (as I liked to call whatever the finale was) were just frosting on the cake that I truly resented. This time this was all Mom did and though it was terribly painful, I was able to bear it surprisingly well. I cried, of course, but through the first five or so I was almost enjoying it.

I realize that sounds bizarre, and I don't really get it myself. Maybe I was still aroused by the spanking from my sister -- or me spanking her -- but whatever the reason, I found the way the big board lit up my ass to be tremendously exciting. In the past I'd hated every second of that burning, but this time I found it fascinating.

After about six licks the pain was so great it was more like agony and it lost most of its appeal. I had to really work to get through the last four or five whacks. The moment it was done, though, the good feelings started to return. My ass was on fire, tingling all over and extremely hot to the touch, and that felt great. Shayla and I went straight to bed, and we didn't need to talk to know what the other was doing under the covers.

At the time, it never occurred me to that this method of spanking would happen again. It was all so impromptu, spurred by Mom's emergency call-in to work, that I just assumed it was a one-time thing.

But about a week later, Shayla and I got in trouble again. Something relatively minor, I don't remember exactly what, perhaps not doing our chores, and Mom decided we both needed a spanking.

She was relaxing with a glass of wine after dinner and watching TV and looked at us sternly. "Go ahead and warm yourselves up. I'll be up in half an hour for your strapping."

Shayla and I looked at each other in surprise. We weren't sure what to make of this, but the truth was that we'd both enjoyed spanking each other and it was certainly far better than Mom doing it, so we didn't argue. We just nodded and went up to our room to strip and spank each other.

The spankings were similar to before, but we just used our hands. This wasn't an offense that warranted a hairbrush, we felt, and the spanking was pure pleasure. We got our bottoms nice and pink and glowing hot, so when Mom came up 30 minutes later, she was pleased.

We were lying facedown on my bed, stark naked. The leather strap was lying out and waiting, so Mom simply took it up and started lashing. She must have given us twenty strokes -- a bit harsh considering the circumstances, and I thought that since she'd hadn't gotten to spank us, she was giving some extras with the leather -- but I didn't mind. Like before, the warmup had aroused me and the strapping was enjoyable. Not quite as much fun as the hand-spanking, but I actually relished the sharper bite of the leather strap.

When it was over, Mom went back downstairs and Shayla and I comforted each other on my bed.

After that, us doing the warmup was the new norm. It didn't happen when only one of us got in trouble -- Dana got it just a day or two later for something she'd done at school, and Mom spanked and paddled her. But whenever two or more of us were due, Mom let us do the warmup.

This worked even when all three of us were in trouble. The first time that happened was fascinating, because we got to bring Dana into our little club. Though Dana is very different from Shayla and I (and even as twins we aren't identical in personalities), it was soon evident that she got the same kind of pleasure we did from spanking. We took turns spanking her, with both hand and hairbrush, and she did the same to both of us. I really liked her broader, slightly more mature bottom, which was chubbier and bounced delightfully. I could hardly wait until mine swelled up like that as I envied my older sister's grownup body.

The warmup was actually extra-severe, because Shayla and I couldn't resist spanking each other, too, so each of us really got two spankings, one from each sister.

This was on a Saturday afternoon and Mom was running some errands while we did the warmup. When she came back, she made all three of us run out back naked to cut switches. We weren't too embarrassed, for our back yard is pretty private, and we were all together. But it was still weird walking around outside with nothing on!

The switchings were amazing. I'd always hated the switch, but now my attitude was different. I so enjoyed the warmup spankings that I relished the smart of the thin twigs on my ass. Mom really went to town, wearing out two branches on each of our bottoms, which was dozens of whippy lashes with each stick, but I thrived under the whipping even as salty tears trickled down my face.

Later, lying in bed feeling the thin welts raised on my bare bottom, I relived the entire afternoon: the spankings from Dana and Shayla, my thrilling spankings of their bottoms, the long hard lashings from Mom, and watching my sisters get switched. I must have come a dozen times.

All through high school this became the new tradition. It was soon so routine for us to warm each other up that we did it without Mom even telling us. Like once we got our report cards and Shayla and I knew we were in for it. (Mom spanked for anything below a B.) Dana's report was marginal, but she said what the hey and joined us.

