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The Advertisement
Part One

(****, F/F, Severe, mast, punishment)

A young lady wins a two-week discipline session in London. One of the Flogmaster's first stories! (Approximately 9,876 words. Originally published 1995-08.)

Rebecca crumbled the tabloid hurriedly and glanced around the subway, her face flushed, wondering if anyone had noticed her looking at *that* section. No one was looking at her but she decided to wait until she got home to read the rest of the ad.

Her heart pounded just thinking of it. She'd only caught a glimpse of it but it had filled her body with a tingling she hadn't felt in ages. The headline still reverberated in her brain: "Amateur Girls Wanted for Discipline Documentary."

Rebecca had almost choked when she saw it. Could she have imagined it? She had reread the headline twice and each time it had implied the same thing. Scarcely daring to breathe she'd read the subhead: "American Young Ladies Required for Two-week London Discipline Workshop for BBC Documentary."

Before she could read much farther she became acutely conscious of being on a crowded subway filled with tired commuters on their way home after a long day's work. No one had noticed her yet, but if she kept reading she knew it would be impossible for them not to. The ad was very long and just glimpsing at it Rebecca saw words like "caning" that sent chills down her spine and tingles of moisture between her legs.

Her face flushed as she looked around the subway. Could anyone tell? Could anyone see her secret? Was it obvious from her face that she found punishment attractive? She saw a nice-looking young man sitting across from her and wondered--just for a second--what it would be like to be stretched across his lap as his hand fondled her bottom and then spanked her soundly. Her sex stirred and unbidden an even naughtier image filled her mind and Rebecca blushed deeply, looking away: she saw herself across the man's lap right there on the subway with everyone watching, and to her horror and humiliation he lifted her skirt and pulled down and panties and spanked her naked bottom, holding her so everyone could see her clearly. She was impossibly glad when the train paused at her stop and she could disembark.

Fortunately the apartment was deserted. Rebecca remembered that Jill, her roommate, worked Thursday nights. Perfect. Steeling her impatience she quickly changed out of her stiff work clothes into her sweats. Fixing a large glass of ice tea she spread the paper out on the kitchen table and sat down to read the ad in private comfort.

The ad was long and detailed. She was amazed at first, but then realized that such things required extremely specific applicants, and therefore it was important to screen out those that wouldn't qualify early. There was both a London and a local New York telephone number for more information.

Rebecca read the ad slowly, then faster and faster, her astonishment growing. It was unbelievable, amazing, too good to be true. In her wildest fantasies she'd never thought such a thing could possible exist. Her sex was almost spurting.

Almost without thinking she glanced at the phone. She immediately looked away and shook her head. She couldn't, it was ludicrous. But the idea turned her on so badly she almost had an orgasm on the spot. To imagine herself going through everything described... the discipline sessions... the public exposure... all those implements...

It was too much. Rebecca slipped a hand inside her sweat pants and touched herself. Her panties were soaked. She brushed her fingers against her sex and felt moisture spurt onto her hand. In mere seconds, it seemed, she had brought herself to a panting orgasm. She did it twice more before she quit, exhausted, her body aching from her awkward and unusual perch on the kitchen chair. She hadn't even noticed.

Standing up, Rebecca fetched a pair of scissors from her room and cut out the ad. She tore up and threw out the paper afterwards, not wanting Jill to wonder why there was a large hole in the "personals" section. She took the ad and went into the living room and stretched out on the couch to read it again. Her hands were trembling as she held it, her mind whirling and she dared to think... could I really do it? She knew she had vacation time coming. The ad did say "amateurs" after all.

She read the ad one more time:

