The Dominant Bitch

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The Dominant Bitch

(***, MF/MF, Intense, D/S, spanking)

The female narrator entertains herself with a young man but soon becomes the entertainment herself. (Approximately 6,999 words. Originally published 1996-02.)

You went to the college mixer with low expectations. You didn't have a date and with your roomate back visiting her parents for the weekend, you figured on a lonely weekend. Then you met Dave. He was extremely handsome, rather preppy. Curly black hair, lean body, his tight jeans showing off his firm ass. After asking you to dance he begins coming on strong. You think "What the hell!" and mention that you have the house to yourself for the weekend.

Dave immediately shows interest. Since you both brought cars he gets directions from you and says he'll pick up some booze and snacks and meet you there. You rush home feeling extremely horny and excited. Upstairs in your room you look at yourself in the mirror.

You are wearing a blue blouse and long skirt. Very casual and modest. Nothing like how you are feeling right now. You decide to change into something more suggestive. You quickly strip, pausing briefly to admire the tight fit of your almost transparent black panties. You feel a stiring in your loins watching yourself. Those panties always did make you feel kinky.

You put on the red bra that opens in the front and a simple white top that shows a great deal of cleavage. You slip into a pair of your favorite jeans, a really tight pair, and are in the processing of dabbing perfume onto various parts of your body when you hear the doorbell. Hurrying, you dribble a few drops of scent into the valley between your breasts and head downstairs.

Dave enters and begins talking loudly, his words slurring, nothing he says making much sense. He has obviously been drinking. He opens a bag to reveal a half-empty bottle of rum. He is no longer trying to come on to you. Instead he's pawing you and acting like you were his to do with as he pleased.

You push him away in disgust and he mumbles something and goes into the kitchen and gets a couple of glasses. He pours two drinks and when you reach out for yours he puts his arm around you, pulling you to him. His kiss is rough and not very accurate, but his hand has no touble finding your ass.

At the mixer he had tried to be suave, even a little romantic, but now he's just drunk. You are revolted by his rum-bottle breath and rude behavior. You are rather annoyed. He got you terribly turned on and now he's behaving like a jerk.

You try to walk away from him but he stumbles after you, spilling his drink and yours all over you. "Shit!" you cry. "Can't you watch what you're doing you idiot?"

"Uh, sorry. Come on, let's go, uh, to bed, comon."

You shake your head but he has wrapped his arms around you and burried his face between your breasts. You pull away and your top rips, spilling your left breast out into sight. "Hey, you bastard! Let go of me!" You slap his face, hard, but he continues to paw you and finally your temper explodes.

You give him a right to the jaw. It wasn't really much of a punch but he keels over, dead to the world. You kneel beside him. He's obviously fine. Just passed out from the booze. You are really pissed. With great effort you turn him over and drag him into the living room and leave him to sleep it off.

You watch him sleep for a while, your frustration growing. It really wasn't fair of him to behave like this, you think. If he was going to arouse you he had a responsibility to satisfy you. Slowly an idea begins to form in your mind . . . .

* * * * *

When Dave woke up the next morning, he was surprised to discover he couldn't move. His wrists were tied to the coffee table above his head and his ankles to the couch at his feet. He didn't recognize the room for a moment, but slowly vague memories of the previous night filtered into his brain. He realized with a shock he was naked under the thin blanket that covered him.

He begins to struggle but the cloth strips are securely tied. He cries out and you come downstairs wearing your baby doll nighty. "Hey, let me go!" he yells loudly.

You laugh at him. "Not for a while, Dave. You have some debts to pay first."

"What the hell are you talking about? Let me the fuck go!"

"Watch your language, Slave," you whisper. You whistle and in comes Rex, your roomate's german shepard. Rex would make a police dog seem small. Rex rubs his head against your leg as you tell Dave that the dog will not like it if he hears anyone yelling at you. You tell Rex to go to the kitchen and Rex walks out obediently.

