The Price of Beauty

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The Price of Beauty

(*****, M/f, Severe, Schoolgirl spanking, teacher-student lust)

A schoolgirl learns it's painful to be beautiful. (Approximately 9,019 words. Originally published 2000-03.)

"You wanted to see me, sir?"

The slender girl hesitated in the doorway. Principal Higgins nodded grimly.

"Come in, Cory."

The girl stepped inside, closing the door behind her. She was appropriately nervous and intimidated by the large, opulent office. Higgins was pleased.

He studied her. She wore a pair of gleaming, snow-white jeans that hugged the delicate swell her hips deliciously. The low-cut designer sweater she wore above was equally tight, offering a fascinating presentation of the twin mounds of her chest. The sweater was a deep forest green and elegantly cut, lending a note of class to her otherwise casual outfit.

Her round face was framed with a short crop of dusty blond hair, curly and fritzed. Her eyes were bright blue, intelligent, and pretty. The petite button nose served as an appetizer to the luscious mouth. The lips were pursed nervously as the girl fidgeted, and as the principal watched, a slender red tongue poked its way between them.

Higgins sighed. This was devastating. The report had been accurate, more than accurate. It had underestimated the severity of the situation if anything. He shook his head grimly. "I'm afraid this is indeed a serious matter, Miss Taylor."

"Have I done something wrong?" The girl appeared genuinely puzzled.

The principal nodded. He lifted a manila folder from his desk. "This is a report from several teachers and students. They have observed you for the past several weeks. Now I realize you are a new transfer and perhaps aren't familiar with all of our regulations and rules, but you have broken one of our most important codes."

The girl gasped. "I did?" She licked her lips again. "What did I do?"

Higgins didn't speak for a moment. "Turn around."


"Turn around." He made a corkscrew motion with his finger and hesitantly, the girl obeyed.

It was Higgins' turn to gasp. He swallowed hard, attempting without success to tear his eyes away from the astonishing sight. The girl's buttocks were the most desirable he'd seen in twenty-seven years of teaching. They were incredibly pert. From the profile perspective, he could have sworn they jutted out from her slender body a good eight or ten inches. When she had her back completely to him, he saw that the cheeks couldn't have been any more perfect. The crack, clearly visible through the skin-tight white denim, was deep and pronounced, enhancing the voluptuousness of the twin mounds. The cheeks swelled out on the sides to give her bottom the firm, rotund appearance of a basketball. At the crotch the cheeks bowed inward with a delicate curve that took his breath away. His eyes were drawn into the mysterious diamond shape at the apex of her legs and the base of her buttocks.

After a week or so of gazing, Higgins cleared his throat and motioned for Cory to turn back around. He stood and turned his back on her so he could adjust his slacks. He faced the set of bookcases behind his desk as he pondered inspiration. This was the most serious matter he'd ever encountered and he wasn't absolutely certain of procedure.

He pressed the intercom on his desk phone. After a few seconds, his secretary answered. "Yes, Mr. Higgins?"

"No interruptions, Ms. Clark. Cancel all appointments. I'm going to be occupied for the rest of the day."

"Yes, sir," she answered, and he switched off the phone. He turned to the nervous girl. "Cory, I'm going to have to punish you."

The words sounded loud and ominous in the closed room and he heard the girl's gulp of horror.

"But sir--"

"There's no discussion, Cory. It must be done." He faced her, his expression as stern as he could make it. "Please don't make this any more difficult than it is."

The principal walked out from behind his desk and drew a chair from the corner. It was large with velvet padding and no arms. He sat and held out his hand for the girl. She approached gingerly, confusion on her face.

"W-w-what are you going to do?" she asked, though her frightened eyes revealed she already suspected.

"I'm going to spank you."

"Oh my God!"

"And not just a little spanking, either. This is going to be one of the longest, hardest, most severe spankings I've ever given, and I've given thousands."

Tears glistened in the blue pools of Cory's eyes. She shook her head and tried to pull her trembling hand from the man's grip, but he held her firmly, guiding her toward the doom of his lap.

"No, noooo!" she moaned. But it was a low, helpless cry, the lament of one resigned to the inevitable. Still wailing, she stretched across the man's lap. She didn't see the expression of awe on his face as he admired her incredible body, didn't see him lick his lips and close his eyes in painful desire, didn't notice his shudder when she arched her back to ease herself into position. No, all she saw the dull brown carpet, blurred by her tears, as her palms braced against the floor.

Higgins, for his part, couldn't quite believe such incredibly round buttocks existed. His hand drifted out and slid up a long, slender leg, resting on a thick thigh. He could feel the muscles of the girl tensing as she wiggled slightly. The sleek white fabric of her jeans felt like silk. Her leg was smooth, firm, and living. His fingers were inches from the mountainous swell of her left buttock and he could hardly contain himself.

"Oh please, sir!" gasped the girl. "You can't _spank_ me!"

"I can and I shall, Miss Taylor. Now be quiet and accept your discipline like a good girl, or I shall have to punish you even more extensively."

Resistance gone, he slid the hand forward. The initial gentle slope quickly gave way to a steep cliff of smoothness. Her bottom was massive, incredibly prodigious for such a young thing. It seemed to take him hours to reach the apex of the curvy cheek. His hand perch on top like a victorious mountain climber, and he gazed down at the path he'd traveled.

The cheek was as firm as he'd anticipated, the curves as smooth as butter. He caressed the bottom carefully, rubbing the sleek cheeks all over, not missing any section. He slipped his fingers over the bulb at the base and into the crotch area, rubbing harder. The girl moaned loudly and kicked a couple times, but didn't say anything.

