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(***, M/F, Severe, wife caning)

A suspicious husband trails his wife to her secret rendezvous. (Approximately 2,677 words. Originally published 1997-09.)

David couldn't believe it. The white car was pulling out of the driveway and rolling up the street. He glanced at his watch. It was 10:30 in the morning, just as Jensen had said.

Turning on the engine to the rental Ford, David pulled out into the road and began to follow the white Dodge. They traveled across town and entered an elegant neighborhood. In this area the houses _started_ at a quarter million. David's stomach felt sour and rage began to boil within his chest.

At a large two-story Victorian, the white car parked and David watched his wife get out. She barely glanced up as he drove past, keeping his body low and praying she wouldn't see him. At the corner David turned around and parked, watching the house. His wife was inside. How could this be possible?

Getting out of the car, David headed for the building. There weren't many houses on this corner, and all the homes had tons of landscaping, with large bushes and hedges that made it easy for David to get to the front window with a feeling he hadn't been seen.

Peering inside the home, he saw an elegant living room with a white sofa, glass coffee table, and big screen television, but no Julie. David walked around the corner toward the back of the house, listening carefully for any sounds he'd been spotted or any sounds from inside the house.

There a window into the kitchen at the back of the house, but no one was around. On the side of the house was a wooden trellis leading upward, and David saw it approached a bedroom. Surely that's were they were. David still found it hard to believe his wife was cheating on him. Just last night they'd had incredible sex. He'd come twice in the span of an hour. She always seemed so happy. But according to Jesen, the old man next door, she always left every other Wednesday at 10:30 and didn't return until noon. Apparently she'd been doing it for years, twice a month for years. Was their whole marriage a sham?

David began to climb the trellis, testing it as he went, hoping it would support his weight. He didn't fear being seen--the tall trees behind him made a green wall.

At the top of the trellis, David climbed off and onto the wooden balcony that went around the entire back of the house. A sliding glass door led into the master bedroom. David carefully made his way along the wooden deck, inching up to the window. The curtains weren't drawn completely, and David felt his heart sink when he saw no one was inside. He didn't know if he should be relieved or worried. Perhaps they were simply fucking some place else.

Continuing along the deck, David saw several more rooms opened out onto the balcony. The first two were empty and looked like guest rooms, all spotless and too neat. The third was also empty but had no furniture in it, and David was turning to leave when he heard someone speaking. The sliding glass door to the room was partially open, allowing the summer breeze to blow inside, the screen door keeping out the bugs.

David waited at the edge of the door, peering between the blinds at the room. The voice grew louder. It was a man talking. He sounded upset, and spoke in a scolding tone. David was surpised to notice the man had a British accent.

"A damn foreigner!" thought David. "No wonder he can afford this house."

"You have been a very naughty girl!" came the voice of the man. "It is now time to take your medicine. Into the punishment room!"

Immediately a tall woman entered the room David was watching. She was a beautiful woman, tall and slender, with modest but firm breasts, curvy hips, and sleek thighs. She was completely naked. Despite his rage, David felt his cock stir in his pants as he watched his wife prepare to meet her lover.

The sight of the man enraged David even more. While David didn't think he was vain or anything, surely he was better looking than this sad specimen! The man was ancient, fat, balding, and while he didn't exactly look ugly, especially in his fine business suit, he certainly didn't appear to be the kind of man a hot young lady like Julie would find attractive. Surely not!

As David watched, too angry and confused to move, the man said something to Julie. The woman nodded solemnly, and then went to the far wall were she bent over and clutched at her ankles with her hands, keeping her legs straight and taut. Her naked breasts dangled beneath her as she stood there. She seemed to be waiting for something, and David felt a horror overcome him.

"My God," he thought, "she wants to be taken anally!" Julie's full bottom was pointing right at the man, the thick cleft between her cheeks horribly exposed. Everything known to David seem to wilt inside him. He wanted to vomit. "How could I have known she was into such perversion?" he thought.

David couldn't move as the man approached Julie. But the man didn't stop. He went past her and slid open a closet. Fumbling inside for a time, he seemed to be attempting to decide something. David watched, heart pounding, wondering what pornographic horror would emerge.

