The Breakout

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The Breakout

(***, M/F, Mild, semi-consensual spanking)

A spy rescues his ex from bad guys. (Approximately 3,001 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

I slipped up the side of the hill and crawled out behind some bushes near the top. The double fence was about ten feet from the last of the bushes. I could see the rotating video cameras posted on the inner fence, and I quickly pulled out my video distorter and set it for one minute, with a two minute delay.

Next, I prepared my rope. As soon as the distorter went into effect, I threw one end of the rope over the fence and tied it to the bottom of the fence, careful not to touch the electrified wires. Then I walked up the fence, allowing only the rubber soles of my feet to touch the metal fence. I climbed the inner fence the same way.

On the inside, I placed a small bomb near the fence with a ten minute delay, and then headed for the building wall. There, I got my bearings and located the window of the room where Rebecca was located.

Next, I scaled the drain pipe to the roof, where I tied the rope and lowered myself down to Rebecca's window. I peeked inside and saw Rebecca, lying on her bed, semi-conscious, probably drugged. I checked for trip wires, found none, and cut the glass and let myself inside.

Rebecca was happy to see me, but too drugged to do or say anything. I slung her over my left shoulder and climbed back out the window and began a long a grueling trek up to the roof. I was already going when I realized it was a mistake. I might be able to get Rebecca to the roof, but there was no way I was going to be able to carry her down to the ground. I had not counted on her being drugged. I had to lift both of us up two stories, no easy task. But I made it.

Once on the roof I put a hand on Rebecca's back and another on her butt and gently set her down. Then I set about preparing a sling with the ropes. As soon as the homemade elevator was ready, I tied Rebecca in, explained to her what was going on, slapped a strip of duct tape over her mouth in case she tried to cry out, and began to lower her to the ground. She was about five feet from the ground when ran out of slack. I had to let her drop, but she fell okay. I slipped down the rope myself, picked up Rebecca, and headed for the opposite fence I enter from.

At the fence I checked my watch. I had only thirty seconds until the fence on the other side blew up. When that happened security would lock down everything. And I couldn't run very well with Rebecca over my shoulder. Besides, her breasts were brushing against my back and her ass was right beside my face and it was difficult to think. She was wearing a pair of those tight slacks that really show off the lower half of the body. And when I ran I was forced to keep a hand on her sexy ass to hold her in place, which really clouded my mind.

At any rate, when the bomb went off, I was kneeling near the fence staring at Rebecca, instead of escaping. The explosion brought me back to reality and I unwound the metal chain from my waist and took a magnet out of my pocket. The magnet I stuck to one end of the chain and threw over the fence so it connected to the outer fence. I released the chain and let it fall onto the inner fence, shorting out the electrical system.

In the thirty seconds before the extra generator carne on, I weakened the fence wires with acid and broke through. The second fence was still there, and I had to use my laser to cut through it, even though the bright light created alerted everyone of my position.

Through the fence I headed down the hill towards my car, which was surrounded by men. I changed course and headed to the woods. There I was hidden, temporarily. I ran through the trees, Rebecca bouncing on my shoulder. She was starting to come to, and was trying to get down.

I set her down, but she wasn't quite ready to move yet. I half-carried her a long for a bit. When we were far enough away from the noise I removed the gag from her mouth and she glared at me. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Trying to save your life?"

"By getting us killed?" She shook her head to clear it and stood up fully. "I can walk now," she said. "It won't help us much, but I can walk now."

I nodded and we hurried on. I was leaving a trail of live grenades behind us, so a follower would hopefully set them off. Finally we were deep within the woods. We stopped. "We've got a few hours, at least," I said. "These woods are huge."

"Oh, boy. A few hours of freedom before we die. And I have to spend them with you." Rebecca rolled her eyes and set her teeth.

"Look, Rebecca, I know we don't exactly get along, but I did come her to save you."

"From what? They used sodium pentothal on me -- they know I don't know anything. They'd have let me go soon."

I looked away. "I wish that was true, Rebecca. But the reason I was asked to get you out was because we received word that Poll thinks you ratted on him -- he's put out a contract on you. I killed a guy on the other side of the hill who was about to send a rocket through your window."

Rebecca looked at me. "Is that true?"

I nodded.

She sighed and cursed. "It's not fair! Now everyone wants me dead! The agency, Poll, and the government, everyone."

"Not me," I said with a grin. She gave me another glare.

