The Bachelorette Party

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The Bachelorette Party

(****, M/Fx7, Intense, cons spanking, paddling, strapping, caning)

A bachorlette party plays naughty. (Approximately 5,117 words. Originally published 2009-05.)

There were wolf whistles, yelling and giggling, and a pair of thong panties hit me in the face as I entered. They were moist.

I studied the group. I counted seven. All young, in their early twenties, college girls. Hot, for the most part. A nice assortment of bodies: tall, short, full-figured, slender. They were all dressed in lingerie and definitely drunk.

I set down my case and started to take off my coat, generating fresh whistles and shouts of stuff like "Take it all off!"

I ignored this advice. It came with the territory.

"So how do you ladies want to do this?" I asked. "Take turns or play a game or what?"

"Yeah!" shouted someone. Another girl whistled and clapped. Two voices simultaneously yelled out, "Take turns!" and "Let's play a game!"

I reasoned it was pointless to ask for direction as the girls were too smashed to be able to make a decision. I'd just have to take things in hand.

"Which one of you is the bride?"

The girls screamed and pointed at a cute blonde. She was blushing demurely. I had her stand up. She had an amazing body and the sweetest smile. The black teddy clung to her figure, especially at the back. Her rump was fully covered, but the black panties were nicely full. Fishnet stockings to mid-thigh completed the darling outfit.

"I'm Cami," she said, flashing me that darling smile.

"Well Cami," I said, my voice dropping deep and stern, "have you been a naughty girl?"

The pink highlights on her cheeks darkened as the surrounding girls squealed like twelve-year-olds. I winced, wishing I'd had the foresight to bring earplugs.

"Spank her! Spank her!" came the cries, with Cami flushed and looking nervous.

"Oh, don't think you're exempt because you're the bride. I've got something special in mind for you."

More screams and squeals. This was going to be a long evening. I pulled out the big oak pledge paddle, which made a few drunken eyes light up and mouths stagger open and silenced at least some of the squealing. A gorgeous blonde in a tight red camisole started giggling nervously, so I selected her to start.

"You there, in the red. Come up here."

"Go on Daphne, take your spanking!" shouted the others. Somewhat reluctantly, with a playful glare at her friends, the blonde came forward. I saw now that she was a bit sluttish, vamping on all the attention. Her large breasts were practically exposed by the strapless outfit, bouncing as she came to the center of the room where I waited with the paddle. She bit her lower lip and looked at it with fear, her friends ooh-ing and ah-ing ominously to rattle her.

"How... how many?" she asked.

Grinning, I picked up an extra-large red die from my case and handed it to her. "Roll to find out."

She took the two-inch cube and with everyone whistling and encouraging her, she rolled it across the floor. It bounced and in the sudden silence almost seemed to go into slow motion, white pips blurring as it rolled and then slowly freezing into focus. The die stopped on a one.

There were gasps and groans and Daphne laughed loudly. She stared at me triumphantly. I just shrugged and hefted the wooden board. Maybe I only got one swat, but I'd make it count. I pointed to the low coffee table. "Place your hands there, butt to the audience."

Daphne tossed her blonde mane behind her head nonchalantly and marched forward obediently, planting her palms in an exaggerated fashion and sticking out her sweet little rump behind. She didn't have the biggest butt, but it was nicely rounded and looked awfully cute in the sweet red panties with the black lace trim. I noticed she had neat little red bows at the back of her thighs, tied to the top of her stockings. She was so dolled up she reminded me of a Playboy bunny, though of course she wasn't wearing the ears.

I didn't give her time to anticipate the sting or milk the crowd. I just hauled the board back and whacked that ass the moment she was in position. The explosion was two-fold. First there was the bang of hardwood against solid flesh. That was promptly followed by a yowl of pain from the girl who leaped up clutching her writhing hams furiously, her expression one of utter betrayal.

The laughter her reaction generated quickly caused her to compose herself, her face stiffening with proud resolve. Wincing, she tried to pretend it hadn't been that bad, but I could see from the paleness of her face that it had really surprised her how much it had hurt. She was looking at me with fresh respect.

