A Visitor

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A Visitor

(****, M/F, Edgy, college age girl, semi-nc, sex)

A professor entertains a young lady. (Approximately 6,181 words. Originally published 1998-12.)

I spread a heavy coating of butter across the split potato and watched it melt with delicious anticipation. A hearty steak, some fruit, and a slender glass of wine completed the meal. I sighed with contentment and reached for the television remote.

It was Sunday evening and after a busy weekend this was my first chance to relax. I'd recorded Saturday's game and eagerly cued up the tape. I turned up the volume, not wanting to miss anything.

The doorbell interrupted my first bite of steak. I frowned and put down my fork. I wondered if I could ignore it. But the TV was blasting -- whoever was there had surely heard the noise.

I hit pause on the VCR and went to the door.


A delectable girl stood on my doorstep, shivering in the night air. Her pale blue blouse and tight navy vest were short sleeved, and the tiny white skirt left her long, elegant legs bare to the wind. She'd dressed to impress, not for the weather.

Impress she did. She was little-girl cute, with bright blue eyes and a petite button nose, but her body was all woman: tall and shapely, with full curves straining against the snug schoolgirl uniform. Her angelic face was framed with perfect golden curls. Her glossy, pouting lips covered a row of trim white teeth as she shyly peered up at me.

"Why Keri!" I exclaimed, delighted to see her but frustrated by her timing.

"I, uh, I'm here for my appointment, professor," she whispered, her voice every bit as sexy as the rest of her body.

"Now?" I cried, my annoyance obvious.

Her eyes swelled with alarm. "You said Sunday evening, sir," she began defensively.

"It's nearly ten o'clock!" I interrupted. "I had assumed you'd arrive in the actual evening."

"I'm sorry."

"Talk to me tomorow. We'll reschedule and you can be assured that this mistake will increase the stakes."

I started to close the door. The girl paled and licked her lips nervously. Tears glistened in her eyes. "Oh, please, sir, don't put me off. I've waited to so long...." She looked so frightened and forlorn and devastatingly cute that my anger drained.

"Oh, all right. Don't look so glum. Come on inside."

She followed me eagerly, as a puppy to his master. Neither of us spoke until we arrived in my living room, where I saw her staring at my plate of food.

"Oh," she said. "I didn't mean to interrupt your dinner."

"That's all right -- I had a slice of toast for breakfast at six this morning," I mumbled. I nodded at the TV. "I was just getting ready to watch the game."

"I watched that yesterday," she began. "Beckham's free kick was outstanding...." She slowly went silent, my glare causing her to blush furiously and turn away. "I forgot, you want to watch it yourself."

"Tell you what. Why don't we start with a dozen from Mr. Whippy?" I said sternly, my irriation returning. "Then you can nurse your backside in the corner while I have my supper."

"Uh, of course, sir. Whatever you think is best."

My gun case is mounted on the wall beside the fireplace, but it contains no rifles: only a dozen of the best English canes. They are of various widths, lengths, weights, and manufacturer. "Mr. Whippy" is my lightest, a pencil-thin rod barely two feet long. I use it for "introductions."

Anxious to resume both my meal and my game, I made short work of assisting Keri into the proper position against the back of the davenport. I spread her legs wide and bent her forward, lifting up the petite flap of her skirt. Her round backside was a devilishly tempting target, but I wasted no time admiring the taut blue knickers: I yanked them down to her knees without sparing it a thought.

Keri's buttocks were magnificant. They were round and full and smooth as butter. Marking them would be a delight. I couldn't resist slipping my fingers into the tight cleft, testing the resiliancy of the flesh, and even poking a strong knuckle against the girl's secret hole. She grunted and tensed slightly, but wisely didn't resist my explorations. When I finished, she sighed and murmured, "Thank you, sir."

I took down the cane from the case and swished it through the air a few swipes. Keri watched me with large eyes. "When was your last caning?" I asked her.

"Three or four months, sir," answered the young lady. "The girls each gave me six as part of my initiation."

"Bah! I meant I real caning, like from your father or a teacher."

"That would be a long time, sir. Six or seven years. My father thrashed me horribly when I was thirteen."

"Caught you wanking with a boy, did he?"

The girl blushed crimson, but her lips curled prettily into a pert smile. "How'd you know, sir?"

"I've years of experience dealing with cheeky young things like yourself," I murmured, snapping the cane across Keri's poised backside without warning.