        American Young Ladies Required for Two-week London
        Discipline Workshop for BBC Documentary
            Are you a young, submissive American girl? Do you
        ache to be taken over your Daddy's lap and spanked
        soundly? Are you ready for that strapping you
        certainly deserved but didn't receive in high
        school? Or do you long for the by-gone days of
        your college sorority when your sisters would take
        turns paddling your naughty bare bottom?
            If you answered yes to any of these questions,
        than we just might have the opportunity of a
        lifetime for you. In cooperation with a BBC
        television documentary, the International School
        of Disciplinary Arts (ISDA) is seeking several
        young American ladies to participate in a two-week
        Discipline Workshop.
            The workshop will include strict discipline
        training and severe corporal punishment. You will
        be expected to obey all Mistresses and Instructors
        and you will be soundly punished for any
        misbehavior. Applicants should expect to role-play
        various scenarios such as the naughty
        student/headmaster, little girl over mommy's knee,
        sorority initiation, boss/employee, Mistress/maid,
        Queen/peasant, etc. just to name a few.
            Students will be trained in all aspects of
        discipline, particularly in receiving punishment,
        and to a lesser extent, applying lessons learned
        to fellow students.
            Corporal punishments include but are not limited
        to: spanking with the hand, hairbrush, and
        slipper, strapping, paddling, whipping, caning,
        and birching. These implements will primarily be
        used on the buttocks and thighs, generally with
        the girl dressed in costume, but in the case of
        severe misbehavior or for a few particular
        role-play scenarios the punishments will be
        administered on the bare bottom.
            Though short, the course for this workshop has
        been carefully planned to educate you thoroughly
        in punishment techniques. It will begin gently,
        but by the end of the first week you will be
        tasting the cane. The second week will be
        extremely severe. While applicants should expect
        to find their punishments quite painful, no
        student shall be permanently injured. There will
        be no cutting of the skin, burning, or scarring.
        While there may be bruises and welts, the ISDA
        maintains a staff of qualified medical personnel
        on-site to insure that any punishment is
        administered in a safe and proper manner and any
        wounds are treated properly to insure they heal
        correctly. To put it bluntly, our instructors are
        experts with all manner of implements and can
        extract the maximum amount of pain without causing
        permanent damage to your skin. (If you have
        questions regarding health issues, please contact
            This workshop is for AMATEURS ONLY: we are
        looking for young ladies who have not participated
        in discipline sessions but perhaps have unrealized
        fantasies involving submission and punishment.
        This workshop will not involve anything of a
        sexual nature. This is strictly old-fashioned
        discipline. All our Instructors are female and any
        sexual behavior is strictly forbidden. (And
        punished appropriately, we assure you! Our
        instructors are under the same rules as our
        students and we never hesitate to take
        disciplinary action when required, usually quite
            All workshop sessions are to be recorded by the
        BBC as a part of the documentary they are filming.
        While we cannot guarantee whether they will or
        will not use one of your sessions in the final
        version of the film, applicants must be prepared
        for that possibility. If you wish, however, your
        name and location will remain confidential. You
        will also be interviewed before, during, and after
        the workshop by the BBC reporters. They are
        interested in your background, your interest in
        discipline, and any stories and experiences you
        have had. Because of this we are especially
        seeking applicants who can express themselves
        well. Honesty is expected and appreciated, though
        of course you are not required to answer questions
        you feel inappropriate or too personal.
            There is no real compensation being offered for
        your cooperation, though you will be provided room
        and board at the school and your plane fare and
        other minor expenses will be taken care of. There
        is a small stipend of approximately US$1000 being
        offered by the BBC upon completion of the
        workshop. (Leaving early for any reason will
        forfeit your stipend.)
            The workshop is being scheduled for the second
        and third week of July. Auditions will be held
        during the month of February. You will be notified
        by the end of March if you have been selected.
        Please call one of the numbers below to schedule
        your appointment.
            During your audition you will be required to tell
        us intimate details regarding your sexual history,
        your secret fantasies, and your fascination with
        punishment. There will be several questionnaires
        to fill out and an essay to write. Again, we are
        looking for expressive, interesting young ladies.
        Innocence a plus. No professionals or those in the
        "scene" will be considered. Your physical
        appearance does not really matter, though of
        course you should be healthy and fit and between
        the ages of 18-35.
            You will also be required to take a few simple
        spankings: one clothed, one bare-bottom, and one
        with a wooden paddle. This will be followed by
        three strokes of the cane in the "traditional"
        ankle-grasping position. While this punishment
        will be relatively mild, this is required so we
        can ascertain whether or not you are capable of
        enduring future training sessions. Expect your
        audition to take approximately two hours. Your
        interview and punishment will be video-taped, but
        if you are not selected we will return the
        videotape to you. It is yours to keep simply for
            There are openings for only three American girls,
        so the competition should prove interesting. This
        is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that
        should not be missed. Most of our students pay
        thousands of dollars for similar training courses.
        If selected, you will not only get a London
        vacation but you will receive our world-renown
        discipline training absolutely free! (This
        includes several of our own instructional books
        and discipline manuals.) If you have had
        long-secret fantasies about being spanked and
        punished, this is your opportunity! Why lie at
        home imagining when you can experience it? Call
        ISDA immediately!

Rebecca laid back and stared at the ceiling. Her sex was damp again, her crotch almost hurting with its insistent pulsing, but she ignored it, instead wondering if this was really her opportunity to break out. The experience frightened her terribly, and she didn't think she could do it. But the desire was there, throbbing, and she wanted it so very badly.

Perhaps she could just audition? That wouldn't be so bad. She probably wouldn't be chosen anyway. And then she'd have that videotape to keep as a souvenir of her foolish desires. Then she wondered if she could get through the audition. All those personal questions--and then that spanking! Her heart almost stopped when she thought of the cane!

But her sex reacted almost violently to the thought. She pictured herself in a room full of stern questioners, bent over and taking butt-burning strokes from the tall Mistress who wielded the thin cane.

It was too much. She couldn't decide now. Her hands slipped between her legs and she was gone, lost in a dreamy fog of eroticism and delight. But even in her bliss the telephone seemed very obvious to her, waiting patiently, silently, on the kitchen table. Should she...

***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****
What will Rebecca do? Let's have a vote: if you want me to write the tale of her audition, please post some comments. If I get enough feedback there just might be a part 2, 3, etc. As I am new to the Internet, this is my first real story to post, though I've got many others. If anyone would like me to post them, please give me some encouragement!

The Flogmaster
August 19, 1995

* * * * *

The Advertisement
Part Two, "The Audition"

(****, F/F, Severe, mast, punishment)

A young lady wins a two-week discipline session in London. One of the Flogmaster's first stories! (Approximately 9,876 words. Originally published 1995-08.)

For the fourth time that morning Rebecca put the phone down without dialing. She glanced at her watch and saw it was almost 8:30 a.m. She had to catch the 8:45 train or she'd be late for work. Her palms were sweaty as she picked up the phone again, looking at the ad in her hand for the number.

Scarcely daring to breathe she dialed. There were two slow rings and she almost hung up. Then there was a voice, a woman's voice, very friendly, with the clipped tones of a British accent.

"International School of the Disciplinary Arts, how may I help you?"

It was the right place! The ad was real!

"Uh, I, er, saw your ad in the paper..."

"Oh yes! Are you interested in applying?"

Rebecca was a little taken back by the girl's calmness. "Well, maybe, I mean, I think so. I-I have some questions."

"Certainly. What would you like to know?"

"Well--" Suddenly Rebecca realized she didn't really have any questions. The ad had made everything quite clear. If she was accepted she'd be in for two long weeks of severe discipline in London, England. The thought made her blush and she clutched her legs together to keep from touching herself.


"Uh, well is everything mentioned in the ad *exactly* true? I mean, every word?"

"Yes, ma'am. I can vouch for it myself, too, since I'm a graduate of ISDA."

"You!" The girl sounded so normal!

"Absolutely. I paid for my training, of course, in more ways than one. But I don't regret it one bit! It was quite difficult and I must say I thought of quiting several times but I didn't. In the end it was worth it. I learned a great deal about myself. I recommend it to anyone, especially those who really *need* it, if you know what I mean."