"Next!" I called out. There were ominous groans and excited giggles at this.

The girls were gathered in a rough line. Daphne had been at the far left and returned to her spot. Next to her was a rather plump girl. She had a pretty face with a shy smile and long glossy black hair. I grinned at her and waved the paddle and she stepped forward to the cheers of the others.

"What's your name?"


"Well, Pauline, let's have a look at you."

She blushed as she modeled her skimpy camisole for us, but I could tell from the shine of her eyes that she was pleased at the attention. Her top was black, like her hair, with pink trim. The black panties looked to be about three sizes too small for her large bottom, which was about half exposed. Garter straps along her side connected her black sheer stockings to her top. I decided she wasn't fat, just full-figured, and her ass was spectacular. I was really looking forward to warming it with my paddle. I handed her the die.

There were gasps of horror and Pauline's pretty face fell with despair when the die stopped at five. In the stunned silence someone muttered, "Fuck," and that pretty much summed it up. I saw that Daphne, still rubbing her bottom, looked especially grim. She'd been hurt by one blow. What would five feel like?

I gently patted Pauline's wonderful bottom and guided her into position at the coffee table. "Be brave," I whispered. "You'll get through it."

She gave me a grateful nod and steeled herself. She really had a beautiful face, I decided. Especially now, filled with a complex mix of apprehension and anticipation.

Pauline bent forward, presenting the crowd with her big bottom. The cheeks loomed larger as she bent, the panties straining. Though she wasn't wearing a thong, the the underwear was so minimalist that more than half the cheeks were bared. We'd be able to see these buns redden, I thought with pleasure. I hefted the board and swung.


I did not hit her as hard as I'd hit Daphne. Daphne was a snot and I only had one shot with her. Pauline was obviously a nice girl. But that didn't mean the spank wasn't a good one. Even a gentle swing with a board stings, and I wasn't exactly gentle. I struck her solidly and her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped and she grimaced. Her ass gyrated wildly, the cheeks mooning everyone, but I give her credit: she did not get out of position.

That happened on the second swat, however. I swung this one a little harder, full into the chubby meat, and she leaped up, clutching her rump and yelping loudly.

"Oh! It burns," she moaned. The others laughed and teased her, but she clearly didn't care: the intense pain in her posterior was far more significant. She rubbed furiously and only reluctantly put her hands back on the coffee table.


This was the hardest one yet, almost as hard as the one I'd given Daphne. Pauline gasped and writhed, and her face showed all sorts of wonderful emotions. I let her wiggle for a bit, then pushed down the middle of her back to really thrust up the rump. The cheeks were bright pink already, the blush darkening rapidly.

"Hot buns!" someone called out and there was laughter.

Cami, the bride, looked concerned and said, "Hang in there, Pauline. Just two more."

Pauline nodded curtly, bracing herself as I patted her butt with the board and drew back for the fourth. It slammed home and she hissed angrily, rising up and reaching back to rub her fiery ass and hop from foot to foot.

"Last one," I said, and as soon as she was back down, I popped her butt the final wallop. I made this one a touch harder, since it was the last, and she gave a high-pitched screech and hopped all over, clutching her cheeks.

"Ooh, ooh!" she howled.

"Very nicely done," I said. "You're a trooper, Pauline."

She glanced back at me with a mix of gratitude and resentment, and blushed. Recovered somewhat, she went back to her place in line, receiving pats on the back and a hug from Daphne.

The next girl in line was looking extremely uncomfortable. She was tall and broad, blonde and busty, and her butt was nearly as big as Pauline's. She wore a lacy black top and dark panties covered with a gauzy black mini. She wasn't unattractive, but her face wasn't memorable. She was the kind of girl that you only remembered that she was blonde and had big breasts. Apparently her name was Autumn, an incongruous name if I'd ever heard one.

Autumn rolled the die to much excitement and it stopped on four. She did not look happy, but when Cami said, "It could have been worse," she sighed and nodded. She looked at me and said, "Let's get it over with."