We spanked the hell out of each other all afternoon until Mom got home from work (she was on the day shift then), and she was impressed. She used the big paddle on our butts, delivering a certain number of swats for each poor grade. I couldn't even do the math, but Shayla and I must have gotten two dozen each and I think Dana got ten. It was the first time I remember not dreading report card day!

Eventually, we started spanking each other for -- well, not exactly for fun, as there was usually some excuse -- but without telling Mom. The first time this happened Shayla and I were home alone one Saturday afternoon. Mom was at work and Dana was spending the weekend at a friend's. It was raining and there was nothing interesting on TV. We were bored.

I was watching Shayla look through a fashion magazine. She'd already gone through it twice, so she was just idly flipping the pages. She was lying on her belly on the floor in sweet jeans that really showed off her ass. I was staring at it thinking how much fun it'd be to spank her, and also that it had been more than a month since we'd gotten in trouble with Mom. We were growing up and getting spanked less often. I sort of missed it.

Suddenly I told Shayla, "When Mom finds out you didn't put the dishes away, she's going to spank you."

She glanced at me, puzzled, as this came out of nowhere. "I've got plenty of time. Mom won't be home until eight."

"You know you should have done it right after lunch. Besides, you'll put it off and probably won't do it."

Shayla shrugged. "Then I guess I'll get spanked."

"I'd better warm you up, then," I said coolly.

This made no sense at all, of course, since there was no guarantee that Shayla would deserve a spanking, and Mom wasn't going to be home for hours, but my twin simply nodded.

"I'll do you, after," she said.

"What did I do?"

"I'm sure you'll do something before Mom gets home," she said. "Better to be safe than sorry."

"Maybe we won't even have to tell Mom," I said. "If we punish each other hard enough, she doesn't need to know."

We both liked that idea, and we spent the next couple of hours taking turns spanking each other. We used bare hands, a plastic spatula, a hairbrush, and even Mom's big paddle. It hurt tons, but that just made it daring and risky. We certainly weren't bored any more!

After that, we often spanked each other when Mom and Dana weren't around. We never discussed why we liked it or questioned each other about it; it was just something we understood.

A few times we were almost caught. Once Dana came home unexpectedly and Shayla and I had to streak naked to our room to hide. Thank God that she always took the shortcut through the gravel near the front door instead of staying on the path. We heard the crunch of rocks and realized someone was there and then heard the jingle of her keys. We thought it was Mom at first. In our rush to escape we'd left the big paddle out in the living room, but fortunately Dana didn't notice. After that we were more careful.

I'm not sure why we were so worried about Dana finding out. It was clear from the times she'd been spanked by us that she found it just as stimulating as we did, but I guess us twins wanted to keep it as something special just between us.

One of our favorite things was comparing our bodies after just one of us had gotten spanked. We'd stand side by side in front of a double mirror and compare one red, sore bottom with one white, unblemished one. It was so fascinating, a living before and after picture. If I was the one spanked I loved it, feeling how hot and red by butt was, but if Shayla had the red bottom, I was fascinated and excited that my smooth cheeks were going to look like hers in twenty minutes or so.

I don't remember exactly when we took over our spankings completely. It just sort of happened. Our warmups were getting harder as we got older, so that we did as much with the hairbrush as with the hand. Then we'd add in some of the big paddle or strap just for fun. At some point Mom just said, "You've been spanked enough" and didn't spank us more. I think she was relieved to not have to bother. I was sort of disappointed, and Shayla and I used to spank each other extra-hard when it was a punishment spanking just to make up for Mom's lack of discipline.

Similarly, we also started spanking each other when it was just one of us. I was the first recipient of this treatment. It was a rare time I'd gotten in trouble without my twin. I'd been goofing off in the locker room, snapping a wet towel at girls, when the gym teacher caught me and sent me to the principal. He just lectured me and sent me home with a note for Mom to sign. I knew that meant a roasted bottom.

But Mom was working late that night. She'd left us a casserole to put in the oven. I was anticipating my spanking and I was a little apprehensive since it seemed like years since I'd gotten it from Mom. I finally suggested Shayla give me a warmup. Dana was there and wanted in on the action and since this was a punishment, I agreed.

They both gave me quite a going over. The hand portion was so vigorous it hurt, but it was only a few minutes from each. Then they started with the hairbrush and really gave it to me. They took turns, so it was like five minutes from Shayla and then five from Dana. And then that was repeated twice more!