The principal raised his hand high. SMACK! His hand landed full across the near cheek. The girl gave a tiny "Oh!" of surprise.

Oh, yes, what a wonderful feeling. The gentle resistance of firm flesh, giving way to his hand initially, then pushing back impudently. He could feel it now, trembling slightly, the body across his lap alive and wiggling. Such bliss.

Again the hand went up. SMACK! This time across the far cheek, his palm connecting with the sturdy base, his fingers wrapping around the outer edge.

"Oww!" cried the girl. "That _hurt_!"

"Spankings do that, my dear," murmured Higgins, scarcely aware of the conversation. He was concentrating fully on spanking the luscious bottom before him.

His hand went up and down, up and down. The girl cried out and wiggled, but he held her steady without even thinking about it. His eyes drank in every delicate shift and shimmer of her quivering bottom. His palm memorized every curve and jut of her buttocks. His heart thumped fiercely with every bounce of her flesh, loving the way her bottom sprang back into perfect form after each distorting wallop.

He spanked her for over an hour. The pace varied. Sometimes he alternated cheeks. Sometimes he concentrated on just the left for a long span. Sometimes he put his efforts into a particular area, like the plump lower portion. Sometimes he spanked slowly and deliberately, four or five swats a minutes. Sometimes he just rubbed and squeezed her bottom for long moments, not saying a word. On several occasions he went beserk, spanking her so hard and fast his hand was a blur and the sounds of the spanking seemed to echo in the room for half a minute after he'd stopped. He spanked her hard, gentle, and everything in between.

When he finished, the girl just lay across his lap and cried. She was drenched with sweat and panting for breath. It seemed she'd excerted herself as much as him. He sat and patted her bottom for a long time, rubbing her cheeks and between her legs until she recovered, slowly rising and wiping her eyes and sniffling.

He sat her on his lap and smiled at her. She winced, fidgeting. "Please, sir, may I go now?" she whispered, her voice hoarse from crying.

"Go? Why of course not! We've hardly begun, my child. We've much more punishment to come!"

The girl's pink face went pale. "But sir!" She reached behind to protect her scalded backside.

"Shhhh," whispered the principal. "You took your warm-up spanking very well. You deserve a little break. Now go stand in the corner over there. In a few minutes we'll begin your _real_ spanking. After all, a spanking doesn't count unless it's on the _bare bottom_, right?"

Nothing in the girl's history could have prepared her for a comment like that. She broke into tears. Her face showed her disbelief. She allowed herself to be led to the corner where she stood, crying and trembling, occasionally glancing back Principal Higgins working at his desk. Every time he moved an arm or shuffled a paper or dropped a pen she froze, shivering with terror.

* * * * *

The sketch was one of his best. Principal Higgins held it up, comparing it to the real-life teenage girl standing in the corner. He'd captured the taut jeans perfectly, every curve of the girl's buttocks gloriously detailed.

The girl shuddered at his movement, but she kept her head pointed directly at the intersection of the two walls, not daring to look behind her. In his pencil drawing, Higgins had the pretty girl peering over her shoulder, eyes and lips wide with delicious terror.

Higgins put down the drawing. Time for part two. He stood.

"I think you are ready for your real spanking now, Cory."

"God, no!" cried the girl, turning from the corner as he approached. Her hands went behind her, covering her bottom protectively.

"Don't make this any harder," he said sternly, grasping her arms and pulling her toward the chair in the middle of the room. Cory glanced at it, eyes flashing between it and his face, her face contorted with fear.

He sat and held her in front of him. She stood trembling, crying slightly. "Stop that noise!" he scolded. "You're a teenager, not a two-year-old."

The girl froze in surprise and blinked solemnly at him.

"That's better. Now get used to reality. You have been a terribly naughty girl and you are going to be severely punished. There's nothing you can do about that. Get that through your pretty little head. This is going to hurt, and it's not going to be over for a long time. Understand?"

"Oh, please, sir--"

Higgens shook her sharply, his hands gripping her arms harder. "Understand?"

With a small hiccup, the girl nodded. Her eyes focused on her feet.

"Good. Now I want you to be a big girl. Stop this silly babbling or I'll have to get out my big paddle of there and really roast your buns." The principal nodded his head toward the far wall. Cory looked and gasped. Next to the trophies and framed certificates was a huge wooden paddle. It was nearly an oar it was so massive. Getting whacked with it was unthinkable. The girl gulped and nodded passively at the man.

"I'll be good, sir!"

"Excellent. If you obey my every command without hesitating, we'll see if we can finish this without that paddle."

"Yes, sir!" cried the girl eagerly. Her grin was contagious, and the man smiled.

"Take down your jeans."

The words seemed to suck out all the air in the room. The girl went pale, frozen in indecision as she stared at the man in horrid disbelief. For a long time she didn't speak, then finally croaked out a hoarse, "Sir, you can't..."

Higgins sighed. "Must I get the paddle?"

"No!" Cory reached for the fastener at the front of her jeans. She hesitated one last time, her eyes pleading with him. She might have begged a mountain to move for all it accomplished. Shuddering helplessly, her eyes watering with bitter tears, she jerked open the first button. Grimly, button by button, she opened the fly. Turning slightly away from him and gritting her teeth, she slowly peeled down the clinging jeans. She had to slip off her shoes to completely remove the pants, and he told her to go ahead and take off the socks, too.

She stood with her side to him, motionless with her hands across her front, her face violently red. Her sweater covered only the topmost portion of her waist, leaving most of her underwear and bottom on display. She looked straight ahead, her jaw fixed in determination.

