After School

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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After School

(****, M/f, Intense, semi-nc caning, Mf sex)

A girl and her male teacher use discipline as an excuse to meet alone after school. (Approximately 1,505 words. Originally published 1997-12.)

"Miss Neuchek!" I snapped. "That little remark will cost you. Report to me immediately after school."

The redhead girl winced and turned crimson as she leaned back in her chair. There were faint snickers from the other students--everyone knew that an after school appointment meant a date with my cane. Nancy wiggled mournfully in her seat, well aware of the impending soreness. I said nothing more but continued with my lesson.

When the bell rang, Nancy got up slowly from her desk and trailed the others in leaving. Watching her, my heart ached. She was breathtaking. Her skin was as flawless and pure as a pristine mountain lake. Her blue-green eyes radiated vitality and passion. Her plump breasts tormented me, encased behind such a conservative blouse. My hands itched to be able to slip under her clothes and squeeze those delectable mounds. She walked past me and I nearly fell over. I couldn't take my eyes off her sleek thighs rubbing against each other, her trim buttocks waggling.

Oh, she was a vixen, an angel, a teenage goddess. I felt powerful lust for her, profoundly unteacher-like emotions. I could hardly wait until school was over.

The day past interminably, but finally three o'clock rolled around. The last bell rang and within ten minutes the school had grown quiet. There was a soft rapping at my door.

"Come in," I called.

Nancy Neuchek entered. She was dressed as before: light blue chemise and poured-on white jeans. She looked gorgeous. Her eyes twinkled as she locked the door and then slowly made her way to me.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Bensen?"

"God, yes!" I cried, and took her in my arms. Our kiss was sweet and violent, and lasted a long time. We were both panting when we broke apart.

"I missed you," I said.

"I've been dying for school to get over."

"I know the feeling. I wish I had you last period."

"Next quarter, I promise." Nancy grinned at me. "Then I can be really naughty."

I laughed and kissed her again, this time my hands fondling the front of her blouse. She wore no bra, the scamp, and her nipples were rock solid. I pinched them cruelly, enjoying the way it made the teenage redhead throw her head back and moan. In minutes she was half-naked and I was sucking on her tits and running my hands up and down her sleek legs. I slipped my hand against her crotch and felt moisture. She was ready.

"Hem," I cleared my throat. "I think there's something we must do, first."

"Ohhh," moaned Nancy. "Please, Mr. Bensen. Have mercy."

"Come on. If you don't someone's going to notice."

There was a short pause and then a long sigh. "All right. But please--take it easy."

I went and got the cane from the closet--a stout, whippy, piece of birch. It stung like the devil, as Nancy knew all too well. Nancy was waiting near my desk wearing only her underwear. I instructed her to bend over and she obeyed, but it was obvious she wasn't happy about it.

Coming up behind her I rubbed her crotch for a few seconds before beginning with the cane. She was moist and trembling, her fear arousing her.

THWACK! came the cane, the sharp bite incredibly intense. Nancy screeched and wiggled her ass frantically, tears pouring off her face. "Oowwww! Please... not so hard!"

"I've got to make it believable," I said in my most matter-of-fact voice. "Surely your girlfriends will want to see the welts."

"Sniff! I know," Nancy said. "But it _really_ hurts. I--I just wish there was some other way."

"There isn't. Now brace yourself--"


"Ooooooohhh!" Nancy leapt from my desk, clutching her rump and howling. I quickly caught her and kissed away her tears, whispering reassurances in her ear and rubbing her crotch as fast as I could. Soon she was moaning with pleasure and I brought her back to my desk.

"Let me break you in slower," I whispered. "I'll warm you with a spanking."

Before she could protest I'd taken down her panties and slid her across my lap. Her bare butt wiggled at me and so I slapped it. She gasped in surprise. I spanked her harder, gradually increasing the pace of the blows. Her body quivered and shook and nearly danced across my lap as she wiggled and writhed to escape my palm.

"Now sit still, Miss Neuchek," I growled in my sternest voice. "You know you deserve this."

"Ohhhhh," she moaned, wagging her bum. "Please stop!"

For an answer I spanked her harder and faster. My hand was a blur, her jiggling buttocks radiating with warmth. Her skin was soft, her bottom bouncy. I loved spanking her and wished I could do it all night, but already by palm was swelling and I was growing tired. Between my legs my cock was so stiff it hurt, and so, reluctantly, I stopped the spanking and lifted Nancy to her feet and stood. She was crying softly, but the second I let go of her she put her hands between her legs and began to rub herself.

Nancy's panties had fallen to her ankles, so helped her step out of them. I bent her over and told her to keep touching herself. THWACK! I brought the cane across in a cruel, violent stroke that nearly caused her to scream. A purple weal bloomed to life across the center of her buttocks and Nancy gurgled as she swallowed her cries and her hands flew as she pulled her fingers in and out of her slit.

While Nancy recovered from the stroke, I took the opportunity to strip. Let me tell you, there's nothing like delivering a sound caning while you are naked--the entire experience is enhanced, and it is unabashedly sexual. As you bring down the cane you can feel the hairs on your own ass quivering with anticipation, imagining what the thin rod would feel like.

On this day I was so hard and ready I did not give Nancy much rest; I caned her long and hard. She rubbed herself frantically as she arched her back painfully and sobbed, and she did not try to escape the cane. Her creamy white buttocks were now red and criss-crossed with pulsing crimson welts that stretched fully across the swollen cheeks.

I timed myself perfectly, coming right after the twelfth stroke. I had felt it building and building and just as I tossed the cane to the floor I felt it burst through me, and I gushed and gushed, stepping up close behind Nancy so I could spray her burning ass with my cooling sperm. She moaned gratefully, and when I was through I rubbed the white ooze all over her buttocks.

In seconds Nancy screeched with her second orgasm of the afternoon. I rubbed her harder, and knowing how much it hurt her, my cock grew long and hard again. Soon I was ready, and rolling Nancy to the floor I plunged into her. Her beaten buttocks were being pounded against the floor under my weight but neither of us cared. All Nancy wanted was for me to fill her to the point of explosion, and all I wanted to do was explode.

Several explosions later, we lay on the floor panting, our bodies spent. Nancy was a mess. She was lying on her belly, her curvy ass welted and bruised. White come gleamed on her skin and on the floor, and when she rolled onto her side, I saw her cunt dripped with my come. Her hair was disheveled and she was panting, her graceful breasts heaving. I hoped I didn't look as tired as I felt.

Finally Nancy got to her feet and began to dress. I watched her without moving. When she was ready I slowly got to my feet and dressed. We helped each make sure we were presentable, and we wiped up all traces of our little activity. Then Nancy reluctantly made to go.

"Next week?" I whispered. She swallowed and looked uncomfortable, but she nodded.

"When my butt's healed. And not so hard next time, okay?"

"I'm afraid you are repeat offender, Miss. Neuchek. Each caning must be worse than the last. You know the school rules."

She nodded, defeated, her head bowed. When she looked at me, her smile was soft and exclusive. "It's really not such a bad price to pay," she said with a deep, pleasurable sigh. "I've never felt so good." Her hands went to rub her sore bottom and I saw her eyes go wide with shock at how sensitive her ass was.

"Till next week," I whispered, giving her mouth a gentle kiss.

"Till next week," she answered, her eyes shining.

She closed the door behind her and I went to my desk and collapsed, my mind reeling. Nancy was amazing. I could hardly wait her bottom had healed.

The End

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