Rebecca nodded, stunned. She couldn't believe she was having this kind of intimate conversation with a complete stranger. "I know what you mean." Suddenly the task seemed easy, almost inevitable. "When can I audition?"

It was late Saturday afternoon. The subway traffic going downtown was light. Rebecca got off at the appropriate stop and looked at the slip of paper in her hand. She trembled slightly and forced herself to be still. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the stale New York City air.

"Yes. You *can* do it!" She began to walk. It wasn't far. The office was on the thirty-sixth floor of a large complex of psychiatrists and lawyers. "Funny they are so close together," she thought absently, and then froze when she saw the cold black letters on the glass door: ISDA. They looked so innocent. No one around knew the power they held.

The building was mostly deserted and quiet. As Rebecca walked down the hallway she could feel her ass tingling as it shifted under her long skirt. Her heart pounded and she grew afraid. This was the most difficult thing she had ever done in her life. It was difficult not because she didn't want to do it, but because it revealed for once and for all a part of her true self, a part she had long suppressed. It frightened her because it was so important to her. But she instinctively knew that she had to go through with this or she'd never be able to look at herself in the mirror again.

"It's just an audition," she told herself. "It's not like I'm going to get picked or anything. Just take the first step and don't think of the rest."

She opened the door.

The first thing she noticed was how normal everything looked. There was a glimpse of a receptionist's desk and a pretty young woman behind it chatting on a pair of headphones. To her left was a small coffee table covered with magazines surrounded by several chairs. In the background she saw office partitions and figures in business attire moving about. It looked like a typical office.

Then she saw the cane.

It was hanging on the wall and it looked thin and whippy and very, very deadly. Rebecca shivered just looking at it.

"--help you?"

"Huh?" Rebecca was startled and stared at the girl in front of her. The brunette glanced over her shoulder, following Rebecca's gaze and smiled.

"That's Mr. Peaches," she whispered with a respectful tone. "Three strokes from him and you are relieving yourself standing up, Love."


"You must be Rebecca Davidson. You are right on time. Mistress Andrea is expecting you. Follow me--and relax. You are perfectly safe here." Rebecca nodded and followed the girl.

She was taken to a small conference room. The walls were white and bare and Rebecca almost choked when she saw the woman waiting for her. "Mistress Andrea" was a tall, dark-haired woman dressed in a tight-fitting long black gown that made her look extremely severe. She was in her mid-forties or thereabouts. Her face was narrow and she had stern wrinkles around her mouth and crow's feet around her eyes. But from her pleasant smile and elegant hand-motions as she guided Rebecca to a chair it was obvious she had been very pretty when she was younger. She carried herself with a confidence that immediately made Rebecca jealous. Rebecca could see that the woman was used to being obeyed.

"Welcome, Miss Davidson. Are you comfortable?"

"Uh, yes, ma'am."

"You may call me Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good." The woman seated herself across the table from Rebecca and took out a manilla file folder and a pad of paper. "I take it you understand what you are applying for?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I will begin by asking you some background questions. Do not think of this as a test. There are no right or wrong answers. We simply want to get to know you, learn about your history. You must answer me honestly and with us much detail and clarity as you can. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," breathed Rebecca again, glad she hadn't been asked to say anything substantial yet. She was far too nervous to talk normally.

"By the way, this session is being videotaped. Do you have any problem with that?" Rebecca shook her head. "Good. Let's begin. Age?"

"Uh, twenty-seven."

"Height and weight?"

"Five-seven and er, 132," Rebecca said with a slight blush. She'd been meaning to shed some of those holiday pounds but just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

"And what do you do?"

"I work in the marketing department at a small publishing company here in the City. I'm really just the assistant, but I do most of the work and my boss gets the credit. I don't really mind. I'm paying my dues."

"Where are you from, Rebecca? Tell me about your parents and your upbringing."

"New Jersey, mostly. We moved a couple of times. My dad's a building contractor. He makes a decent living. Mom stayed at home with us kids."

Mistress Andrea looked interested. "Brothers and sisters?"

"Two. A brother and a sister, both older."

"Did they get spanked?"

Rebecca looked up in astonishment. The question was so sudden, so unexpected, she was thrown for a second. She'd almost forgotten why she was here. "Uh, I suppose so, though I never saw it."



"Why does spanking interest you, Rebecca? Tell me your earliest memory involving punishment or spanking."

Rebecca was quiet for a moment. "That would have to have been my sister. I was, let's see, about four. My sister would have been about eight. She'd been spanked, though I didn't really even know what that meant. I hadn't seen it. I remember waking up in the night and seeing her crying. We shared a room and she was lying face down on her bed. I remember being very frightened and upset and I was going to go comfort her because I didn't want her to cry. But then Daddy came in. Sarah was frightened at first but then Daddy picked her up and hugged her and sat her on his lap and they talked for a long time, very softly, and I didn't understand what they were saying. I think Daddy saw me and whispered for me to go to sleep. I finally did."

"What did you feel when you saw your Daddy hug your sister?"

"I remember I was very happy because he made her stop crying. She hugged him back and looked very warm and safe in his arms. I think I wanted to have him hug me but I was supposed to be asleep."

"Did you ever get spanked?"

Rebecca frowned. "By my parents? Yeah, I think so, when I was young. I don't really remember it much, though. My mom would threaten to paddle me and that terrified me, but I don't think she ever actually did it. They didn't really like it and only used it as a last resort."

"Has anyone else ever spanked you?"

This time Rebecca blushed noticeably. "Well, I had a boyfriend once..."

"Yes?" Even Mistress Andrea had trouble keeping the anticipation out of her voice.

"He didn't exactly spank me. I mean, not like discipline or anything. It was in high school. He loved to feel my bottom, and he'd often pinch or swat me. Anyway, on my seventeenth birthday I was given a surprise party. He was there and jokingly suggested that I get a birthday spanking. I was horrified. My only experience with spankings was that they were supposed to be horrible, though of course I had no such memory. I was terribly frightened but I laughed and tried to be a brave seventeen-year-old.