Her panties were white, gracefully cut, with just the faintest hint of lace at the edges. Principal Higgins smiled as he studied her profile. The cheek before him was nearly bare, covered only by a slender two-inch strip of material across her hip. He rotated her around, admiring the valiant but feeble attempt of the skimpy cloth to encase the curved mounds of the girl's buttocks. The sides and lower portions of her cheeks were completely bare. The skin was a creamy pale with patches of pink from her warm-up spanking.

Gently, the principal guided the girl across his lap. Twice she hesitated slightly, but her resistance was brief, and he didn't even make a comment. Admiring the plump bottom he was about to spank, Higgins proceeded to give it a good rubbing all over. The girl shuddered.

"Are you ready for your spanking, Cory?"

The girl's voice was bitter with resignation. "Yes, sir."

"Ask for it, then."


"Ask for it. Ask me to spank you."

He waited then, patiently, while she computed this new task. Finally she blurted out, "What the hell. Go ahead and spank me!"

Higgins sighed, rubbing her ass harder, almost pinching her with his rough squeezes. "Come on, Cory. Be polite. That's not a proper way to ask for your spanking and you know it."

"Oh, Mr. Higgins, please!"

There was a loud SPLAT and the girl yelped. A pink palm print gleamed across her right thigh. She wiggled her leg violently. "Okay, okay," she whined. "Mr. Higgins," she began, then stopped. He waited silently. "W-will you... uh, spank me?"

"What's the magic word?"

"Oh God," groaned the girl. "Please?"

"Please what?"

"Please will you fucking spank me!" screamed the girl, rocking her body violently. She froze the instant the words were out of her mouth. Her head rotated to look back up at him, his eyes memorizing the exact expression of dread on her face. It would make a good sketch later.

"Since you asked so nicely," murmured the principal, squeezing each buttock one final time before he began the punishment.

This time he wasn't gentle like the first time. He spanked slowly, but exceedingly hard. The girl's light cries of surprise quickly became genuine moans of deep pain. She was more stoic this time, not struggling and whining as much. This pleased Higgins a great deal. He enjoyed spanking but a big fuss over relatively mild discipline annoyed him. It tended to make him angry and he spanked harder than he intended, ruining the carefully planned pacing of the punishment.

After ten minutes of slow but constant smacking, he paused. He could feel Cory heaving across his legs, struggling for control. He was panting from the exertion. His hand throbbed dully, a wonderfully alive feeling. The pain was only a hint of what Cory's bottom must be feeling, he mused with a delicious sigh.

He rubbed the cheeks absently, loving their firm curves. Did the girl even have a clue what she had here? Probably not. It was amazing, but often the really pretty girls didn't realize how special they were. It was the cows with big tits and an older boyfriend who thought they could be models or movie actresses and treated everyone as beneath them.

"Did you enjoy that spanking?" he asked quietly.

Cory shook her head. "No, sir. It hurt very much."

"Well, there's plenty more to come, so hold on tight."

"Oh, sir--"

Sudden hard smacks drowned out anything more the girl said, and soon she wasn't speaking but howling, the pain taking control of her brain. This spanking was fast and furious, fresh blows landing almost before the flesh had bounced back into position. Higgins spared her nothing, but spanked as hard and fast as he physically could.

After two minutes he paused and yanked her panties tight into her crack, baring most of her bottom, and resumed the assault with feverish intensity. Cory sobbed incoherently, waggling her hips as a futile gesture to encourage him to stop. Unknown to her, this had the exact opposite effect, for the waggling bottom so delighted him he continued the spanking for longer than he'd originally intended. When he finally halted, Cory's buttocks were covered with a deep pink.

Higgins rubbed her ass for a while, until she'd stopped crying and lay quietly, except for the occasional low moan of complaint. He pondered her ass for a few minutes.

"I know what you need," he said suddenly. "Get up." He gave Cory's butt a sharp tap. She practically leapt from his lap, scrambling to her feet and clutching her sore backside. "To the corner," ordered the principal.

"Oh, please, no more," begged the girl. She bowed her head and went when he pointed, however.

"Hands on your head. Thats a good girl."

Higgins went to the desk and rummaged inside a drawer. "Ah," he said. He returned to Cory. "I couldn't find a hairbrush, but this ruler should do."

"You're not..." began Cory, but her words were cut off by the sharp slap of the wooden ruler across her left buttock. She squealed loudly and clutched her bottom.

"Hands on your head!"

"Oh please!"

"Would you rather I use the paddle?"

Tearfully, Cory shook her head and slowly put her arms up. She folded her fingers together on top of her head and gripped tightly.

A dozen times the ruler cracked down, each smack frighteningly loud in the small office. Cory whimpered and moaned, yelping occasionally. Several bright red rectangles appeared on her butt and quickly faded into crimson blotches.

"Stay there and don't you dare even think of touching your butt," ordered the principal. Cory sniffled in response. Higgins went to his desk and began another sketch.

* * * * *

An hour had passed. Higgins' new sketch was even better than the first. This time the girl's pants were down around her ankles and her white panties were pulled up tight into her crotch, revealing round bare buttocks crimson with punishment. As he compared the sketch to the original, however, he saw that the reddish blotches had faded. The ruler marks were faintly visible, but a good deal of the evidence of the hand spanking was gone.

It was time for the real discipline to begin.

Higgins seated himself in the chair and called out to Cory. She turned hesitantly, freezing when she saw the wooden ruler clutched in his hand.

"Oh, no more, sir, please!"

"Come on, Cory. What did we say about obeying immediately? I think I'll have to use that paddle after all!"

At that, the terrified girl ran to him as fast as she could with her ankles chained together by her jeans. "Please, sir," she begged beautifully, her eyes shining with sweet tears. "Haven't I been punished enough?"