"We are about to be killed and you want to make jokes. Not even funny ones at that."

"I've got a plan," I grinned.

"What's the plan?"

"We wait for the dogs." Rebecca stared at me.

"Are you crazy? Wait for the dogs? They'll either kill us or they'll lead the others here."

"Well, that's a chance we'll have to take, won't we?" I grinned again, and stood up. "Come on, let's get up in these trees."

Rebecca looked at me warily. She grabbed the lowest limb and started up. I put hand on her rump and boosted her up and she kicked my head.

"Sorry," I snorted. "Just trying to help you up."

"If I believed that, I'd believe you really had a plan."

"I do have a plan. You'll see."

Once in the tree we climbed along a branch to another tree, continuing from tree to tree in a northerly direction, back towards the compound. We continued for several hours, and finally began to hear the dogs barking and people shouting.

"They've got the dogs on the scent. In a few minutes they will think they have us treed," I whispered into Rebecca's ear. She nodded, her lips forming a reluctant smile at the success of my plan. Almost everyone was following the dogs, since there was no way we could fake a scent trail. At least not with the time we had.

Rebecca and I managed to get to a tree in sight of my car. There were only five guards in sight, but I was sure many more were within calling distance. I pulled out my gun and fitted the extender on the end, and added the silencer and the scope. I didn't really need the scope -- I'm a crack shot -- but I wanted to take no unnecessary chances the guards could be alerted.

Then I found another problem. Rebecca was in front of me. The branch we were on was the thickest in our tree, and the one with the best cover and best view, so there was no way I could go to another branch. And we didn't have time to change places; the dogs were howling such that I knew they were near the tree we had climbed. Soon our trick would be discovered and the forest perimeter would be locked.

Begging Rebecca's pardon, I told her to hold on and I climbed on top of her. She was upset, I could tell, but also knew there was no other way for me to shoot. She hissed at me that she could shoot, but I couldn't trust her. Her hair was in my face and her ass was right in my crotch. I could feel myself growing hard and I wondered if she could feel it. But I had to put that out of my mind and get the guards.

The farthest one away was the first to go. I slipped a bullet through his throat and he was gone without a sound. The second and third went similarly. The third managed a gargle, which alerted another guard. At first I was afraid he would sound the alarm, but he simply assumed the man was sick and stepped to help him. It wasn't until he saw the man was shot and the other guards were dead that the guard turned to press the button on his comm, but I planted a bullet in his chest. The last guard died in his chair.

"Not bad," I whispered, and Rebecca hissed: "Get off of me!"

"Sure," I hissed back, and started backing up. When my face was even with her well-shaped ass I gave it a very firm pat with my hand. Rebecca squealed and kicked at me and I dropped my gun. It fell into the bushes below.

We both froze, but there was no other sound. "Now look what you've done," I scolded. "You could have gotten us killed."

"Me? It was your fault! If you hadn't--" Her voice broke off in furious anger. I grinned and just before I let myself down the tree I reached over and slapped her ass again for good measure. I was almost to the bottom before my ears burned with what she called me.

We were in the car and I punched in the code and nothing happened. The others had sabotaged the car, just in case we returned! I checked the motor. There were two bullet holes in the vacuum case. With out the vacuum there was no way to start the car.

In a flash of brilliance I headed for the trunk and got the portable vacuum cleaner I always keep there. In five minutes I had rigged up a new vacuum case, since a vacuum case is really a vacuum cleaner anyhow, and we were off.

As we headed down the mountain Rebecca asked me what we were going to do when we reached the bottom. There was sure to be a road block. But that, fortunately, was already part of my original plan. Several hundred meters from the roadblock location, I turned off on a dirt side road that was originally used as a pull-off point for trucks used in the construction of the road.

It was a dead end road, of course, but that was why it was good. It ended in a cliff. There Rebecca and I got out. The two bodies I had, a man and a woman, physical clones of Rebecca and myself, identical down to teeth and hair, were placed in the car and the car set to drive off the cliff.

Rebecca and I took the mini-parachute I had hidden and leapt off the cliff, Rebecca holding tightly to me. We coasted down gently, invisible in the night air, about a third of the way down the three-mile cliff. There I landed us on a wooden balcony built expressly for that purpose, and pulled in the parachute.

