A Routine Spanking

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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A Routine Spanking

(***, ?/?, Severe, nc hand, hairbrush, strap, cane)

Description of a typical spanking. (Approximately 488 words. Originally published 2016-05.)

The spanking begins with the hand. This is just the warmup, the preparation, the groundwork for what is to come. The length of time it lasts varies, according to the offense. Usually the minimum is three minutes, but it could as long as ten. It's not designed to hurt as much as humiliate and remind you that it will get much worse.

That happens when the hairbrush is picked up. This is a thick, sturdy device, with a polished flat back that is ideal as a paddle. Nothing quite humbles like a good ass-warming with a brush. It stings madly, but also leaves a penetrating bruising that keeps the cheeks hot and aching for hours afterward.

The hairbrush portion is when the first tears are produced. While the hand is merely uncomfortable, the hairbrush is real pain. A few swats are bearable, but even one well-experienced with being spanked can't help but get watery eyes after a few dozen wallops with the hairbrush. You'll wiggle and show other signs of suffering, fighting the urge to cry as long as you can -- and maybe even succeed for a minute or two -- but eventually the tears will flow.

The hairbrush spanking lasts until you're well and truly beaten, a broken-down, sobbing mess. That's just the way it's supposed to be. A truly punishing spanking is all about contrition, and you don't get that if the punishment stops before you've reached your limit. The hairbrush must paddle your buns until they can't take any more -- and then you get more. Those final few dozen whacks are absolutely excruciating.

The strapping is done with you standing leaning forward with your hands out of the way. Under normal circumstances it would be agonizing, but with an ass so well-heated, the heavy leather is bearable. It stings frightfully, but the increase in suffering from where you already were isn't that much. Of course, it's bad; you wish desperately for it to stop. But the two to four dozen lashes are all delivered at a relentless rate that's just devastating.

All this is just preparation for the conclusion: the finale with the cane. The thin rattan rod whips deeply into the meat of your buttocks. Every cut is stellar, a shocking blast of blistering pain, but there are only six, or eight, or perhaps a dozen strokes. You're caned slowly, two or three slices a minute. The pain is at maximum intensity for the duration, a miserable several minutes to push your punishment into extremely memorable territory.

When it's over your buttocks rage for hours. The radiating heat is astonishing, the flesh a furnace. The weals from the cane throb.

But this is normal. You've always been spanked this way. It's happened many times before and will happen many times again. It's routine. The specifics vary slightly, but the end result is always the same: you've been thoroughly corrected.

The End

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