"Hardly," laughed the principal. "Now step out of the those jeans. That's a good girl. Why don't you fold them up neatly and set them on that little table by the door over there."

Higgins waited patiently as the girl obeyed. He enjoyed tremenously watching her walk across the room, her round tush bobbing deliciously as she moved. When she returned, she was the picture of humility and embarrassment, her long legs bare except for the thin patch of her panties across the vee of her crotch.

"That's a good girl," Higgins said with a smile. "Now I want you to listen very carefully: if you do not obey my next instruction immediately and without hesitation, I will give you a taste of that paddle immediately." Both pairs of eyes darted toward the mantlepiece and both beings shuddered, the girl in horror, Higgins in anticipation.

"Are you going to obey me?" asked Higgins sternly.

The girl nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Good. Now I want you to slowly, very slowly, take down your panties."

There was a moment of utter silence. Then, just as Higgins was prepared to rise to fetch the paddle, the girl moved. Her delicate hands slipped to her waist and began to curl the top edge of the undergarment down. She had her eyes closed and it looked to Higgins like she was gritting her teeth.

He was almost disappointed she'd obeyed him. Nevermind, he thought pleasantly. There'd be plenty of excuses to use the paddle later.

"Slowly, very slowly," encouraged Higgins, and his heart beat wildly as the girl obeyed. She drew the material behind her down the farthest, then pushed the front down an inch or so. He could see the soft pale skin below her belly becoming exposed. She wiggled the panties down at the sides a bit, pushed the back down, baring most of her ass, and then revealed more of her front.

She was crying now, for she knew that any further down exposed the privacies of her sex. Suddenly she stopped, beautiful moisture-filled eyes wide open, her lips pursed in a sorrowful plea that caught Higgins right it in the chest it was so sweet. Her breathy "Please..." was so faint he felt it more than heard it, but it was enough.

"All right," he said loudly, standing up sharply and marching toward the far wall. The girl screamed and began to blather incoherently.

"No! No! Not the paddle! I'm sorry. I'll do it, I'll do it!" she begged. With a sudden jerking movement she yanked the panties down to her ankles and stood with her hands wide, showing completely the front of her slendid body to the principal.

Higgins had the big paddle in his hands. He fondled it lovingly, enjoying the hefty weight and smoothly polished surface. His face was hard as he stared at the girl and she fell silent, only occasionally blurting out a "Please!" or a "Don't!"

Silently, with the grim determination of an emotionless robot, Higgins stepped behind the girl. He guided her hands to the velvet seat of the chair. She was bent over, the slender panties around her ankles keeping her legs close together.

"Oh God!" gasped Cory as the paddle tapped her bottom lightly. The principal was lining up his shot. "Please, you can't--"

The explosion wiped all sound from the room. In the confines of the closed chamber the thud of the paddle was a massive, incredible sound, overwhelming both Higgins and the girl. For a long moment Cory just stood there shivering at the sound. Then she gave a sobbing scream as the pain sank in.

Higgins studied the girl's round bottom as she quivered and rocked in agony. While the thorough spankings had brought a nice pink blush to the full cheeks, the single blow from the large paddle had succeeded in turning Cory's entire butt crimson. It was no wonder she danced and grabbed her ass and howled in misery. Though it was immature of Cory to move from position, Higgins had to admit he enjoyed watching the girl's slender fingers pinching and massaging her enflamed buttocks. She rubbed the scalded flesh vigorously, fresh tears splashing down her face and across her green sweater.

"I'm afraid that one didn't count, Cory," Higgins said in his most solemn voice. "You moved from position. You must not lift your hands from the chair. And look, you've kicked your panties halfway across the room. Go fetch them now, and put them back around your ankles."

Sobbing, the poor girl obeyed, limping to the fallen undergarment and slipping her legs through the narrow openings. She did this utterly without shame or self-consciousness, and Higgins enjoyed the brief flashes of her sex as it peeked between her thighs.

"Come on, back to the chair. You've got three swats coming. I promised you a taste and that's what you're going to get."

"Oh, please!" moaned the girl, but she was already getting into position, learning that her protests meant nothing.

"Don't forget: if you step out of your panties or take your hands off the chair, the swat doesn't count."

Cory let out a little sob of dispair at that news, her thin shoulders shivering with weeping.

Higgins watched her for a few seconds, admiring the graceful arch of her poised body, outthrust buttocks just waiting for the paddle. He didn't let her wait long. WHAM!

"Owwww!" bawled the girl, almost rising but somehow restraining herself. She bent her head low, near the chair seat, and since she couldn't raise her feet without stepping out of her panties, she wiggled her bottom instead. It was an inspiring sight. Higgins felt his manhood swell in admiration as the sleek bottom danced before him.

He waited until she'd quieted slightly, then brought the paddle from behind him, swinging with an upward thrust. It caught the overhang of Cory's butt, lifting it so high she went on tiptoe.

"Ahhh! Oh that hurts! That _really_ fucking hurts!"

The beautiful bottom waved in the air, the cheeks clenching and relaxing as the girl fought for control.

"One more," muttered Higgins, and this one he put all his body behind. The flat blade caught her right at the base of her butt, pushing her forward into the chair. Cory shrieked. Higgins grinned.

He loved the solid yet mallable feel of her butt. The shapely cheeks seemed to rebound back into graceful form no matter how hard he distorted them. He wished he could paddle her much longer, but there'd be plenty of time for that later. For now, Higgins put the paddle on his desk and ordered Cory to stand.

"Pull up your underpants," he ordered.

Still crying and whimpering, Cory bent over and grabbed her panties, gratefully pulling them up her legs and over her privates. Higgins was sure the cloth must have horribly hurt her blistered flesh, but she gave no sign. She just beamed with relief at being able to cover herself again.