She placed her palms flat on the table, spreading her legs wide to give herself room since she was tall. She was a big girl with thighs the size of tree trunks. In comparing her to Pauline, I realized that what I liked better about Pauline's ass was the way it bubbled out at the top of her thighs. Autumn's thighs and ass were practically one thing, and while the butt wasn't bad, I guess I'm prone to the curvier.

Paddling Autumn was fun, however. Such a sturdy girl merited some sound swats so that's what I gave her, four solid wallops that would have staggered a more petite frame. Autumn was tough, too, grunting and hissing and wiggling her butt a bit, but basically taking the whole thing with impressive stoicism.

"Whew," she said after the fourth. "I'm glad that's done." She stiffly marched back to her spot.

All eyes were now on the bride-to-be. The gentle beauty stood looking nervous but with a slight cheekiness to the smile she flashed me. She boldly came forward and took up the die.

"Hold on," I told her. "You're special. With you, we're doing something different." The girls stirred with excitement and curiosity.

"You'll roll the die, but your roll will decide if you're to be spanked or not. Odd, you get spanked. Even, someone else will take your place."

"Oh no!" someone moaned.


"Yeah, who get spanked?"

"We don't know," I said. "Cami will have to roll to see who takes her place. It could be any of you."

"Even me?" asked Autumn in an annoyed tone. "I just got it!"

"Even you. But only if she rolls an even number, and then she rolls a three, since you're third in line."

The girls exchanged nervous looks and everyone held their breath as Cami rolled the giant die. It tumbled across the carpet. When it stopped, there were six white pips on the top.

"Even!" someone shouted.

"Oh shit!"

"It looks like fate has spared you," I told Cami. "Now roll again, and this time you'll be picking who gets spanked instead of you."

Again the die tumbled and bounced and came to a stop. There was much excitement when everyone saw it was a one. Daphne cursed. "Oh, fuck!"

Cami picked up the die and handed it to Daphne, who reluctantly came forward and rolled it. She sighed with relief when it stopped on two. Pauline protested, "Oh come on, that's ridiculous!"

I shrugged. "Fate is fate. Don't worry, girls, these things have a way of evening out."

The two pops to Daphne's lovely bottom were about as hard as I dared go with the big board. She made quite the fuss between, running away to give herself the opportunity to rub and feel sorry for herself, but reluctantly returning when ordered.

Next in line was Jodie. She was short and squat, on the full-figured side, with huge breasts. She wore a strapless red and black top that left her midriff bare and matching panties that barely covered her jutting rump. Her face was nothing special, though she was attractive, but I was mostly interested in that spectacular butt. It was practically begging for punishment.

I was delighted to see Jodie roll a six. Most of the girls thought it was amusing, too, though Cami gave her friend an encouraging hug and a kiss on the cheek. Jodie was decidedly not happy about her roll. "I have the worst luck," she muttered as she got in position.

Whereas Pauline's butt had been round and broad, Jodie's was more compact but stuck out even further. It had an aggressive thrust that didn't match her plain face and I was eager to lay on the hardwood. It was one of the meatiest rumps I'd ever paddled. Every blow sounded like a canon going off, rocking the room, and I loved the solid feel of Jodie's butt through the paddle. She handled it well, but she'd had time to prepare for the event having watched several others paddled before her, so that helped.

Next up was Gabrielle. She was the tallest of the group, a good two or three inches above Autumn, but perhaps half the weight. She was thin and lanky, attractive, but there was something not-my-type about her. She had decent apple-sized breasts and a round, if not huge, butt. But for some unknown reason I found her unappealing.

Gabrielle rolled a five, which pleased everyone but her. Like Jodie, she took the swats very well, yelping only a few times, and getting out of position only once.

The last girl was Staci, another blonde. I really wasn't too into her face, which was all nose, but her body was nice. Unfortunately, she only rolled a one, so I didn't have much time to do anything.

I slowly put the paddle away. There was a smattering of applause that turned to groans when I produced a thick leather tawse. "Daphne, I believe it's your turn."

The girl in red didn't seem quite so flirty this time as she eyed the leather belt suspiciously as though trying to determine if it would be worse than the paddle, but she boldly took the die from me and rolled it. It stopped at a modest three and she shrugged, resigned. She moved to the coffee table but I shook my head.