Dave is silent now. You go over his behavior the way that nasty Mr. Ball, your third grade teacher, used to cover difficult lessons, your voice filled with condecension, as though everything was obvious and one had to be an idiot to not understand.

You tell Dave that he is in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. You say he is acting like a ten-year-old. "You owe me, Dave, for last night. And I intend to collect whether you like it or not." To illustrate your point and demonstrate your power over him, you leave and return with a safety razor and a can of shaving cream.

Dave's eyes go wide with terror as you approach him. "If you make a noise you'll bring Rex back in," you warn. "He'll bite your dick off." Dave shakes his head frantically but you ignore him, kneeling beside him and begin to spread shaving cream over his pubic hair.

"Please, don't!" he whispers, his eyes large with fear. He continues to beg and plead until you grip his balls and threaten him. He relaxes a little, but he is obviously terrified.

You are annoyed that he can talk. You take off your baby doll bottoms, giving him a glimpse of your proof that your blond hair is natural. You stuff the panties in his mouth. He refuses to open his mouth at first, but at the touch of your hand on his balls he opens wide. You use some adhesive tape to keep his mouth closed.

"Now lie still, Dave. Wiggling might cause me to nick something."

You ask him how he likes your taste. He can't answer, of course, but you want to remind him of what he missed by being a prick and getting drunk. You grip his cock to lift it out of the way as you begin to shave off his pubic hair.

"If you want to act like a ten-year-old, you should look the part!" you say.

His cock shows how even in his present position he is very turned on by what you are doing. By the time you wipe off the last of his pubic hair with the remains of the foam his cock is hard as wood.

You fondle his dick as you tell him that you will teach him how to act around a woman. You leave him to suffer alone for a few minutes. You return with your Polaroid camera, impressed that his member is still hard. You take pictures from several angles, making sure the images are most compromising for him.

"I'm sending these pictures to a friend of mine," you tell him, "just in case you are thinking of complaining to anyone about your stay here. On the other hand, if you cooperate, I'll destroy them next week."

You are still wearing only the baby doll top. Your muff shows as you move around taking the pictures, and you can see he is very interested. You make a show of bending over so he can see your ass and the blond fringe that shows between your thighs. Sitting on the couch, you stretch a moment so that your mound is in full view, and then kneel down and begin to play with his cock. You can hear his moan through the gag of your panties.

"Do you like the way I taste?" He is struggling against the touch of your hand, but he nods yes to your question. You continue to fondle his cock as you ask, "Are you ready to begin paying me back?" He nods again.

You stand up, letting go of him. He thrusts his hips up at your departing hand, his cock vainly stabbing into the air. Laughing at his desperation, you leave him, obtaining a glob of hand lotion from a container on the dresser. You smear it over his cock.

Tearing the tape off his face, you remove your panties from his mouth. Then you kneel with his face between your legs and lower your slick mass of blond curls into his mouth. His mouth is quite dry, but you are so wet that it doesn't matter. You grip his cock, being careful not to touch the head (you aren't ready to let him have any release), and stroke him as you give him instructions in licking pussy. You tell him he must show respect or he will be gagged again and the pictures shown all over campus.

Dave quickly realizes who the mistress is here. He follows your instructions to the letter as you have orgasm after orgasm. After making him stop so that you can catch your breath, you check the clock and see that it is almost noon on Saturday. Your roomate is not due back until late Sunday, so you have plenty of time. You stroke Dave's cock absently. It has been hard in your hands for nearly an hour.

You tell him he has done a good job on the first payment. You stand up and grab the camera and pictures. "I'll just take care of these," you say happily, leaving through the kitchen. You notice Rex on his rug by the door and suddenly you have an idea.

After hiding the pictures you return to Dave, still naked and tied up. You are carrying Rex's collar and leash. You put the collar around Dave's neck and tell him that you are pleased with him--so far. He still has much to learn.