"Everyone at the party got into two facing rows and I had to walk down the middle past everyone as they swatted at my bottom. I was really nervous but everyone was laughing like this was hilarious and I just smiled and pretended everything was fine. It was so embarrassing. My parents were watching and everything!

"The first couple of swats I barely noticed I was so scared and trying to get past. Guys were holding out their arms to block me so I had to stop while they slapped my rump. Several smacked me more than once before I was able to slip past. Many of the blows struck my thighs or just one cheek. It was chaos. About halfway through I realized the slaps kinda hurt. Not real bad or anything, but stingy-like, sometimes rather sharply. I wasn't so frightened anymore. This wasn't bad. My bottom was tingling all over by the time I reached the end of the line where Michael was waiting, and I realized I was a little turned on by this whole show and people touching my bottom. At the end, before I knew what to expect, Michael bent me over and looped an arm around my waist so my upper body was sticking out behind him and my butt was facing everyone else. Then he proceeded to spank me. Everyone cheered as he swatted me and chanted the number of spanks. You know, 'Ten, Eleven, Twelve, etc.' He was laughing and since no one could see my face no one knew that he was *really* spanking me. I had tears in my eyes. He gave me seventeen hard slaps and then a solid pinch and everyone was hooting and shouting.

"I was stunned. I had never felt anything like that. My butt was alive and warm and I was totally embarrassed to realize I was also very warm down between my legs. I wanted to touch myself but of course it was my party and everyone was looking at me. My face was flushed and I was terribly ashamed. I think people realized something had changed in the atmosphere because the party broke up not long after that. I was no longer in a party mood. To be sexually aroused in front of my parents and all my friends just bewildered me. I didn't know how to act.

"Michael and I didn't last much longer, partly because of that incident but mostly because of other differences. He and I never really talked about the spanking, but I think he thought he had hurt me or something. I don't think he knew. Now, I suspect that he had a spanking fetish but didn't really want to reveal it. It's kinda sad. We could have had a really neat relationship but neither of us could admit what we really wanted."

Mistress Andrea did not say anything for a moment. "That's a wonderful story, Rebecca," she said finally. "So you have never lived your spanking fantasies?"

Rebecca shook her head, her soft dark hair falling and shielding her face slightly. "This is as close as I've gotten," she whispered. "Coming here today took all the courage I had. I've never admitted my interest to anyone."

"Well, I am very proud of you, Rebecca, and you should be proud of yourself. It is never easy admitting the truth to others or to yourself. You have quite a voyage ahead of yourself regardless of what happens with your application."

They talked for a while longer, Rebecca feeling like this woman was a sister, a closer sister than she'd ever had. She felt like she could tell her anything and she'd understand. Words poured from her soul in waves, almost like sobs, as for the first time in her life Rebecca felt able to share her inmost secrets and desires.

Rebecca told the Mistress about the books she'd found, particularly the Beauty series, that had made her realize her perversion wasn't unique. She described many of her fantasies, especially those involving strict discipline at the hand of a strong man or mistress.

"I am not gay," Rebecca said, "but in college I had this fantasy of joining a sorority and being paddled by dozens of coeds as part of an initiation. I was so disappointed when I found out that none of them did that any more!"

Finally the woman held up her hand. "Enough! This is wonderful conversation but I'm afraid we just do not have the time. It is very exciting to see you opening up like this, Rebecca. I think we have more than enough material for your audition. There is only one thing remaining: we must put your words to the test. It is one thing to fantasize about being spanked, quite another to actually experience it. Here at ISDA we practice what we preach. Here your dreams are reality. Are you prepared for the final part of your audition? You can chose to leave now, if you wish, and forget the whole thing."

Rebecca's breathing slowed considerably as she thought about what was going to happen. It was strange. This was the part she had feared the most, the part she thought would be the most difficult. But, now, after talking with Mistress Andrea, she felt no fear. She was nervous, yes, but there was no question of her answer. She nodded confidently.

"Good." The tall woman took an NCR form out of the folder and passed it to Rebecca. "Please take a moment to fill this out and sign it. It is simply a legal document stating that you agree to the terms of the audition and that you do this of your own free will. In other words, you won't sue us for spanking you. I will be back in a moment and we will begin your punishment." The woman's words sent chills down Rebecca's back but they were chills of exhilaration. Her crotch was damp and she'd never felt so aroused. This was unbearably exciting.

Mistress Andrea left and Rebecca concentrated on the form. It was quite simple, really, and though there was a great deal of lawyer talk nothing seemed obviously amiss. Rebecca quickly signed the appropriate spots and answered the few questions. She sat back and waited. Any moment she knew the door would open and Mistress Andrea would be there ready to take her across her knee. The thought was so ludicrous it seemed pointless to think it, yet she knew that it was true, that shortly she would be feeling the smack of a palm across her butt. She shook her head. Everything bewildered her. It was just too weird.

The door opened and Mistress Andrea entered followed by the brunette receptionist. Mistress Andrea introduced her as Jenny, and announced she was going to help with the punishment. Rebecca saw with terror that Jenny was carrying a small wooden paddle and a crock-handled cane. She couldn't tell if it was "Mr. Peaches," the cane from the lobby. Having another person in the room suddenly seemed embarrassing to Rebecca, and she began to wonder if she really could go through with this.

"It looks like the form is filled out correctly," said Mistress Andrea taking the paper and filing it away. "I think we should begin."

The Mistress pulled one of the chairs away from the table and then, with Jenny's help, pushed the table against the wall and out of the way. The chair was placed in the center of the open area. Rebecca felt herself growing more and more nervous. Jenny smiled at her and Rebecca felt better, but there was still a tiny knot in her stomach.