"Hold on. For the tawse, I want you to lie down on the table." I saw a small pillow on the nearby sofa and snapped my fingers for a girl to hand it to me. I placed it on the table. "Put your hips on that so your ass is nice and high."

Nervous, Daphne obeyed. The pillow lifted her hips up a few inches and presented her elegant bottom nicely. The lower parts of her cheeks were bright pink through the gauzy black lace trim of her panties. I stepped to one side, flexing the long leather belt, and then I brought it up behind my shoulder. In one smooth movement I lashed her full across her butt.


"Ah!" Daphne gasped, then writhed prettily as the sting penetrated. "Ooooh," she muttered. "Oh my God!"

I placed the second lower, catching the fuller part of her rump, the part less protected by her underwear.

"Oh, fuck!" she blurted out, hissing angrily and reaching back to grab her ass.

"Hands forward!" I snapped. "Unless you want extras."

She shook her head furiously and quickly removed her hands, leaving her butt waiting for more. I delivered with the hardest blow of the night, a real cracker right into the join between buttock and thigh. The noise of the belt was astounding. There was a stunned silence in the room. Several girls had ashen faces and I saw one or two jaws hanging open.

Daphne's mouth was open but no sound was coming out. Her eyes bulged and swelled with tears and then she howled. She rolled off the table, clutching her butt and rubbing furiously, babbling stuff I couldn't understand. I ignored her. "Next," I said, my eyes on the lovely full figure of Pauline.

The pink of Pauline's butt had darkened to crimson, revealed clearly as she bent to pick up the die. Plenty of meat on this babe, I thought, and I hoped for a high roll. Sadly, it was only a two, and Pauline seemed relieved.

Spread out on the low coffee table, her hips propped up by the pillow, her ass was amazing. Full and round and half-bare, the smooth flesh a delicious ruby that had me wishing I could really paddle those buns someday. I only had two strokes of the tawse to work with, so I made them count. Each was just as hard as the last one I'd given Daphne, and Pauline was weeping when she staggered to her feet. An angry, vivid scarlet blotch crossed the lower portions of her cheeks.

Autumn gave me a more reasonable four strokes to work with, and with such a big butt I worked it hard. After she was in position on the table, I raised the little transparent skirt to really bare her bottom. She had on black panties, but they were stuck deep into her crack and high on the sides, leaving much of her butt bare. The strapping was extremely painful and left the flesh a furious red with a crop of fresh blisters.

Cami the bride was next. I reminded her again that she'd only be spanked if she rolled an odd number. She nodded, looking apprehensive, and threw the die. It stopped on a one. Her face fell. The others either cheered or groaned.

"Uh, so now I roll to see how many swats?"


She rolled and the die stopped at three. Cami looked terrified as she settled on the coffee table, and I felt my heart stop. She was gorgeous. With her pretty face fraught with worry and fear yet shining with excitement, it seemed almost unfair that someone so pretty could also have such a spectacular bottom. It wasn't the biggest in the room by any measure, and it didn't jut the most, but it was extremely shapely. The curve had a nice bulge and the skin was satiny smooth and unspanked so far. She looked so hot I couldn't wait: I had to strike.

The room echoed with the snap of leather on flesh and Cami's high-pitched yells. "Yow! Ohhh, that stings!"

I whacked the belt down again, bringing it slightly from my right to catch more of the underhang of her cheeks. She hissed and her showed all her perfect white teeth as she grimaced. Her lovely butt wiggled delightfully across the pillow. The creamy flesh bore two overlapping pink rectangles, rudy areas where the strokes overlapped.


Cami reached back, on a hand on each cheek, squeezing frantically. Her face was pale and drawn, her eyes moist. Slowly she got up, rubbing and wiggling, and grinning ruefully at her friends.

"Wow," she said to me. "You don't hold back, do you?"


Jodie, the girl with big breasts and jutting behind, was next. She looked quite nonchalant as she rolled the die and her expression didn't change when she saw she'd rolled a two. She calmly took the two swipes and passed the die to the tall girl, Gabrielle.