You untie his feet from the couch and tie them together so that he can only take baby steps. Next you untie his hands from the table and bind them together behind his back. You connect the leash to the collar and take him to the bathroom. Here you give him a touch of privacy. Then you take him down to the kitchen and make him breakfast, making him eat from a plate on the floor like a dog, his hands still behind his back.

You take him to the living room and tie the end of the leash to the bottom of the railing on the stairs. "I'm going to change into something a little more decent," you say to him. "Behave or I'll punish you most severely."

You are up in your room changing when you hear the front door open. In a panic you race down the stairs wearing only a T-shirt. In horror you hear your friend Lisa's laughter. You come down the stairs and see her kneeling in front of Dave, her face astonished but covered with a big smile.

She asks you what is going on, and, blushing slightly, you tell what happened. She looks at Dave, nude, tied, and on a leash at the foot of the staircase. "Do you need any help?"

Your concern vanishes, a slow grin appearing on your face. "Sure!"

* * * * *

Leading Dave by his leash the two of you take him into the back yard. Your yard is small but surrounded by a high fence. You and your roommate have sunbathed nude out here because it is so private. Just outside the sliding glass door is a cement porch area. There's a small wooden picnic table and brick barbeque, and on the grass beyond, two lawn chairs.

You have Dave lie on one of the lounges and you and Lisa go over every inch of his body with critical eyes and fingers, poking and prodding and pinching. Both of you fondle his hard cock frequently as you discuss the positive and negative points about his body.

"He doesn't have enough hair on his chest," comments Lisa as she runs her fingers across his chest and pinches his nipples. "I like a man with _lots_ of chest hair."

You give a laugh. "Well he had plenty down here before I fixed him," you say grinning as you cup Dave's balls in your hand.

"Hey! Why did you shave him, anyway?" You giggle and say it just appealed to you at the time. "It makes him look _really_ naked, if you know what I mean," says Lisa.

You agree. But you are tired of just touching and want to be touched. You tell Lisa that he is pretty good with his tongue. She wants to find out how good. You arrange Dave over your lap as if he were a naughty child, trapping his cock between your strong thighs as Lisa takes off her blue jeans and puts her pussy under his mouth.

You tell Dave he had better do a good job. You slap his ass to remind him of who's in charge as he begins licking Lisa's steamy cunt. You feel a strong surge between your legs and you realize that Dave's ass is really turning you on. You slap it again and then again, delighting in the way his bottom bounces under your hand. You enjoy the feel of his flesh against your palm, too.

With a grin you begin to lightly spank his ass as he struggles to satisfy Lisa, really pushing his tongue inside her. As Dave licks her you tell him that this is his second payment and begin really spanking him in earnest.

With hard, solid slaps every second you punctuate his lapping at Lisa. When you feel him trying to rub his prick against your thighs and wiggle out from under your blows, you reach under him and grip his balls tightly, never stopping the spanking.

Just to remind him who's boss you squeeze his balls occasionally, causing him to moan in complaint. He's having trouble concentrating. You keep him frustrated by squeezing his balls every time he begins to get a rhythm with his cock against your thighs. His ass is getting really red now, but you don't let up at all. Lisa apparently is frustrated by his inadequate attention as she grabs his head and tries to get him into the groove, but he can't ignore your discipline.

Finally Lisa says, "I'm so horny--I can't stand this. Turn him over on his back." The two of you turn him over and Lisa climbs onto his cock, forcing it up her hungry cunt, demanding that he fuck her, though she seems to be doing most of the work. The sight reminds you that you haven't gotten his cock inside you yet, and your fingers are a poor substitute.

Climbing onto your knees, you lower your dripping cunt over his face and demand that he eat you. His tongue is more efficent now and you begin to come almost immediately. As you come you find yourself leaning against Lisa who first hugs you (as she continues to hump Dave's captive cock) and then kisses you.

With Dave's tongue going back and forth over your clit, you are coming nearly all the time, and after a second or two you open your mouth and put your tongue into Lisa's mouth. A few seconds later it is all an orgasmic haze--her tongue, Dave licking you, her hands on your breasts, teasing your hardened nipples.