"Ooohh!" she gasped, rising partway up in astonishment. The light rod had left a modest red stripe across the center of her rear cheeks. It was a brilliant crimson at first, but quickly faded to a dull pink. I lashed the cane down again.

"Girls like you are always ready for wanking," I said sternly, drawing another line across the plump cheeks. Keri hissed noisily and gripped the back of the davenport with her fingers. At six stripes I paused to slip my hand onto her arse, feeling the warmth of the tiny, stinging welts. Her flesh quivered delicately under my palm. "Are you wet?" I asked, moving my hand lower. The girl bent her head forward in shame as my fingers slipped between her legs. Wet? The girl was sloppy with moisture, dripping arousal down her thighs!

"Nothing but a slut," I scolded, striking her again with the cane. She winced and didn't answer. Her eyes closed as I thrashed her again and again. She was moaning, a low animal sound, and right on the twelveth and hardest stroke she cried out and her body convulsed wildly. Afterwards, she lay panting, her pretty hair plastered to her face with sweat.

"You liked that, did you? How about some more?" My questions were retorhical, and wisely Keri didn't bother to respond. Another dozen with the cane had her plump bottom bearing a grid-like pattern of lines as though she'd sat on some electrified fencing.

"To the corner with you," I ordered. Sniffing and wiping tears from her yes, Keri managed to tug her knickers up over her sore bottom and gently pat down her white skirt. She limped to the corner near the TV and got in position with her hands folded together on her head. She didn't move for the next hour while I ate and watched the first half of the game (which indeed was exciting and worth the wait).

I'd made no provisions for dessert, however, so I settled on Keri. I seated myself at the center of the sofa and ordered her across my knees. She came quickly and obeyed without a word of protest. Evidently her girlfriends had forewarned her on the severe cost of disobedience.

I lifted her skirt and slid her panties down again. Her magnificent bottom was now a mild pink, most of the red stripes from the light cane already faded. Squeezing the cheeks with my hands, however, proved that though the skin looked healed, it was still extra-sensitive. Keri gasped and kicked mightily.

"Settle down, naughty girl," I scolded, delivering a mild swat which caused Keri to freeze in terror. "You have been a bad girl and deserve everything I give you."

"Y-yes, sir," she choked out.

The spanking was long and hard. So was my erection when I finished. Keri's round cheeks were a vibrant, quivering red and the sofa cushions were stained with her tears. She lay across my lap sobbing uncontrollably, her buttocks no doubt throbbing. My hand felt leaden and numb from the sound punishment, so I picked up a small wooden bat I'd placed nearby.

I placed the wood against Keri's bottom and felt her stiffen. Leaving the bat balanced on the climax of her rear, I slipped my hand between her legs. She gulped and moaned, frantically trying not to wiggle away from me but desperate for relief from my teasing fingers. I pinched her clit, drawing a loud moan from her, which encouraged me to pinch it again, the second time eliciting an exciting shriek.

"Now to begin your punishment," I said picking up the bat.

"Begin!" cried the horrified girl.

"Of course. The caning and spanking were just the warmup. Now your punishment begins in earnest."

Without waiting to hear her protests, I began to paddle her sumptuous cheeks with the small bat. The wooden surface wasn't quite large enough to cover the face of one bottomcheek, so I was forced to paddle her buttocks in sections, going over each several times to be completely thorough and be certain I didn't neglect any area. Only when my arm ached and Keri's buttocks were an even shade of dark magenta did I stop. Keri kept right on crying, wiggling across my lap as though I still spanked her.

My erection was so pronounced it was painful. I roughly pushed Keri to the floor. She collapsed at first, only to rise quickly when her blistered bottom hit the carpet. On her knees before me, she was ideally positioned. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head into my spread legs.

"Make it good," I said. Without hesitating, she quickly began to unbuckle my belt and open my trousers. In a moment I was in nirvana, her wet mouth pumping away at my stiff organ. I creamed in seconds, far too soon, but I was too satisfied to be upset.

Dimly I saw the face of the beautiful college girl on her knees before me, looking terribly cute and innocent, except for the white cream staining the sides of her mouth.

"You're a vixen," I murmured. "I have been much too gentle with you."

Keri's face faltered for a second, but she nodded slowly, her expression a mixture of fear and greed. "Yes, sir."