We did this while the casserole cooked and then we ate dinner. After we'd cleaned up, Dana looked at my butt and was worried it wasn't red enough. Shayla agreed and I was outvoted. They both gave me another round of the nasty hairbrush, and then Dana wanted to use the big paddle. (It and the strap were set out for Mom to use when she got home.)

I was thinking this would just be a couple of whacks and though I knew Mom wouldn't count those, I agreed since I knew I deserved a hard spanking. But Dana really worked my butt. By this time she was 18, fully grown, and she hit harder than Mom! She didn't stop at just a few licks, but gave me ten sizzling whacks.

Then Shayla wanted her turn and I couldn't very well refuse that. So I got ten from her, too. I remember being very worried what Mom was going to do when she got home. That wasn't for another hour, though, and about every ten or fifteen minutes my sisters insisted on warming my butts with a few more swats. I must have gotten 20 from each by the time Mom arrived.

I was naked in the living room, my butt almost purple, and the note from the principal was on the paddle which was on the coffee table. My sisters explained they'd already warmed me up and I half-hoped Mom would be mad and spank them. But Mom just looked at my ass and said, "Good job, girls."

She went over to me and felt my burning butt. "I hope you learned your lesson, Kayla."

"Yes, ma'am," I said.

"Give her another ten and send her to bed," Mom said to Dana. "I'm exhausted and I've got to take a shower."

Then she left. Dana shrugged and picked up the board and I groaned. I was sore, but I had been expecting more, so it wasn't too shocking. Dana didn't make them easy, though they weren't quite as hard as before. Solid stingers.

When she finished, I was panting heavily and my butt was steaming. Then Shayla took up the board and motioned for me to bend back over. I was too weak to argue that Mom had only said Dana was to spank me. Besides, I knew if the situation was reversed, I'd have been itching to spank Shayla.

So I bent over and got ten more swats. At least by that age my butt was broad and sturdy, almost as big as Mom's, and I could take it.

After that, we just took over Mom's disciplinary duties. It seemed natural and Mom didn't appear to mind. We would just show her the reddened blistered bottom of whoever was supposed to have been spanked and she'd approve of the correction. Sometimes she suggested a few extra licks, but usually we did such a great job that wasn't necessary.

It was tough when only one girl was to be spanked as she really got double as we didn't think it fair to only give spanking privileges to one of the other sisters. When two of us were due (usually me and Shayla), Dana really got a workout. But the most unusual was when all three of us got busted for something.

That only happened a few times, but it was wonderfully crazy. We basically took turns spanking each other until we were all sore and blistered. I loved it as I didn't have to feel guilty about spanking one of my sisters too hard since they got to spank me, too.

I'm sure we went overboard and punished ourselves way harder than Mom ever would have. There was one time when we used the big paddle and strap and then Dana insisted on a little switching to finish things off.

We did deserve it, since we'd all gone to a party where alcohol was being served and we knew Mom would be livid when she found out. We must have spanked, paddled, and whipped each other for more than two hours that night. It was definitely too severe, but at the time it felt right.

Mom was shocked when she saw our welted bottoms. She was angry at our underage drinking, but felt we'd been punished sufficiently.

Not long after that Dana was off at a college and it was mainly just Shayla and I spanking each other. A few times a year Dana would return home and on at least two occasions, we told her she deserved a spanking and we each gave her a really good one. She didn't seem to mind and went along with it.

By then Shayla and I were mostly spanking each other for fun. Our serious punishment spankings were just a few times a year. There was one time when I was spanking Shayla, with my turn coming next, when Mom came home unexpectedly. She caught us naked in the living room. I was using the big paddle on Shayla's gorgeous 18-year-old ass and I supposed that's why I didn't hear Mom come in.

"What's going on?"

Fortunately Shayla was quick-witted enough to claim that she was being spanked for cause.

"What did you do?"

"I was smoking," admitted Shayla, which couldn't be further from the truth since she and I both hate cigarettes. But Mom bought it and nodded at me to carry on. I had to finish with Mom watching. Since I was naked, this was disconcerting, and I felt like I was being graded.

But when I finished and Shayla's rump was a lovely rose purple, Mom wondered why I was undressed. So I had to admit I'd been smoking, too. Then I had to get a spanking from Shayla while Mom watched. That wasn't as much fun as usual since I couldn't touch myself while she was there, and it was real butt-roasting spanking and paddling.

But at least Mom didn't learn that we were just spanking each other for fun!

The End

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