"Now, can you follow my instructions so we don't have to involve the paddle?" Cory nodded eagerly. "Good. Now, take down your panties."

For a moment, Higgins thought the girl would pass out. She looked like he'd just killed her best friend. Shock and disbelief flooded her face. Those emotions were slowly replaced by disappointment and a dull resignment. With a heart-breaking sigh she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and started to yank them down.

"Slowly!" admonished Higgins. "Slowly." He turned her so she faced away from him. Inch by inch the thin material descended. He saw the exposed flesh of her lower back as she arched forward slightly, then the tip of her crack snuck into view. The creamy flesh grew pink and then scarlet as more of her buttocks were displayed, the results of the hard paddling. The climax of her cheeks was magenta in color, the skin warped and bubbly in places. Higgins knew if he touched it the skin was would be steamy and covered with tiny pebble-like welts.

Halting, the panties continued their descent. The visible crack between the rounded cheeks was now as long as a pencil, and very deep. In fact, Higgins had an image of placing a pencil between those cheeks -- surely it would disappear inside the deep groove!

As the panties bunched up at the base of the girl's bottom, Cory was forced to invert the panties, turning them inside out as she pulled them down. She was bent well over now, offering Higgins a profound glimpse of thin pursed lips within the murky recesses of the dark triangle between her thighs. He itched to reach forward and spread those cheeks so he could see everything clearly, but he wisely resisted the impulse, knowing that good things come to those who wait. Instead he sat back and waited while Cory drew the panties down her legs and to her ankles. Slowly she drew herself upright, then glanced over her shoulder at Higgins for approval.

The principal didn't need to say a word. His expression of admiration said volumes about Cory's performance. She relaxed slightly.

"That was very good," whispered Higgins finally. He was still mentally caressing the sweet curves of the teenager's ass. Now it was time to do it for real. "Please lie across my lap."

"That was very good," whispered Higgins finally. He was still mentally caressing the sweet curves of the teenager's ass. Now it was time to do it for real. "Please lie across my lap."

Obediently Cory shuffled to Higgin's side and stretched herself out across his legs. She braced herself with her hands on the floor and shut her eyes and waited.

Higgins took his time. He gingerly placed a large palm against the girl's thigh, then rubbing his palm in a circular motion, moved up the slope of her left buttock until her reached the apex. Here he enjoyed the softness of the tender flesh, as well as the incredible heat which radiated from the damaged skin.

The first spank was extremely loud and caused Cory to gasp in surprise. The second and third came quickly, and soon the girl was writhing and wiggling on Higgins' lap as he fell into full-fledged spanking mode. It was delightful the way she squirmed, her hips gyrating this way and that, her bottom going up and down as though it had a life of its own. The sounds of bare hand against bare flesh echoed nicely in the room, as did the occasional yelps and whimpers from the tortured girl.

After a good warm-up period of ten or fifteen minutes, Higgins paused. He let his hand rest on the quivering bottom cheeks for several minutes, enjoying the sound of Cory's breathless panting and the warm feel of her body across his lap. He squeezed her buttocks occasionally, savoring the plump firmness of the cheeks, as well as admiring the deep burgandy hue he'd managed to obtain.

But his fingers were growing numb. Though he relished the sweet feel of her flesh against his, it just wasn't possible to punish a girl properly with only his hand. He reached for the ruler on his desk.

Cory let out a low moan of despair as she watched him over her shoulder. "Oh, no! Please, not the ruler, sir!"

"Would you rather have the paddle?"

Wisely, the girl closed her mouth, though she couldn't help the tremble in her lower lip. She figeted nervously as he placed the narrow ruler against her bottom.

"Now we begin your _real_ spanking," said Higgins pleasantly. "Hand spankings are just the warm-up, you know." There was a howl of dismay from the helpless girl at those words and her plaintive cry sent a surge of excitement into the man. Grinning with eagerness, he picked up the ruler and began to spank the girl.

Higgins was an expert with the ruler. He knew that ruler spankings don't have to be very hard. The nature of the ruler is that it stings the skin. When the skin's been spanked too much it becomes numb and the ruler's ineffectual. But Cory's ass was in the perfect state for rulering -- it was warmed-up and highly sensitive, and the paddle had only seriously punished the centermost portion of her buttocks. There were acres of space to spank. Higgins was determined to reach every nook and cranny.

Beginning slowly, he carefully made a full pass across Cory's entire backside. He started with the obvious round cheeks themselves, spanking them very hard. He spanked the topmost edges of her bottom, where the cheeks faded into her lower back. A heavy paddle could never punish that area -- there was too little padding and a high risk of serious injury. But the light ruler handled the area marvelously, drawing high-pitched shrieks of pain from poor Cory. Higgins carefully smacked the ruler down the sides of Cory's asscheeks. He smacked the underside of her overhang, and warmed the back of her thighs as well. Spreading her legs a bit, he managed to sting her inner thighs. Then he moved to the deep crack of her ass, opening it with one hand while the other spanked at the tender flesh inside.

Cory was sobbing uncontrollably when he'd finished, and Higgins thought to himself, "She's felt nothing yet."

During the second pass, Higgins spanked harder, making sure his strokes overlapped slightly. He left the flesh bright pink and pulsing with pain. He took his time. Each pass took at least fifteen minutes of constant attention. The third and fourth passes were the hardest yet. Cory's entire backside glowed ruby and Higgins could sense she was becoming saturated with pain. He finally put down the ruler.