"Oh my God!" shouted Daphne. Everyone stared at the six. Gabrielle looked grim.

"Oh, shit," she grunted. She stretched her lanky frame out on the table, her small but nicely shaped butt presented. "Go easy on me, please."

I didn't bother answering and I didn't go easy on her. I made sure each stinging lash was slightly more intense than the previous, and by the time we got to four Gabrielle was gasping and moaning. Five made her cry, and after the sixth she stood with tears trickling down her face. Her ass was a vivid scarlet as though she'd sat in fresh red paint.

Staci was next and rolled confidently as though the odds were in her favor. Surely it couldn't be another six, right? Well, it wasn't. But it was almost as bad: a five. Her rather large mouth fell open and she frowned. But she didn't want to show that she was afraid, so she quickly got down onto the table and endured a good whipping. I wasn't brutal, but I was merciless, and by the time her butt was scorched with five hard blows she knew she'd been well-punished. She returned to her spot looking quite subdued.

I folded up the tawse and put it in my case and drew out a three foot rattan cane. It was thin but sturdy, with plenty of whippy flexibility in the stick.

Daphne cried out, "Oh no, not more!"

"This is the last implement," I told her. That was the truth. Reluctantly, she came forward. She rolled the die with a sour look on her face. Her look became even more sour when she saw with horror that she'd also rolled a five.

"You will stand here." I tapped the tip of the cane on a spot on the carpet. "Bend over with your ass to your friends and grab your ankles. Do not bend your knees. Stay bent over and don't let go of your ankles. Understand?"


With a distinct lack of enthusiasm, Daphne did as I instructed. Bent all the way over like that her bottom spread and her panties rose up, revealing more skin. I lined up the rod and flicked the stick hard across the middle of her cheeks.

"Ohhhh! Arrgghh! Ah, damn it, that fucking hurts!"


"Ohhh... God, give me a moment to catch my breath, damn it."

I cut her again, this time lower, into the thick meat at the base of her butt. The cane sank into the chubby flesh beautifully and Daphne howled. Twice more I thunked the rod home, each time drawing a shout of anguish from the tortured girl. Five glorious red lines crossed Daphne's cheeks as she writhed her way back to her spot in the line.

The delicious Pauline was next and I could hardly believe my good fortune when she rolled a six. None of the others could believe it either, looks of terror being exchanged by those still to endure the cane. I heard someone whisper, "The die must be loaded!"

Pauline's big bottom soaked up the rod beautifully, the marks a violent magenta, yet much of her bottom bore no marks at all. But by her desperate wiggling and yelping, I gathered it still hurt a great deal.

Autumn was relieved when she rolled a mere three. The cuts still hurt abominably, but at least it was over quickly. Cami was next, her face a little pale as she tossed the die. It bounced and tumbled, coming to rest with a single pip on top.

"Oh, not again!" she groaned.

"Hey, we're taking it, so you should too!" someone called out.

"But it's my party," Cami muttered, but she was grinning ruefully. She picked up the die as though it was cursed and tossed it. "Please another one... oh crap!"

The die was showing a five. I grinned, flexing the cane. Cami took a deep breath and went over. Several of her friends told her to buck up and take it bravely. She did, too, though it was obvious from her agonized expression, fierce yells, and the purplish weals across her shapely bottom that this was no picnic. It was a genuine flogging, five of the very best, and it hurt.

Jodie only had to take four, but I placed them all close together right in the crease, and by just the third she was crying.

Staci's roll was another five. "That's not fair -- I just had five with the strap!"

Fair or not, it's what fate awarded her, so that's what I gave her. Her butt was broad but a bit flat, so I even went down the back of her thighs on a few of the strokes. She took the beating with surprising grace, not letting go of her ankles even once, though she did argue the sentence and beg for mercy.

"Hell, I'm glad that's over," muttered Daphne as I put away the cane. "A bit of a lark, but that was intense."

"Oh, we aren't done." She stared at me, astonished.

"But you said--"

"I said the cane was the last implement. It was. We have one final round to complete, but I won't use an implement. I'll use my hand."