Once inside, the wooden balcony was taken down and hidden, along with the parachute. The synthetic rock covering was moved over to cover the cave entrance, and no one would ever find us. Just before I closed the rock door we stood and watched as the car, right on schedule, tumbled past us, and finally exploded into dust at the cliff bottom, far, far below. Any remains found would be too small to prove to be clones, and we would be considered dead.

Inside, I closed the lead shielding, actually designed in a natural pattern to make any observation of our cave seem to be a natural pocket of lead. Rebecca headed inside, and I followed. She gasped when she saw the room.

It was a luxuriously furnished living room, complete with couch, entertainment system, though the lead prevented any TV signals from reaching us, and sauna. Rebecca was obviously impressed.

"Why don't you change clothes?" I sugested, "and I'll get us some drinks. There are clothes your size in the bedroom -- the door on the right." Rebecca glanced at me and I smiled. "Don't worry, there are two bedrooms." Reassured, she headed into away.

I set her drink on the table and turned around and there she was. Dressed in a small nighty, a thin gown that came down only to the beginning of her thighs. I couldn't help but laugh at the look of disdain she was trying to keep on her face.

"Like the clothes? I picked them myself. Sorry, but that's all that's available."

Rebecca ignored me and picked up her drink and took a sip. "That's what I've been needing," she smiled. She sat down on the couch, and I realized with stark surprise Rebecca was wearing no underwear. I swallowed and sat down myself. Rebecca was prepared to make me pay, alright. I could see the icing, but couldn't taste it.

"Are you sure you should be dressed like that?"

"Why not? It's what you had in mind, isn't it?"

"Well, not exactly. You might as well not wear anything."

Rebecca reached up to undo the button on the back of the gown and I leapt forward and stopped her. "It's fine the way it is, really," I said, gulping. I was already hot and blushing all over, Rebecca's natural movements feeding fuel to my sexual fire.

Rebecca stood up. "There is something else about this nightgown I find interesting," she said smiling. "For some reason only one button at the back of the neck holds the whole thing on. That means the back of the gown is wide open."

This last was said with her back to me as she rummaged in the refrigerator. Her bare ass was staring me in the face, and with a glorious view like that I couldn't hardly stand it any more. I wanted her and I wanted her and I wanted her.

"Come on, Rebecca, enough is enough. This is ridiculous." I put my hand on her shoulder and spun her about to face me. "We've got to live here for at least a month until things are quiet. We must be able to get along. Let's forget the past."

Rebecca glared at me. "You don't seem to want to forget our past relationship, at least not the physical part of it."

I sighed. "Look, Rebecca. I'm sorry about the clothes and about the comments and everything I said and did earlier. Now won't you please go and get dressed before I do something you'll regret?"

Rebecca looked at me for a moment, and then sighed. "All right. I guess you've suffered enough." She turned and headed for the bedroom.

Then she stopped and bent over, the gown falling on either side of her and leaving her naked bottom exposed to the world. "Golly, my toe nails need cutting," she mused. "Do you have any scissors?"

"Get your pretty little naked ass out of here before I spank it," I said, angry at her petty comebacks.

"Pretty, did you say? Pretty? No, don't think you'd spank someone's pretty little naked ass." She continued to play with her toes, wiggling her rump from side to side, baiting me.

She knew just how to push my buttons, she did, and now she had sat on the whole control panel. "Rebecca ... " I warned, but she simply began to do toe-touching exercises. That did it.

Before I even realized what I was doing I had picked Rebecca up off the floor, bent her over my shoulder, and carried her to the couch. There I sat down and flipped her over my lap.

"What are you doing? Let me go! Put me down at once!" Rebecca started to lift herself up. I wrapped my right leg around her legs and held them in place and planted my left hand on her back and pushed her flat.

"I've had enough of your bull, Rebecca. You've baited and baited and baited me, and now I'm biting and biting hard." With that I rested my hand on her bare ass for a second, and then lifted it high in the air and came down with a heavy smack!

Again and again I slapped her rump and watched it change from a normal pink to bright red to almost blood purple. When I was through I pulled the nightgown over her bottom, and I could still see the red color of her butt through the fabric.

Rebecca stood up, breathing heavily, tears pouring down her face, her cheeks almost as red as her butt. She was more embarrassed (bare assed) and shocked than hurt. I grinned and told her to go change her clothes.

In parting I gave her ass a last pat, and she gave a little jump. Then she actually turned and smiled. Finally she had gotten some attention like she had wanted, though the attention itself was not what she had planned.

The End