You hear Dave moan from under your thighs and know after all the discipline of the morning he has finally gotten his rocks off. Your hands seek out Lisa's breasts, cupping them as your desire peaks. Seconds later the three of you are lying on the grass in each other's arms.

You look at Lisa as you regain control, unsure what has just happened. Lisa returns your gaze and reaches over to your well-licked pussy and puts her hand on it. She begins to rub your clit back and forth. With her other hand she pulls off her shirt exposing her huge breasts and leaving her completely nude. Then she takes off your T-shirt, never for a moment stopping the action on your clit. She gently moves her face down to it and begins to lick it, her hands softly pumping your breasts.

Out of the corner of your eye you see poor Dave, still tied hand and foot, unable to take his eyes off the two of you. Lisa licks you into a warm haze. She goes between your legs, looking up at you through the valley of your breasts. She parts your love lips and licks all of your available juices, and then as she sees you looking down at her, she grins and puts her tongue deep inside you, her sharp eyes watching your every reaction.

You grip her head with your hands, guiding and urging her forward with subtle movements. Her hands slide up your body, stopping at your breasts. For several minutes she plays with your hard nipples as she cleans out your ever-wet cunt. She has either done this before or has a wonderful knack for it.

Dave, lying on his back nearby, has his erection back, but is having trouble getting up. You realize you have found a new form of torture--seeing two naked women have sex less than two feet away and not being able to participate.

One of Lisa's hands leaves your breasts and goes into your gaping hole, probing you deeply. You moan as another orgasm begins. Just as you begin to come the hand leaves your cunt and goes into your nether regions. You would normally have objected, but your mind is lost in the throes of orgasm. You only moan louder as the feelings intensify.

Lisa continues to lick you as her other hand takes on a fucking motion. You feel as if you are being made love to and eaten at the same time. Your hands on Lisa's head press her down with greater urgency.

Lisa continues the action at your crotch, but swings her pussy over to your face. Slowly she lowers it and you begin to lick it frantically, imitating her actions. You are gratified to hear her moan in reaction to your tongue.

You realize you taste not only Lisa's juices, but Dave's as well. The two together seems forbidden somehow, making you feel rather naughty.

"Please untie me! I can't stand this any longer," Dave begs next to you. Lisa looks up from your slit, and says, "Well, we can't have that, can we Kitten?" She leaves her finger in your ass, puts her thumb in your other hole, slowly continuing the motion. Her other hand goes to Dave's hard organ. She refuses to grab it but instead runs her fingers over its length, making only the lightest contact with the head.

Dave begs her to untie him, or to do something for his prick. He's so horny he can hardly talk. Lisa puts her mouth near the head and breathes on it. She laughs, an amused sound that would be perfectly proper in an office, but is almost obscene in this context.

You decide that you aren't through with Lisa. You grab her hips and turn her over on her back, moaning for a second as her hand slips from your dripping crotch. Licking for all you're worth you try to bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible. Dave's anguished cry is off to your left. You ignore him.

When Lisa's hands begin shoving your face down onto her crotch, you know you've gotten to her. You use the whole length of your tongue on her clit, pressing down heavily on each and every pass. Her thighs join her hands, trapping your face in her warm, musky wetness. Her movements are so convulsive they threaten to dislodge you, so you wrap your arms around her thighs, meeting at the top of her pubic hair, and continue licking, trying to drive her mad, making her pay for interupting your little game.

You wait until she is in the throes of a particularly violent orgasm, and then bite her clit to intensify the sensation. She falls back, nearly unconsious with the intensity of the feeling. You roll her over onto her hands and knees. She complies without realizing what she's doing, she's so lost in the feelings.

You pull her across your lap as you sit up. She is relieved to be able to lay flat as she relaxes a moment, her breath coming in fierce pants. Your first swat on her ass brings her to her senses. The next few only intensify the burning of her ass.