There were groans at this, so I went further with the good news. "Because my hand can only cover one cheek at a time, the swats are per cheek. And you'll be rolling five dice, not one."

A math whiz -- I think it was Gabrielle -- murmured, "That's 30 spanks!"

"Per cheek!" added someone.

"Oh. And there's one more tiny little detail... Your final spanking will be on the bare bottom."

This generated quite a stir. The girls were all dolled up in their sexy lingerie and had assumed that was as exposed as they needed to get. The discovery that they were going to have to bare their bottoms for punishment provoked a number of arguments. But they were giggling with excitement at the naughtiness of it all, too.

The sexy and flirty Daphne approached me. I sat on the coffee table for her to get over my lap. I'd taken the additional dice from my case and she took them up nervously and threw them: 1, 5, 3, 6, and 6.

"Twenty-one," I said. "Take 'em down."

Grinning at her friends, Daphne did a slow striptease, making a big show of lowering her black and red panties to expose her reddened bottom. The cheeks were very cute bare, I thought, and I eagerly attacked them once she was over my lap. I spanked her hard and soundly, every slap of my hand making her gasp. I doubt it was that painful, but being spanked is so intimate that it creates a connection between spanker and spankee. It makes you feel every spank more vividly.

After twenty-one to each cheek, Daphne was done, and she stood up panting, biting her lower lip, and rubbing her fiery bum. She looked totally aroused and a bit frustrated. When she bent to pull up her underwear I ordered to leave them where they were.

"You'll stay bare bottomed until everyone has been spanked."

"What? No way!"

But I could tell she was thrilled at the idea, despite her pink blushes.

Pauline was next, rolling a 1, 5, 6, 5, and 6 for a total of twenty-three. Her ass was already nearly bare, or at least it seemed that way with such skimpy panties, but once she took them down her ass seemed twice as big. I did my best to spank those big buns completely, but with only twenty-three smacks per cheek and so much acreage it was a hopeless task. She was practically purring at every smack and grinned happily when I finished, standing up to rub her bottom with a breathy sigh.

Autumn rolled a bunch of tiny numbers for a modest nine spanks to each cheek. Again I did my best, but she seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

Cami was next, her roll coming out to a modest thirteen smacks, but her bottom was so lovely I enjoyed it thoroughly. Even when I walloped her as hard as I could she just grunted and sighed dreamily, panting and gasping as we neared the end. I swear she almost asked me not to stop but caught herself just in time. After she got up I noticed my thigh was damp where her crotch had been across my leg.

Fortunately the bigger numbers came back for Jodi with nineteen for her jutting rump, and we both had a good time. She kept thrusting her butt higher, welcoming the stingy slaps, and I loved the feel of her chubby cheeks.

Gabrielle was the denouement, the beginning of the end, with a roll of 6, 2, 4, 4, and 4. Twenty to each cheek hardly fazed her, and she was grinning when she got up, rubbing her butt playfully.

The final girl was Staci with a mere fifteen. She took them aplomb, the slaps hardly penetrating her sturdy butt.

When I finished I had the girls line up, their panties around their knees, and admired the row of gorgeous pink and crimson butts. The coloring varied according to the severity of the implement used, some buns crisscrossed with ruby welts, others a bright magenta from the paddle or strap. Every girl had received at least a few hard swats with something, though a couple of the girls had suffered more than the others. Still, such things even out, I always like to say.

The ladies wanted me to stay and party with them, but I told them I had another engagement. I did take a few snacks for the road, and Cami gave me really sexy kiss right on the lips before I left. The others all whistled and told her that she was being awfully naughty and deserved another spanking. She looked at me almost hopefully, but I have rules. Besides, I knew it would actually be more torturous if I _didn't_ spank her.

I left with a clear conscience, a fat wallet, and an erection that wouldn't quit. Just thinking of going home to Ellen had me stiffening. I knew I'd racked up quite the whipping debt for my evening's work, but it had totally been worth it. Ellen would be merciless, as usual, would probably use both the belt and the cane, but afterward... I could hardly wait.

The End