"Go to the corner, Cory," he said quietly. Silently, the girl struggled to her feet and staggered to obey, stumbling out of her panties. "That's okay; leave them there," Higgins added, prefering to watch her walk naked. He moved to his desk and leaned back, wishing he had a camera to capture the brilliant cherry bottom. So consistent was the color that it really looked like Cory was wearing a pair of skin-tight crimson shorts.

"You've outdone yourself, my man," Higgins whispered to himself. He found a fresh sheet of paper and quietly began to sketch.

* * * * *

It was his best effort yet. Higgins spread the three drawings out on his desk and studied them. First there was Cory in her taut white jeans. Then with her pink bottom hanging out of her petite panties. And finally, naked from the waist down, her ass a polished glowing orb. There was only one thing missing.

"Turn around and face me, Cory," Higgins said quietly. He didn't even look up, for he knew the girl had obeyed. She was broken to him, now. She would obey his every whim. "Remove your sweater. You place it on the table next to your jeans."

Silently the girl did as he bid. Higgins tried not to smile. The girl's breasts were wonderful, perfectly proportioned for her slender body. They were firm and full, succulent. He ached to see them escape the prison of her brassiere. He nodded at her. She knew what he wanted. Without a word of protest, she calmly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Almost with relief the white garment fell forward, exposing the twin mounds of delicate flesh.

Cory took the bra and placed it next to her sweater, then returned and faced the principal with her hands at her side. He didn't speak but began to sketch. She didn't move. Higgins quickly outlined the graceful curls of Cory's hair, the wry twist of her lips, the shapely curve of her waist and hips, and the long, slender legs. He captured the delicate bulge of her breasts, each swollen sphere perfect in weight and balance. The tips were pert, thrusting upward with tiny stiff nipples that Higgins longed to suck. Last, but certainly not least, was the delicate triangle between the girl's legs. The tuft of pale hair, impossibly curly, hinted at the secrets it concealed.

She looks so innocent, thought Higgins with a sigh. Such a womanly body with the mind and experience of a child. She doesn't even know why she's here.

As he continued to sketch, he noticed the girl fidgeting. At first he tried to ignore it, but then he reprimanded her.

"Sir," she asked quietly. "H-how much longer are we going to be?"

"That is up to me to determine," answered Higgins. "A great deal depends upon your degree of cooperation."

"It's just that..." Cory's face went red. "I, uh, have to go..." She pressed her thighs together fretfully.

"Oh! I see," murmured Higgins. "I had not thought of that. It has been several hours, hasn't it." He glanced at his watch and saw it was afternoon. He'd competely missed lunch. No matter.

"Well, I suppose you could go down the hall and use the restroom, but I'm afraid I cannot allow you to get dressed just yet. Your punishment is not complete, I'm afraid."

"Oh, sir!"

"Oh, yes, rather embarrassing to go running starkers through a public hallway, isn't it. Especially with scarlet buns!" He laughed at Cory's distressed face, then snapped his fingers. "I've got it. Why don't you use this." Higgins took the small plastic trash container from beneath his desk and brought it around to Cory.


"Squat over it. Just don't splash on my carpet."

The humiliations of the day were nothing compared to this outrage, and Cory stood pinned on the horns of a dilemma. She glanced over her shoulder at the doorway, then stared at the wastecan. She looked up and saw the principal watching her and shuddered.

"Perhaps I can hold it," she whispered desperately.

"We have a long ways to go," said the principal. "I'd get it over with if I was you. If you have an accident while I'm spanking you, we'll repeat this entire punishment session, stroke for stroke, next week."

That was too much for the girl. Wrinkling her nose in disgust, she hobbled forward to the trashcan and carefully squatted above it. The plastic edge of the can pressed against the back of her thighs as she half-sat. With one final, desperate glance at Higgins, she began to pee. She didn't look at him, but stared in the opposite direction. The room was still except for the faint sound of liquid trickling. Cory's face grew redder and redder and she closed her eyes in dismay.

Finally it was over. She opened her eyes and saw the principal holding out a tissue. She took it gratefully, dabbed herself dry, and dropped it in the bucket. He moved the can near the doorway, "just in case we need it again."

"Let me see your bottom," asked Higgins. With another blush, Cory showed him. He inspected it with pursed lips. "Not bad," he said. "Your skin takes color well. Are you spanked at home?"

Cory stared at him like he was from Mars. "Of course not. I didn't think anyone was spanked any more. Isn't it supposed to be against the law?"

"Of course not!" echoed the principal. "What a ridiculous notion. How would we maintain discipline without corporal punishment?" He stared at the pretty girl thoughtfully. "It does explain a great deal of your attitude, however. You obviously are in severe neglect."

Higgins examined his desk calendar. "I think I shall set you up with some regular discipline sessions. Perhaps once or twice a week to start. Nothing as extensive as today, of course. But intense, nonetheless."

Cory shook her head and pleaded with the man. "Oh, sir, please! You've spanked me oh so much! Don't tell me I have to come back! Can't I go now?"

"Child, it is obvious you no nothing of proper discipline. We've hardly begun. Why most girls in the school would think nothing of what you've gotten. It's a mere warm-up, a precursor of what's to come."

Higgins walked to a cabinet behind his desk and opened it, revealing a dizzying array of punishment implements: numerous leather straps and thongs; paddles of all shapes and sizes, some of wood, others of leather; several riding crops of various lengths and widths; and a huge assortment of wooden canes, each of unique texture, stoutness, and length.

Cory's eyes exceeded the size of her skull. Her mouth hung open in terror and she kept glancing between the principal and the horrible tools as though she couldn't believe he was genuinely serious.

"Yes, my dear. You shall taste all of these, in time. Today, however, we have little time for fun. We must continue your chastisement. I think a strap is in order."