Mistress Andrea smoothed out her dress and sat on the chair. She patted her lap and Rebecca meekly approached. She had no idea how to do this gracefully, so she ended up almost flopping onto the Mistress' lap. With the Mistress' strong hands guiding her, she found herself dangling down on the other side of Mistress Andrea's lap, propped up with her outstretched arms, her bottom poking upward. Her crotch was pressed heavily against the Mistress' left thigh.

The older woman patted Rebecca's bottom gently. The girl was so innocent, so alive. She spoke so enthusiastically it made Mistress Andrea feel old. Oh, to be so young and vibrant again! It had been so long since the Mistress had found her calling so fascinating. It awoke all kinds of forgotten feelings and tensions inside her.

Rebecca was wearing a long skirt, pleated with a great deal of material. She blushed furiously as Mistress Andrea carefully lifted the skirt and pulled it towards the small of her back. The Mistress gathered and folded it there, tucking it under the waistband, leaving Rebecca's legs and bottom exposed. The girl was wearing a pair of white cotten briefs, simple and plain, and the Mistress found this alluring as it increased the sense of the girl's innocence.

Mistress Andrea found Rebecca's bottom to be a delightful clash of soft and plump yet pleasingly firm flesh. After massaging it for a moment, she lifted her palm and brought it lightly down on Rebecca's rump: smack!

Rebecca "oohed" and tried to thrust herself upward, waggling her butt like it was a flag. It stung but was not very painful. Again came the smack, a little harder, and then again and again. Tears came to Rebecca's eyes. The stinging was starting to hurt!

Slowly and carefully the Mistress expertly spanked the young lady stretched across her lap. It wasn't very severe but it was thorough, leaving no part of the girl's bottom untouched. Several times the Mistress paused to rub the bottom and thighs before her. This gave her a chance to really feel the warmth the spanking imparted to the skin and it was a needed rest for the naive Rebecca.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" said the Mistress pertly. Rebecca just moaned lightly and wiggled a little. She was having a great deal of trouble understanding her emotions. The stinging slaps had unnerved her and she couldn't believe she was doing this, lying across the lap of a stranger and letting herself be spanked! But the thought of having it stop terrified her even more than continuing. Everything was upside down!

But the Mistress was lifting her back to her feet, now. What could this mean? Oh. Mistress Andrea was pulling down her panties. The soft hands of the Mistress quickly and efficiently took down Rebecca's underpants, leaving them around her ankles. Rebecca's hands shot to pull the skirt down but the Mistress slapped her hands and clicked her tongue. "Tut tut! None of that, now. Keep your hands up behind your head!"

Rebecca's face burned and she felt ashamed that her new friend had been obliged to scold her. She should have known better. Of course they'd want her to stand with her bottom exposed--it was part of the punishment. So she obeyed and stood there miserably, naked from the waist down, her pink bottom openly visible.

To Rebeccca's utter shame Jenny and the Mistress began to examine her buttocks. Jenny pointed out how evenly the color was spread but the Mistress was more critical, pointing out a few tiny flaws. Both, however, agreed that Rebecca had an almost perfect bottom, plump and juicy and yet firm and shapely.

"Look how deep her crack is," said Jenny with admiration. "It really makes her cheeks stand out boldly." Rebecca felt tears sting her eyes being talked about like this. She wanted to scream, to run away, but she didn't.

"I can't wait to take the cane to her right here, in this meaty area," said Mistress Andrea coolly, patting the lower portion of Rebecca's buttocks. Jenny nodded. "She was made for discipline."

"Enough talk! We must continue with this naughty girl's punishment," said the Mistress returning to her chair and dragging a somewhat reluctant Rebecca. In seconds she was over the lap again, in the same position, only this time her naked sex rubbed against the Mistress' leg and her own legs were held tightly together by the underwear around her ankles.

Smack! came the first slap and Rebecca started. The stinging was much more raw, now. In a way the girl preferred it, though she knew it was going to hurt more. The pain was just so much more immediate, more intimate.

Smack! Smack! Smack! came the hard spanks and Rebecca began to wiggle in spite of herself. The speed of the punishment accelerated and Rebecca began to cry softly, the stinging so fierce, so bewildering. Her crotch was damp and she pushed herself against the woman's leg feeling shame as she did so, but unable to stop herself. The spanking came still faster and harder and Rebecca began to really cry, her bottom quivering with each loud slap.

"I think that's enough of that," said the Mistress suddenly, and Rebecca felt a wave of relief wash over her. Her body still trembled softly. She had no idea that a spanking could feel so... so engulfing. But her relief turned to terror when she heard the Mistress order Jenny to bring her the paddle.

Rebecca had caught several glimpses of that paddle. It was small, perhaps six or eight inches long not counting the handle, and four or five wide. It was oval and rather thick and very hard. Rebecca suspected it would hurt very badly. She was not disappointed.

Mistress Andrea was an expert. She knew that this was new to Rebecca and didn't want to overdo it, but she also knew she had to test and push the girl's limits. So she used the paddle quickly with *very* hard spanks, but not very long. In just about sixty seconds it was over, almost before Rebecca knew what had happened, her mind so overwhelmed by the flood of pain and sounds she tried to absorb all at once. She had desperately wanted to reach back and cover her bottom but her hands were supporting her weight and she was afraid she'd collapse onto her face. All she could do was suffer and weep. Now she lay there stunned, her buttocks throbbing, echoes of the paddle still smacking in her brain. She could hardly breathe.

"Wow!" was all she could say when she was lifted up. Tears were pouring down her cheeks but she was smiling. "T-That was in-incredible, Mistress Andrea!" she exclaimed. "I-I felt so-so *punished*."

"Ssshhhh," whispered the Mistress, placing a finger against the girl's lips. "Stand in the corner while we ready the cane."