"In the first room down the hall. There's a piano and a piano bench. Inside the bench you will find a leather tawse. Bring it to me."

Lust and fear fought their battle in Keri's wide eyes, but she stood and obeyed quickly, hurrying down the hall. She was back much too quickly, the heavy leather weapon in her arms.

I groaned and struggled to my feet. Suddenly I felt very tired, but I knew I still had duties to perform. I took the tawse from Keri. "On your hands and knees."

She dropped to the carpet immediately. I walked over behind her, teasing the back of her legs with the dangling tawse. She shuddered and arched her back, thrusting her bottom out. "Remove your knickers," I ordered, and I watched while Keri struggled to slip the pale blue material off her bottom and down her legs. She finally got them completely off and set them on the coffee table.

I lifted her skirt, admiring the way the little flap of cloth so dramatically enhanced the pertness of her backside. My cock was already stiring to life again. I knelt behind her and pressed my crotch against the warmth of her bottom. My erection grew with the contact and I felt Keri shudder in anticipation.

"When you are properly warm, I'm going to take you from behind," I whispered. The girl sucked in her breath loudly. I rubbed her delightful bum. "And you don't have to worry about me being too gentle."

I stood and stepped over her, so she was kneeling between my legs. Squeezing my knees together gripped her waist and held in her position. Lifting the leather tawse all the way behind my back, I brought it down hard. It arched through the air, nearly 360 degrees, before it connected with a frightful slap across the girl's plump left cheek and bare thigh.

"Aaahooooo!" howled Keri, bucking up and down and struggling uselessly to escape the grip of my legs.

"Be still!"

"That fuckin' HURTS!" she snapped bitterly.

"Good." I swung the tawse again, catching the same buttock and thigh again, this time on the outer edge. The effect was an even louder scream, followed by incoherent babbling. On the third stroke, which I placed close to the tender inner skin of her crack, Keri's struggles were so violent she nearly toppled me over.

"You aren't taking this well," I muttered.

Keri only moaned and sobbed, her bum constricting and expanding as she clenched and unclenched her muscles. She was crying something that vaguely sounded like "I'm sorry," but it was impossible to understand her through her choking sobs. I felt a pang of sympathy for the poor thing.

Bending forward, I inspected her arse. The left cheek was a brilliant cherry color, with a mesh of red blotches at the base and thigh. The tawse is a painful weapon, especially the way I was using it. The end, split into three tails, separates when striking, spreading the pain over a larger area. In this case, those tips would be striking the upper portion of Keri's thighs, an especially sensitive area. Since I hadn't spanked her thighs, she was getting the full benefit of the leather on virgin skin -- excruciating.

"Time for the other cheek," I whispered, smiling as I felt the girl's body between my legs give a heavy shudder.

The first stroke was right in the middle of the cheek, exactly as I'd planned. Keri gasped and moaned, but was more composed than before. At least she now knew what to expect. The second caught the outer edges of her buttock, one of the tails spreading to catch the side of the thigh. It left a bright, painful blotch of red. The third and most brutal stroke, the one closest to the crack of her ass, set Keri bucking and screaming again. One of the tails must have caught the insides of her thigh, perhaps coming near or even brushing the peeping lips of her sex between her legs.

"Had enough of the tawse?" I asked when Keri had settled down.

"Oh, God yes!" moaned the girl.

I stepped away from her and she raised herself up on her knees, a slender hand sliding back tentatively to massage her blazing buttocks. The little skirt fell back, covering her bum, so I could only see the shape of her hand beneath it as she fondled herself. Surprisingly, that image caused a delightful surge in my sex. I was hungry again, and not for food.

"The tawse is nice and stingy," I said sternly, "but it's no substitute for the real punishment of a heavy cane. I think it's time you had some welts back there to squeeze."

Keri's face was pale and she licked her petite lips delicately. "Y-yes, sir," she whispered so faintly I hardly heard her.

"What was that?"

"I said, 'Yes, sir!'" she answered firmly, though her voice trembled slightly.

"Excellent," I said. "I'm glad to see that you are a proper and obedient young lady who knows how to accept her discipline with grace and dignity."

The girl did not look full of grace and dignity as she watched me head for my rack of canes. She looked positively ill, as though fear and dread were a disease eating her away from the inside.