Higgins selected a long strip of leather from the cabinet. It was several inches wide and quite heavy. The principal wanted something stout that would get below the surface of the skin.

"What do you think?"

The teenage girl's knees buckled and she staggered to the chair. "Oh, God, please, sir. You can't, you can't..."

"Kneel on the chair, dear. Thrust your bottom out nicely. That's a good child."

Though shaking her head and moaning, Cory was obeying perfectly. She knelt on the velvet seat and leaned against the back, grasping the sides of the back support with her hands. Her breasts dangled and rubbed against the wooden back of the chair. Her buttocks were arched and bared for the punishment. Cory closed her eyes in terror.

Higgins walked up behind Cory. In her arched position, her ass was split, exposing her tiny anus and the slit of her sex. Higgins flexed the leather strap and curled a few inches in his right hand. He drew it back to his shoulder and let it fly.

The snapping sound echoed like a firecracker inside a tin can. Cory wailed and kicked her feet frantically, her backside lurching wildly. A bright red blotch appeared midway across both cheeks.

There was another soft flick followed by the snap of leather on flesh. "Aaaahhh!" screamed Cory. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! went the strap. Cory moaned and writhed. "P-p-pleeeaaasssseee," she hissed. "No mooorrrree!"

"I'll decide when you've had enough," muttered Higgins. He was enchanted by the scarlet stripes he was laying on. He'd thought Cory's buttocks were red before, but now they seemed hardly irriated, compared to the vivid, pulsing weals left by the lash. He made sure to spread the blows, never catching the same place twice. He especially made sure to snap the leather across the typically neglected places, like the upper buttocks and the sides of the cheeks. Cory screamed non-stop and kept screaming long after he'd stopped.

When the girl had fallen silent, Higgins waited a few minutes, and then spoke. "Are you learning to be a good girl?"

"Yes!" gasped Cory. "Yes, yes, YES! I'll never be bad again, I swear. I don't know what I did, but I'll never do it again. NEVER!"

"Good," smiled Higgins. "Then we are almost through."


"Yes. No punishment is complete without a thorough dose of the cane. And of course we still have your thighs to strap."

The poor teenage girl could do nothing but sob as she listened to her fate. Her shoulders slumped and she leaned her head against the back of the chair and wept. She had few tears left, so it was mostly convulsing sobs that shook her body, but the sight did affect Higgins. He thought he'd never seen anything so tender and beautiful.

There is nothing in the world quite like a chastised girl, he said to himself.

* * * * *

The strapping of the thighs proved to be Cory's greatest challenge. Higgins couldn't just have the girl lie over the chair and spread her legs -- no, he wanted her _involved_ with the punishment. So he split the task into two parts: left and right, to be precise.

First Cory had to present her left leg. She stood with her right leg bent with the foot on the chair seat, her left leg exposed. Then Higgins went to work with the strap. He'd work in one, two, or three strokes, then ask her to switch legs. This went on for over thirty minutes. He strapped not just the outer portion of her thighs, but the sensitive insides as well. Cory's legs glistened with dozens of raised welts when he finished.

"That will make sitting a memorable experience," he quipped as he put away the strap. Cory shuddered, and then gave a cry of horror when she saw him holding a small riding crop. It was pencil thin and no longer than the ruler he'd used earlier, with a small leather flap at the tip.

"W-what are y-you going to do?" moaned the girl.

"Shhhh," whispered the principal. "No need to worry yourself. Sit on the chair and wait. Your punishment will continue soon enough."

Trembling, the girl obeyed, wincing and fidgeting as she eased her sore tush onto the cushion. She sat impatiently, wiggling frequently, as she watched the principal with large, sorrowful eyes.

Finally, Higgins took up the crop and approached the girl. "Hands behind your head. That's good. Arch your back, let me see those breasts. Nice, very nice." As he spoke, Higgins tapped the nipples and undersides of Cory's breasts. She stared at him in alarm.

"Just a little, girl, to show you what it's like. You're a litle young for real breast spanking, but these" -- he reached out a hand and squeezed the girl's left tit -- "are far too ripe to neglect completely."

Cory began to cry before the first stroke. When it came her eyes flashed open and she stopped crying, her breath frozen. Flick! Flick! Flick! went the petite crop, the tiny flap gently smacking her vulnerable bosom.

"Ohhhhh," gasped the girl, wiggling her body frantically. "That-that, oh, it... stop that!"

"Surely that doesn't hurt, child!"

"Noooo," said the girl with a colorful shake of her head. "It's worse!"


"Yes. Oooh! Don't do that. It's... it's _indecent_!"

Higgins cleared his throat sternly. "Young lady, are you becoming stimulated by what I'm doing?"

Cory looked him with blank eyes.

"Does this wake you up down _here_," said the principal, his hand pressing against the girl's crotch. In response, the girl flushed and looked away, her face turning red all the way to her ears.

"Ah, my dear, don't be alarmed. It's natural."

Tentatively the girl peeked a shy eye up at the principal. He knelt in front of her, smiling.

"It's very common. Many girls feel that way. Some do it during spankings, too."

"Light ones?" asked Cory breathlessly.

"For some. For others it's the severity that arouses them."

Cory blushed violently again, shielding her face.

"Do you know why this happens, Cory?" The girl shook her head. "You're becoming a woman. Women are sensual creatures, alive with the passion of their bodies. Physical stimulus -- even _painful_ stimulus -- activates that passion."

"I don't like it."

Higgins smiled. "It makes you feel out of control, doesn't it?"

Cory stared at him in astonishment, then nodded.

"Surely you've felt like this before. Perhaps at home, in bed, late at night?"