Ice trickled down Rebecca's spine and like a robot she walked to the corner and stood, hands behind her head, her punished bottom on display. She wished she could see it. It felt bruised and blistered, but she knew it was probably hardly even red. This was only minor punishment, after all. She ached to touch her bottom but she knew that was forbidden and she didn't want to disappoint Mistress Andrea. Behind her, she could her Jenny and the Mistress talking and her heart went cold at the thought of the cane awaiting her. "It's only three," she told herself.

Minutes passed in silence. Rebecca grew more and more nervous. The Mistress and Jenny occasionally whispered but Rebecca couldn't hear what they were saying. She supposed they were critiquing her bottom again but she could not tell. It was even worse not being able to hear them. Her face was flushed with shame as she imagined what they were saying.

"Okay, Rebecca. Time for your caning." Trembling in fear, Rebecca obeyed. Guided by Jenny, she bent over and grasped her ankles with hands. Her skirt was still bunched up at her waist leaving her bottom bare. Her knees were bent slightly-she couldn't help it--but this only served to thrust her buttocks toward the cane. Rebecca had never felt such dread.

Mistress Andrea took up the cane. "Rebecca, the rules for caning are very strict. You are not allowed to open your mouth during or immediately after the stroke. You are not allowed to move your feet or turn your body or release your hands. Any violation of these rules adds an extra stroke. Do you understand?" The girl nodded, sweat appearing on her forehead. "Good. Now in a proper caning the girl must count the strokes out loud. You will do so, and do not miscount or that will be an extra one."

The Mistress stood to the left and slightly behind Rebecca. She took the cane in her hands and flexed it, and then swished it a couple of times for practice. It was an excellent cane, thin and bendable, yet very solid. Mistress Andrea pullled back for the first stroke. Raising the cane up near her right ear she brought it down and around and up towards the waiting bottom.

The Crack! made even Jenny's hair stand on end and the show of controlled agony given by Rebecca was remarkable. The girl gasped and hissed and her whole body shuddered and thrashed for a moment. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and tears still poured down her pretty face. A thin red stripe stretched across the gap between the cheeks of her buttocks. After a short pause Rebecca finally gasped and opened her mouth. "That's o-one, Mistress."

The tall woman smiled and nodded at Jenny. This girl was very obedient. She took back her arm for another stroke. This one was just as loud but lower, in the fuller part of the girl's rump, exactly where the Mistress had indicated earlier she would like to cane the girl.

Again Rebecca went through a little show, wiggling and standing on her tiptoes and gripping her ankles as hard as she could. Gasping for air, finally, she breathed, "Two, Mistress!"

The last stroke was the worst, lower still, right where the round fleshy mounds of the cheeks joined the thighs. When Rebecca would go to sit down later, she'd discover that that portion of her bottom would be directly in contact with her chair and she would be quite miserable.

It was almost a full minute before Rebecca could slowly utter "Three, Mistress." She was drenched with sweat and her heart was beating like a jackhammer. The stripes across her buttocks throbbed like they were something alive, burrowed there, tossing and turning as though looking for a good place to settle down.

Slowly, very slowly Rebecca stood. Her whole body ached, every muscle tense. She was damp with sweat. She felt hot all over. Her ass was blazing and the heat between her legs, though diminished by the intense pain, was still warm and moist. Her hands trembled when her held them out.

"Just stand in the corner for a few minutes, dear," said Mistress Andrea gently. "It takes time to recover from a good caning, especially if it's your first." She studied the girl's bottom for a moment, pleased with the three even welts, and turned and left, followed by Jenny. Rebecca was finally left alone but she didn't really care. She was just trying to organize her thoughts and understand the experience she had just lived through.

About twenty minutes later Mistress Andrea returned. "Feeling better?" Rebecca nodded. "Good. You may pull up your panties now and put your skirt down. Rebecca obeyed, the soft cotton feeling hard against her sore skin. As she touched herself she felt the three soft bumps across her left cheek, the sensation sending chills down her spine. Her sex immediately surged with feeling and she knew her panties were now wet. She pulled down her skirt to cover herself quickly.

"Now sit at the table. Here is a pen and a notebook. You have twenty minutes to write an essay about the punishment you just received. Relax and just tell us what you felt in as much detail as you can. We are looking for girls who can express themselves. Just be honest. Be yourself."

Rebecca gingerly sat on the chair, her bottom complaining loudly. She tried to relax and stared at the blank paper. At first she could think of nothing, her thoughts were so confused. Then the feelings began to pour from her. She wrote about the spanking, how she had felt when her panties were pulled down, the intense smack of the paddle. And she wrote about the caning, how each stroke had so devastated her it was like something gradually broke inside and she was now a different person.

She looked up in surprise. It was true. She *was* a different person. She knew now, for certain, what she was and there was no going back. Suddenly the world was a different place. Rebecca was no longer afraid, no longer confused. She didn't really understand things, but she knew that she *had* to qualify for this trip to London. She needed the education. She wanted to learn. There were other ways to learn but Rebecca wasn't interested. She knew the school was the answer for her. She needed the mind-blowing intensity of a two-week excursion into another world where she could lose herself and through the process discover the new Rebecca, the dark-haired beauty that wasn't afraid of her shadow, the young lady that took responsibility for her actions and obediently received her chastisement under the care and guidance of a strict mistress.

It seemed like just seconds had passed when Mistress Andrea was standing there, asking for the essay. "But I'm not done. There's so much more," she begged, but the Mistress was firm.

"Twenty minutes is all anyone gets, Rebecca. If you wish, go home and write down more of your feelings. I find it is a wonderful way to learn about yourself."

Nodding, Rebecca slowly stood to go. Without hesitation she suddenly, impulsively threw her arms around the tall, regal lady and hugged her. "Thank you, Mistress. You have changed my life." The woman was startled, and blushed slightly. A tear came to her eye. She brushed it aside and said firmly, "Thank you, Rebecca, but you must go now."

Jenny led the girl to the exit and in a moment Rebecca was wandering the deserted streets of New York City. She looked up at the tall buildings around her, the people moving about, ignoring her. It was all so strange. This was the *real* world? It seemed to cold and distant, so thin and shabby. Was the world of ISDA real? Did it really happen?