I took down "Uranium," the heaviest of all of my canes. This one was over three feet long and deadly. It had to be used with expert care or it would cause the skin to split. I wanted to use it now, while Keri's flesh could handle it. It left deep bruises that took weeks for the soreness to depart. In my opinion, a caning wasn't a caning unless the effects could still be felt a week later.

"This is just the first of many canings tonight, Keri," I said, watching her face grow even more pale. "You are a filthy slut and need a thorough punishment, do you not?"

"Y-y-yes, s-sir," mumbled the girl.

"Yes, sir, what?"

"Yes, sir, I... I'm a filthy s-s-slut and need s-severe p-punish-punishment." Keri dropped her eyes to stare at the carpet in shame, her cheeks blazing with crimson embarrassment.

"Good. Now how many of this cane do you think you deserve?"

Keri's eyes were wide and frightened. "Oh, not too many, sir. It looks too vicious!"

"Would you say six? Eight? Twelve?"

"Oh, sir, three or four would be plenty, sir."

"Nonsense, girl! You know that a proper caning is six strokes, minimum."

"But sir!"

My voice was iron sternness. "Would you like more of the tawse before we begin?"

Keri shuddered, her arms hugging her chest, and she shook her head violently. "No, sir. Absolutely not, sir."

"Than we agree that six is the minimum."

"Y-yes, sir."

"Do you think six is all you deserve?"

Agony flashed over the girl's face. She hated this, being made to devise her own punishment. It would have been easier on her if I'd just told her I was going to give her twelve strokes, but this way she was tortured by the hope that maybe she'd escape with less.

"Per-perhaps e-eight would be more... more appropriate, sir."

"Eight's not too bad, but you've been a naughty girl, haven't you."

"Yes, sir."

"A _very_ naughty girl."

Keri choked back a sob and nodded. "Ten, sir. I'll take ten."

"Ten? A girl of your age? Isn't that a child's punishment?"

Keri began to cry quietly, realizing now that she had no real chance to mitigate her punishment.

"Are you a child, Keri?"

"Noooo," moaned the girl.

"Let me see." With the cane tip I lifted the front of Keri's skirt. She wiggled nervously as I exposed her sex. I stood frozen like that for a minute, letting the tension mount. Then, slowly, I inched forward. Kneeling before the girl, I pushed my face closer and closer to her hairy mound. She moaned impatiently, her hips wiggling her sex at my face.

I sniffed loudly. The sent of her arousal was strong. I placed a palm against the inside of her right thigh, squeezing it hard, my fingers rubbing the whipped area at the back. Keri gasped.

I didn't need to touch her sex to see the dampness, but I knew she wanted me too. She ached for it. She was spreading, arching her pelvis forward. My hand slid upward, closer to the dewy hairs of her puss.

"Oh, please," she groaned. I glanced up and saw her eyes were closed, head thrown back in anticipation of orgasmic climax. I immediately stood, releasing her thigh and allowing her skirt to fall over her secret area.

"Nooo!" gasped Keri. "You can't leave me like this! Please!"

"After," I whispered softly, holding up the cane.

"You're a devil," she hissed. "Fine, give me the twelve, only promise me you'll take me when it's over."

"I promise nothing," I said sternly. "You're a obviously in dire need of this caning. Perhaps twelve isn't enough?"

"Oh God," howled the girl. "Just do it, please. Hurry!" All pretense was gone. The girl was hiding nothing. She squeezed her thighs together in frustrated agony and tears trickled down her face.

I decided to be merciful and end the torture. "Front and center," I said crisply, pointing to the center of the room with the cane. "Feet twenty-four inches apart, bend and grasp your ankles and _hold_. Rising up will void the stroke."

The pretty college girl rushed eagerly to obey, almost anxious to receive the cane.

"You will ask for each stroke by the count," I said. "If you wait too long before asking, the one I give you won't count to your total. Are you ready?"

"Y-yes, sir." Keri's voice was strange, hoarse and muffled, but she looked the picture of obedience, bending over with her legs straight and her bum high.

Carefully I raised her skirt and flipped it over her back. "Better keep your wiggling down," I said. "If that skirt falls down, you'll regret it."

There was a long pause. I waited. Keri suddenly coughed. "Uh, sir... uh, may I have the first stroke?"

"Certainly." I lined the cane up with her gorgeous bottom. I began right at the center and delivered a brutal stroke. The crack of the cane in the quiet house was like a gunshot. There was a surprising silence from Keri. When she finally made a sound, it was pinched moan, as though all her strength couldn't quite contain the sound.