When the man turned, he was holding a long white cane in his hand. "What the hell?" thought David. The cane was very thin, nearly a yard long, with a curved handle. It certainly looked too feeble for a walking stick.

The short man appeared pleased with the cane, however, caressing it fondly and showing it to Julie. The woman moaned loudly and shook her head violently from side to side. The man laughed. David knelt at the edge of the glass door, every muscle in his body tense and ready to spring into action, though he hadn't the fainest idea what he was going to do.

Stepping behind Julie, the man lifted the cane to shoulder height and gently brought it down to touch Julie's trembling bottom. Suddenly David understood. The horror of it froze him. He watched without breathing as the little man whipped the cane up and then brought it down with a violent swish.

There was a loud snap as the wooden rod cracked across the bare cheeks of Julie's ass. Julie gasped and hissed like a furious cat, but she did not move from her bent-over position. The man was partially blocking David's view, but it appeared to him that a thin red line was evident on his wife's butt.

Again the cane hissed through the air, making a firecracker-like sound as it struck the woman's flesh. Julie moaned loudly, but it wasn't precisely a moan of pain. David reflected he'd heard her moan like that many times during sex, usually prior to orgasm.

"You have been a naughty, disobedient girl, haven't you?" asked the man, and Julie nodded.

TWHIP! The cane snapped across the back of Julie's left leg. "Answer me when I talk to you!" growled the man.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir."

"You deserve a sound thrashing, don't you?"

"Yes, sir. Please thrash me soundly, sir."

The man nodded gruffly, and before David knew what was happening, had delivered a series of four brutal strokes across the woman's buttocks. Julie squealed and moaned, dancing in place with her bottom, bright lines of red striping her rear.

"Excellent, my dear," said the man. "You are feeling that, aren't you."

"Yes, sir. It hurts, sir."

"I am sure it does. But we are almost done. Your lesson is almost over. I am going to give you three more, slowly, and then, after a break, a final six."

There was a moment of silence and then Julie's voice came forth, faint and high-pitched, like a little girl's: "Y-yes, sir. Thank you sir."

"Good." The man stepped back and brought the cane down hard across the cheeks of the woman. She grunted. After a long pause, during which David couldn't breathe, he gave her another stroke. Julie sucked air in her mouth but didn't move. After thirty seconds, which felt like forever, the man gave her a final blow, low, across the base of her bottom.

"There, how was that?" asked the man.

Julie didn't answer immediately. She seemed to be attempting to get her breath. When she finally looked up, David saw she was weeping, her face dripping wet. "Very good, sir," she whispered. "Thank you."

"You may rise, but don't you dare touch your bottom!" said the man. "I shall return in fifteen minutes and give you your final six." With that, the man set the cane against the wall by the door and left.

Julie groaned and slowly rose, sliding her hands to her hips and wiggling her bottom. She lifted her legs up and down and rotated her shoulders. Her body was obviously stiff with pain. For a few seconds, David felt compassion overcome him. His anger drained and without thinking he approached the door.

"Julie!" he groaned, his voice quiet with intense emotion. Tears glistened in his eyes as he saw the woman he loved more than anything, her beautiful body striped and beaten.

Julie froze in mid-stretch. Slowly she turned, staring at the door. Through the swinging blinds and the screen she could see her husband standing. A cry of despair escaped her lips and she collapsed to her knees on the carpet, her hands rushing to her face.

"David! My God, w-what are you doing here?"

The man slid open the screen door and pushed his way through the blinds. "I want to ask you the same thing," he said. "Who is that man? Why is he hitting you? Look at you! You're--you're beaten!"

Julie's pale face began to redden. "Oh, God, David, you weren't supposed to know. I was so careful. How'd you find out?"

Hot anger began to bubble in David's chest again. He glared at his wife. "It doesn't matter how I found out. I found out, that's all that matters. How could you do this to me? Don't you know how much I love you?" Despite his anger, tears glistened in David's eyes.

Julie gasped. "Oh, no! Oh, David, no, it's not what you are thinking. I'm not having an affair, God, no! It's nothing like that."

"Oh really? What the hell are you doing naked in this strange man's house letting him beat you with a stick?"