"Next time, Lisa, knock before you come in!" You have trapped her flailing legs with one of your own. You begin to spank her furiously, slap, slap, slap, slap.

Lisa has a really beautiful ass, round and prominent, the skin silky smooth. You really enjoy slapping that fair skin. She is struggling to escape, her moans loud. You reach across her with your left hand and lean your arm into her back, neatly holding her wiggling ass in place. You move your hand under her and find her clit with your fingers, pinching it cruelly.

You continue to spank her, but your hand is becoming quite sore. Between her and Dave your hand is about spanked out. You wish you hand something you could smack her with. Your eyes wander around the yard while you continue spanking her.

Suddenly you remember something. A couple of days ago your roommate had a barbeque. You are always having to berate her for leaving the barbeque utensils outside. Perhaps she left out that wooden bread board you use for carrying meat to the grill...

* * * * *

Suddenly you remember something. A couple of days ago your roommate had a barbeque. You are always having to berate her for leaving the barbeque utensils outside. Perhaps she left out that wooden bread board you use for carrying meat to the grill?

You turn your head and look behind at the grill--yes, sure enough, there's the board and the barbeque tongs. You can just reach the board if you stretch.

The wooden board is heavy in your hand, the handle a perfect fit. A smile crosses your face. "And who told you you could shove anything up my ass?" you shout at Lisa as you bring the paddle hard across her bare ass.

She squeals and begins to buck frantically, her ass bouncing up and down in front of you. You paddle it mercilessly, enjoying the sight of her smooth flesh turning pink and then red. Soon it is much redder than Dave's. As you paddle her you stroke her clit, making her orgasms incredibly intense.

She is sobbing, now, her moans and cries desperate. But something in the way she cries makes you wonder if it's the paddling she resents or your fingers tickling her clit. You give her a few dozen more hard spanks, concentrating on the lower portion of her glorious buttocks, bringing the blows from the side and almost lifting her ass with each stroke.

You pause for a moment to pick up the dog whistle next to your shirt. You blow it and seconds later Rex is in the yard. You force Lisa to move her legs apart with a combination of force and increased stroking of her clit.

You tell Lisa you are going to let Rex lick her out. "No, please," she begs. "You can't be serious!" She begins to really struggle to escape your embrace.

"Shut up, slut! Just lie there and take it!" you hiss at her angrily. You smack her ass with the paddle a few more times until she calms down.

You signal Dave to get on his knees before her widely spread cunt. You indicate you want him to lick her. Dave complies eagerly, using only his tongue.

"Oh no! I can't believe that you're making me do this!" Lisa cries out. "Oh . . . oh, I'm coming, I'm coming from your damn dog."

Dave can't stand it any longer and pushes his face against Lisa's dripping pussy, licking up all of her essence. Lisa's exclamation of surprise shows you that your trick has worked. "That's not Rex--shit, you had me scared, you bitch! I can't believe you did that!"

You decide it is their turn to amuse you and you ponder which one of them should appease your steaming pussy. You decide that they should have to work together. You tell her to lick your cunt and know that she will obey. Seconds later her face is buried in your bush as she tries to please you. You grab Dave and pull his face to yours as your tongue finds his. The sensation of having your pussy eaten as you tongue kiss someone is strangely pleasing.

A part of your mind tries to picture your situation: the three of you, naked, lying in the cool grass, bathed by the warm midday sun, while your best friends licks out your cunt and your hunk of the moment tries to swallow your tongue. It feels good.

* * * * *

After a moment you force Dave's mouth down onto your erect nipples, not asking but simply demanding with gestures. The sense of power you get from this intensifies all the sensations you get from the two of them. As you reach your first orgasm, your thighs grip the sides of Lisa's head. Dave bites gently on your nipples to increase your pleasure, not daring to bite hard enough to be uncomfortable.

You decide that you've had enough of being licked and want to feel something insie of you. Your hands reach behind Dave and in seconds his hands are free. You command Lisa, "Get up here and suck on my nipples!" and again you are obeyed.