Shamelessly Rebecca reached back and touched her bottom and felt the warmth and all the sharp pains of the spankings returned to her in a flash. It *was* real. It had happened and she had the bruises to prove it. With a soft smile she ran toward the subway station. She couldn't wait to get home to look at herself in the mirror.

***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****
Thanks for all the *excellent* responses to my first posting. I hope you have enjoyed Part Two. Do you want more? I certainly have ideas for part Three, "The Decision."

The question is, do you need more "action" or do you like the self-analysis aspect of the story? I see this story as moving very slowly as the main character discovers herself, but perhaps I should speed things up. Please, let me know what you think.

I especially appreciate criticism, whatever the kind. Tell me specifically what things you like, don't like, or think need work. (Mailing me directly works best as I do not always see the postings.)

I will probably be continuing this series, but it may take more time as my schedule is busy and I am *easily* sidetracked. In the meantime, watch for posts of my other stories. I will be posting various things I've done and I am interested in seeing what people think of the different styles and themes of my experiments. Some are more effective than others, but hopefully all are interesting and entertaining. To make it easier to identify the quality of these stories, I am instigating a self-judged rating system of 1 (*) to 5 (*****) stars with five being the best. You will see these stars in the subject line of the post. If you disagree with my assessment of my work (more stars or less), please let me know.

The Flogmaster
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* * * * *

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Part Three, "The Decision"

(****, F/F, Severe, mast, punishment)

A young lady wins a two-week discipline session in London. One of the Flogmaster's first stories! (Approximately 9,876 words. Originally published 1995-08.)

The tall stern-looking woman was talking on the phone.

"I think we've got the three we need," she said firmly. "You will be pleased. Especially with this one I just auditioned today. Gorgeous little innocent child, confused as hell but with all the right instincts. She takes to the cane like a duck to water. Comes begging for more. And her essay is one of the most literate works I've ever read. Raw, beautiful, untouched, without any presumption at all, like a virgin describing sex for the first time."

There was a short pause. "What? Oh, I don't think so. She's too mature for that. It's just that she's so enthusiastic. It's wonderful, very refreshing. No, I am *not* developing feelings for her, at least not those kind. Yes, I know. But I have to have some kind of feeling for her, and she's perfect. I'm going to DHL you the tape first thing on Monday. Call me as soon as you've seen it. I'll enclose a copy of her files, too. You won't be disappointed, trust me. Bye."

The woman set the phone down and smiled to herself. She glanced up at the television screen in the corner of the room and looking rather ashamed of herself, rewound the tape and watched it again.

It was amazing. A delicate, untouched flower. The girl was beautiful, straight dark hair, curling around her face if she didn't brush it away, giant blue eyes that went wide every time you mentioned anything the slightest bit shocking. Oh, she was unbelievable!

Mistress Andrea zipped the tape forward to the paddling scene and put it on slow motion. This was her favorite, the growing astonishment and flashes of pleasure and agony across the beautiful crystal face of the girl as the wooden paddle slammed into her rump again and again.

She'd spanked her too hard, of course, but Rebecca hadn't seemed to mind. Mistress Andrea prided herself on her control but this was one darling that had made her lose it. She had been dying to really punish the girl, to get out the strap and really tan those sleek legs. She could almost see the leather of the tawse wrapping around the insides of the girl's sweet thighs, so close to her most vulnerable, most sensitive area. Mistress Andrea could almost taste the confused looks of terror and intense pleasure the innocent girl would surely display.

The paddling on the screen was slowly reaching its peak, the paddle flashing down so fast even in slow motion it seemed like solid punishment. The woman carefully lifted her dress and slipped a hand between her legs. She massaged herself there carefully, expertly, knowing just how much touching she required. Timing it just right so that as the paddling finished she was right on the brink of orgasm, Mistress Andrea pulled her hand away. She lay there panting quietly, until the caning was to begin.

The calm cooperation of the girl on the screen took her breath away. She was priceless, thought the Mistress. She began to touch herself again as the cane was slowly lifted for the first stroke.

Suddenly the door opened and a young brunette entered eagerly. "Mistress Andrea I have some-- Oh." She stopped suddenly when she realized what the Mistress was doing.

The tall woman slapped the pause on the VCR and glared at her secretary. "Why did you enter without knocking?"

"Oh! I'm sorry, Mistress, but I was so excited I forgot. You see--"

"I do not see anything, child! Your behavior is inexcusable! You know you are to knock before entering."

The girl's head dropped softly to her chest. "Yes, Mistress."

"Go get me Mr. Peaches immediately! I will take care of this right now."


"Not another word! You just added an extra stroke for that 'but'--do you want more?"

The girl shook her head, her face white with fear. She rushed out to the front lobby and took the long thin cane from its wall mount. She wanted to beg for mercy and compassion as she gave the cane to her mistress, but she knew it would only increase her punishment.

"Assume the position."

Quickly the girl bent over and grasped her ankles, her buttocks thrust out behind her. She winced as she felt the Mistress lifting up her skirt to expose her bottom. Would she let her keep her panties on?

Her hopes were dashed. "I think we shall do this one bare, Jenny. You ought to know better than to behave so rudely and foolishly. I think four shall be satisfactory." The Mistress carefully pulled the girl's panties down to her knees, exposing the twin globes of a luscious bare bottom.

The caning was swift and severe. Four lightening cracks expertly applied, each a half inch apart, right across the middle of Jenny's bottom. Jenny was silent during the caning, except to count out each blow after it was delivered. "Thank you, Mistress," she whispered after each stroke, tears filling her eyes and barely able to stand still. She couldn't believe that moments ago she had no idea she'd be in such agony seconds later. She cursed her folly and vowed never again to break another rule.

"Four," she breathed and started to rise."

"Tut tut, dear! You've got one extra, for your talking back!"

