Accidents Happen

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Accidents Happen

(***, F/ff, Intense, nc schoolgirl spanking and paddling)

Fighting leads to hot bottoms. (Approximately 1,427 words. Originally published 2003-12.)

It was an accident, right? I can't believe Mom spanked us.

We were just teasing each other. I said something about the boy Lucy has a crush on, and she slapped my arm. When she told mother about Robbie, I smacked her back.

Unfortunately, I caught her eye instead of the side of her head, and even after a half hour with an ice pack, Lucy had a decent shiner.

The worst part was Mom was right there the whole time when it happened. I quickly pointed out it was an accident, and that Lucy had hit me first, but I could tell Mom was irritated.

I thought that was it, but once Lucy had been treated and we saw the damage wasn't more serious, Mom showed up at our door.

"I know you didn't mean to hit your sister," she told me, "but I can't ignore violence like that. Fetch the paddle."

"But Mom!" I whined. The look on her face made me stand up and hurry away, though I dreaded every step. "It's not fair. It was just an accident. And she hit me first."

Downstairs I grabbed the paddle off the hook in the kitchen and hurried back. Mom usually hit harder when she was grumpy and nothing made her grumpier than dilly-dallying.

To my astonishment, as I reached the top of the stairs, I heard the unmistakable sounds of palm on flesh. It was coming from our room: Lucy was being spanked!

Sure enough, when I entered I saw little Lucy was lying across Mom's lap, her bottom bare and already a bright pink. Mom was really laying into her, too. Lucy was squirming and whining and begging for it to be over.

"Please, I'm sorry! I'll never hit Mary again, I swear."

For a few seconds, I enjoyed seeing my little sister getting what she deserved, and then my bottom twitched and I remembered that in a moment it would be my turn, and undoubtedly I'd be getting it far worse than Lucy.

Mom likes to lecture while she spanks. Worse, she expects you to listen. If she thinks you're not hearing her, she'll make you repeat what she said back to her, and woe to your bottom if you don't know.

"The two of you have been fighting all the time lately," she scolded, delivering a half dozen spanks per phrase. "It's about time I warmed some bottoms. This is just what you two need. You don't have to agree with each other all the time, but you should respect each other and be polite. And NO HITTING!"

Ironically, Mom hit the hardest while she said that last part, but I didn't have much time to enjoy the humor, since she stopped after that, and I knew it was my turn.

Lucy fell off Mom's lap, clutching her scorched rear and moaning. Tears were pouring down her face but that meant nothing. Lucy cries when she sees a lost cat in a tree.

"Go stand in the corner, Luce, and take those hands off that bottom." Groaning miserably, Lucy obeyed. Her petite tush was vivid red, reminding me of some sort of ripe fruit. Strawberry, perhaps, or two cherries right next to each other.

Mom looked at me and I knew I couldn't get out of it, but I'm seventeen and I just hate being spanked like a little girl. I tried one more time to get out of it.

"Mom, please, it was an accident."

"Get your bottom over my lap this instant, young lady, or I'll be giving you something a lot worse than a little paddling!"

The sharp tone got me moving. I undid my jeans and they slid to my ankles. I laid down across Mom's legs feeling ridiculous, not to mention fearful. Mom makes even her handspankings memorable.

Then the part I dreaded the most happened. Her fingers grabbed the back of my panties and pulled them down. I lifted up a bit to make them slide off easier (no sense getting her irritated), but the baring of my bottom was a feeling unlike any other. It was charged with power, almost like when you let a boy take off your bra, except in this case I was afraid of what was going to happen next. (Actually, I'm usually a little afraid of what a boy's going to do when he gets my bra off, too, but then I'm also excited.)

The first few slaps are the worst. The skin is cool and unblemished and the spanks really sting. After a few minutes you're almost used to the pain, but those first few are just raw and bitter and agonizing.

This time, Mom really laid it on. If I thought this was just going to be a routine spanking, or a little reminder, she quickly proved me wrong. It hurt. She spanked _hard_. I gasped and tears blurred my vision and I had to concentrate not to do the unforgivable and reach my hand back (a guaranteed way to escalate this into a strapping). The burning was fierce and the growing heat terrible.

Mom was spanking so fast it seemed like my ass could hardly keep up. I could feel the cheek wobble as she smacked it, compressing it, and as it rebounded, smacking the other one. Usually the one cheek had a brief respite before it was assaulted again, but this time Mom was spanking so hard and fast and it seemed like the cheek was just rebounding when it was flattened again.

I'm a veteran of spankings, so usually I'm calm. I bite my lip and remain stoic throughout the punishment, but Mom must have caught me off guard this time, because I howled. I literally threw my head back and howled. Tears gushed and I really cried. It wasn't that the pain was that bad (I'd felt worse), but it was just the entire assault. It felt unfair (it was an accident, after all), yet I still felt guilty (I hadn't meant to hurt Lucy, I really hadn't) and I knew I deserved it. Mom's frantic spanking just broke something I just wept.

Finally, it was over. My ass was aching something awful, but I didn't dare touch it. Sure enough, as I was helped to my feet Mom warned me about that.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her hefting the big wooden paddle. I almost swore. I'd forgotten there was more to come. Now I really felt like crying.

But Mom surprised me again. "Lucy, come here."

Lucy looked terrified, puzzled, and angry. I bop her in the eye and _she_ gets paddled? What's up with that?

But just as Lucy's spanking was mild compared to mine, her paddling was little more than symbolic. Mom gave her just three swats, enough to reheat the fires down there, and perhaps bruise the cheeks a bit so she'd remember this tomorrow.

When it was my turn, I laid across the foot of the bed and prayed it wouldn't be too many. The paddle slammed across my bare ass incredibly hard, making me cry out despite my resolve to take it like a big girl. Again and again it walloped me. After the fifth one I was kinda numb back there, but Mom wasn't near done. At eight I started crying again, and by ten I was sobbing without control. It was all I could to not grab my ass and run away.

She gave me twelve swats. Not the worst I've had, but certainly memorable. I guess that's one of the prices I pay for getting older: at seventeen I get a lot more swats than I did at fifteen.

Afterward, Lucy and I stood in the bathroom, our pants down, looking over our shoulders at our red and blistered bottoms in the mirror. At least mine was blistered: Lucy's was just red.

"Sorry, Luce," I said. "Both about the black eye and the spanking."

"It's okay," she sighed. "I suppose Mom is right and we deserved it. We have been arguing a lot lately."

"Yeah, but still I'm surprised she spanked you. I was the one who did all the damage."

"But I hit you first: you wouldn't have hit me if I hadn't started it."

"I guess."

"There is one good thing about this," Lucy said brightly.

"What's that?" Lucy is infamous for looking at the bright side of things.

"With my butt throbbing so much my eye doesn't hurt at all!"

The End