Your widely spread legs are the only invitation Dave should need, but he waits until you gesture for him to mount you. He is in you in a single lunge. As Dave's cock fills your cunt, you realize how horny you have been as you forced Lisa and Dave to perform. Knowing that Lisa is the one working on your breasts makes the situation sweeter, as you rock your pelvis back and forth on Dave's cock. Lisa brings her hands up to your breasts, fondling the undersides, and moves her mouth to your left ear. Her tongue enters and continues to drive you wild.

Dave has been in you less than a minute, but you feel yourself coming and you cry out loud enough that Lisa begins to wonder how tolerant your neighbors really are. She covers your mouth with her own and her tongue darts into yours. Her roaming hands are all over your breasts, touching them everywhere except the burning nipples. You are vaguely aware of this and twist your torso trying to force contact, but she continues to tease you.

Lisa breaks her soul kiss. "Turn her over!" she says to Dave and when he does not immediately obey she swats his ass several times and says, "I told you to turn her over!" Dave slips out of your hungry pussy and grabs your hips, turning you over onto your hands and knees. Lisa tells him to get back to work and he puts it back into you, but from behind this time.

Lisa releases one breast in order to play with your clit with her hand, her strokes matching Dave's. The two of them together bring you to a powerful orgasm. You want to lay down, but Lisa forces you to remain impaled on Dave's impossibly hard cock. Lisa continues to force you to stay up on your hands and knees by nearly holding you up by your clit. Dave is on his knees behind you, his swollen cock enveloped by your cunt. He moves his hands to your breasts and begins to squeeze and stroke them. His cock remains still.

Lisa continues to stimulate your clit. After a short while you feel your hips involuntarily begin pumping to get more out of Dave's montionless cock. Lisa turns to Dave and tells him in a tone that allows no argument: "Now pull it out! I want her to have it up the ass."

Her words float by you without your understanding. You are held by the two of them as you feel his cock slip from your hungry cunt. Never for a moment does Lisa slow her finger's action on your clit. You thrust your hips back to retain possession of Dave's cock. All that has really dawned on you is that she told him to pull out and he's doing it!

Dave's hands are on your hips. You push your hips back, searching for what you lost. Lisa takes her other hand and guides his cock back. You feel grateful for a second until you realize that she's not putting it in right. Then you realize what she said!

In desperation you try to pull your hips foreward, but Dave has them in his grip and Lisa still has one hand on your clit, pressing you back. The sensation of Lisa rubbing your clit as Dave puts his hard-on into your ass is unbelievably intense. Lisa continues to stimulate you with great abandon until Dave is all the way in. Then Dave begins to thrust into your ass, fucking you with long, slow strokes. Dave's hand replaces Lisa's as she slips away from you. She lowers her dripping cunt in front of your face and as she grabbs your hair with both hands and demands, "Eat me!"

Dave's prick continues to slip in and out of your ass. His hold on your hips (and on your clit) holds you in place. Lisa's demand hangs in the air. You are in the throws of a continual orgasm and are barely aware that she has spoken. You stay on your hands and knees as Dave pounds into you. Lisa tires of waiting for you to respond and grips the sides of your head, pulling your gasping mouth down onto her sex. Again she commands, "Eat me!" This time you comply. Your tongue slides into her dripping slit. You react to her taste by concentrating on the job of pleasing her instead of taking the intense stimulation Dave is giving you.

Lisa talks most of the time, praising or belittling you as you please or displease her with your technique. When she feels you are not licking hard enough she forces your face against her with her hands. She has taken charge of her own pleasure, using you as she might use a vibrator. Her impersonal attitude somehow turns you on. You realize with a shock you have no choice at either end.

Lisa and Dave come within seconds of each other, allowing you to collapse onto the lounge where you either pass out or fall asleep from exhaustion. As you sleep, you are vaguely aware of the sounds of a couple making love next to you, but you are too tired to waken.