The woman's cheeks were crimson. "That's all it is, David, I swear. I come here and he beats me, that's it. It's an arrangement. I pay him for it. A hundred bucks an hour."

David could feel his chest expanding. "A hundred--" he broke off, speechless. Suddenly pieces were fitting together. "Your Uncle Wilber isn't sick, is he? You've been using the $200 a month we set aside for him for yourself!"

Julie's face was ashen, her eyes wide. She shook her head slowly. "I don't even have an Uncle Wilber, David. I'm sorry. I didn't want you to find out about my--"

"Your what? Your perverted sex fantasies?"

The woman began to sob. "Yes! I'm sorry, David, really sorry. I never meant to hurt you. That's what I didn't tell you. I didn't want you to know you'd married some freak, a woman who gets off on having her ass beaten! How could I face you?"

David stared at his wife. "You _like_ it, Jules? You _like_ having your ass sore so bad you'd lie to me, steal from me, and pay some stranger to beat your ass black and blue?" He stomped across the room and lifted the white cane from by the door.

"If that's all you want, dear, I can give you that. Why, I'll whip your butt so sore the skin'll come clean off!"

Moaning and sobbing, Julie fell to her knees and kissed David's shoes. "Please, David, please have mercy. I'm sorry. I won't do it any more, if you ask me not too. Just don't hate me. Don't make fun of me. I can't stand that. Losing you is losing everything I care about."

David stopped, holding the cane above his head. "You love me?" he asked. His voice was broken and hesitant, uncertain. Julie looked up at him, eyes bright with tears.

"Honey, I love you more than life itself. I only did this because I have this need inside. I don't understand it. I can't explain it, but it's there. I didn't want you to see it, that's all. I've never betrayed your trust. Never! Believe me, please!" She paused, licking her lips and watching him. "You can beat me, if you wish. I won't mind. I know I deserve it." She turn around and pointed her ass at him, grabbing onto her ankles for support.

David looked at her, her juicy bottom so round and tempting, the pale flesh covered with a dozen bright red lines. He was powerfully aroused by her submission, her heart-felt pleas and weeping, and her nude body. A part of him wanted to thrash her, but another part was afraid. He didn't want to actually hurt her.

"What the hell is going on here!" cried a voice, and David turned and saw the fat man entering the room. "Who are you?"

Julie raised herself from her bent position. "He's my husband, David."

"Oh. Well how'd he get in here?"

It was David's turn to look embarrassed. "I, uh, came in through the window."


"I thought she was having an affair. I was following her."

For a moment the man said nothing, his round, pudgy face a huge frown, and then he began to laugh. He laughed and giggled until he fell on the floor laughing.

"Oh ho ho," he roared. "That is too funny. You thought Julie and _I_... oh, it's too much!"

David stood gripping the cane until his knuckles turned white, grinding his teeth and wondering if the old man was insane. At first Julie looked frightened, then she smiled at the old man and at David, and began to laugh.

"You must admit," she said to David with a soft smile, "it _is_ rather funny, picturing him and me together."

And slowly, David began to smile and laugh, too, and soon all the tension drained from the room. When the three were quiet again, the old man got heavily to his feet.

"Well, that was a nice break," he said, "but Julie: we have some business to finish."

Julie's face went white and she jumped in fright. "Oh, but--"

"No arguing. Get in position. You've got six more coming, and if I hear one more word out of you it will be ten!"

Gulping, Julie gave her husband a quick wan look and bent over, grasping her ankles with her hands and holding on tightly. The old man silently took the cane from a stunned David, stepped behind the woman, and began to beat her. He did it deliberately, precisely, and with far more force than David could have imagined possible.

The beating lasted exactly two minutes, and when it was over, the old man returned the cane to the closet, told Julie she could rise, get dressed, and leave. He said nothing to David.

Outside, in front of the house, David held his wife close to him. "Are you sure you can drive home?"

"Of course. That's part of the punishment, dear. These weals have to last me a whole two weeks."

"You won't be needing to come back here," said David. "I know someone who's available at all hours and costs far less than $100 an hour."

"Oh? Who's that?" said Julie coyly.

"That," said her husband, giving her tender ass a firm squeeze, "is going to cost you."

"Oh, dear," whispered Julie. "I think I've created a monster."

The End