After another moment, she spoke, her voice cracking with stress. "M-may I have number two, sir."

We proceeded like this, stroke after stroke. Keri took them remarkably well. I gave her eight parallel marks across her buttocks, each stroke a half inch apart. The ninth and tenth were right in the crease where buttock meets thigh. I did my best not to overlap them, since that would surely break the skin. But they were so close together the weals blended into single thick one.

The last two strokes were across the back of her thighs, and Keri took the longest to recover from these. It was nearly two minutes after the first one before she asked for the twelveth. It came, hard, and Keri howled through her clenched teeth. She slowly rose, her back aching I'm sure, and stared at me, her eyes red and bloodshot. She'd long since run out of tears.

"Who told you to get up, Keri?" I asked quietly. "Did I say it was over?"

"But that's twelve!" gasped the girl, terror flooding her pretty face.

"Who said we were stopping at twelve?"

The horror on the girl's face was too much for me. I couldn't keep a straight face and began to laugh. She watched me, bewildered and frightened.

"Relax, Keri. Have a seat on the sofa. We're done for a while."

I heard a deep sigh of relief from behind me as I replaced the cane in the rack. When I turned, I saw Keri was still standing, though her hands were behind her back, rubbing her tender bum.

"Are the weals nice?" I asked.

She shuddered. "God awful," she muttered. "You're a monster."

"Sit on the sofa," I ordered. I went to my bedroom and retrieved a bottle of aloe vera lotion I kept there. As I came back into the living room, Keri was still standing.

"Didn't I tell you to sit?"

"Oh! But sir, I'm so sore. Couldn't I just stand?"

"You will sit. And you just earned yourself a slippering for disobedience."

Groaning, Keri obeyed, easing herself onto the soft cushions of my davenport. Twice she hesitated, sucking air sharply through her teeth, but she said nothing. Tears glinted in her eyes as I sat myself next to her. I hadn't planned to make her sit for long, but her disobedience annoyed me. So I turned on the game and watched fifteen minutes of the second half. Keri sat beside me and said nothing, though occasionally I heard something between a sniffle and a sob.

Finally I pressed stop on the VCR and turned off the TV. I picked up the small wooden bat I'd used earlier.

"Over my lap," I said gently.

Keri stared at me in horror, but then, biting her lower lip, crawled over my lap. When she was in position I lifted the skirt and admired the tattered remains of what had once been flawless skin. Her smooth flesh was now mottled and red and swollen everywhere, and the weals from the cane had turned into dark purple ridges.

Unnoticed by the young lady across my lap, I exchanged the bat for the lotion bottle. "Careful, this is going to hurt," I warned, and then dripped a few drops of the cream onto the hot and bruised flesh.

Keri gasped at touch of the icy ointment. She wagged her head in confusion and tried to look back to see what I was doing. She'd expected another paddling and instead was receiving soothing caresses.

"Oh, God that feels good!" she exclaimed, relaxing slightly, and easing her head onto a sofa cushion. "Please don't stop, keep doing that."

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"Yes, but it hurts _good_."

I creamed her blistered bottom and thighs in three passes. During the first I was extremely gentle, just introducing the lotion to her flesh. During the second, I rubbed in the healing aloe vera, working it into the stiff welts and knots. She moaned a great deal but never protested. For the final appplication, I poured a generous amount of the ointment onto her butt and lathered it around until her skin glistened.

Keri ooed and aahed while I fondled her ass. She wiggled across my lap, bumping capriciously against my stiff cock. I was extremely aroused by now. Keri was long past mere arousal -- she was like a bitch in heat. When I guided her off my lap and onto the carpet on her hands and knees she knew what was coming and obeyed eagerly, without hesitation.

I fell to my knees behind her, unbuckling my jeans as I went. In seconds, it seemed, I was inside her. Her hot, greasy bottom pressed against me as I pushed inside her. She cried out, loudly, and rose up, arching her back and spreading her legs wider.

"Fuuuuck meeeeee!" she growled. "Yes, yes, YES!"

If it was fucking she wanted, she got her wish. I came almost immediately, but I didn't pull out, knowing well that each of us was much too hot for one come to satisfy us. I waited, wiggling inside her, rubbing her sore ass against me occasionally. It was but minutes before I was rock hard again, thumping her rump as hard as I could while she screamed in ecstasy.