Suddenly you are shocked awake by an incredibly fierce stinging across your buttocks. You open your eyes and struggle to get up only to find that your arms and legs are tied to the four corners of the lounge. You are face down and Dave is free on the grass in front of you, his bonds gone. Lisa is kneeling behind you, gripping the wooden bread board in her hands, a wicked grin on her face.

"Is Kitten awake now?" she says sweetly and your heart drops fifty feet. But you feel an incredible stirring in your sex as your mind whirls and tries to comprehend what fate awaits you now. You don't gave long to wait.

You give a little whimper and suddenly Lisa is breathing on your neck. "Listen to me you Dominant Little Bitch! I'm going to teach you a few lessons about discipline. And you can whine and whimper all you want for all the good it will do you. That little spanking you gave me is going to seem like a love pat when I'm finished with your ass. And when I'm done Dave will get his turn!"

Terror grips you and you struggle wildly against the cloth bindings but they are solid. And though your mind can't believe it is happening, really happening, you feel the wood of the heavy paddle resting on your bare bottom. "Think it's a fun game, do you, Bitch? Well how does it feel with your own ass on the line?"

And suddenly there's a horribly loud smack and another and another, warm stinging spanks flooding your buttocks with pain. Again and again the paddle comes down, each blow seeming harder and fiercer than the previous, and soon all you can do is sob, tears pouring down your cheeks, your body convulsing under the blows.

You'd give anything for a brief respite, to reach behind and rub your ass, cool down its unbearable burning. But the spanking continues without pause, Lisa giggling obscenely, enjoying this far too much.

Then she stops, but only to slap and fondle your ass. "Nice and warm," she whispers as though telling you something you don't know. "Have you had enough yet? Or do you need more?" But now her hand has slipped between your legs and touched--just and only just touched--your starving clit, driving you to bouncing and thrithing on the lounge.

"Please, Lisa," you beg. "Please stop. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I spanked you. I won't do it again, I promise. Please--I've had enough, please stop."

But Lisa only gives one of those irritating little giggles and slaps your bottom. "I don't think your ready yet. Your ass is barely _pink_, and I want it _scarlet_!" With that she begins to paddle you again.

By now your panic has calmed enough you can think more or less rationally. The blows hurt, you realize, but they are not fatal. The sound and concept terrifies you more than the actual pain. It's the shame and humilation that really hurt. Your mind has a terrifying picture of yourself lying naked in your back yard, tied and beaten like a mindless beast, your rump the color of watermelon flesh, the smiling face of Dave before you, watching every tear, every cry from your lips--the image torments you beyond your understanding.

The pain is so fierce now you realize your body is reacting without your guidance. You are bouncing and flailing on the lounge, thrusting your buttocks high into the air in vain attempts to escape the angry paddle, terrible moans and cries escaping your lips. The pain has blotted out all other thoughts now. You hear someone crying loudly and realize in horror that it is you making all that noise.

Lisa smacks you angrily. "Shut up, Bitch. You'll wake up the neighbors. Dave, why don't you shut her up?"

Dave is getting up. Is _he_ going to punish you now? No, he is kneeling in front of you, his naked cock huge and large and in your face. In your _mouth_, rather. He's pushing it in roughly, and you are accepting it willingly. You suck on it, your sex dripping as you are turned on by what you are doing.

Everything begins to blur as you struggle to eat this enormous cock in your mouth, tasting its salty oils, the paddle still loud in your ears, the pain of your buttocks somehow distant, evident but far away, nothing as important as this _thing_ inside you. You gasp and suck on it desperately, bathing it with your tongue, feeling Dave become aroused by your actions. Suddenly he comes, pumping again and again into the back of your throat, and you are eagerly gulping at the stuff, swallowing it with vigor.

Then his cock is gone, your mouth empty and hollow, a giant void. The only thing left is the unlenting stinging of your buttocks, as Lisa continues to paddle your ass. But the pain is meaningless now, and you relax, groaning and wiggling under the blows, but no longer resisting.