Once again the girl gave a delightfully shy blush and looked away. Higgins calmly reached out and guided the girl's chin so he could look into her eyes. "What do you do when you have that feeling, child?"

For a split second Higgins got the impression of a wild animal about to flee. He thought he'd made a grievous error. Then the girl relaxed. She slipped a hand to her crotch and rubbed her pubic hairs.

"Ah, like that, I see. And that makes you feel good, I bet." Cory nodded. "Well, I'll tell you what. You continue with that, concentrate on that feeling of goodness, while I take care of your pretty boobs."

Higgins rose and took up the crop again, delicately flicking it against the girl's right breast. She shivered violently and her hand slipped deep between her legs. Again and again Higgins moved the crop, rubbing, spanking, and tickling. Cory had leaned back in the chair, spread her legs as wide as she could, and sat with her fingers half inside herself. She moaned occasionally, usually when Higgins paused in his adminstrations. Her fingers moved constantly, frantically, and her breathing was ragged. Her eyes were half-closed and she seemed not to see the principal.

Higgins grinned and carefully flicked the crop at the tips of the girl's exposed nipples, timing his strokes to match the girl's gasps. Suddenly she let out a light cry and her body crumpled. She lay like that for several seconds, her breathing heavy, and then she sat up in alarm. She seemed confused as to where she was, only the sight of the man before her causing her cheeks to flush crimson.

"Oh! Oh my God," moaned the girl, turning her face away. She sat up, then saw her hand still partially inside herself. She withdrew it quickly. The hand was dripping.

"I'm all wet," she cried, looking around frantically, not daring to glance at the principal.

"Did you like that?"

"What? Oh! You saw--" Her voice broke off as she realized the horror of what had happened. "Oh my God!"

"It's all right. It's perfectly natural, I told you." Higgins knelt before her, holding out a tissue for her to wipe her hands. "Now tell, and be honest, was it good?"

Cory looked at him for a moment, her eyes bright with fear. Then she relaxed and a childish expression crossed her face. She grinned and nodded, then looked away. Higgins' finger brought her back.

"Tell me about it."

"Oh, I couldn't."

"You must."


Higgins' eyes wandered over to the desk where the big paddle lay. He arched his eyebrows at the girl. She shuddered.

"It was beautiful," she whispered. "I've never felt anything like it. Close, but not the same. It was so... intense."

Higgins nodded. "Continue."

"It was like my whole body was on fire. I could feel everything, even the hairs on the back of my neck." Cory shuddered. "My bottom hurts really bad, especially sitting on this chair. I knew it hurt then, too, but I didn't care. Somehow it made everything better..."

"More intense?"

"Exactly! It was like everything was doubled, my feelings, my fear, my excitement..." She paused for a moment. "My pleasure."

"Ah! So you did enjoy it."

"Yes. I did. It was wonderful, so warm and cozy it hurt. I've never wanted anything so badly as I did when I... I mean, my hand... I mean, it felt _really_ good."

"I understand." Higgins smiled and impulsively bent forward and kissed the girl on the forehead. She looked up at him shyly, a puzzled expression crossing her face.

"You are very beautiful, my child," murmured the man. "You do not realize how beautiful, or what beauty truly means. Once you do, it will be gone, for true beauty is in not knowing you are beautiful."

"Why are you suddenly nice to me?"

"I'm not being nice," laughed the principal. "I'm a dirty old man."

"But you like me. I can see it on your face. Why did you hurt me so? What did I do wrong?"

"You did nothing wrong, my child. You are simply too beautiful. Such beauty cannot be bought or earned -- it simply _is_. Your penalty for beauty is your experience today."

Cory giggled. "If I could do more... you know... then it might be worth it."

"Oh, it's worth it, child. Punishment is not easy, but what good things are easy? Look at how hard you had to work for pleasure a few minutes ago."

The girl was quiet for a moment, then her eyes flashed brightly. "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Of course."

"You won't tell anyone?"



"I promise."

She hesitated, then whispered, "I liked it when you first spanked me over my jeans." Her eyes darted toward the door. "I don't know why, but I did. I was terrified, and I didn't know what you were going to do exactly, but when you started touching my butt I really liked it. Even the spanking. I know I cried and put up a fuss and all, but that was because I was afraid to admit I liked it. And it didn't hurt that bad, not through the jeans. The other spankings, now those _hurt_."

"You didn't like those."


"Not even a little bit?"

"Well, maybe a little."

"What about the strap?"

Cory gasped and shook her head. "No, that I didn't like at all!"

"Are you sure? There was nothing... exciting about it?"

"Well... I kinda liked it before you hit me with it. You know, when you stood there, holding it behind your back, ready to strike, just waiting. I hated the waiting, but the suspense was exciting. I kept hoping you'd stop, but then I kept hoping maybe you wouldn't. It was crazy."

"That's life. Life is full of crazy things."

"May I kiss you?" Cory asked suddenly.

Higgins was startled. "Yes, if you'd like."

The girl leaned forward, taking Higgins' beard-covered cheeks between her hands and kissed him on the lips. It was a simple kiss, sweet and innocent, and it burned Higgins' lips for a month.

Cory leaned back. "That was nice. Not quite what I expected, but nice."

"I'm too old for you. You need to kiss boys your own age."

"Of course. When I'm ready."

"You're pretty smart for such a young little chick."

Cory stood and looked behind the principal's desk at the cabinet of discipline tools. "Are you really..." she began. "I mean, did you mean it when you said I'm to come back..." She stopped.

"Yes," he said. "I was not lying when I said you needed lots of discipline."

The teen shivered. "I don't know if I like that."

Higgins' smiled. "You will."

The End