When it was over, we both collapsed in exhaustion. We were dripping with sweat. I glanced at the VCR clock and was surprised to realize that it had been over an hour since I'd fetched the aloe vera bottle. Time flies when you're having fun.

"I think we need a shower," I said, rising, helping a shaking Keri to her feet. Her pretty hair was wet and matted against her damp face and head. She grinned at me saucily, then suddenly pulled my head down to hers and gave me a long, sexy kiss.

"I've been wanting to do that," she whispered.

"You ought to be spanked for impertinence," I said dully, my heart thumping wildly. This girl was exciting!

"I'm sure I will be," responded Keri, calmly stripping off her vest and blouse. She wore no bra and her petite but plump breasts bobbled into view. The nipples were long and hard. She slipped off her skirt and stood completely naked before me.

I didn't move as she took down my pants, and helped me out of my shirt. In a momement I was as naked as her. Together, we walked down the hall to the bathroom.

We spent an hour in the shower, until all the hot water was gone. We soaped each other, made vertical love, and I gave her delicate breasts a good pinching and spanking with my hand. She went down on me and I went down on her. We finished tired but content.

We walked back through the house naked. Neither of us were in any hurry to get dressed. I'd already decided I'd miss my morning classes. Let my TA handle things. I'd need time to recover from this night!

In the kitchen, I found a platter of ham and some cheese. I poured some wine and we ate and drank like the famished. Keri was delightful to watch, beautifully feminine and elegant, yet occasionally outrageously filthy.

While I was munching on a large slice of ham she approached me with a devilish look. I froze, waiting to see what she was going to do. She bit into my ham, eating it from the other side. Without using our hands we awkwardly ate the same slice, trying not to laugh and ruin the game. Then we were kissing.

A moment later, Keri dribbled wine on her chest and made me lick it off. I turned her around and poured wine down her back and giggled as it rolled down through the crack of her ass.

"Spankings hurt more when you're wet," I said with a broad wink, giving her ass a light slap.

Keri cooed, thrusting her buttocks toward me. "Oh, I'm wet alright," she laughed. "I'm a fountain!"

Next thing I knew she was on her back on the kitchen table. Her legs were vertical, split wide, and I was pour wine into her pussy and licking it out.

"Hold on," I said suddenly, turning and leaving her thrashing helplessly, her legs wiggling in the air.

"Hey, where are you going? Come back! I need you!"

Near the sink I found a spatula. I brought it back with a wild grin and Keri made a sour face. "Oh, shit! I have a bad feeling I know what that's for."

"You've been a VERY naughty girl, tonight."

"Hell ya!" screamed the girl as I pushed her legs back, lifting her butt off the table so I could reach it better. The smacks were light, but Keri howled with every stroke.

When her bottom was nicely pink again, I moved to the back of her thighs, then began smacking the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. I spanked slowly, carefully, Keri biting her lower lip and watching me between her spread legs, her eyes wide with excitement. I spanked closer and closer to her feminine mound, going all around it, driving her crazy. Finally, after a brief dousing of wine, I began to spank her pussy.

I didn't have to worry about hurting her -- Keri was lost to reality. Whether I gave her a light tap or a sharp wallop she moaned the same way, her body shuddering with pent-up passion. She squeezed me between her legs, drawing me closer to her. I spanked her harder for such interference, but that only made her more frantic.

When I took her, right on the table, she was weeping with happiness. She smiled and kissed me, moaning and biting my lips and chin. She bit at my chest, too, so I returned the favor, nibbling on her nipples.

We finally broke apart, spent. We stared at each other in awe.

"We're a fucking mess," moaned Keri, struggling to sit up. She stood, rubbing her ass. "God, I won't be able to sit for a month!"

"I think we need a rest," I said, giving her butt a light pat. "Now to the corner with you. Hands on top of your head. If your nose comes out of that corner, I'll give you a paddling you won't believe!"

Meekly, Keri obeyed. She stood in the corner, and except for an occasional fidget, she obeyed. I watched the last of the game and we had a half hour of peace.

By this time it was after two in the morning. "You've broken curfew," I told Keri, drawing her out of the corner. "If you go back now you'll be in trouble."

"You mean I might get a _spanking_?" she asked with a laugh.

"Do they still do that in college?"

"I know some professors that do."