She stops finally and your bottom throbs mercilessly. You think that she must have paddled you _at least_ three times as much as you spanked her, and much harder. A naughty thought pops into your brain unbidden: "if I ever get her over my lap again I'll *really* paddle her." You are shocked at your wickedness, at your unrepentance, but mostly at the way your sex began to drip when you thought of Lisa's round bottom across your lap, the paddle in _your_ hand.

But there is no more time for such thoughts. Dave and Lisa were whispering and Lisa went into the house. When she returns she is carrying a large cucumber. "Is this what you want, Dave?" she says with a wink. He nods.

They untie you and lead on your knees to the grass. Your hands are placed behind your head and you are given warnings of severe punishment for moving them. Lisa kneels in front of you, holding the cucumber. Dave goes behind you, carrying the paddle. "Fuck it," he says in your ear. "I'm going to paddle you until you come, little Bitch."

You are horrified. It's obscene, you think, but the very first blow from the paddle changes your mind. Your butt is already sore, but Dave paddles you much harder than Lisa, putting some of those great muscles into each stroke. Tears running down your face you begin to crawl on your knees toward the upright cucumber held by Lisa, thrusting your pelvis toward it.

A part of you is wondering why you are not running to escape. You are no longer tied. You are free. Yet you crouch obediently with your hands behind your head and beg to be allowed to masterbate in front of others. You willingly offer your raw and naked buttocks for punishment, not even attempting to avoid the blows.

Are you afraid of reprisals? Do you fear even worse punishment? Or is there something about the situation, your complete loss of control, perhaps, that appeals to you? Do you crave this punishment, this abasement? Perhaps your mind cannot face the answers. All you know at this point is that you _must_ get that cucumber inside you or you will die!

Lisa toys with you, teasing your crotch by moving the cucumber slightly each time you reach it. The paddle is really hurting you and your sex is dripping so much you can feel the moisture running down your thighs. You are becoming desperate, pumping your hips forward in time with the loud smacks from the paddle, frantically attempting to mount the elusive cucumber. The picture of yourself this desperation presents in your mind causes you to sob with shame, but still you push your sex forward.

Finally Lisa seems to tire of her game and lets you succeed. The cucumber is huge, much larger than any normal cock, but you jump on it eagerly, forcing it up into you, ignoring the fierce pain. As it brushes your clit you almost scream in delight and you begin to pump on it, thrusting yourself again and again against the rough surface of the vegetable.

Dave paddles you harder and faster, the blows almost knocking you off balance. You are amazed at how much feeling throbs through your body. The flesh of your buttocks is alive with tiny stings and dull poundings, your nipples are hard and your breasts feel like they want to burst. Your clit is unbelievably sensitive.

Strangely, the analytical part of your mind is trying to comprehend things. A part of you is fascinated by how different the paddle feels in your present kneeling position compared to when you were spread-eagle on the lounge. Your buttocks feel huge and swollen in this position, the paddle lifting the cheeks and making the flesh bounce much more than before. That seems to make the blows more pronounced, more noticeable. There's a little more give in the paddle from its horizontal movment, but Dave's strength more than makes up for that.

You begin to come in slow bursts, each wave punctuated by terrible blows from Dave's paddle. He knows you're climaxing and he's giving the last few blows his all. Then the world is a blur as you thrust onto the cucumber for the last time and collapse in exhaustion. Dave gives you a couple of spanks with his hand, but that's the last thing you remember clearly. All you can think about is resting, the tension of the last few minutes (it seems like _weeks_) catching up with you.

You vaguely awake and feel an odd massaging sensation at your crotch. You try to get up, but find that you have been tied to the the lounge again.

"Don't move, Kitten," says a sweet voice that brings to your mind anything _but_ sweetness.

"We do want to be careful, Kitten!" says Dave. Lisa laughs.

You look and see that there is a mound of shaving cream covering your crotch. In horror you look at Lisa--she is holding your razor. "After all, Kitten, fair is fair."

Lisa's voice gently continues as she and Dave begin shaving you.

The End