Jenny groaned and nodded, staying in position. The last stroke was a sizzler full across the seat of her butt, and had Jenny breathing very slowly and deeply as she struggled to regain control of her body. "T-Thank you, Mistress. T-That was f-five."

"Good. You may rise, but do not cover yourself."

The girl stood slowly, the skin of her bottom crying out as she moved. She stood with her hands holding up her skirt and waited, her punished bottom still on display.

"So what was this important news you couldn't wait to tell me?"

For a moment poor Jenny's mind went completely blank and she had no idea what the older woman was talking about. Why had she rushed in here so rudely? Then it came to her with a flash. "T-That package you ordered, Ma'am, the one you keep asking for. The courier service just brought it in. You told me you wanted to be notified immediately when it arrived."

"Of course. But I didn't mean for you to just burst into my office without knocking."

"Yes, Ma'am," murmured Jenny demurely, hanging her head down and wincing at her throbbing bottom.

The tall woman left the girl for a moment and returned with a small box covered with airbill labels. She could hardly contain her excitement. "Step outside, Jenny. Standing in the hallway facing the wall for thirty minutes should give you adequate time to reflect on how much you deserved your punishment."

The brunette nodded and left, walking awkwardly, her panties still around her knees. In the hall she faced the wall and stood, her thrashed buttocks still exposed to whomever was still in the office. She knew that most everyone had left for the day, but her face still burned with humiliation.

She watched the Mistress' door shut with a finality that made her feel very unwelcome and she felt tears come to her eyes. The Mistress was disappointed with her. Normally Andrea might have asked Jenny to join her in watching the tapes from London, but Jenny had screwed that up. She mentally kicked herself. The tapes contained the auditions from the final two selections of the London six and Jenny understood why the Mistress was so eager to view them. She could hardly wait herself. From Mistress Samantha's vivid descriptions, the caning of the second girl was something one did not want to miss.

* * * * *

"Hello," the girl answered the phone breathlessly. "Oh. Uh, let me check," she said with a disappointed sigh that the voice was not male and it was for her roommate. Jill covered up the mouthpiece and carried the cordless phone into the kitchen. "It's for you, Rebecca. Someone from something called the ISDA?"

The reaction from the innocent-looking dark-haired girl was startling. Her face blanched, then flushed, and she appeared to lose all control of her speech and least half of her mental capabilities.

"Oh! Uh, er, uh. The IS-- Uh, let me have that phone!" She snatched the unit from the redhead. Putting it to her ear she seemed to change her mind. "Er, oh, I-I better t-take this in my r-r-room." She flushed again and raced to her room, almost not caring what her roommate thought.

In her room she put the phone to her ear, her heart pounding wildly. "Yes?" she asked softly. She could hardly breathe. It had been a month since her "audition" with the International School of the Disciplinary Arts and she had heard nothing. Sometimes this depressed her. Occasionally this frightened her, as the videotape had not been returned. Could she be in the running? The thought made her want to scream. Even worse, in the back of her mind was the thread of an idea that this was nothing more than a scam. After all, she'd let herself be spanked and caned by a stranger for nothing. That thought made her crotch grow damp and she slipped her left hand down there to cool herself.

"Miss Davidson?"

"Yes, that's me." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"Hi, it's me, Jenny, from the ISDA. You remember, from your audition last month?"

Rebecca nodded frantically for a moment before she realized she was on the telephone, and nodding didn't communicate much. "Of course. Y-you were there while..."

"Yes, and I must say you were terrific. Very obedient, very cooperative. Well, Rebecca, I have some wonderful news for you. You have been selected!"


"Yes. This summer you will spend two full weeks in London at our main campus. You will then receive training in the disciplinary arts. The training will be strict and it will be difficult for you, but you will be much enriched by the process, I assure you."

"Oh, my God! I can't believe this is happening. I never dreamed!"

"I'm sure you did," said Jenny softly, amusement filling her voice. "Now here is what will be happening. We need you to return downtown to our office and sign some papers. This is your formal way of accepting our proposal. We will also answer any questions you may have at that time. Once you sign those papers, Rebecca, you are committed. Do you understand?"

"Yes." The way the British girl had uttered the word "committed" struck Rebecca like a blow across the face. It seemed so final, so devastating. It made her shiver.

"All right. After you have signed the papers, we will give you a short instruction manual. It will detail the things you should do to prepare for your training. Most of these will be simple, like exercising and maintaining a proper diet. We will also need a statement from your doctor showing that you are in satisfactory physical condition for your, uh, 'vacation.' There will also be a few tasks you will need to perform that will act as 'tests' and help us know that you are truly committed. Be assured that any failures in your preparation will be dealt with very sternly when you arrive at the ISDA, if you catch my meaning.

"Anyway, your plane ticket and other information will arrive in early June. You and the other two girls selected will be flying on the same flight, though you will not be flying together. You will not meet until you arrive in London, where a driver will pick you up and deliver you to the school. Do you have any questions now?"

"Uh, no. I think you've explained things pretty well. Wow, I can't believe I'm going to do this!"

"It's real, Rebecca. I hope you get what you want."

"When do I come to sign the papers?"

"Anytime, the sooner the better. Could you make it tomorrow?"

"Yeah, that sounds fine. Perhaps after work, say around six?"

"Well, we normally close at six. Could you make it a quarter till?"

Rebecca thought for a second. It would be tight. "Yeah, no problem."

"Good. Oh, Rebecca?"


"Don't be late."

There was click and the phone was dead. Rebecca shivered and looked around the room, bringing herself back to reality. Jenny's last words echoed ominously around her head. "Don't be late." Rebecca could only imagine what would happen if she was late.

The End

***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****
There's no turning back once Rebecca signs those papers. Will she have the nerve? (Will she be late to the appointment?) Find out in Part Four, "Preparations."" It's on its way, but don't let that detract from your responses. I need your feedback, both critical and complementary.

The Flogmaster
September 8, 1995