She kissed me, her lips sweet honey against mine. My cock stirred again despite my exhaustion.

"Don't you think you've been spanked enough?" I asked, turning her around to admire her well-reddened bottom.

"If you don't give me the proper marks, sir, the girls will be sure to make up for it."

"Ah! Well, then perhaps it's time for another caning."

Keri went pale, but behind her hestitation was desire. "Yes, sir."

"Just with Mr. Whippy this time," I said, fetching the light cane. I saw her face ease with relief at that news, but I knew that in her condition even Mr. Whippy would be a formidable foe.

We set to work on her marks then, making sure her bottom and thighs were well-striped. It was more like a game than punishment, as she cooperated in the effort.

"Have I spanked you here?" I'd say, poking a certain spot with the tip of the cane.

"I-I think not, sir," Keri would say with a deep sigh, bracing herself for the several vicious strokes that were sure to follow.

"What about here?"

"Oh, yes, I believe you cover that area, but best give it another go, just to be safe."

As our passions rose, the game became more intense, more wild. I pointed to her calves. "I believe these have been neglected."

Keri shuddered. "Y-yes, sir. I believe you are correct."

After a long calf-thrashing, I went to her feet. "Neglected?"

Keri nodded, sighing deeply. She lay face down on the floor, her feet up behind her. I knelt and began to fondle and stripe the slender soles. We kept up the foot whipping for over a quarter of an hour. Then I made Keri stand, enjoying the look of consternation on her face as she attempted to obey me.

I felt between her legs. She was incredibly wet, and my touching her didn't help matters. "Legs apart, arms behind!" I snapped, and she quickly fell into position.

"I don't believe these have been caned," I said slowly, lifting the cane horizontally and pressing it against her breasts.

She moaned, her eyes wide with fear. "Oh, sir, please...." Then she shuddered and bowed her head. "Yes, sir, please cane my naughty breasts. Cane them hard."

I obliged, beginning with light flicks that burned the undersides of her breasts. She winced and leaned her head back, eyes closed. Her body twitched occasionally as I struck an especially painful blow. I caned the sides of her breasts, next, saving the nipples for the last. She knew it, too. I could see her watching me through half-open eyes, wondering when I'd reach them and how bad it would be.

I waited until her breasts were nicely pink with stripes and blushes and then I gave her the first taste of nipple caning. It was a mild stroke, just a light flick, but she began to cry, tears pouring down her face. Since she hadn't been crying for a long time, I hesitated, wondering if I'd gone too far.

"Don't stop," she moaned. "Hurry! I can't stand it much longer."

I went ahead then, torturing her nipples with devilish skill. I kept the rest of her body active, too, occasionally ignoring her breasts for a few strokes to her bottom or thighs. I also enjoyed putting the cane between her legs and rubbing it against the lips of her sex and watching her crouch and try to rub herself against the thin rod.

I had her spread her legs wider, then, so the cane could reach the insides of her thighs better. She hissed at the pain but cooperated fully.

It was when I began to cane her pussy that she went really wild. Keri was a passionate girl and I thought I'd seen everything she had to offer, but cane her pussy and she's a new creature. Suddenly the cute, seductive young lady was gone, replaced by a foul-mouthed slut with a penchant for pain.

"Harder!" she moaned. "Ooooh! That hurts so _gooood_!"

Her cries at the flicks of the cane were so real they scared me a little, but she wouldn't allow me to be gentle, begging me for more, for more sensation, more pain, more passion. I'd swear that she came twice during that caning, but she was so vocal and writhing so much anyway, it was hard to tell. Perhaps she'd been coming all night.

I know she came during the love-making that followed the pussy-caning. I know because the little wench nearly dislocated my shoulder with her wild climax. She left bloody claw marks down my back, too, but I didn't have the heart to punish her for it.

She left at about six, showered and cleaned up, with two fresh coats of lotion across her buttocks. I'd creamed her breasts and pussy, too, considering the punishment they'd taken. In the cold rational light of morning even we were shocked at the way her flesh looked.

She left me the panties. She didn't want to wear them, and carrying them didn't seem appropriate.

"Perhaps you can come back for them later," I said boldly, hinting.

She smiled, her lips curling prettily. "Now, professor, you know that's not fair to the other girls. Only one visit per semester, that's the rule."

I sighed, nodding. Sometimes life just wasn't fair.

The End